Dragonport Adventures raw chat log

Mali: "So I don't think Riani is here to vote you in."
Farris: good now?
Bor: "Why all this voting?"
Mali: "Let me get this strait, you want me to glue these horns to your head?"-to Bor
Bor: "Yes, the book said I'd get stronger and bigger!"
Baltasar: (( err, are we in the Dragon Water Inn? ))
Mali: *looks at horns, which are together, not seperate
DM Kajhera: It is evening, a time to relax, socialize, and drink. After a day's work (or lack of it perhaps) you are at the Water Dragon Inn, a typical hangout for many of you - employer for one even.
Baltasar: (( Tavern… place ))
Lythsnara: ((so where are we starting out? the tavern?))
Lythsnara: ((oops, got it))
Mali: *Okay, Bor, but man do you look beat! Have you been fighting a lion?"-to bor
Altharid joins Mali and the others **
Bor: "I hit myself with a stick"
Baltasar watches the conversation in bemusement.
Bor: "It felt great"
Mali: "Why did you hit yourself with a stick?"
Baltasar mutters, "That explains SO much."
Lythsnara walks into the Tavern using her spear as a walking stick, two bronze rings near the spearhead jangle and ring as she walks
Bor: "Part of the ritual, but I just might continue to do that"
Honeydorin: **Laughs Heartily

Mali: "Where did you find this ritual?"
Altharid: "Greetings Mali… I have something … that could somewhat offest your assistance last time"
Altharid: *offset
Bor: "That thing that flies with books"
Mali: "hello squid guy>"
Bor: "Here, let me show you"
DM Kajhera: Baltasar is not the only one bemused by this conversation; a human couple sitting at a table excuse themselves and find another seat.
Bor: *hands copy to Mali*
Altharid gives Mali a small package **
Lythsnara looks around, her lizard face hard to read, but seeming curious about everything she sees
Mali: *begins to read…well look at the pictures.
Griswol looks up at the entrance of the lizardfolk.
Bor: "I also met your father Mali"
Mali: "Oh my this is barbaric!"
Altharid: "He seems… to be… powerful"
Mali: "Oh, did you? Well be careful around him. He doesn't like strong guys."
Bor: "He's an old geezer"
Mali: "yes he is bor."
Baltasar: "He seemed to like me well enough."
Mali: "what with all his..no you don't leave the library young lady."
Bor: "But he's your father, you should obey him"
Lythsnara walks forward and at the first table says "greetings" then moves to the next table "Greetings" …she apparently intends to greet every person in the tavern
Bor: "He's the chief of the family"
Mali: "So, if I glue these horns to your head, you'll become a manotaur?"
Griswol: "Huh, one of you lizard folk. Not too often we get your kind this deep in." *to Altharid* "Go see if we've got any drinks for a - ah you're busy I see."
Altharid waits till Mali notices the package in front of her
Mali: "This seems infantile…like a child thought it up."
Bor: "That's what I got from the book"
Mali: *looks at the package, but is talking to bor.*
Honeydorin: comments, "That is quite the ritiual"
Mali: "okay, I'm game….lets glue these on."
Baltasar: "Bor, I'll bet you'll have an even better result from hammering the horns in, instead of gluing them."
Lythsnara looks over at Griswol, "Is this your place? It is where your people gather to talk and such?"
Baltasar: "Want to give that a shot instead?"
Honeydorin: *laughs at Balthasar's statement*
Bor: "What if the horns break?"
Farris: ** Faris enters the tavern, grinning widely

Baltasar: "I have a padded hammer, they'll be fine."
Mali: "the book indicates glue, but beating may be involved."
Lythsnara: I am new to this…um, city you call it..I am Lythsnara, a shaman
Griswol: *back to lizardfolk* "This is my tavern, yep. Come to buy yourself a drink and talk?"
Mali: "look, there's blood in this picture."
Bor: "Let's glue then beat"
Tyll (BM E6) enters the tavern as well his blue hair standing out like a giant at a gnome birthday party **
Mali: "Hello, I'm Mali. this is bor and baltasar."
Baltasar: "Can I help?"
Lythsnara nods
Lythsnara: Yes, I would try this 'drink' please
Bor: "Your too weak to hammer this in"
Mali: *goes to glue the horns to bor's head…(do i need a check?)
Baltasar nods politely at the lizardfolk
Bor: (You're*)
Altharid observes the newcommers for a moment
Lythsnara: I have some of your money to pay for it, I think…
Baltasar punches Bor in the side of the head.
Baltasar: "Is that strong enough?"
Mali: *mali misses placing the horns.
Altharid: (the cloaked figure is projecting eerie … unsettling aura)
Tyll (BM E6): "hello again Alth and balt"
Bor: "Hit the horns instead!"
Mali: "lets try that again"
Mali: *places horns on bor's head*
Altharid: "It's been a while… Tyll"
Baltasar: "Now do we hit him?"
Griswol: "Good, ale then? Oi! You starting a -" *looks over and sees the lot are just being strange* "Nevermind."
Mali: "now, let me open this package."-opens package
Altharid: "I call it… Altharid's delight from the depths"
Bor starts to yell and transform, growing hair on his upper body.
Altharid: (its a package of sweets)
Honeydorin: *Gasps in shock*
Lythsnara: takes the Ale and holds out a handful of coins, to let the barkeep take what is owed to him
Mali: *stares at the delight*
Baltasar smacks Bor in the chest with his cane: [1d20+9-4] => [10,9,-4] = (15), Subdual Damage [1d6+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Griswol: *goes to get a frothing ale for the lizardfolk in exchange for her coins, as the patrons of the bar react in general startlement.*
Mali: "nice, I should eat these sometime."
Farris: farris is watching this intently
Bor: (15 doesn't hit)
Mali: *places package in backpack
Altharid: (Cooking DC 20 beaten)
Baltasar: (( :( ))
Bor: "Too weak"
Baltasar: (( shouldn't have used subdual ))
Griswol: *He takes four copper and hands her the mug.*
Bor: (Bor's voice is now deeper and more stupid-like)
Mali: "Griswol, did you hear any rumors?"
Bor: "Thanks Mali"
Tyll (BM E6): "aye it has I've been …recovering."
Lythsnara whispers to Griswol "Is this the way it always is? it is very noisy"
Bor: "Thanks Baltasar"
Mali: (you are now a half-minotaur unless kaj says no)
Baltasar: "My pleasure."
Altharid: *confused because of Bor's sudden transformation*
Baltasar: "Seriously, I mean that."
Mali: (oh, and you have red fur)
Griswol: "Yeah well, the fellow suddenly bursting itno fur's a bit unusual. Noise's pretty normal though."
Honeydorin: *Honeydorin sits at a table smoking his pipe, thinking*
Bor: "Now to test this! Let's wrestle, Altharid!"
Altharid: "I've been waiting for you to say it… Bor !"
Altharid: "Where ?"
Farris: *farris approaches honeydorin and sits down at his table*
Mali: "Oh, how exciting!"
Bor: "Here! Now!"
Lythsnara: I thank you human, you are most helpful *she nods* ((and she has no idea if you are human or not))
Mali: "Is that okay griswol?"
Bor: (although I'm still updating my sheet)
Honeydorin: *Honeydorin orders two pints each for himself and Farris*
Baltasar takes his seat near Honeydorin, "I swear, he's got some sort of homoerotic fixation on wrestling with large, strapping men."
Altharid: "Good enough for me…"
Altharid: "Unless Griswol objects"
Honeydorin: *Honeydorin laughs heartily* "It's true haha"
Altharid: "He's my employer"
Mali: "I'll be the referee."
Farris: 'it pleases Kord when large strapping men wrestle each other"
Griswol: "Yeah, you enjoy that drink." *looks over* "Long as you don't knock anything over to break. Friendly match."
Baltasar: "Actually, I think it just pleases Mali."
Altharid removes his spiked armor
Bor: (ok, I need a minute to update)
Baltasar: "Notice how quickly she volunteered to watch."
Farris: that too
Lythsnara moves over to the rauchous group and sits nearby, just taking in the scene curiously
Altharid: (he is covered in bandages underneat)
Mali: "Hmm, there's alot of new faces in here."
Altharid: "Shall I go all out Bor ?"
Mali: "Anybody want to join the Silver Cranes?"
Bor: "You better!"
Farris: "What are the silver cranes?"
Mali: "It's a guild of super heros."
Altharid: "Splendid" - Altharid grins menacingly
Bor: "When Mali says it is on"
Mali: "Okay…round 1…FIGHT!"
Baltasar grimaces at Altharid's expression.
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Baltasar: "This isn't going to end well."
Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects purple aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
Lythsnara: what is a super hero please, human, if you do not mind my asking
Mali: "well, we do awesome things."*watches fight
Altharid: "Now … I'm ready !"
Griswol: "Hero who does it quite well."
Altharid: (opossed grapple checks ?)
Bor: Initiative [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
Mali: "Round 2…FIGHT!"
Farris: "I put 10 gold on Altharid any takers?"
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
Baltasar: "Sucker bet."
Altharid: (heh once more time init ok ?)
Mali: *Jumps up and down excitedly
Bor: (let's just grapple each other already)
Farris: "Ill give you 2 to 1
Lythsnara: oh, I have only spoken the Common tongue in my village, I did not know this word 'super'
Altharid: (kk)
Altharid: Attacks: MAX-BUFFED (grip of iron 5pp and large size) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS
Bor: Grapple [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19)
Altharid: Attacks: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+22] => [2,22] = (24)
Baltasar: "Super, adjective, derived from 'superlative', meaning of exceptional quality."
Altharid: (heh we are in grapple so it seems)
Mali: "Well, the Silver Cranes are super heros."
Altharid: (next check for the pin)
Honeydorin: "Interesting, such strange customs of Humans to have guilds for heros"
Baltasar nods at Farris, "What did I tell you. Sucker bet."
Bor: (same rolls?)
Altharid: Attacks: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+22] => [7,22] = (29)
Bor: Grapple [1d20+15] => [6,15] = (21)
Altharid: (yah got the pin)
Lythsnara: oh, I understand, I think…big words though…but I "get it" I think *she hisses in reptilian amusement*
Farris: "Do these heroes help people?"
Bor: "Damn!"
Altharid: (going for sleeper hold)
Mali: "Oh no…Altharid is winning"
Baltasar: "For a certain value of 'help.'"
Altharid: Attacks: (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36)
Bor: Grapple [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19)
Lythsnara: ((who exactly is fighting? sorry))
Altharid: (me and bor)
DM Kaj: In the midst of the wrestling match a small figure slinks into the tavern, somewhat taller than a normal gnome in height. He'd dressed in a loose shirt and breeches in a state of disrepair, and a worn dagger sharped to razorsharpness hangs from a leather cord about his neck. The whisper gnome's feet are bare and have caked muck upon them; he is dreadlocked and gaunt. On his left arm an iron band encircles, depicting a wolverine with gaping mouth.
Mali: "I guess Altharid wins….uggh."
Lythsnara: ((thanks))
Baltasar: (( bor and alth are feeling each other up in public ))
Altharid: (the match end ?)
Baltasar eyes the gnome.
Mali: "Hey, who's that!?"-Mali points
Altharid: (ends ?(
Bor: "Stupid ritual"
Farris: "Hey you! Gnome! Come have a drink with us!"
Bor: "I need to hit me more"
Honeydorin: *Honeydorin looks werily at the Gnome*
Altharid: "You maybe stronger in raw terms Bor"
Altharid: "But they call me 'the Brawler' for a reason"
whisper gn.: *glances around* "Drinks are for those with time, and -" *notices Lythsnara.*
Lythsnara taps her spear on the floor, causing the rings to jangle, in applause as she watches the struggle
Mali: "Hello, are you a hero Mister gnome?"
Baltasar agrees with Altharid, "Technique is king."
Bor: "I'll get stronger, I don't need no technique"
Altharid: "I shall look forward to our next time"
Honeydorin: "State your business Gnome.."
Bor: "It will be fun"
Whisper G.: *points at her and shouts* "You! Thief! Come run here first after you stole from us have you?!"
Whisper G.: *Lythsnara that is*
Altharid grabs his armor after his buffs go offline
Lythsnara has gotten caught up in the fight, so she is not paying much attention to anything else
Altharid equips his gear
Mali: "Oh my, you are a thief?"
Lythsnara looks up startled
Whisper G. is shouting at Lythsnara.
Lythsnara: what?
Honeydorin: *Stands and turns to look at Lythsnara
Bor: "Lizard people like shiny trinkets"
Mali: "That is a not so serious accusation young gnome."
Whisper G.: "Of course not, those damn scaleys are the thieves!"
Lythsnara: I am not a thief…I don't know what you are talking about human
Mali: "what did she steal?"
Baltasar: (( oh man, that's an insult ))
Whisper G.: *growls at her* "You're one of them and that's what - did you just -"
Lythsnara: I have just come to Dragonport, I am not a thief
Mali: "Do you have evidence gnome?"
Farris: "Yes lets see some proof!"
Honeydorin: "Aye, what evidence do you have?"
Altharid observes the situation with amusement
Lythsnara looks doubtfully at the gnome "This is a Gnome then? I thought he was just a short human"
Baltasar: "Clearly the only way to resolve this conflict is via cage match. To the death."
Tyll (BM E6) also watches quite amused
Altharid snickers after hearing Balt's comment
Baltasar makes a shooing motion toward the gnome and lizardman, "Go kill each other, quietly please."
Bor: "Cage match!"
Lythsnara: I…I am new to this land….
Whisper G.: *turns to the others with a sweeping gesture in her direction* "I've got the arrows their damned raiders shot at us to put us to sleep while they snuck in and stole what little magic we've scraped together."
Mali: "I want to hear what was taken and his proof."
Mali: "wow, arrows."
Lythsnara: but if that is the custom, I must fight…now? *she stands up and erects her crest, making her easily 7 feet tall
Baltasar: "Ok then, let's see the arrows. I'll offer my knowledge as a weapons expert."
Mali: "Oh, no need to fight. Maybe the Silver Cranes can help."
Baltasar: "If they're of lizardfolk make, then you might have a case. If not, you can bugger off."
Bor: "Baltasar made me this chain!"
Lythsnara sets down the web netting she uses to carry her gear, and ties a thong to the bronze rings on her spear to silence them
Baltasar stands and approaches the gnome.
Whisper G.: *picks out a broken and bloodied arrow from pocket.* "And I've got the proof that the village is full of our knives."
Whisper G.: *their
Baltasar: (( so, appraise or knowledge? ))
Bor shows an oversized Spiked Chain, even for a Large creature.
Whisper G.: (( knowledge would work for what lizardfolk use))
Farris: "Compensating for something Bor?"
Altharid: "Thats some … fabulous armament you have in here…. Bor"
Baltasar: (( engineering? which type of knowledge? ))
Mali: "Everything looks okay to me Farris."
Lythsnara: ((I just checked, I have no bow or an arrows in my gear :P ))
Whisper G.: ((appraise would work for unique qualities. Um, local.))
Baltasar: (( actually, craft(Bowmaking) would be more accurate? ))
Bor: "Compensating for no magic or technique"
Baltasar: knowledge:local [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23)
Mali: [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
Mali: know local
Lythsnara: when I left my tribe, we were not at war…maybe it was some other Lizardfolk
Mali: "that's an arrow alright!"
Whisper G.: ( 20 or higher: Bows are only common armament among poison dusk lizardfolk, not the type Lythsnara is.)
Mali: "How many lizard folk are there?"-to lythsnara
Baltasar scrutinized the arrow carefully.
Baltasar: "Ok, you're either full of shit, or you're a moron."
Doomy (enter): 10:37
Honeydorin: "This should all be based off evidence…you humans are too trusting."
Farris: "Perhaps both?"
Lythsnara: ((I don't know what type is most common, but Lyth is the most common type, and a swamp dweller))
Baltasar: "This is of poison dusk make, not common lizardman."
Altharid: ((testing))
Lythsnara: The Lizardfolk are many many and many more
Mali: "I don't think Lythsnara is the culprit then.:
Altharid: ((sorry gotta reconnect… bug again)
Altharid: Disconnecting from server…
Altharid (exit): 10:37
Whisper G.: (not poison dusk) "Hah, they're in it together, all them in the swamp. You're a fool if you don't realize."
Baltasar: "Eh… it's more that I just don't care."
Bor: "Let's get them!"
Mali: "so do you need help taking care of the lizards?"
Baltasar: "Bor, the adults are talking."
Tyll (BM E6): "Mmmm racisim gotta love it"
Bor: "I'll show them how strong I am!"
Altharid (enter): 10:38
Lythsnara shrugs "Well, then as is your custom and we are in your land, we must fight"
Altharid: (what did I miss ?)
