Dragonport Graveyard


The Graveyard is home to the dead of Dragonport, both high and low alike from the last several hundred years can be found buried somewhere along the grounds or beneath its ancient mausoleums. Services for funeral and receptions can be acquired for varying


Mortician's House


The Mortician
Gelis Jalin (Assistant to The Mortician)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Veiled Society part 5 12-28-2011 A group of adventurers fought The Mortician and Gelis Jalin within the Graveyard.
2 The Black Lions 2-16-2012 A group of adventurers visited the graveyard to track down what has happening with a Caravan carrying bodies.
3 Canine Business 02-28-2012 After confronting some summoned undead the party finally found Silver Paw who was 'haunting' the area.
4 Blood in the Water 06-04-2012 The party arrived at the morgue to retrieve an autopsy report on an ally of Preacher.
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