Dragonport Sewers


A series of tunnels beneath Dragonport handling the flow of raw sewage towards controlled areas to be processed. This area contains both newer sections dipping beneath the Dragonport Swampside as well as older sections whose age spans hundreds of years.

As such the Sewer system is complicated with many pathways, byways, and sections, allowing the area to be the home of various creatures and organizations, many whom are stationed in old dilapidated sections no longer officially used.

The Sewer System is also rumored to contain connections to the Underdark.


Thieves Guild Sewer Lair
Boogie Man's Lair
Rakaar's Lair


The Boogie Man (Slain)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Veiled Society part 5 12-28-2011 A group of adventurers fought The Mortician and Gelis Jalin within the Graveyard.
2 The Black Lions 2-16-2012 A group of adventurers visited the graveyard to track down what has happening with a Caravan carrying bodies.
3 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 Rakaar lured the party in hope of silently disposing of them with the help of his undead allies in a lair of his.
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