Bor: (you got some steel Baltasar?)
Honeydorin: "The only noble thing to do"
Mali: "We, the brilliant Silver Cranes guild will help you."
Lythsnara: do we fight here? or do you have a ritual battleground?
Mali: *mali points to herself
Baltasar hands a length of wire to Bor as he heads back to his table. "Here, try that exercise I showed you again."
Honeydorin: *Laughs* "Humans and their guilds"
Mali: "I mean, I, the brilliant silver crane."
Bor: *chews on wire*
Farris: "ill throw my lot in with you mali"
Bor gestures meaning that he'll join.
Whisper G.: *snarls at the lizard* "I don't want anything to do with you."
Mali: "We could use an artificer, and a lizard interpreter."
Whisper G.: "Fight or whatnot unless I get back our goods from it."
Honeydorin: " I say we take them back to my homeland and make them fight in a volcano over a pit of lava" *said jokingly*
Whisper G.: (Another know local)
Lythsnara: well, I can speak common and the language of Dragons
Baltasar: knowledge local: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14)
Mali: [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21) know local
Farris: What goods?"
Honeydorin: *Pounds on the table* "This whole situation is ruining my drink!"
Altharid is getting impatient… his bloodlust is resurfacing… his eyes briefly flash in crimson
Lythsnara: hmmm…is it the custom to search the belongings here in Dragonport?
Baltasar: "Sort of… if by search, you mean 'rob blind.'"
Honeydorin: "Back in the mountains it wouldn't ake nearly this long to solve a problem like this"
Whisper G.: (GM Whisper:) By the symbol on his armband, you think he might belong to the Wolverines, a swampside gang that actually protects people who pay it protection rather than taking from those who don't. People tend to vanish if they get on the wrong side and surface waterlogged in the harbor though.
Baltasar nods, "I know. In my homeland, someone would already be bleeding by now."
Bor , with his improved strenght, bites hard to break the steel wire [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25) Strenght check.
Lythsnara: ((it would be almost impossible to read her emotions since she just doesn't have the simian facial muscles, but if you know Lizardfolk, you can tell she's puzzled but trying to find a solution short of bloodshed))
Baltasar: (( dude… the break DC on a steel wire is 20. You're insane, you know that? ))
Honeydorin: ((How do you put the two astrisks around your name so it just say's like Balthasar nods?))
Baltasar: (( use the emote function, /me does action ))
Bor: (insane minotaur)
Altharid: (use /me)
Honeydorin: ((ahh thank ya))
Honeydorin shakes his head "Just solve this already, either search her and her lodgings for the stolen goods or fight to the death"
Bor: "Ah! My jaws got stronger Baltasar, thanks!"
Baltasar sighs irritably.
Whisper G.: "They went after the ulu knives we'd just enchanted for our new members. Curved things that come in real useful in many situations."
Mali: "you should have challenged altharid to wire chewing."
Bor: "Why don't we keep the goods?"
Lythsnara: if that is the custom, I am a stranger, I will allow you to look at my belongings…
Mali: "We will help you, but our guild needs payment."
Baltasar: *to the gnome* "Ok, the way I see it, you have two options. 1. Attack the lizardman. 2. Don't attack the lizardman and get the fuck out."
Altharid: "… wires… why does it have to be wires… I hate wires"
Honeydorin: "Human custom would be to trust what you say…we Dwarves are not so trusting"
Mali: "Perhaps treasure rights? and something extra."
Bor: "That's a good idea Mali, but he needs to train first"
Farris: "we already know it was a different tribe, its not right to search her"
Honeydorin laughs "Humans always want payment…what type of hero is that?"
Bor: "Super heroes"
Mali: "We have expenses…I wish it wasn't so."
Tyll (BM E6): "One that has to eat"
Whisper G.: "How about I give you direction to the *right* village and let you keep whatever you think is worth payment of what you find?"
Baltasar glares at the gnome, "What's it gonna be?"
Whisper G.: "We got magic but not gold."
Farris: "tis true even clergymen like myself need to eat… and drink"
Baltasar: "Or… option C sounds like it might work."
Mali: "that sounds reasonable."
Whisper G.: "Now they've got the magic."
Lythsnara: Oh, a Dwarf! *now she is obviously curious because she is closely examining Honeydorin* I have heard of your race! It is good to see one even if I die in the challenge, I am happy
Mali: "So, who all in this bar wants to become a temporary silver crane?"
Baltasar: "Mali, if you want backup on this excursion, I'm in."
Baltasar: "But don't call me a Crane. Not even temporary."
Altharid: "O would like to apply"
Altharid: *I
Honeydorin Laughs heartily "Aye I am but only a young Dwarf…you should meet my uncle…my what he has seen in his many years"
Bor: "Not temporary"
Farris: "sign me on"
Altharid blushes a little… but its not visible because of the bandages
Tyll (BM E6): "I agree with balt on that one, crane…doesnt suit me. Peacock maybe albiet unwanted but not crane."
Lythsnara: I have seen a crane, they are interesting, I would be a silver crane for a time
Bor: "Silver Boar?"
Mali: "Well, this is a sizeable bunch."
Baltasar snerks at Bor's question.
Mali: "give us the direcitons please mr. gnome."
Lythsnara: Cranes are great fishers, they tand along the shore and stab for their dinner
Baltasar: "You know what else is a good fisher? Explosives."
Lythsnara: stand*
Baltasar: "They also work on cranes."
Lythsnara: ((snicker))
Honeydorin: "If I find out that either you Gnome, or you Lythsnara is lying…Moradin help me"
Farris: *raises his drink* "to the silver cranes then"
Mali: "Okay, a purple fungus."
Baltasar raises an eyebrow at the non-sequitur
Mali: "Altharid, can you remember that/"
Bor: "I track trails, I feel I can do it"
Altharid: (uses autohypnosis)
Lythsnara: Who is this Moradin? I have not heard this name?
Farris: "Let me get us some ale for the road honeydorin"
Bor: "Moradin is Kord's pussy brother"
Honeydorin: "Aye More Ale!"
Baltasar: "Moradin is the chief of the dwarven gods. You really don't want to ask any more."
Farris comes back with two huge beers
Mali: "Okay, you wait here for our return."
Honeydorin looks angrily at Bor
Farris laughs at bors comment
Mali: *calls interceptor and trys to rally the party out the door
Bor: *follows Mali*
Baltasar ambles out into the street, glancing at the sky to check the time.
Farris follows
Bor: *watches his head on the way out*
Altharid follows his employer
Honeydorin heads towards the door, wary of Bor…not fully trusting
Lythsnara: **out in the street, apparently just sitting there is a rather large crocodile

Griswol (enter): 10:53
Baltasar: "So Bor, shouldn't you really change your name to 'cow'"?
Mali: "who's crocodile is this?"
Bor: "You, crocodile! Let's wrestle!"
Baltasar: (( DM, what time of day is it? ))
Honeydorin sighs "Bor you want to fight everything" **
DM: It is evening.
Lythsnara: that is Snapper, I told him to wait out here…do not get to close…he is not hungry but you never know
Bor: "Hum, cow is an ox's woman"
Baltasar: (( yup, this is gonna be an evil adventure ))
Bor: "I should be called Ox"
Baltasar: (( we've got 2/3rds of the Evil Trio, and it's nighttime ))
Altharid commands the Whisperer to stay alert (the psicrystal has mindsight)
Mali: (good thing I gots candy)
Honeydorin: "Who bring a wild animal to a tavern?
Bor: "And I need to get better at wrestling to fight Altharid"
Mali: *continues on the southern road
Farris follows
Honeydorin: "Let's get to the bottom of this"
Mali: "who can track?"
Lythsnara: to Griswold, "I am sorry, I did not think of the mud, I will clean my feet first, next time
Bor: "I can!"
Mali: "look for gnome tracks and we'll see if we can follow his."
Bor: Survival [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
Altharid: (the Whisperer's mind sight has 30ft range)
Baltasar: (( this is gonna be hilarous ))
Bor: (I have the Track feat)
Baltasar: (( oh? i thought you were just being Bor ))
Baltasar: (( which is pretty damn hilarious ))
Bor: (Sadly, I get it for free from Half-Minotaur)
Baltasar: (( oh neat ))
Lythsnara: so, we go to this village to find the ones who attacked it. This is an 'adventure' then?
Mali: "so that gnome belonged to a gang, the wolverines."
Honeydorin mutters an oath under his breath in Dwarven
Lythsnara: I have come to Dragonport to have 'adventures'
The Whisperer: "This is outrageous… to be commanded… by my former puppet !" - each PC within 30ft of Altharid can hear this telpathically
Baltasar: "If by adventure, you mean 'assault on a bunch of people who have done none of us any personal wrong', then yes"
Farris: "ony if we get to prove ourselves in mortal combat my good lizard"
Baltasar: "But that's the best part."
Altharid: "Shut your trap Whisperer"
Bor: (I have Scent, so I can smell funny stuff)
DM: It certainly smells unpleasant.
Bor: "Your voice got awesome in my head, Altharid!"
Lythsnara hisses and whirls around "Who speeks! I hear in my head someone!"
Mali: "perhaps we should just continue. But be careful for bad guys."
Tyll (BM E6): "well then if we are off to kill some things or liberate items off some things who have thye themselves liberated off others then lets be off shall we ?"
Altharid: "This is not me Bor… it my 'servant'"
Baltasar: "Are we there yet?"
Altharid: *its
Farris: ((what is the voice saying))
DM: ((what altharid said))
Altharid: "This is outrageous… to be commanded… by my former puppet !" - each PC within 30ft of Altharid can hear this telpathically
Mali: "I see you trapped that entity…good job Altharid."
Bor: "Servant's voice is awesome"
Altharid: (thats what he said)
Altharid: (quoted it… he does not say it again)
Bor stands on the front.
Mali: *follows bor, who's tracking
Altharid: "It was not easy… Mali…"
Honeydorin: "How much further, I am tired from a long day and all this walking is not favorable to me"
Mali: "Not easy?"
Lythsnara looks at Altharid "This is a think of yours? It speeks in the head?"
Altharid: "And I've got this feeling… that the things got even more complicate"
Bor: "You sure like Moradin"
Farris follows mali and bor
Mali: "did you try digging a hole in the ground of the floating library base?
Altharid: (its a psicrystal… a glowing blue sentient crystal)
Tyll (BM E6): "Floating library?"
Lythsnara walks along witth the others, followed by Snapper the Croc
Mali: "Yeah, I llve there…and so does he."-points to baltasar
Bor: "Want to check those houses?"
Altharid: "Yes it communicates via Telepathy…. " - answers Lyth
Mali: "he's my father's new favorite…or so i'm told."
Lythsnara: floating…place for books? like a boat?
DM: Your survival abilities keep you from sinking into any concealed deep mud, luckily, and you arrive at a location where a large and sickly tree is afflicted by a bright purple fungus.
Mali: *mali points to the very obvious floating library in the distance*
DM: It smells pungent, like a cut onion.
Mali: "didn't you wonder what that was?"
Bor: "Purple thin"
Baltasar eyes the tree warirly.
Farris: "Honeydorin put that fungus in your pipe and smoke it it will be great"
Baltasar: "Hey Bor, the purple stuff is candy."
Altharid grins widely
Bor: "It doesn't smell like candy"
Farris chuckles
Honeydorin: "And ruin my pipe? I think not."
Baltasar: "It's 'special candy'"
Mali: know nature [1d20+11] => [1,11] = (12)
Mali: "oh it probably tastes good!"
Mali: *goes to take some
Baltasar: (( oh god ))
Lythsnara: no, fungus is usually not good to eat, it is better to eat fish
DM: (mali, you are unfamiliar with it)
Baltasar goes to grab Mali's arm to stop her.
Bor: "Stop Mali, it's my candy"
Mali: "oh, I guess it's not candy then?"
Baltasar: "Gods… your dad would be pissed if I let you eat that."
Altharid stands guard near his employe
Mali: "were, you being sarcastic?"
Baltasar: "No, it's not."
Altharid r
Baltasar: "I was teasing Bor."
Mali: "I wonder what it is tho?"
Baltasar: "Who… could probably actually eat that without any problems."
Bor: "It is what we were looking for"
Farris: "which way did the gnome say to go?"
Mali: "we are supposed to head east."
Baltasar lightly touches the fungus, testing it with his little finger.
Mali: "right altharid?"
Bor: "I know where east is"
Altharid: (uses autohypnosis to recall the info)
DM: *powder comes off, violet.*
Bor: (Half-Minotaurs automatically know where north is)
Altharid: (takes 10 succeeds)
Farris: "lead on my horned friend"
Baltasar examines the powder on his finger before licking it experimentally.
Mali: (it's east)
Bor goes east.
Baltasar: (( it's ok, I have a permanent Delay Poison effect on my belt ))
Mali: "bor, do his tracks to east?"
Bor: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
DM: So should you make a fortitude save or not Balt?
Altharid: (aid another survival check)
Bor: *searches for tracks*
Altharid: Skills: Survival [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12)
Baltasar: (( yes, I make a fort save, but the poison only has effect once i take the belt off ))
Mali: aids bor, autosucceeds +3 to bor
Baltasar: (( and i'm gonna be getting myself a neutralize poison scroll when we get back ))
DM: It tastes fairly unexceptional.
DM: ((even positive effects?))
Baltasar: (( do I have any clue what it is? ))
DM: ((knowledge: nature))
Mali: (yes, even postive)
Baltasar: (( any effect that would be blocked by delay or neutralize poison doesn't work on me ))
Baltasar: know:nature [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
Baltasar takes a sample of the fungus, packing it carefully in a vial.
Mali: "I can't believe it, you are such a hypocrite baltasar."
Lythsnara: Know: Nature [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24)
Farris grins
Bor: (19 in survival check with those aids, what do I find?)
Baltasar: "I happen to be immune, are you?
Mali: "Why do you get to eat it?"
Altharid wonders if the fungus would make a fine addition to his ingredients repertoire
Mali: "Oh, um, no…sorry."
Baltasar: "Well, feel free to eat it when you are."
Bor: (where do they lead?)
DM: However you do find claw marks on some roots stepped over.
DM: You lose track of them when the roads stop existing.
Honeydorin: "Moradin's Beard! Where are we going?"
Bor: "Claw marks to the east"
Altharid equips his guisarme
Farris: "We are after the lizards not the gnome."
Bor: "But no gnomes"
Mali: "I was curious if it was a gnome trap."
Lythsnara: I am sorry, I am not a tracker, a Shaman has other duties
Farris: "Lizards have claws no?"
Mali: "they are known for being tricky you know."
Mali: *follows bor
Baltasar begins checking his crossbow, sliding a bolt into it.
Bor: *leads the way following the tracks*
Farris follows mali
Altharid: "I shall enjoy combat… does not matter if they are of scaly or sneaky kind"
Mali: "I notice alot of people wear armored skirts these days."
Mali: "Even men…is that normal?"
Bor: (btw, Bor's not wearing any armor at all, bare chest)
Honeydorin draws his Dwarven waraxe from his back, preparing himself
Baltasar: "Some people like a breeze around their nether regions."
Baltasar shrugs
Farris loosens his greatsword from the scabbard
DM: You walk into the moor, following the lizard tracks.
Mali: "maybe you can make me one when we get back Baltasar."
Bor: "Women shouldn't wear armor."
Baltasar pauses, staring blankly for a moment.
Altharid: (just reminding: the Whisperer has mindsight: range 30ft)
Mali: "hmmm, is anybody sneaky?"
Bor: "I am!"
DM: The wet ground is navigable, undergrowth and scrawny bushes, or shallow water making it somewhat uncomfortable nonetheless.
Baltasar: "Damnit, I know there's an innuendo to be said there, but I cannot think of any."
Bor: (I'm not actually sneaky)
Altharid facepalms
Mali: stealth [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29)
Honeydorin: (I also have Darkvision)
Mali: *mali wanders off ahead by 15'
Farris: ((how dark is it now gm?)
Baltasar stealths behind Mali, tromping through the undergrowth like a drunken panda: [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
Altharid: "Wait Mali"
Baltasar: (( huh, didn't fail utterly ))
Lythsnara: this is a very pleasant place!
Altharid: "Take this" *hand over the Whisperer
Mali: (you just find me altharid)
Mali: (now i have to rehide.)
Mali: stealth [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
Mali: awe nuts
Altharid: (I've given him to you before)
Bor: "What can those stupid lizards do? Let's just show ourselves!"
Honeydorin: ((i like the description "drunken panda"))
Lythsnara: this is a place that Lizardfolk would like
Mali: "hmm, I hope this psi guy is good."
