Dragonport Countryside


The Dragonport Countryside is where the various farms and acreages that grow crops and livestock that support Dragonport and some of Belthrane Village. It is also home to manors and homes of various wealthy individuals.


5000 (large town), 80% human, 20% other


Temlin Manor - Small manor residing in the countryside west of Dragonport,


Tabernacle Tavern
Sugar Kingdown


Peaceful Dave's Barbecue Shacks
Wayfinders R Us
Eternal Wands R Us
Rods R Us
Staffs R Us
Magical Containers R Us


Fort Brass


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Tabernacle Stooge 04-13-2012 setting for the game
2 Tabernacle RP 1 04-14-2012 setting for the game
3 Dustomancy Tabernacle Style! 05-05-2012 setting for the game
4 Cu Mian's Lair 05-10-2012 setting for the game
5 The First Step 05-11-2012 A passage to the forbidden lair was discovered by an aspiring aberrant overlord in her own hideout.
6 The path of corruption 05-13-2012 The location of Aegis's lair, she consulted her ploy with Uruk there before setting of for the Serpent Mire.
7 The Ultimate Conflict 05-21-2012 Served as a setting for the game.
8 Assimilation: Part 1 05-22-2012 Served as a setting for the game.
9 The Seeds of Conflict 07-13-2012 Charlinia was approached by The Bloodhaired One as she was enjoying the view from a hill, observing Dragonport.
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