The Whisperer: "…"
Farris: "Kord will grant us the strength to defeat our enemies am I right Bor?"
Mali: *holds up the psiguy
Baltasar hums thoughtfully, before infusing Bane(Reptilian) on his crossbow.
Mali: *psiguy, do your thing!
DM: If you are using them for some reason.
Bor: "I don't need Kord's strenght to deal with lizards"
Mali: *mali continues ahead
DM: As you proceed the person with scent first catches wind of a strange one in addition to the normal smells of the swamp; it is sulphurous.
The Whisperer: "If not for the Will of no22 I would experiment on you petty human !" - Mali hears a voice in his mind
Bor: "Hey everyone, weird smell"
Mali: (her mind)
The Whisperer: (her mind)
The Whisperer: (yeah noticed that)
Farris inhales deeply
Mali: "Hey guy in the crystal, would you like some candy?"
Farris: "smells like alefarts"
Doomy: Disconnecting from server…
Doomy (exit): 11:14
Mali: *mali opens up the candy box
Bor: "Smells like (what's a good comparison for someone stupid?)"
Mali: (and crams candy onto the crystal
The Whisperer grows some small ectoplasmic limbs and facepalms
The Whisperer: (self-propulsion)
DM: (rotten eggs… or bodily functions?)
Bor: "Smells like rotten eggs!"
Bor: (thanks)
Mali: "oh man, that's weak. I hope it's not that goblin guy."
Bor: "It must be chicken who left their eggs to rot"
Farris: "Goblins?"
Tyll (BM E6): "That one that likes the dire sheep milk?"
Baltasar: "C'mon, Snu Bull's a cool guy. He makes cheese and doesn't afraid of anything."
DM: You may make a perception check.
Honeydorin: "Arghh not Goblins."
Bor: "I met him"
The Whisperer: (Mali can hear a lot of insults coming from the crystal as she is trying to cram the candy into him)
Bor: "He gave me gems"
(747) Mali: [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19)
(749) Baltasar: perception: [1d20+15
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+15] => [12,15] = (27)
Bor: Perception [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
The Whisperer: (I have midnd-sight 30ft)
Tyll (BM E6): [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
DM: (30ft is not distance, sorry)
Bor: (Darkvision and scent)
Mali: (i have no visions)
Baltasar: (( darkvision 120 here ))
Altharid: (is 40ft the distance ?)
Tyll (BM E6): (DV 60)
Altharid: (psicrystal can see that far with his normal senses)
Lythsnara: Perception [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
Farris: Perception [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
DM: (Alchemy and/or nature.)
The Whisperer: Perception [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
Lythsnara: ((sorry it takes me so long to roll, I still don't have macros made))
The Whisperer: (heh I need to make some macros for the psi-crystal)
Farris: ((me neither))
Baltasar: (( what' this alchemy check for? [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16) ))
Mali: *mali is too busy stuffing a sweety into the whisperer to see the pumpkins*
DM: (( Balthasar nothing comes to mind ))
Mali: *mali stumbles into the patch I assume
Baltasar: (( Smashing Pumpkins? ))
DM: They are black and gray.
DM: Perhaps if you happen to wander in the direction of the hundred-foot distant pumpkin patch.
Mali: [1d8] => [2] = (2) 7 indicates I do
Lythsnara: ((ok, I had to check, but lizardfolk do have darkvision, so I see the pumpkins))
Griswol (exit): 11:22
Mali: (nope)
Bor: "Why are you people staring there?"
Altharid: (I have 1 mile telepathy range with the whisperer if that matters)
Lythsnara: There is a patch of gords up ahead, but I think they have gone bad
Mali: *mali returns to the group
Lythsnara: that smell is probably the fruits rotting
DM: (anyone else want to knowledge nature or alchemy them?)
Bor: "Then let's end them, this smell is very bad"
Mali: "so do lizard folk normally live in a swamp lythsnara?"
DM: Those who can see sufficient distance can see them
DM: after being pointed out
Mali: [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14) know nature if I see them
Lythsnara: oh yes, a swamp is very nice!
The Whisperer: "You absent-minded female… you'll regret that ! I fail to comprehend what he see….." - to Mali…
Lythsnara: lots of food, and other things for needing to live
Altharid: "Shut your trap crystal"
Mali: *hands the whisperer to altharid."this guy doesn't like candy"
Altharid: "…"
Lythsnara: this is a very lizard good place
Altharid: "He does not require food to sustain his existence"
Mali: [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27)know local
Altharid facepalms
Honeydorin doesn't like being above ground for this long…
Altharid grabs the crystal
Baltasar: "Ok, can we get moving again?"
Font is now Arial point size 10
DM: (whispering): Goblins who farm often make crops of these sorts of pumpkins; they are known for strangling the farmland o other crops.
Mali: "I thought everybody liked candy. Sorry."
Baltasar: "The lizardman village doesn't appear to be right here, so why don't we go there."
Lythsnara: do we go to the rotten gourds then?
Altharid: (brb)
Lythsnara: yes, it is not here
Bor: "Everybody likes candy, but Altharid doesn't like his awesome friend"
Bor: "So he doesn't want him to get candy"
Honeydorin: " we need to find this village"
Lythsnara: but might be nearby
Bor: "We're kicking their ass anyway, right?"
Mali: *follows the people with darkvision and thinks about taking out a liquid sunlight, but doesn't
Lythsnara: best to not appear like we are attacking, but also best to not look weak
Bor: "Let's hope we find them"
Bor takes the lead.
Mali: "Oh, these are goblin crops guys…I can see them clearly now"
Lythsnara: My people take advantage of all that nature provides, best to not seem a gift of weak prey
Farris follows bor
Honeydorin Growls "I hate Goblins"
Tyll (BM E6) follows towards the back of the group
Mali: "look, the soil has been tilled"
Bor turns to Lythsnara and flexes.
Mali: "these goblin plants are bad tho."
Lythsnara: not lizardfolk? oh yes, Goblins are bad, they attack often
Mali: (well, she says it has anyway)
Honeydorin: "Where are these Goblins? I say we kill them."
Mali: (failed knowledge nature)
Bor: "There's no honor in killing a weak foe"
Mali: "Maybe we should stick to taking back the things the lizard stole."
Bor: "Goblins are weaker than women"
Lythsnara: ((I get the impression that Lizardfolk don't do agriculture at all, might be wrong though and this might be an advanced tribe))
Honeydorin: "Aye. Lets move on"
DM: [1d20] => [2] = (2)
Lythsnara: So…does one see a village? or more tracks?
Mali: "I am not gonna stealth again because I can't see well in the dark."
DM: Yeah, you spy small figures moving amid the pumpkins before you head onward.
Farris: ((I could cast light on your weapon if you want))
Altharid: ((not good idea))
Mali: (i have liquid sunlight)
Altharid: ((they would notice us))
Mali: (but i didn't take it out)
Bor gets his 30ft spiked chain.
Farris: (okay)
Farris: (true)
Mali: "um, did you guys see the goblins?"
Honeydorin Gets his waraxe ready
Mali: "they were farming goblins….but I can't make them out."
Farris: "goblins?"
Farris draws sword
Lythsnara: I do not speak Goblin tongue, only the Great Tongue of the Dragons
Baltasar makes a perception check to see the figures: [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24)
Altharid gains psionic focus
Baltasar: (( are they goblins, or are they poison dusk lizardfolk? ))
Mali: [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21) perception no dark vision
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25)
Baltasar: (( and yes, I have darkvision that extends that far ))
Bor: [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
Altharid: (no DV or LLV)
Lythsnara: Perception w. Darkvision [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27)
Farris makes check perception [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
Honeydorin: (I speak Goblin if that is necessary?)
Lythsnara: ((woot!))
Farris: (no dv for me)
Altharid: ((that goblin thing… is not serious actually… Mali failed her check… which is why she belives that they are goblins… unless I misunderstood the whole situation))
Mali: (yes, that is so, I have no idea what they are a just assumed goblin farmers.)
DM: [1d20] => [5] = (5) perception for them.
DM: They do not seem to see you.
Farris: (well we are about to find out)
Honeydorin: (Very true)
Baltasar: (( DM, I sent you another roll in whispers ))
Lythsnara: Lets move forward to see what they actually are
Mali: *follows whomever is going
Bor: "I don't like this"
Bor: *goes anyway*
Farris: "let the lizard go first. the only thing we know is that there are more lizards in this swamp"
Bor: "No, I want fun too"
Lythsnara: I will go first then
Bor: "Let's fight them already"
Honeydorin twirls his waraxe in his right hand and removes his shield from his back
Mali: [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16) stealth
Farris Follows Mali, Saying prayers under his breath.
Lythsnara unties the thongs that keep the bronze rings on her spear silent
Altharid: Skills: Stealth [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
Mali: *ninja'd the dm
Altharid: (the whisperer aids me)
DM: Those of you who are stealthy, you approach without being seen.
Baltasar: "Don't attack first. Let them prove hostile before attacking, they might be part of Snu Bull's tribe."
Lythsnara doesn't use stealth, in fact advancing with the ringing of bronze
DM: Well, Mali and Alt at least.
Lythsnara: **ching ching ching

Baltasar isn't even going to bother sneaking at this point. **
Altharid: (there goes our stealth)
Tyll (BM E6): [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
Lythsnara: advances until she can make out the figures and what rrace they are
Altharid facepalms again and stops sneaking
Farris stands about 5 feet back from Lythsnara
Bor: *follows closely*
Baltasar considers for a moment before quietly infusing Bane(Goblinoids) on his crossbow.
Altharid stands guard near Balt
DM: Also, will saves with your init.
Honeydorin twirles his axe in excitment
Altharid: (mind affecting spell ?)
Baltasar: (( init and will all around? ))
Altharid: (I have bonuses against that)
Baltasar: (( same here ))
DM: (Yes, mind affecting)
DM: (not spell)
Altharid: (ok +5 bonus then)
Mali: [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) init [1d20+13] => [2,13] = (15) inspired will
Bor: Init [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
Will [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
Honeydorin: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
Altharid: (power / spell-like / psi like ?)
Farris: Will [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Baltasar: Init [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11), Will save vs mind-affecting: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Altharid: (it actually matters in my case)
Farris: I am going to use my luck domain to reroll my will
DM: ( supernatural )
Honeydorin: Saving Throws: Will Power [1d20+0] => [14,0] = (14)
Altharid: (kk)
Lythsnara: Will save [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
Baltasar: (( it's a shame it's not a spell or SLA, i'd get another +1 ))
Lythsnara: Initiative [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
Altharid: Saving Throws: Will Power [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
Farris: Will [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
Altharid: Saving Throws: +3 bonus vs mind-affecting
Tyll (BM E6): [1d10+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Farris: Init [1d20] => [20] = (20)
Baltasar: (( dude, farris ))
Mali: my save is also +1, sorry
Tyll (BM E6): [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20) (init] [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) will
Xezio (enter): 11:39
Xezio (exit): 11:39
Xezio (enter): 11:39
Altharid: (22 total on save)
Farris grins
Altharid: (The whisperer is immune to mind-affecting stuff)
DM: Most of you notice nothing from the save. All who got above 9 on init, go ahead.
Baltasar: (( err… what have they done that we would attack them? ))
Altharid: (whats the situation exactly ?)
Bor: *runs ahead and says "Who be you, goblins?"*
Baltasar: (( cause we may be evil, but we're not crazy murderers ))
Bor: *readies action to attack incoming hostile enemies*
DM: Ah, I lost the ability to chat things at you.
DM: Okay no.
Tyll (BM E6): (dm i sent you a pm)
Lythsnara: *speaks in common* Greetings to you, we would parley with your leader
Lythsnara: *saves an action to react to hostile attacks*
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Altharid: (readies an action to manifest expansion)
Baltasar: (( still don't know what the situation is… ))
Farris moves up behind lyth and readies an action to cast shield of faith
Altharid: (ok ignore the grip of iron thing)
Honeydorin moves forward prepared to fight when attacked
Tyll (BM E6) wait what whats going on…weren't we just at a tree?
Mali: *continues to hide with 16 in the corner of the patch*
Farris facepalm
Baltasar: (( that was some time ago, we entered the moor, and have approached some funky looking goblins ))
DM: ((indeed, say it IC)
Baltasar: (( trying to find out what the deal is with them before we massacre them ))
Lythsnara: ((I addressed them, but haven't gotten a responze so far))
DM: The goblins look towards the lot of you with vicious grins and a lack of understanding and begin to chatter in broken goblin.
Farris: "Hey Honeydorin you speak Goblin what are they saying?"
Honeydorin: ((if they don't understand Lythsnara's common I can speak golbin to them
Tyll (BM E6): ((nah I failed my will save i forgot everything upt to this point :P)
Lythsnara advances to within 40 feet of them
Farris stays just behind and to the right of Lyth
Honeydorin: "It sounds like they are saying something about gold…I think they want to rob us"
Honeydorin: "But I could be wrong…it's different than any dialect I've come across"
Xezio: Disconnecting from server…
Xezio (exit): 11:46
Altharid replies "So … can we rend… tear apart… kill… maim … and destroy already ?"
Altharid: "I need to gather some more date to augment my mastery of the Way"
Altharid: *data
DM: The clawed goblins on their turn run to strike at you without organization or coordination, yelling ecstatically and provoking readied actions and will saves. The ones with the spikes on their tails throw volleys of those at the folks in the back.
Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects purple aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
Baltasar: (( so… we approached and they just attacked? ))
Mali: (altharid and I are stealthing)
Altharid: (20 ft reach )
DM: ((yep.))
Farris: I cast shield of faith on Lythsnara
Bor: (I get 3 AoO and one readied action, 20ft reach)
Baltasar: (( excellent ))
Lythsnara: then Lythsnara attacks back
DM: There are six clawed ones and three spike-tailed ones.
Altharid: Attacks: GUISARME (WITH EXPANSION), MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20), damage [2d6+7] => [2,6,7] = (15)
Farris: ((you get a +2 deflection bonus))
DM: Bor, take them all.
Honeydorin readies his axe and runs at them attacking a goblin
Lythsnara: Shortspear Attack [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) and damage [1d6+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [4,19] = (23), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33), Damage [3d6+22] => [1,4,4,22] = (31)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [14,15] = (29), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [3,19] = (22), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [3,19] = (22), Damage [3d6+22] => [1,1,1,22] = (25)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [10,15] = (25), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [13,19] = (32), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [6,19] = (25), Damage [3d6+22] => [3,5,3,22] = (33)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [12,19] = (31), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [15,19] = (34), Damage [3d6+22] => [5,2,6,22] = (35)
Tyll (BM E6): (do I get to go now ?)
Altharid: (we need to do make will saves again ?)
Baltasar fires at one of the spiked ones: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12] => [15,12] = (27), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [1,2,5,6] = (14)
Altharid: *(w/o do)
Honeydorin: Attacks: Dwarven waraxe: attack [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16), damage [1d10+4] => [5,4] = (9)
Baltasar: (( altharid, remember that you now have a +1 Warning Guisarme ))
Mali: *Mali continues to hide in the corner*
Baltasar: (( not just masterwork ))
Altharid: (ermm nope… +1 warning stone)
DM: If prone likely.
Altharid: (I have bought that armor from you)
Altharid: (+1 fearsome chain shirt)
Baltasar: (( facepalm ))
Baltasar: (( you never said you bought the armor, and you did say you bought the weapon ))
DM: 16 misses.
Altharid: ((so you did not receive that message))
Baltasar: (( i did not ))
Altharid: ((guess I got a bug then))
Mali: *mali trys to examine the patch further*
Altharid: ((happens sometimes… that people do not receive my posts))
Tyll (BM E6) launches a small ball of blue fire from his fintertips. Ranged touch spellfire [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4) Damage [3d6] => [5,5,6] = (16)
Tyll (BM E6): (fail
DM: 14 damage can wound the unwounded one or take out a tripped one, from the crossbow.
DM: 4 misses.
Farris: I guess I attack the nearest one with my greatsword [1d20] => [18] = (18) and damage [2d6+3] => [5,2,3] = (10)
Honeydorin winds back up and swings again
DM: You cast shield of faith.
Honeydorin: Attacks: Dwarven waraxe: attack [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22), damage [1d10+4] => [8,4] = (12)
Altharid: (our turn now ?)
Farris: oh my bad
Altharid: (because I only did aoo)
Bor: (Hang on Honeydorin, not yet)
Honeydorin: (woops)
Altharid: (brb)
Honeydorin: ( I got excited..)
Mali: *spends the next minute searching the field under stealth while the bor handles this [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22) inspired perception*
DM: Six spikes are sent flying, two at Ferris, four at Tyll; two from a tail. [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)[1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19) ferris [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)[1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)[1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)[1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7) Tyll
Altharid: (testing)
DM: (test I hear)
Farris: "Thanks be to Kord for armor"
DM: The clawed ones caught in aoos by Bor crawl towards him but are unable to reach, also will saves for anyone 2HD or below
Altharid: (yay I have 5hd :P)
Baltasar: (( what effect is causing the will saves? ))
Farris: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
Farris: crap
Altharid: (if someone charges I've got a readied attack from steadfast boots)
DM: Farris, you are shaken by their yelling.
Altharid: (and 20ft reach)
Bor: (Farris, you forgot your base save bonus)
Farris: (i dont think so i added 3 right?)
DM: The one Lyth speared continues to swipe at her.
Bor: (how many are there?)
Bor: (Yeah, you actually get 5)
DM: (six, you got three, alth got two, lyth got one)
Farris: (why is that?)
Bor: (2 base from cleric)
DM: [1d20+9] => [5,9] = (14)[1d6+4] => [3,4] = (7) attack/damage Altharid, [1d20+9] => [19,9] = (28)[1d6+4] => [3,4] = (7) attack/damage Lyth
Altharid: "Tskk- spits some blood - you call that a wound ?"
DM: Ferris, Tyll, remember you got potentially hit by spikes *points upward*
DM: The goblins shour in an incoherent frenzy.
DM: *shout
Farris: (wait so i get +5 on will saves? sorry i am a beginner obviously)
Lythsnara: I forgot to attack with my croc, can I give it an attack?
Bor: (yes, check Cleric's class features later to see your bonus save)
DM: It can attack on your turn, unless it has a trick to ready
Altharid: (how many of them are left ?)
Farris: (thanks)
Bor: (6)
Altharid: (kk)
DM: (They are all heavily wounded and some are fighting despite looking like they should be dead.
Mali: (i know you guys got this, so i'm gonna voluntarily sit out to make it easier)
Lythsnara: ok, I just went a bit ago, so let me roll his attack
Tyll (BM E6): (both spikes hit me wahat was damage)
Tyll (BM E6): (and you do know Im at the back of the group yea?
Bor: (We didn't do any action yet, Lythsnara)
Bor: (Only readied)
Mali: [1d20+16] => [14,16] = (30) whatever knowledge applies to know why they won't go down
DM: (tyll there were four on you but only one was over 10)
Mali: (only 25 if it's not the creature itself and a spell or something)
Tyll (BM E6): (i cant look up my ac is 11)
Lythsnara: Croc Bite [1d20] => [9] = (9)+6 damage [1d6+6] => [3,6] = (9)
DM: [1d6+1] => [4,1] = (5) damage for Tyll, [2d6+2] => [2,4,2] = (8) damage to Ferris if both better ones hit
DM: The crocodile misses
Bor: (Can level 1 druids get crocodiles?)
Lythsnara: nuts, messed up the roll, but to not hold up the game, I'll go with this one
Farris: i thought they missed
Tyll (BM E6): (hp left)
Tyll (BM E6) launches a small ball of blue fire from his fintertips. Ranged touch spellfire [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11) Damage [3d6] => [1,3,4] = (8)
Farris: they only had 10 my ac is 14?
DM: (GM Whisper:) They appear to have the Rageclaws soulmeld shaped and bound to totem.
Baltasar: (( pathfinder druids can ))
Altharid: (yeah… by raw… but it got corrected in errata I guess)
Altharid: (ahh kk)
Lythsnara: Bor, yes, in an aquatic environment…which is were Lyth comes from
Bor: (So is it our turn now?)
Mali: (whispering to GM) k, can't do much about that
Honeydorin: ((ive got to go in like 20 min guys))
DM: (Also six melee, three ranged. Aw alright.)
Lythsnara: ((I assume that Lythsnara comes for a swamp, where it fits pretty well))
DM: (I saw the +6, still missed)
Bor: *moves back, but still in reach of the goblins 20ft*
DM: (GM Whisper:) also wormtail scales under their fur, barely visible.
DM: It is your turn.
Bor: *attacks the one who's wounded the most*
DM: Crocodile already went.
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [20,15] = (35), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30), Damage [3d6+22] => [5,1,6,22] = (34)
Baltasar fires again at the same spiked goblin: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12] => [8,12] = (20), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [6,2,5,3] = (16)
Tyll (BM E6): (im also gonna move backwards as far away as i can get if im not in melee which i shouldnt be)
Honeydorin attacks again
Honeydorin: Attacks: Dwarven waraxe: attack [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9), damage [1d10+4] => [8,4] = (12)
Honeydorin: ((damn ba roll))
Honeydorin: *bad
Baltasar: (( that's a total of 30 damage to the spiked goblin i fired at in the first round ))
DM: You trip the prone goblin for some reason, and finally kill him with the blow, Bor. Honeydorn sadly misses his strike.
Altharid: 5ft step
Tyll (BM E6) launches a small ball of blue fire from his fintertips at the nearest one while moving as far back as possible. Ranged touch spellfire [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20) Damage [3d6] => [2,2,1] = (5) **
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Altharid: … Linked to (Expends psionic focus)
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a humanoid-like shape*
Honeydorin: ((if only i had that messed up roll from the goblins turn lol))
Bor: (I'll AoO anything I can, I get 3 of them. Brb, nat)
DM: Balthasar 30 damage takes out the one that took 14 before.
Altharid: Charge at a random goblin (tries to not provoke aoos)
Farris: I am at 0 hp :(
Altharid: (20ft reach)
Mali: *continues the search, 8 rounds to go*
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME (WITH EXPANSION), MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16), damage [2d6+7] => [5,4,7] = (16)
Lythsnara: ((just to give you a reference on the croc (I jknow you didn't demand one, but its a fair request) http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Druid#Animal_Companion

specifically " If the campaign takes place wholly or partly in an aquatic environment, the following creatures are also available: crocodile, porpoise, Medium shark, and squid. "
Baltasar: (( err, it was 16 damage this round, for a total of 30 ))
Altharid: +2 from charge to attack
DM: Ah, this actually does kill a spike one, still.
Lythsnara: I've lost track, what round are we at?
DM: 18 misses, glancing off scales somehow under the fur.
Altharid: (our 1st)
Altharid: (kk)
Mali: (lythsnara, be sure to make the request, croc is supposed to be lvl 4 druid)
Lythsnara: ((Farris, I'm coming, don't die!))
DM: Lyth, your turn I believe
DM: (GM Whisper:) Will save from close exposure to the waters here.
Bor: (Bor gives healing to bitches. Bitches love healing)
Altharid: (testing again… gotta hate those bugs)
DM: (sigh, yeah)
Farris: ((attack them I can take a 5 ft step and cast cure light wounds))
Farris: i think
Altharid: (yeah he got dmm quicken)
Bor: (nope, that's two standard actions)
Bor: (oh well nvm)
Altharid: (dmm quicken)
DM: ((so not to fall unconscious in the meanwhile))
Bor: (or you faint xD)
Bor: (no AoO, it is quickened)
Honeydorin: ((ive gotta run guts, im sorry :( ))
Farris: its not my turn tho right?
Bor: (cya)
DM: ((Bye, thanks for coming.))
Farris: ((adios))
Altharid: (make yer turn mate)
Altharid: (cya)
Baltasar: (( cya dorin ))
Mali: (whispering to GM) inspired, I have 3 of those left, [1d20+13] => [14,13] = (27)
DM: It is if you have not moved yet.
Baltasar: (( also, brb ))
Honeydorin: ((TThank you))
Honeydorin: Disconnecting from server…
Honeydorin (exit): 12:12
Farris: ok well i will swap out my dmm entropic shield for cure light wounds
Bor: (are you a cloistered cleric?)
Farris: and use all my undead turning to pay for it
Farris: no
DM: (GM Whisper:) You are fine and resistant, and manage to snatch your mind back as the mists threaten to sweep it into daydreams; you are now protected for a decent while.
Bor: (then your hp is wrong, your max is 10)
Bor: (you're actually at 2 hp)
Farris: oh
Farris: duh con bonus
Farris: I am an idot
DM: You still can if you wish
Mali: (looks to see how the battle is going)
Farris: Are any of them threatening me
Farris: Im probably just going to run away
Lythsnara: ((ok, yeah, the croc looks over powerful, so I'll assume he didn't come, and figure it out later))
Mali: (it's fine by me as a dm…just odd)
Farris: I can move and then cure?
Bor: (Run away little girl! Run away…)
Farris: or just move
Altharid: (… lets up the tempo a bit k'?)
Bor: (move and cure)
Tyll (BM E6): (lol karazhan
DM: Yes, you can move and cure, but only your move speed
Farris: Okay I move as far back as possible then cast cure light wounds on myself
Bor: (roll 1d8+1)
Farris: [1d8+1] => [5,1] = (6)
Lythsnara: ((I didn't even notice that it was strong compaired to the others, but I don't want to min/max the rules, so the croc is out for now))
Tyll (BM E6): (who is low on hp)
Bor: (them goblins)
Farris: (nobody now)
Altharid: (Im on 58/65)
Mali: (just request it and have a good backstory for why you have it. we're mostly level 4 now anyway)
Bor: (66/66)
Lythsnara: ((er, I was tabbed out, did we kill all the goblins?
Mali: (has not participated due to mass group)
Altharid: (nope)
Altharid: (its their turn now)
Lythsnara: ((and I don't like doing anything questionable, so I'll probably take a snake or something…the second best is a riding dog, but it seems sort of stupid for a lizard to have a dog))
Mali: (don't worry about it too much, it's a high op game)
Lythsnara: ((we are waiting for DM attacks?))
Farris: (whos turn)
DM: Bor, the goblins seek to crawl and you get AOOs; Altharid yours step in and strikes at you with two claws [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)[1d6+4] => [5,4] = (9) [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23) [1d6+4] => [6,4] = (10) [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)[1d6+4] => [4,4] = (8) [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)[1d6+4] => [6,4] = (10); Lyth so does yours [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22) [1d6+4] => [2,4] = (6) [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) [1d6+4] => [6,4] = (10)
Altharid: (aoo with tentacle)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [16,19] = (35), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [18,19] = (37), Damage [3d6+22] => [1,6,6,22] = (35)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [14,15] = (29), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [7,19] = (Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [15,19] = (34), Damage [3d6+22] => [6,5,4,22] = (37)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [15,19] = (34), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+19] => [7,19] = (Damage [3d6+22] => [6,4,2,22] = (34)
Altharid: Attacks: GRAPPLE INITIATION - grabbing [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17) melee touch
Mali: (i'm prety sure bor killed them all)
Altharid: Attacks: -STANDARD-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp and large size) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -, (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+20] => [10,20] = (30)
Bor: (true story)
Altharid: (heh so no huggin for me :P?)
Altharid: (gotta love reach)
DM: Lythsnara, 22 and 14 on claws against you
Altharid: (an astral construct appears…. but has nothing to kill… ermm waste of pp I guess)
DM: There are still two spike ones.
Baltasar: (( back ))
Altharid: (ah ok)
Lythsnara: ((ok, Lyth is bloodied, one attack hit, one missed, she took 6 damage))
Lythsnara: ((sorry, was tabbing over to my sheet))
Altharid: (our turn now ?)
DM: Aye.
Lythsnara: ((are there one or two on Lyth?))
DM: 1
Altharid: (astral constructs enables flanking for altharid)
Bor: Charge Trip touch attack on spiked [1d20+17] => [1,17] = (18), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+21] => [2,21] = (23), Damage [3d6+22] => [1,4,3,22] = (30)
Bor: (Nat 1, miss)
Baltasar shoots the one attacking Lythsnara **
Baltasar: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12] => [16,12] = (28), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [7,2,3,5] = (17)
Altharid: Astral construct attacks
Baltasar: "Headshot."
Altharid: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
Altharid: (misses)
DM: Hits touch, you trip the wounded one and take it out. 28 hits, and headshot paralyzes and kills it.
Lythsnara steps back 5 feet, and casts Vigor on herself
Altharid: (any more left ?)
Baltasar: (( so we're not using nat 1 is auto fail? ))
Baltasar: (( definitely like that ))
Farris runs away
DM: ((no sorry you miss.))
Altharid: (so theres one left)
Altharid: (altharid charges it and gets flanking from AC)
Mali: (farris, you should join the jets)
Bor: (shooting spikes is a ranged attack, so provokes. He's dieing now)
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME (WITH EXPANSION), MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (damage [2d6+7] => [1,1,7] = (9)
Farris: (hey, im only level 1 here)
Mali: (true, it's just funny)
Altharid: (extra +4 to attack)
Farris: (i almost got one shotted by goblins)
Altharid: (20 ft reach)
Mali: (are the goblins dead?)
DM: (no there are like… four still up)
DM: (though I may have said 2 at the wrong time)
Mali: (guess I'll help then)
Altharid: (what about the one I attacked ?)
Baltasar: (( :| ))
Bor: (But I killed 3 from AoO, and originally there were 6)
DM: (there were 9, 6 melee, 3 spike)
Mali: (more came from beyond.)
Bor: (oic)
Baltasar: (( how many spiked goblins are left? ))
DM: (forgive my numbers dyslexia at times)
Mali: (so, it's time for them to provoke then)
Altharid: (so did I kill the guy ?)
Bor: (So I'm now in range of the spiked goblins, right?)
DM: (Two clawed, you can be in range of clawed or spiked at your choice.)
DM: The spiked ones shoot spikes at Altharid, provoking AoOs.
Bor: (I charged the ranged, so that's what makes sense)
Altharid: (I got 30 on attack and dealth 9damage)
Bor: Charge Trip touch attack on spiked [1d20+17] => [18,17] = (35), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+21] => [8,21] = (29), Damage [3d6+22] => [4,2,3,22] = (31)
Bor: Charge Trip touch attack on spiked [1d20+17] => [19,17] = (36), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [8,19] = (27), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+21] => [16,21] = (37), Damage [3d6+22] => [5,5,6,22] = (38)
DM: The clawed ones charge back to aid them, also provoking AoOs.
Altharid: (Ok I make an aoo)
Bor: Charge Trip touch attack on spiked [1d20+17] => [20,17] = (37), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+19] => [3,19] = (22), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+21] => [14,21] = (35), Damage [3d6+22] => [2,2,2,22] = (28)
Altharid: Attacks: - GUISARME (WITH EXPANSION), MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18), damage [2d6+7] => [6,2,7] = (15)
Altharid: (I also flank him with the construct)
Altharid: (so 20 on attack roll)
Altharid: (the construct makes his aoo)
Bor: (I can't AoO one of the clawed, rest is dead I presume)
Altharid: [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
Altharid: (fail)
Altharid: (I dimension swap with the construct so he takes damage)
Baltasar fires at the one that didn't get killed by Bor
Altharid: Dimension Swap (imm action) *Altharids eyes flash fiercely red for a brief moment and it takes you a moment to notice a sudden change in the battlefield's layout*
Baltasar: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12] => [3,12] = (15), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [7,2,1,3] = (13)
Tyll (BM E6) launches a small ball of blue fire from his fintertips at the nearest one while moving as far back as possible. Ranged touch spellfire [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10) Damage [3d6] => [5,1,2] = (8) (range 120ft)
DM: You finish off the last goblin. I would stop shooting limited resources.
Altharid: (heh 13 pp spent already… gotta spend some AP next time to recharge a little bit)
Bor: *examines their corpses, looking for the origin of scales and loot*
DM: More accurately Altharid knocks it out.
Mali: "Hey guys, be careful over here."
DM: Leaving the only unconscious one
Mali: "It will try to steal your mind"
Mali: *mali points to the area she's been searching
Bor: "It?"
DM: You find they have hardened hide armor, and only the unconscious one retains violet scales under its fur.
Altharid: "Pathetic weakilings" - turns around and spits
DM: The hide is black-furred like them.
Lythsnara: ((are we out of comba?))
DM: Rendering the appearance of the scales being under their fur.
Bor: "This one's got scales like lizards"
Mali: "Oh, those were totem worshiping goblins."
DM: ((Yeah.))
Altharid: "Now Baltasar you have seen my power in action (dimension swap)… should be handy.. don't you think ?"
Baltasar shrugs
Mali: "they use their soul energy to enhance themselves."
Bor: "Their soul is weak"
Lythsnara: ((so the vigor spell heals a total of 11 damage, but Lyth only needed 5 more
DM: The dead ones no longer have claws or tails.
Mali: "I knew you guys could handle it and I suspect the battlefiled was trapped"
Altharid: (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/dimensionSwap.htm for reference)
Farris coughs up some blood
Bor: "Nice job Mali"
Mali: "I didn't find anything, but this area seems to be full of daydreams."
Mali: *points to where she was searching
DM: Loot is, hide armor (small) per goblin, and pumpkins if you want them. Or swamp water.
Mali: "the water is the culprit with the daydreams…"
DM: The pumpkins on close investigation are not actually dead, just black and stinking.
Mali: "I bet it's magical"
Lythsnara moves over to Farris, "How badly are you hurt? I am a healer
Farris: "not too bad, I think I may have been out of my depth there"
Farris: "praise be to Kord I have survived"
Tyll (BM E6): (gtg guys thanks for the run )
Lythsnara whispers to Farris alone "You and I both…I am not a fighter!"
Bor: "It was actually us"
DM: (Bye Tyll)
Altharid snickers when Farris mentions the name of his divine lord
Bor: (Cya)
Mali: [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25) knowledge religion on kord
Farris: "the gods move in mysterious ways horn man"
Lythsnara: ((@Farris, do you need more than 10 points back?))
Farris: (( no i am at 8 out of 10)
Altharid: "Why one should even consider being a slave to them ?"
Bor: (he needs 2 if I recall correctly)
Farris: I cast 2 cure minor wounds
Altharid: "I f you have your own power… then whats the need for them ?"
Farris: and there we go
Mali: "I like my god…he's a cutey"
Lythsnara casts a cure minor wound, to sure 1 point
Altharid: (is there a need…)
Lythsnara: oops
Farris feels all tingly
Mali: "so did you find anything of value?"
Lythsnara: ((if he already did those, I won't cast mine))
Bor: "No."
Baltasar nudges one of the goblin corpses with his boot.
Mali: "Also, once again, the water is very dangerous."
Baltasar: "So, any ideas why they just attacked?"
Bor: "Altough the alive one has claws and tail"
Farris: "maybe we should move away from the stinking black water?"
Mali: "Because they were goblins and we are in their patch?"
Bor: "The rest lost that stuff"
DM: The alive one has a tail, but no claws
Baltasar checks the water with Detect Magic
Lythsnara: ((can I make a nature roll to know what the pumkins do if anything?))
Bor: "Check the alive goblin aswell"
Altharid: "Does not matter to me… they wanted to fight … and I granted them that ..wish"
DM: You see it is magical. Yes.
DM: Go ahead.
Mali: "See that one, he is a totem worshiping goblin. That's his soul manifesting."
Altharid: "Soul Manifesting ?"
Lythsnara: Know: Nature [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (] :Bor: "So that is what you meant"
Lythsnara: ((woot!))
Baltasar: Spellcraft check to determine school of magic on the water: [1d20+15] => [8,15] = (23)
Mali: "Yes, he uses his Essentia or soul energy to enhance himself"
Farris: ((nice))
Altharid: (OOC: I guess its incarnum… am I right ?)
Mali: (I made teh knowledge check and yes they are totemists)
Altharid: "So its like psychometabolism"
Altharid: "Only…. weaker"
DM: Enchantment
Bor: "Let's get those lizardmen"[
Mali: [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20) know psionics
Lythsnara: ((so, what does a ow: Nature get me? :) ))
Mali: "Exactly Altharid"
Bor: Survival [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Mali: "the mind is greater than the soul."
Mali: "when it comes to the physical world"
Baltasar bottles up some of the water in a flask.
Farris: "I am just going to stand behind Bor for the rest of the evening"
Altharid: "This is why… I won't ever consider getting enslaved to the will of those 'higher powers'"
Bor: "That's not Kord's teachings."
Mali: "worshiping a god isn't enslavement"
Mali: "and sometimes the gods are very nice."
Farris: "I suppose you are right Bor."
Baltasar: "How about we postpone the theological debate until we're done?"
Mali: "look at my god…sooo cute!"*shows a picture of a tiny cat with wings on her library card.
Bor: "Can we become gods?"
Farris: "Kord also teaches us not to get our asses beat unnessecarily"
Bor: "Or fight gods, they should be strong"
Altharid: "If… you… went through … what I have experienced… you would have changed your mind Mali"
DM: Perception checks
Bor: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)
Baltasar: Perception: [1d20+15] => [18,15] = (33)
Altharid: (mindsight if that matters)
Mali: [1d20+12] => [16,12] = (28)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23)
Farris: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
Altharid: (the whisperer aids)
Lythsnara: Perception w. Darkvision [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
Altharid: (auto succeeds)
Lythsnara: ((how do I whisper to someone again?))
DM: 20 or greater with proper vision, you are able to locate the way out of the pumpkin patch; the rest of you are not sure which way you came in from, precisely.
DM: Right click on their names in the player list
DM: It will be an option in the drop-down menu
Baltasar takes the lead, beckoning the others to follow.
Bor: (I know where's north, I can use that reference to know)
Baltasar: "This way."
Farris follows
DM: Or respond in a whisper tap
Mali: *follows those with darkvision
Bor: *follows*
DM: *tab
Altharid follows Balt
Baltasar: "So, we're still following the lizardman tracks?"
Mali: "Yeah, the goblins were just practice"
Farris: "dangerous practice"
DM: You make it out but perhaps I should give Lyth a chance to get information first, whispers seem to be working a littel strange for her
Bor: "I learned things from them"
Mali: "Bor had it handled
Bor: "If I want to get stronger, I shouldn't mess with my soul for power"
Baltasar: (( let's hold up and let lyth talk to the DM a minute ))
Lythsnara: ((so far I haven't seen a whisper at all, though I sent one))
Altharid: "I would suggest augmenting your mind"
DM: ((hmm)
DM: ((check the tab on the right))
Farris: "just make the proper obesiences to Kord and he will grant you strength"
Bor: (Do you truly suggest that to a mindless brute?)
Mali: "yes, clerics and divine power beat mind powers hands down"
Altharid: (my power is derived from wisdom)
Altharid: (not intelect… so its still viable)
Baltasar snorts softly in disgust.
Mali: "You haven't met my mother, have you?"
Bor: (I know, but Bor doesn't seem very wise, altough he will be)
Bor: "No."
Altharid: "You could tap into your inner… emotion… rage… and release it with full force"
Mali: "Well, she could trounce my father in combat."
Bor: "That sounds strong and manly"
Lythsnara: ((sorry, I don't see the tab you want me to click :( darn it))
Bor: "Of course, he's an old geezer."
Altharid: "This is what I do to invoke my power… sometimes"
Mali: (main room is highlighted blue right above teh text from the chat..to the right of that)
Baltasar: (( lyth, you dont' see the tabs at the top of the chat window? ))
Baltasar: (( you should have at least "Main Room" and "GM" ))
Altharid: (I have Main Room/Gm/and whisper from Ichai for example)
Lythsnara: ah! got it! reading!
Altharid: (brb)
Mali: "Maybe you shouldn't meet my mother bor."
Mali: "She may kill you."
Mali: *Mali blushes
Lythsnara: ((ok, sorry folks I finally found out about the pumpkins))
Bor: "Hahaha, your funny Mali"
Bor: (you're*)
Farris: "Anyone know where we are headed to?"
Mali: "I think we should keep going east."
Lythsnara picks a couple of the pumkins and puts them in her pack, "These can be used to make soap, maybe I can get an alchemist to buy them
Bor: "Baltasar"
Bor: "They stink, that's not a useful soap"
DM: You may pick as many pumpkins as you want, pretty much, if people let you linger. They weigh 5 pounds.
Lythsnara: well, the soap makes you fire resistant
Baltasar snag 3 pumpkins
Baltasar: *snags
Mali: *pictures bor on fire…then bathing with soap
Bor: "And smelly"
Lythsnara: ((I just took 2, I bet there is better treasure later, but waste not want not))
Farris takes a 3 pumpkins puts them in pack
Farris: "shall we continue onwards?"
Mali: (how many pumpkins are left?)
Bor: "For fuck's sake, I can't stand that smell"
Lythsnara: yes, let us find the thieves
DM: As many as you could carry, probably.
Bor: max load: 4800
Mali: *Takes 5 so she can make soap to wash babies
Bor: …
Lythsnara: I will stand down wind for now, friend Bor
DM: If you venture too far you may lose sight of the exit, but you could get at least 40 without losing sight.
Lythsnara: ((its actually a soap that makes you fire resistant, not really like baby soap))
Bor: (Bor doesn't want them, they stink"
Mali: (I know…but that's not the way my character thinks sometimes)
Lythsnara: ((ah, ok *grin*))
Mali: "To the lizard village!"
Bor: *follows*
DM: You acquire what pumpkins you desire and manage to free yourself from the patch. In the future, if you try to recall your way there you will find, however good your direction sense, you cannot.
Farris follows **
Lythsnara: I am starting to doubt that we seek a lizard village at all, but yes, onwards!
Bor: "So, Mali, is your mother a man?"
Altharid: "Yeah… lets do this…" -grins savagely
Altharid: (responds to Mali)
Mali: "No, my mother is not a man. Unless you get her one of those belts."
DM: You locate the trail of the lizards once more, continuing onward on your passage, and deeper into the swamp.
Farris: "How much do you think these pumpkins are worth Lyth?"
Bor: "So she can only fight with a belt?"
Mali: "I guess, she would just paralyze you with a spell anyway."
Mali: "then throw you off the library."
Mali: "when it flies between cities"
Lythsnara: friend Farris, I do not know…my tribe doesn't really use money
Bor: "No spell has ever effected me"
Farris: "No money? Sounds blessed"
Bor: (that's actually true, besides Magic Missiles)
Lythsnara: I am still learning to use it myself, so these are an experiment
Mali: *leads onward*
DM: [1d20+23] => [4,23] = (27) DC for initial Perception check, [1d20-5] => [19,-5] = (14) should this be above 0
Bor: [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
Mali: [1d20+12] => [6,12] = (18)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [15,11] = (] : **Lythsnara nods, "Yes, the strongest one owns everything but lets weak ones keep some things to work better for the tribe" **
Altharid: (+2 extra from the crystal)
Baltasar: (( perception checks all around? ))
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+15] => [5,15] = (20)
Farris: Perception [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12)
Lythsnara: I myself left because I did not want to mate yet, even though it is time
Lythsnara: so I left and came to Dragonport to see what life was like in the human world
Bor: (perception)
Farris: "It must be quite a culture shock"
Lythsnara: Perception w. Darkvision [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Mali: (we are all oblvious)
Altharid: (brb…gotta get some bigos)
Bor: (is that like taking a shit?)

Mali: i can reroll
Mali: and inspire
Lythsnara hesitates, "I think I understand what you mean…it is very different here, that is true" **
Mali: which I will do
Mali: [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22)
Mali: nope, oblivious
DM: (tis no good I fear, have to wait for 28)
Mali: (that was my luck reroll for the day)
Altharid: (I had 28)
Bor: (does getting bigos mean take a shit?)
Altharid: (bigos is a traditional Polish dish)
DM: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
Altharid: (google it)
Mali: (I forgot your +2, so if altharid sees it I don't want to reroll)(
Bor: (oh kk ^^)
DM: (acceptable)
Mali: (so what did altharid see?)
DM: (alt, whispering)
Altharid: (kk)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (] :DM: You are able to quickly react.
Bor: (I can AoO while flat-footed)
Bor: (And I can smell stuff)
Dreadscar (enter): 13:09
DM: (range on that scent?
Altharid: (I also have midnsight which allow the whisperer to detemine its intelligence and type)
Bor: regular
DM: (range is too far)
Altharid: (kk)
Dreadscar (exit): 13:09
Bor: (depends on wind)
Altharid tries to catch the creature
Farris: (my baby just woke up I have to go afk for a minute)
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
DM: (Make your move! No surprise, so full round. Alright Farris.)
Altharid: … Linked to (Expends psionic focus)
Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects purple aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
Altharid: (closes in and tries to grapple)
Altharid: Attacks: - GRAPPLE INITIATION -, Grabbing [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18) melee touch
Bor: (60ft scent reach if upwind)
Lythsnara: ((babies always come first! :) ))
Mali: "what are you doing Altharid?"
DM: (can you move and grapple both in that range?)
Bor: (charge)
Altharid: (yeah it like bor said… if I cannot close in enough with regular move)
Altharid: (w/o it)
Bor: (but you expended your standar action with expansion)
DM: (charge would work, though you may want to consider the wisdom of doing this in a swamp)
Altharid: (linked power)
Altharid: (it will go off next round)
DM: (yeah that will be next round)
Bor: (don't know what that is, but ok)
Farris: im back
Mali: "Where is Altharid running to?"
Altharid: (I have not wasted an action as it is linked to grip of iron.. which is imm action)
Bor: "He's probably possessed again"
Altharid: (did I grab it ?)
DM: Luckily for you, there is no quicksand-mud in your way; and you are able to charge if you have the reach and move speed to pull it off.
Altharid: (whats the thing I have grabbed ? opposed grapple check ?)
Bor: (30' reach?)
Altharid: (ermm charge lad)
Altharid: (whats the the distance then)
Bor: (Altharid's speed is 30, so he can't reach him)
Mali: 90'
Bor: (90ft)
Bor: (you'd need hustle)
Mali: (difficult terrain)
Altharid: (ermm then I shall just follow it)
Baltasar: (( what's the range on your transposition? and can you do it with an unwilling target? ))
Mali: (he can't use hustle, immediate action is a borrowed swift)
Altharid: (and try to catch it)
Altharid: (can use it only on willing ones)
Baltasar: (( cause if you can use that, you could drop it right next to bor ))
DM: (it is terrain you can charge on in this case)
Baltasar: (( hmm ))
Bor: *follows Altharid*
Altharid: (in theory I could manifest astra construct with fly and swap with him)
DM: (there is simply a risk of quicksand)
Bor: (i've got 40ft spees)
Mali: (altharid, do that)
Altharid: (but I already linked it to expansion… which will grant me reach)
DM: You are able to run and get him within your reach, if you want to do that.
Altharid: (yeah that would do)
Altharid: (18 melee touch it was)
Bor: (can't do that, you had to run)
Altharid: (oops)
Altharid: (kk)
Mali: (so what does it do?)
Altharid: (so on the next round I should grab him)
Bor: (or kill, that's all we do)
Bor: "Action! At last!"
Bor: "I wonder if they have a coliseum!"
Lythsnara: ah, that was Lizardfolk talk!
Mali: *shouts back in draconic "Stop crying wolf Libbery!"
DM: Its skin retains some of the coloration of the trees and swamp it left behind.
Lythsnara: They think we are attacking! more will come
Bor: *rushes in*
Mali: inspired bluff [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21)
DM: The lizardfolk has no idea what you are talking about Mali and may well believe you if he could understand.
Mali: (I doubt my bluff works)
Lythsnara: are we really just attacking? I thought perhaps you would try to parley
DM: He believes you are trying to comfort wolf liberty or livery or such.
Bor: (can't hear you, too far away)
Bor: Trip him
DM: Err if you have the speed.
DM: Tripping is still possibly hard to do at a run.
Bor: 40x4 = 160
Altharid: (doable after charge)
Bor: so I run until he is within my reach and can't merely retreat
DM: No trip, but you catch up.
Mali: *moves forward at half speed looking for quicksand*
Lythsnara: *not wanting to get left behind, Lyth follows the attacking party members* "So much for human diplomacy"
Farris follows mali
Baltasar: "Did anyone actually plan on being diplomatic?"
Bor: (he's not at myy reach's edge, he can't retreat)
Bor: (how about prisoners?)
Mali: "I can speak draconic, but they don't understand my references."
Bor: (negotiate lives)
DM: Alt, you can charge him if you wish.
Farris: "maybe try avoiding metaphors and colloquialisms?"
Baltasar pulls out a couple eggshell grenades, stashing them in his shirt pocket.
Lythsnara: Mali, what did you try to say?
Altharid: (Altharid charges and grabs him\\her )
Mali: "I was refering to the boy who cried wolf."
Altharid: Attacks: - GRAPPLE INITIATION -, Grabbing [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17) melee touch
DM: 18 hits melee touch.
Altharid: (+2 on charge)
Mali: "oh, watch your step, there's some thick mud there."*points to a patch of mud
Lythsnara: I don't know what that is…so they don't either I think
Baltasar: "Mali, wolves don't live in swamps. And lizardmen don't raise sheep."
Farris avoids the mud
Altharid: Attacks: -STANDARD-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp and large size) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -, (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+20] => [7,20] = (27)
Baltasar: "It's kind of a foreign concept, try "crying jaguar"
Lythsnara: you might try We don't want to fight unless you make us fight
DM: [1d20-2] => [10,-2] = (8) opposed grapple.
Altharid: Attacks: Buffed grapple damage [1d4+5] => [3,5] = (8)
Mali: "well, I could try yelling Death to Gnomes!"
Altharid: (subdual from hold)
Baltasar: (( ok, is the DM saying things in character at all? ))
Baltasar: (( cause i keep seeing you guys respond to stuff that makes no sense to me ))
Baltasar: (( i think i'm missing some of the DM's messages ))
DM: ((hmm))
DM: ((can you hear this one?))
Baltasar: (( yes, i can see "hmm" and that one ))
Mali: (they are having a battle, not much from the dm is happening)
Altharid: (uses grapple checks to move the creature back to the party)
Altharid: (moves at half speed)
Baltasar: (( hmph, brb, restarting ))
Baltasar: Disconnecting from server…
Ichai (exit): 13:28
Mali: *does her best to mimic the lizards voice*
Altharid: (hh pins it beforehand)
Lythsnara: ((there must have been a whispered attempt to talk to the lizards, that failed due to cultural references that Lizards wouldn't understand))
lizardfolk: ((okay await balt))
Mali: "Sorry, False alarm!"-yells towards the lights
Ichai (enter): 13:28
Mali: [1d20+14] => [13,14] = (27) inspired disguise for voice
lizardfolk: ((alt do you get multiple grapples on a charge?))
lizardfolk: ((if so go ahead and attempt))
Altharid: (nope)
Altharid: (I will do this on next round)
Mali: [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25) not inspired bluff
lizardfolk: ((then the lizardfolk is confusingly shouting two different things))
Altharid: (I can get 4 grapple attempts as a full-attack action)
Mali: "you should silence that one!"
Mali: *to altharid
Altharid: (with I pin it… only then its possible)
Altharid: (when)
Ichai burns an AP to infuse Merciful on his crossbow
Bor: "I'll silence it! Move, Altharid!"
Mali: (I think we are screwed and no amount of bluffing will save this situation)
lizardfolk: *tries to slip out from the grapple* [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3) escape artist
Altharid: Attacks: -STANDARD-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp and large size) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -, (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+20] => [8,20] = (28)
Lythsnara: ((seems like its not going to be solved by talking alright))
Altharid: (nope. avi)
Farris readies sword watches towards the lights
lizardfolk: The lizard struggles futilely against the grasp.
DM: It appears to be torchlight … but white, and with rainbow flickers.
Altharid: (my round >)
Altharid: (?)
DM: Aye, party go ahead.
Bor goes stealthily towards the light.
Altharid: (pins)
Altharid: Attacks: STANDARD-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp and large size) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS , (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+20] => [16,20] = (36)
Lythsnara tries to talk to the grappled Lizard Folk, "Did you raid the Gnome Village?"
Altharid: (then moves at half speed)
Altharid: Attacks: STANDARD-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp and large size) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS -, (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+20] => [3,20] = (23)
Ichai accompanies Bor.
Mali: *stealth [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16)
Altharid: (it is now silenced)
Bor: Stealth [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
DM: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19) perception for when it becomes relevant.
Altharid: (with a pin)
DM: The lizardfolk does not respond to questioning, being pinned.
Baltasar: stealth: [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
Altharid: (goes towards the party with a lizard held in the air by his tentacles)
Farris stays in positon readies Entropic Shield (Quicken)
Lythsnara: ((heh, yeah, being silenced does make it hard to asnwer questions… ))
Altharid unsilences the creature when close to Mali and the others
Mali: "take his armor and weapon."
Baltasar: (( do bor and I see anything? Or need to make perception checks? ))
Mali: -whispers
Lythsnara: The Lizardfolk will be counter attacking any second, we should try to do something…run, get ready to fight…something
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25)
Bor: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Altharid: (+2 from crystal)
Mali: [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23) perception if that maters
Mali: *takes the lizard mans armor and weapon
Mali: "keep him gagged"-alth
Farris: ((how far are the lights/))
Altharid "Understood"
Mali: *gives the armor and weapons to lythsnara
Mali: "here, pretend to be him while we hide"
DM: no armor
Anemos (enter): 13:37
Lythsnara blinks a time or two, but takes the weapons and other stuff
DM: You who approach, see torchlight crude dwellings and a barrier of thin white smoke shot through with flashes of iridescence around them. Dusk Lizardfolk archers surround the torches, groups of 4, 2 groups visible, watching out warily, atop stands of wood.
Mali: *continues to mimic the voice saying "yes, All clear here!"
Altharid: "Shall I knock it out… or attemp to interogate it telepathically ?"
Mali: *move up lythsnara, and be disguised
Altharid: (whispers)
Mali: [1d20+11] => [1,11] = (12) disguise on our lizard
Mali: (lol)
Lythsnara: ((is the crest of the captured lizard man even remotely similar to Lythsnaras?))
Bor: (how many lizardfolk are there?)
Mali: (hence the 1 on the disguise check)
DM: ((Crest similarities pale a bit in comparison. 8 visible.))
Lythsnara: ((yeah, I sort of thought it was going to be something like that…))
Altharid: "Mali I have asked you a question…"
Altharid: (whispers)
Bor: "I'll kill them all, there aren't many"
Mali: (1d20+09] to disguise myself as one…i'm only 5'2"
Lythsnara: I don't think they will believe I am one of them, I am sorry
Mali: [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
Mali: *mali goes forward into the town
Altharid: "You have 10 seconds to make a decision Mali… then I shall make it… sleep"
Altharid: "9"
Altharid: "8"
Altharid: "7…"
Mali: *mali trys to fool the guard*
Bor: *uses Mali's distraction to get into a hidden point*
Altharid: (knocks down the lizardfolk…)
Bor: *and close to them*
DM: She seems to have no idea you are talking to her apparently and wanders off that way.
Altharid: (subdual damage)
Bor: (them being the lizardfolk)
Altharid: (till it gets unconscious… it has no chance to resist me)
Mali: "oh, I wish I had a goblin to kill"-in disguised voice.
Farris: "what should we do lyth?"
DM: Anyone approaching the town must pass through the smoke, fortitude save.
Altharid: (is it magical ?)
DM: Unless you are Lyth.
Mali: inspired fort then [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
Lythsnara: Farris, I have no idea, I suspect we should just attck now
Bor: [1d20+12] => [19,12] = (31)
DM: No.
Altharid: (kk)
Mali: what was the dif?
Altharid stays with Baltasar
Farris: "im going to stick close to you"
DM: Mali, you take [1d4] => [4] = (4) int damage.
Altharid: (ouch)
Mali: (OH god no!)
Baltasar: (( is the fort save vs poison? ))
Altharid: (heh your primary stat lol)
Bor: (I'm glad I didn't get it, 2 int would be hard to roleplay)
DM: Just in case.
Mali: (lol, i lost 8 hps)
Baltasar: Fort save: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
Lythsnara: ((er, we are kind of in a cluster frak, I think we should just fight now))
Mali: *goes up to the closest lizard*
Farris follows lythsnara
Mali: "Goblins attacking the raider! you come quick!"-to goblin
DM: Another fort save since you have to linger in the smoke to approach the closest one.
Lythsnara: ((er, what? I am totally lost here folks))
Altharid: (Ichai… you afk ?)
Baltasar: (( i'm here, just kinda lost ))
Mali: [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16) inspired
Baltasar: (( i really have no idea wtf you people are doing ))
Mali: "the goblins attacking me group!"
Altharid: ((ahh fort save kk)
Mali: "big claws, very bad…need help"
Altharid: Saving Throws: Fortitude [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Mali: "get boss please!"
DM: ((walking into poisonous smoke disguised as lizardfolk))
Altharid: (I knew it)
Lythsnara: ((er, is there a Goblin ANYWHERE around here?))
Mali: "me go back, you and tribe follow!"
Baltasar: (( she's bluffing ))
Altharid: (wait where are you Balt exactly ?)
Baltasar: (( trying to tell them that the sentry was attacked by goblins ))
Altharid: (in the smoke ?)
Farris: (( she meant to say that she was being attacked by goblins to the lizards))
Baltasar: (( i was following bor, so yes, i entered the smoke ))
Mali: [1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20) bluff
Altharid: (ohh kk… )
Mali: (do they seem intelligent?)
Mali: (then i'll talk normally)
Baltasar: (( ok, mali… why are you trying to bluff about goblins? ))
Farris I circle around to where Bor is hiding but stay back out of the smoke
DM: (mindsight: humanoid(reptilian) with 10 int)
Mali: (to lead them away from the smoke)
Altharid: (kk)
Mali: *mali moves out as if in a hurry*
Mali: (unsure if it worked, just trying to get them out into the open)
Lythsnara: ((ok, how many Lizard folk are there aside from Lyth?))
Mali: "I'm lizardia, and we need help!"
DM: ((8 outside, standing guard))
Mali: *once again, Mali moves off as if in a hurry*
Baltasar mutters to Altharid, "Should I just shoot her? It'll knock her out and she'll stop trying to help."
Mali: (I guess my plan fails)
Altharid answers telepathically via the Whisperer "… I would prefer her… not to perish you see"
Baltasar attempts to spot any lizardman who looks like he's in charge: [1d20+15] => [19,15] = (34)
Mali: *is standing around outside waiting for the party to slaughter the town.*
Altharid: (crit confirmation balt :P)
Baltasar: (( perception crit? ))
Altharid: (you have a crossbow right ?)
Baltasar: (( that's a new one ))
Altharid: (ahh though you were attacking)_
DM: The lizardman in charge does not appear to be present, the groups each have apparent leaders. one each.
Bor: (what are they guarding exactly?)
Baltasar infuses Greater Armor Enhancement on his chain shirt before stepping out from cover.
Baltasar: "Stay put unless they attack. I'm going to try to fix this."
Baltasar strides up to whoever looks to be in charge.
DM: Simple buildings. They see Balthasar and raise their bows to fix aim on him.
Bor: *charges the lizardfolk where Mali stood*
Baltasar: *in draconic* "I come in peace"
Lythsnara: ((I'd attack but I'm level 1 and would get wiped out by 8 lizardfolk guards))
Baltasar: "And accompanied by morons."
Altharid "Just try nto not damage… her splendid … figure" - telepathically
Mali: (you want to make save please?)
Mali: (smoke)
Bor: Whirling Frenzy activated
Baltasar: (( no, i don't. I'm immune to poison ))
DM: Bor, save vs smoke; balt, delayed save
Bor: Fort [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32)
Baltasar: (( i already did do my fort save, earlier ))
Baltasar: (( got a 16 ))
Baltasar: (( do i need another? ))
Bor: (I'll pounce the leader of that group)
Bor: (While mainting the rest in range)
DM: Mkay. You will in a minute or in the next round if you linger.
Bor: (maintaining*)
Altharid follows Balt
Baltasar: (( seriously dude? You're going to attack despite Balt trying to smooth this over? ))
Altharid: Saving Throws: Fortitude [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Mali: (balt,if i were dm, you'd be eating 30 arrows)
Farris: ((could one just hold their breath as they pass through the smoke?))
DM: [1d4] => [4] = (4) int damage for lingering another round.
Baltasar: (( mali, why do you think i infused greater armor enhancement ))
DM: ((You could try, but it gets into sinuses.))
Baltasar: (( i've currently got AC 29 ))
Altharid: (I got damaged ?)
Mali: (smoke dude)
DM: At the attack the arrows are loosed, at Balt, unfortunately.
Bor: Trip touch [1d20+17] => [12,17] = (29), Strenght [1d20+21] => [4,21] = (25), Attack [1d20+21] => [17,21] = (38), Damage [3d6+> [2,3,3, (34)
Altharid: (uses Vigor to get 30 temporary pp)
Lythsnara walks over to were Balt seems to be trying to talk, and says in Draconic "I'd like for us to parley, but we are on the edge of a fight if everyone doen't relax"
Baltasar sighs irritably at this result.
DM: [8d20] => [9,7,17,4,16,13,5,18] = (89) to see if any get natural 20.
Baltasar: "Nope, fight's already started.
Mali: (for the record, all I was trying to do was split them into 2 encounters)
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [19,17] = (36), Strenght [1d20+21] => [14,21] = (35), Attack [1d20+21] => [6,21] = (27), Damage [3d6+> [1,3,5, (35)
Lythsnara: ((well, that went well))
Baltasar: "And one side or the other is completely fucked now. Probably them."
Baltasar: (( so, i assume every shot missed me? ))
Bor: (So I hit the leader first, then another dude)
DM: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8) strength
Altharid: (so init everyone ?)
DM: ((aye balt))
Mali: (he's flat foot because of that smoke)
Baltasar rolls init: [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
Lythsnara: follows Baltasar's lead and will attack if he does, and attack the same target
Farris: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
Farris: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
Altharid is next to Balt
Farris: whoops
Farris: sorry
Lythsnara: Initiative [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
DM: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16) initiative
Farris: i got a nine apparently
Bor: (I decided to attack before Balt, so I assume I'm going first)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24)
Bor: Init [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
Mali: [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
Bor: (actually, +4)
Bor: (so 23)
Altharid: (uses 2 AP to recover 10pp)
DM: Alt/ Bor/ Mali before lizards.
Altharid: (everyone nearby can see that Althrid's is projecting manacing red aura)
Bor: (have I acted on surprise round?)
Altharid: (power point recharge)
Mali: *mali is outside the village and tries to sneak over a wall
Altharid: (Bor is faster)
DM: (yes, you charged)
Altharid: (in the init)
Altharid: (ahh kk)
DM: (and took two out with pounce)
Bor: (k, full attack to trip other two)
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Altharid: … Linked to (Expends psionic focus)
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [10,17] = (27), Strenght [1d20+21] => [8,21] = (29), Attack [1d20+21] => [6,21] = (27), Damage [3d6+> [3,2,4, (35)
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a humanoid-like shape*
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [8,17] = (25), Strenght [1d20+21] => [9,21] = (30), Attack [1d20+21] => [4,21] = (25), Damage [3d6+> [6,4,1, (37)
Altharid: (Charge at the nearest lizardfolk)
Mali: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27) to climb wall if there is a wall
Altharid: Attacks: MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12), damage [2d4+6] => [1,4,6] = (11)
DM: The village lacks walls to sneak over, around the torchs (bit of a distance) or through smoke is question
Altharid: (+2 from charge… fail anyway)
Anemos (exit): 14:02
Altharid: (ahh the whisperer aids the attack)
Altharid: ([1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8))
Altharid: (fails)
Mali: (how thick is this smoke? is everybody and their mother flatfoot and miss chance?)
DM: The guisarme misses
DM: The smoke does not interfere with vision.
Altharid: (even again the ff ac ?)
Mali: (okay)
DM: Barely, yes.
Altharid: (ahh kk)
Bor: (4 are out, how many to go?)
Mali: *uses her roll from before to stealh up to a lizardman instead…still in disguise
DM: Mali, you sneak up. RE-entering smoke requires another save.
Mali: [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15) inspired again
DM: [1d4] => [3] = (3) int damage. Mm not the best luck.
Baltasar: (( lolfail ))
Mali: nope
Baltasar: (( so are we at the first combat round yet? ))
Mali: (when you say smoke, I assume smoke btw)
Baltasar: (( or do the lizardmen get to go first? ))
Altharid: ((we got surprise round I guess… or maybe reguar one cannot remember)
DM: Bor got surprise
Mali: (k, I'll just wait till next round and miss this guy)
Altharid: ((kk lets up the tempo then))
Bor: (I get 4 AoO per round while enraged)
DM: The lizardfolk react in anger, dropping their bows and slashing at Balt… notsure who else is near with one claw and a bite, bucklers held ready.
Altharid: (I have 10ft reach)
Bor: (AoO from movement?)
Bor: (I have 20fr reach)
Lythsnara: ((Lyth is near Balt))
Baltasar: "You know, this would probably have worked. If we hadn't brought Bor along."
Baltasar: "Maybe tranqulized him a ways back."
Lythsnara: ((yes, Lyth is trying to guard Balt's flank))
Altharid: "I do not regret bringing him together with us…"
Baltasar: "That's just because you're having more fun now."
Baltasar: (( so are we allowed to attack, or are the lizardmen going to? ))
Altharid grins widely
DM: [6d20] => [13,4,3,17,18,3] = (58) to see if any get a natural 20.
Baltasar: (( cause this standing around talking while waiting for combat to continue is getting a bit frustrating ))
Baltasar: (( thanks ))
DM: Your armor is impenetrable to them Balt. All in smoke make fortitude saves.
Mali: [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12) inspired again
Altharid: (I should be outside as I charged)
Mali: actually, it's less now
Mali: -2 to that
Farris: I am outside the smoke
Bor: Fort [1d20+12] => [18,12] = (30)
Altharid: (heh Bor and his fort save)
Mali: [1d4] => [1] = (1) int damage
Mali: ouch 4 damage
Renegade DM (enter): 14:11
Baltasar: fort save, just because: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
Altharid: (heh autopass dude)
Lythsnara: I can't attack until initiative reaches 6…but I'm ready to go, once someone says I can attack
Bor: *goes in the building and attacks whomever he sees*
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [3,17] = (20), Strenght [1d20+21] => [20,21] = (41), Attack [1d20+21] => [10,21] = (31), Damage [3d6+> [6,1,5, (38)
Mali: (well, now I don't need to bother with inspiration)
DM: Everyone else can go now, lyth you are a. immune to smoke and b. immune to enchantment.
Baltasar: (( are any of the leader lizardmen left? ))
Baltasar: (( cause i want to take him alive with my subdual attack ))
Mali: good thing my faerie mysteries is or int
DM: ((Yeah, your group is pretty well intact. Bor is just eviscerating some random lizardfolk who stayed inside working on cooking something.))
Lythsnara: :)
Baltasar shoots the leader in the face with a Merciful Bane crossbow bolt
Baltasar: Merciful Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14), Subdual Damage [1d8+2+3d6] => [6,2,4,5,5] = (22)
Baltasar: (( hrmm.. 14 might hit ))
Lythsnara: Shortspear Attack [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21) and damage [1d6+3] => [5,3] = (8) on one attacking Balt, not a leader though
Baltasar: (( seriously lame roll though ))
Mali: aid [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Mali: lol
Mali: really
Mali: well, all my class features are gone, now i'm a glorified expert
Farris: I want to make my way through the smoke and flank the one being attacked by lyth
Mali: "because I am a dumb barbarian!"
Mali: "der, look at me!"
DM: *to lyth*
Mali: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5) inspired again
Lythsnara: You are not my tribe, you are thieves
Mali: can i please have another d4?
DM: … [1d4] => [2] = (2)
Baltasar: (( oh balls, i can't see what the DM is saying again ))
Baltasar: (( before i restart, can someone tell me if i took down the leader? ))
Mali: "derp herp derp.."*starts going insane
Altharid: ((still no info))
Renegade DM (exit): 14:16
DM: ((Anyone who was able to remain connected through this, take the chat log. No, he did not))
Baltasar: (( brb ))
Baltasar: Disconnecting from server…
Ichai (exit): 14:16
Lythsnara: you attacked the Gnome village, they hired us to punish you! *to the 'leader'*
Bor: (Mali's not as stupid as Bor yet, although her Wisdom score is also low)
Ichai (enter): 14:17
Mali: *having never had her intelligence fall this low, Mali is going nuts
Mali: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) inspired again
Ichai: (( ok, well i did 22 subdual damage to him at any rate ))
Altharid: ((the luch gods are not with ya soft))
Altharid: ((*luck))
Mali: tries to make the will save and is being consumed by the smoke
Farris: ((i have no effing idea what is going on))
Lythsnara: ((22 damamg didn't subdue him?))
Mali: (it's not facototum freindly smoke, so i'm gonna have fun with it.)
Altharid: ((then I shall do so))
Lythsnara: You are no kin of mine!
Mali: (can I get another 1d4?)
Bor: *goes outside the building to fight real fighters*
Altharid: ((take mine 1d4))
DM: [1d4] => [1] = (1) anyway
Altharid: (([1d4] => [3] = (3)))
Mali: (lol, if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen in a funny way)
Altharid: (its also cursed :P)
Lythsnara: ((as far as I know there is no overall culture of Lizardfolk, so one tribe wouldn't care about another tribe…like the indiands when the colonists showed up))
Altharid: ((hums the sakuya zone theme))
Mali: (funny thing is, she has one more inspiration point and inspires the will save down…not up)
Ichai: (( lyth, yes that's pretty accurate ))
Farris: ((Can I do something yet?))
Bor: (can I attack lizardfolk alredy?)
DM: ((go ahead.))
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [13,17] = (30), Strenght [1d20+21] => [9,21] = (30), Attack [1d20+21] => [16,21] = (37), Damage [3d6+> [2,5,6, (39)
Ichai: (( do you think we can use combat rounds? ))
Altharid: (my turn now)
Ichai: (( instead of not knowing when we're allowed to attack ))
Altharid: (Astral construct goes into flanking possition with the lizard chief)
Altharid: (and attacks)
Altharid: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
DM: ((Ichai, you can all pretty well act after the lizardfolk failed to attack you.))
Altharid: (I guess its not enough)
Baltasar attempts to knock out the leader with a second shot
Baltasar: Merciful Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19), Subdual Damage [1d8+2+3d6] => [6,2,3,6,4] = (21)
Altharid: (Altharid charges and tries to grapple the chief)
Altharid: (after balt moves)
Lythsnara: Balthasar, if we can take the leader prisoner, perhaps the others will stop fighting to save him
Mali: aid another on balt [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
Mali: +3 to balts roll
DM: ((… *but, though))
DM: ((lag is hitting me a bit))
Farris: ((DM could I get a summary of where the enemies are located in relation to me?))
Farris: ((I was over near Bor but outside of the smoke))
Lythsnara: Aid to Balthsaur [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22) vz DC 10, for his next attack
DM: You can have moved
Farris: are there any puddles or water nearby or anything?
Altharid: (did balt subdue him ?)
Farris: 'Maybe we should put the torches out?"
Lythsnara: ((Balt, I hope that lets you knock out the leader))
Mali: "no, they need to be lit!"
Bor: (he better, we're running out of regular dudes for Bor to kill)
DM: There are a number of puddles of water nearby. Balt did not subdue with one shot, go on and grapple
Mali: "they're making me smarter!"
Altharid: Attacks: GRAPPLE INITIATION , Grabbing [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16) melee touch
Altharid: (+2 from charge)
Farris: I want to try to douse the nearest torch in a puddle
DM: 16 hits touch.
Lythsnara: ((remember, I did Aid to Balts next attack))
Altharid: (high toych ac they have :P)
DM: Requires going into the smoke, make a Fortutide
Altharid: Attacks: SEMI-BUFFED (grip of iron 1pp) GRAPPLE ATTEMPTS , (1x) Primary Grapple Attempt [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24)
DM: ?
Farris: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
Farris: well
Mali: nice, another fort save for smoke…here goes [1d20-1] => [13,-1] = (12) inspired
Farris: I cant even grab a torch apparently
DM: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15) grapple
Mali: *goes to stop farris
DM: [1d4] => [1] = (1) int damage
Altharid: Attacks: Grapple Damage, Unbuffed grapple damage [1d3+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Mali: "these torches are making me smarter!"
Altharid: (subdual damage)
Lythsnara: ((haven't we done like 45 subdual damage on this leader?))
Baltasar: (( yes, two shots, total of 45 ))
Altharid: (+7 from me)
Baltasar: (( 52 then ))
Bor: (14 didn't hit him)
Mali: "Don't you realize…I can see everything!"
Lythsnara: ((I can hear you, I'm just confused is all))
Baltasar: (( ahh, never saw that message ))
Farris: do I make a fort now that I went into the smoke or what?
Bor: You already did, didn't you?
DM: You did, and failed, and took 1 int damage grabbing torch
Lythsnara: ((Balt, hit him again for subdual, eventually he HAS to go down!))
DM: The leader is grappled, not quite unconscious
Bor: (btw, you get +2 extra base fort)
Altharid: (he has no dex to ac now that he is in grapple)
Mali: *mali attempts to inhale more makes me smarter smoke*
Baltasar shoots the leader again, taking -4 on the roll for firing into melee
Baltasar: Merciful Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+12-4] => [6,12,-4] = (14), Subdual Damage [1d8+2+3d6] => [2,2,2,2,2] = (10)
Baltasar: (( neat damage roll ))
Farris: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
Baltasar: (( made of fail though ))
DM: Hits flat-footed, and knocks her out.
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [3,17] = (20), Strenght [1d20+21] => [15,21] = (36), Attack [1d20+21] => [20,21] = (41), Damage [3d6+> [6,3,2, (37)
Bor: Trip touch on another lizardfolk [1d20+17] => [7,17] = (24), Strenght [1d20+21] => [1,21] = (22), Attack [1d20+21] => [14,21] = (35), Damage [3d6+> [3,3,4, (36)
Lythsnara: Surrender or we will SLAY your LEADER!!!
Altharid uses the body as a living shield
Baltasar: "Right. Bor and Alth, clean this up. I'm gonna go put out the torches."
Lythsnara: ((in Draconic))
Bor: (oh a threat! I'll confirm it)
Baltasar start dousing the torches with his Magic Screwdriver
Lythsnara: Stop fighting now or your leader dies!
Mali: (lol, magic screwdriver)
Bor: [1d20+21] => [10,21] = (31)
DM: Bor, you charge back in and overkill the shit out of two lizardfolk. The remaining one looks toward Lythsnara rather accusingly.
Bor: (72 damage, hell to the yeah)
Altharid: (hehe)
Mali: attempt a will save [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
Baltasar: (( aren't these guys poison dusk lizardfolk? they're not even the same species ))
Mali: *tries to stop balt, who easily pushes her aside
Mali: (can I have one more d4?)
Lythsnara: ((Bor, you need to let them surrender…we called for them to surrender, its bad form to just cut them down anyway))
Bor: (I'm in the middle of a rage, can't do)
DM: ((accusation has nothing to do with her species, everything to do with bor :P)
Lythsnara: to the Lizard who spoke last "Its the only chance you have! drop your weapons!"
DM: *holds up already empty claws.*
Baltasar: (( DM, can i ask you to stop using aliases? I think that's what's making it so i can't see your messages ))
DM: The lizardfolk dropped their weapons in order to attack Balt.
Baltasar finishes dousing the torches.
Mali: (i need another d4 int damage for the lols)
Lythsnara: ((someone tackle Bor then? please?))
Baltasar: (( i could shoot him with my tranq crossbow ))
Lythsnara: Bor, stop! they are surrendered!
Altharid: ((Altharid likes the violence so he will not stop him))
Mali: *is purposefully inhaling the smoke from the torches due to her 6 int and 2 wis
Bor: *falcon punches one of them*
DM: There is only one left.
DM: [1d4] => [4] = (4) int then Mali.
Lythsnara: ((darn it, Druids need a sleep spell :P ))
DM: You lose the faculty of speech.
Mali: (guys i'm gonna be unconcious in a round)
Altharid: (so the fight has ended ?)
Farris: ((there is nothing I can do))
Bor: *roars in the middle of so much reptillian blood, now satisfied*
Mali: "derp, smratr derp derp"
Altharid: (grabs mali with a tentacle to stay away of the smoke)
DM: ((unless you start fighting amongst yourselves.))
Baltasar: "I vote we haul Mali's ass to the library and let her father lock her up."
Altharid: (*from)
Mali: (thanks alth)
Baltasar: "Cause she clearly needs protection from herself."
Altharid hold Mali in his hands now
DM: ((also, lingering in the smoke requires more fortitude saves.))
Bor: [1d20+12] => [18,12] = (30)
Farris Gets the fuck out of the smoke
DM: Ferris can douse the torches easily with mali restrained though.
Baltasar: (( DM, I put out the torches a couple rounds ago ))
Altharid blushes… not visible under the bandages… yup he is weak against exotic damsels
Baltasar: (( do you need me to clear the residual smoke? ))
Farris: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
Mali: (what is the action to put out a torch)
Bor: "Now, to get that loot!"
Mali: (magic screwdriver. but not sure on action)
Baltasar: (( prestidigitation ))
Lythsnara goes around checking for unconscious but not dead Lizard folk and stabilizes them, using a cure minor wounds if necessary
Bor: "What happened to Mali?"
Mali: "Derp…derp"
Baltasar: (( can put out or light small fires ))
Altharid: "She got… dumb… suddenly"
Mali: *drools
Altharid: "So defensless " - in Undercommon
Baltasar: (( oh god… the tentacle monster is carrying the anime chick ))
Baltasar: (( this ain't gonna end well ))
DM: Lyth, you stabilize the other leader, the most have mostly been overkilled, except for the live one
Altharid: "I also seem to have suffered some… mental damage"
Bor: (lol)
DM: Who does not seem very happy at all
Bor: "I don't feel anything"
Baltasar: "I dont' imagine you would."
DM: also Lyth, [1d4] => [4] = (4) hours of immunity to enchantment
Baltasar crouches next to the remaining live lizardman and ties him up
Lythsnara: ((ok, thanks…er, how did that happen by the way?))
Bor: "That ritual really made me stronger"
Mali: (Mali looks very sick)
DM: and everyone who made fortitude saves - make the same number after a minute.
Baltasar: use Rope: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Mali: (like,very very sick)
Baltasar: (( should have taken 10 :\ ))
DM: ((Quality of the poison, beenficial to reptiliands))
Altharid shifts Mali's position so now she piggybacks him
Lythsnara: ((hah! I love that!))
Mali: what's the diff?
Bor: "Maybe we should take Mali to a temple"
Baltasar checks Mali with Heal: [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18)
Mali: (mali is unconcious and comatose)
Baltasar forces a vial of antidote down her throat.
Baltasar: "That might keep her for a bit."
Baltasar: (( +2 bonus on fort saves vs poison ))
Mali: (due to not being able to even attempt those saves unless she rolls 20 [1d20] => [10] = (10)[1d20] => [16] = (16)[1d20] => [12] = (12)[1d20
Lythsnara: We should question the leaders and the remaining live Folk here and find out why they raided
Baltasar thinks for a moment, prioritizing the course of action.
DM: ((yeah, dc 16))
Bor: "To get loot, like us"
Mali: (i'm just gonna watch now…that was…funny as hell)
Baltasar: (( DM, does my heal check tell me anything about mali's condition? ))
Baltasar: (( like, is she going to die within the next hour? ))
Mali: (my hps default back to con)
DM: ((Poisoncrafting check.))
Mali: (they went low because I never opted to switch them off int)
Lythsnara: They might have thought they were avenging a wrong done to them…not all raids are for loot alone
Mali: (so i'm unconcious with 8 hps
Baltasar: (( technically, it should be Heal, but i'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth ))
Mali: (well, comatose)
Baltasar: Craft: Poison [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (] :DM: ((nah I mean to identify))
Bor: "You got Mali under control?"
Lythsnara: ((can I say, even though we did ok, that was sort of a mess? We should have had more of a plan before we went in))
Altharid: ((true))
Mali: ((I just wanted to get them out of the smoke I misunderstood)
Baltasar: (( the plan for next time is to leave mali at home, and hit Bor with a Suggestion before any combat ))
Mali: (and I almost did it.)
Baltasar: (( DM, if you answered my question, i didn't get it ))
Lythsnara: heh
Bor: (Steadfast Determination, I'm not failing that save =P)
Mali: (when a dm says smoke, I expect the homefield advantage kind)
Lythsnara looks around for the stuff the gnome claimed was stolen
Mali: (as in, I see through the smoke and you don't)
Baltasar: (( still not seeing any answer about the poison ))
Bor: (it wasn't answered, Baltasar)
Baltasar: (( ahh, i just saw her typing and then stop, so i figured ))
Lythsnara: DM is probably busy
DM: The lizardfolk who remain alive in the buildings are submissive to you, and allow you access to what they have there. Um Balt you got that whisper?
Baltasar: (( i did not ))
DM: [1d4] => [3] = (3)
Farris Says prayers over the dead lizardmen.
Altharid: (brb)
Baltasar: (( i'm going to switch to my normal username, see if that fixes it ))
Ichai: (( ok, try now ))
Lythsnara: Balt, you probably know this already, but there is a tab at the top of chat that has GM on it that you can click to see the GM messages..
Ichai: (( yes, i know ))
Ichai: (( but thanks for the thought ))
Farris starts looking for stolen goods
Bor: *loots everything there is*
Bor: (not only stolen goods)
Mali: (whispering to GM) so I approach a group of monsters in the middle of the night and don't expect them to just attack me…or I do and don't care
Lythsnara: well, I'd have felt bad if it had been that and I said nothing :)
Mali: (whispering to GM) fun
Bor: "Guys, these lizards are evil, they are thieves and killers (like us)"
Bor: "We should kill them, they'll just do more evil if they live"
Lythsnara: I disagree, most of the Lizardfolk tribes are just trying to live
Altharid: "You can kill them if you want… they are not a challenge to my might anyway"
Bor: "By doing evil"
Farris: 'Kord would not approve of killing defenseless victims."
DM: You acquire meat, smoked and dried, and also recently roasted, of a decent quantity; and four torches with smell similar to the burning paint smell of the white smoke.
Altharid: *me
Lythsnara: these may have felt they were justified, we haven't actually asked them why they attacked in the first place
DM: You also find ten ulu knives that detect as magic and appraise as masterwork tools of Survival.
Ichai: (( brb ))
Bor: "These are knives we came here for, found our thieves"
Ichai: (( also, i finally saw the message, by looking in the error log ))
Mali: (whispering to GM) can't wait to see how bill deals with it
Ichai: (( neat poison ))
Ichai: Disconnecting from server…
Ichai (exit): 14:51
Ichai (enter): 14:51
Bor: "And there are these torches aswell…"
Lythsnara: ((was it knifes that were what was stolen? I missed that part))
Mali: (autohypno from alth)
DM: From the lizards you defeated you gain 6 shortbows, 2 masterwork longbows, 8 sets of bolas, and 8 bucklers. Yes.
Baltasar: (( ok, let's give this another shot ))
Baltasar uses detect magic on everything
Farris: "How should we divide this up?"
Bor: "I've asked this repeatedly, but got no answer: is Mali under control?"
DM: The knives detect as magical.
Mali: (Mali is comatose thanks to the secondary damage)
DM: Mali appears to be unconscious and carried by Alt.
Baltasar: "Yes, Mali's contained."
Altharid: (thanks for reminding me Mali about autohypn)
Baltasar: "First question to ask, does anyone actually need one of these weapons?"
Mali: (the whole chat log is yours alth)
Bor: "ok, the gnomes said we could take what we wanted as payment, why don't we take it all?"
Altharid: (heh)
DM: Spellcraft on school?
Baltasar does spellcraft: [1d20+17] => [20,17] = (37) to identify school
Lythsnara: I would like one of the masterwork longbows please
Lythsnara: also a buckler
DM: Transmutation
Baltasar nods at Lyth.
DM: The lizardfolk are available for questioning when you get around to that.
Baltasar: "So, who thinks we should each take a knife, and return the rest to the gnome?"
DM: moderate transmutation specifically.
Farris: "that sounds like a good plan"
Bor: "Yeah right, only one knife"
Lythsnara: I think that is fair
Altharid: "Does not matter… the carnage was reward in itself"
Bor: "They don't have money to pay us!"
Baltasar slips one of the knives in his belt."
Bor: "True"
Altharid: "That knife will make a fine trophy …. though"
Bor: (regarding altharid comment)
Baltasar: "Well, then you certainly won't mind giving the knives back."
Bor: "More reward is better"
Lythsnara also takes on of the survival knivess, as well as a longbow (masterwork) and a buckler
Baltasar: "Then quit bitching. If we give it back, they might reward us. If we don't, they certainly won't."
Roc (enter): 14:56
Bor: "Reward us how?"
Altharid: "… whatever…. Balt might be right…"
Farris takes knife, longbow, 3 shortbows
Baltasar: "Any number of ways. Money, tools, treasure, weapons, you won't know until we ask."
Farris looks introspective, then jams a torch into his bag
Bor: "Let's sell them the loot back for half price"
Altharid: (brb)
Baltasar: "And honestly, none of this stuff is really good enough to warrant fencing to split the money. I vote we let the newcomers claim whatever we want, and then maybe donate the rest to the Cranes for their new member supplies."
Bor: "Lythsnara, didn't you want to talk to those lizardfolk?"
Bor: "Aren't those daggers magical?"
Lythsnara: I do yes, I was waiting until other matters were decided
Baltasar glances through the remaining weapons, "Bor, we'd get maybe twenty gold for all this combined. It'll be better to just give it to the Cranes."
Mali: (anybody know the rules for ability damage recovery?)
Lythsnara goes to the leader (or is it leaders?) and says "Why did you attack the Gnomes?"
Bor: "But magical stuff is expensive, the gnomes said they were all magical"
Mali: (full bed rest matter?)
DM: ((one per day, heal check gives 2, lesser restoration give 1d4, restoration gives full))
Farris: 1 point per 8 hours rest 2 if you are on bed rest i think
DM: ((full bed rest also doubles I think))
Baltasar sighs.
Baltasar: "Bor, only the knives are magical."
Baltasar: "The rest is crap."
Bor: "Then they are expensive! Let's get them!"
Mali: (only 3 days betweent this game and bill's)
Altharid: (theres alway lesser restoration for ability damage)
Baltasar hands Bor another wire.
Baltasar: "Here, do that exercise."
Bor: "I broke that already, I need a stronger one"
Baltasar stashes the 4 unclaimed Ulu knives in his pack.
Baltasar: "Oh, well then try that chain I made you. It's very strong."
Lythsnara: They came to us claiming you stole from them, and hired us to recover their belongings
Bor: "But if I break it I won't be able to smash stuff!"
Baltasar: "Bor, if you're capable of biting through it with your teeth, I will make you a new one for free."
Baltasar: "A BIGGER one."
Lythsnara: how do you mean? the knives were made with blood from your tribe?
Bor: *bites the chain on a not spiked part*
Bor: Strenght check [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21)
Farris: ((does anyone know where I can find out how much the torches and pumpkins are worth?))
Altharid: ((appraise))
Farris: ((Im not any good at that))
Baltasar: (( DM what's with the torches? Are they valuable, or is the poison in them used up? ))
DM: ((They are valuable.))
Bor: (brb, I'm starving)
Baltasar: (( and is there unused doses of poison lying around? ))
Lythsnara: ((can I make a sense motive to tell if they are lying?))
DM: ((In the torches.))
Baltasar: (( alright ))
Farris jams another torch into his pack
DM: ((yes.))
Baltasar eyes Farris.
Lythsnara: Sense Motive [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
Baltasar: "I presume you're stashing that to carry until we can split them equitably?"
Lythsnara: ((wow))
Bor: (btw, I see people picking up random stuff, I'd like to remind you that everyone knows exactly what the loot is)
Baltasar: (( nicely done ))
Baltasar: (( i don't! ))
Farris: "of course"
Baltasar: (( i didn't know about the torches being valuable until farris asked ))
DM: They are definitely not telling the whole story. But it does not have the markings of being a complete fabrication.
Bor: (brb, 5 to 7 min)
DM: The motive of the gnomes is conveniently left out.
Farris puts the other two torches in pack
Baltasar: "Altharid, you want to help interrogate him?"
Lythsnara: ((ah, yeah, that makes sense, so its probably pretty hard to tell who is in the wrong))
Baltasar: "We can do like we did with Mr. Martin."
Altharid: "With… pleasure"
Altharid grins in delight
Baltasar casts Eagle's Splendour on Alth, and infuses Skill Enhancement: Intimidate +4 as well
Baltasar: (( that's a +6 for you ))
Farris: "why does that give me a bad feeling?"
Altharid: (grows in size to get +4 bonus to intimidate)
Lythsnara: What is done is done. In the future, I suggest you move away from Dragonport and stay away from the gnomes
Altharid: Intimidate check [1d20+24] => [5,24] = (29)
DM: You are in the swamp away from Dragonport.
Baltasar aids Alth in intimidate: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Altharid: (lol fail)
DM: Staying away would make more sense.
Baltasar: (( damnit ))
Altharid: (the whisperer aids me)
Altharid: [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
DM: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
Lythsnara: ((well, I meant FARTHER away, but yeah, whatever works and makes sense))
Altharid: (so 31)
Lythsnara: :)
DM: The lizardfolk is intimidated.
Baltasar squats down next to the lizardman and smiles, showing every single tooth.
Baltasar: *in draconic* "Hi there."
Baltasar: "I don't really think you've been telling this young lady the whole truth."
Baltasar: "And my friend and I don't particularly like that."
Altharid "Indeed" - adds telepathically
Mali: (lol, good cop, bad cop, insanely evil cop)
Baltasar: "So, why don't you tell us everything she wants to know, or he will eat you."
Altharid wiggles his tentacles in menacing manner
Baltasar: (( Alth, if the lizardman expresses disbelief about that threat, flash your tentacles ))
Baltasar: (( heh, already ahead of me ))
Lythsnara is a lot alarmed by the tentacles, which probably only the lizard guys can tell
Baltasar glances questioningly at Lythsnara.
DM: *he eyes them with unusual fear as well.*
Lythsnara: why do the gnomes raid you, and why do you raid them?
Roc: Disconnecting from server…
Roc (exit): 15:12
Baltasar: (( heh, i just remembered that certain factions of lizardfolk worship the Old Ones ))
Altharid: ((the Deep Ones :P))
Lythsnara: ((see, I've had this conversation with 7 and 8 year olds, you can never find out what actually happened))
Baltasar: (( well, until a tentacle monster shows up ))
Lythsnara: what started the bad blood between you both?
Lythsnara: what war is this? and who is this "Her"?
Bor: (back, still chewing his chain)
Farris starts humming hymns to Kord
Baltasar begins putting ranks in Profession:Dentistry for Bor's future tooth repair.
Lythsnara: who is this "Her" you didn't answer that!
Lythsnara: ((er, no clue, sorry, would that be Tiamat by any chance?))
Bor seems excited.
Baltasar: (( sounds like a bog standard black dragon ))
Baltasar: (( heh, bog. I made a pun ))
DM: ((no, likely just a black dragon))
Renevion (GM) (enter): 15:18
Baltasar: (( still, we're level 5 ))
Baltasar: (( that's OMG FFUU- territory ))
Lythsnara passes this info along to the party for the wiser heads to figure out
Mali: (you guys can handle it)
Baltasar glowers at the lizardman.
Bor: (so you're not telling bor?)
Renevion (GM) (exit): 15:20
Baltasar: "So basically, you attacked the gnomes for no damn good reason, and now you're whinging because they fought back?"
Lythsnara: It sounds like a Dragon cult…which would be attractive to some of the lessor Lizardfolk tribes
Altharid: (If I grapple it then its a goner… unless it can beat my +22 grapple mod… still threre are other issues with dragons)
Baltasar pretends to examine the surroundings carefully.
Baltasar: "Yes, that seems to have worked out well for you."
Bor: (I can kill it with whirling frenzy)
Baltasar: (( you really can't ))
Bor: (unless it flies)
Lythsnara: I think that the Gnomes might have been part of this cult, and recruited the lizard folk and then had a falling out with them
Baltasar: (( dragons with a cult tend to be ancient or older ))
Baltasar: (( so they've got sorcerer casting too ))
Altharid: (I can dimension swap with a flying construct then grapple)
Bor: (ok, not that kind of dragons)
Mali: (I need level 11 to auto kill all dragons)
Altharid: (that might complicate stuff)
Baltasar turns to the others and speaks in common, "So, we need anything else from him?"
Altharid: (ahh shivering touch abuse… how lovely :P)
DM: ((lol, so many strategies to deal with a flying dragon who swims under the swamp.))
Bor: 3d6 dex?
Mali: (breach makes it so)
Baltasar: "Hmm, do you think the gnomes would be interested in having a prisoner?"
Mali: (int to damagee)
Mali: (I just auto kill them)
Mali: (but won't obviously)
Lythsnara: I think we have the basic idea now. We should let them go and tell them to head away from Dragonport AND the gnomes
Bor: "They'll just continue to do evil"
Bor: "They attacked the gnomes for nothing"
Baltasar: "Take a vote. All in favor of taking the leader to the gnomes?"
Baltasar raises his hand.
Farris: "I say let him go"
Bor: *thinks loot*
Altharid: "Does not matter to me
Altharid: "
Bor raises hand.
Farris: "These gnomes sound unsavory"
DM: Lizard: *common* No! Do not take me to them! They will sacrifce me to their gods!
Lythsnara: ((if I ever run a dragon NPC as a adventure, there won't be any autokills…except maybe the other way around. Dragons should be the baddest thing around"
Baltasar: "So, two in favor, two opposed, one abstention."
Baltasar digs out a copper piece.
Baltasar: "Let's flip for it."
Mali: (exactly but I only need lesser shivering touch to kill them raw)
Altharid smiles
Baltasar: "Heads, we take him in, tails we exile him."
Farris: 'heads'
Altharid: "Let your gods decide it… worshipers"
Baltasar: (( heads is even, tails is odd ))
Farris: "sounds good"
Altharid snickers
DM: *lizard struggles against bonds*
Baltasar: (( err, it's heads we take him in, tails we release him ))
Baltasar: [1d4] => [4] = (4)
DM: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
Baltasar: (( came up heads ))
Bor: "Would you rather die in our hands, lizard?
Baltasar: (( DM, that beat my use rope check ))
DM: The lizardfolk manages to slip free of the bonds.
Altharid enters grapple
Bor: *follows him around and trips him*
Baltasar rolls init: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
Baltasar: (( srsly guys, roll init ))
Baltasar: (( this is not freeform RP ))
Bor: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
Farris: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Lythsnara: Initiative [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
Baltasar: (( lizardman's got balls ))
Bor: Touch [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22)
Baltasar: "Don't kill him!"
Lythsnara: hmmm, I seem to be lagging out
Lythsnara: ah there I see it…darn 2
Baltasar: (( it looks like lizardman first, then bor, then me ))
DM: The lizardfolk attacks himself with a claw before you can move to recapture him, seeking to rip out his own throat.
Farris: (oh snap)
Lythsnara: ((sheesh, poor guy))
Baltasar: (( at least he's got ridiculous HP ))
Baltasar: (( he might survive that ))
Baltasar: (( Bor, Alth? ))
Bor: Touch [1d20+15] => [14,15] = (29) Strenght [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30)
Baltasar: (( lulz, down he goes ))
Altharid: (use subueal damage on him)
Altharid: (hehe)
Baltasar: "Let me."
Bor: Non-lethal Attack [1d20+15] => [17,15] = (32) Damage [3d6+22] => [5,6,5,22] = (38)
Baltasar: (( i can do subdual a lot easier than anyone else ))
Baltasar: (( though that does work pretty well ))
DM: The nonlethal spiked chain knocks him out before he can get a good claw in his neck.
Baltasar: "Ok, he's down."
Altharid: "I'm unwilling when it comes to carring him…"
Bor: "I'll do it"
Baltasar: "Excellent. I think we're done here."
Baltasar: "Have we gathered everything interesting?"
Farris: "Ive got the torches
Lythsnara: unless you want more smoked fish, I think we have it all
Baltasar: "Very well, let's move out."
Bor: "I can carry Mali aswell"
Baltasar glances at the moon to check the time."
Altharid: "I will do it … Bor"
Farris Follows Balt
Baltasar begins leading the way back to Dragonport.
Bor: "Whatever"
Baltasar: "I have got to make a teleporter…"
Bor: *follows*
Altharid follows the rest with Mali on his back
Baltasar: (( unless we're attacked or have some other encounter, we just head straight to the city, and then the inn, ok? ))
Bor: "Is anyone hurt?"
Baltasar: "I haven't taken a single scratch."
Baltasar grins.
Farris: "Nope"
Altharid: "Tis but a felsh wound… not worthy of mentioning"
Baltasar: "Cause I'm just that awesome."
Altharid: *flesh
Lythsnara: ((fine by me, we've been going for what, 5 and a half hours?
Baltasar: (( yeah, i'd like to wrap this up too ))
Altharid: ((hehe it appears so))
Bor: *heals Altharid*
DM: You arrive back into Dragonport, and at the inn without trouble; the gnome who hired you lurks outside fidgeting, out of place in this district.
Bor: [2d8] => [4,4] = (8)
Baltasar gestures to the captured lizardman with the bundle of unclaimed knives.
Lythsnara: ((Bor, you are a healer?))
Bor: (healing belt)
Altharid whispers to Bor telepathically… "Next time ask me when you want to do it … ok ?"
Baltasar: *to the gnome* "Your belongings, and your thief."
Lythsnara: ((ah, that explains it))
Bor: "Sure, Altharid"
Baltasar: "We strive to impress."
Lythsnara says to the Gnome, "And how you could mistake ME for one of THESE is beyond me, I am twice his size!"
Bor: "You're still small"
Altharid continues telepathically "Unless I am mortally wounded… then feel free do to so"
Bor: "And both are bigger than the gnome"
Baltasar: (( actually, i think lyth is like 7 feet tall ))
Baltasar: (( so… not really ))
Bor: (Bor's taller, he doesn't care)
Baltasar politely blocks the gnome from the lizardman captive.
Baltasar: "Well, we were hoping for some minor reimbursement for the difficulty of this task."
Lythsnara: ((he is slightly bigger))
Baltasar: "A more immediate… solid, reimbursement."
Bor: (who's he?)
Altharid: (the gnome from the beginning I guess)
Bor: "Let's take it all"
Baltasar smiles genially.
Baltasar: "Very well then."
Baltasar: "Have a good morning, sir."
Baltasar turns away, gesturing for Bor to pick up the lizardman again.
Bor: *picks up*
Baltasar: "So, looks like we go with your plan and sell the knives."
Baltasar: "And it's not like we have any use for this guy, might as well let him go."
Lythsnara: if we are not to give the leader to the Gnomes, I would claim him
Baltasar nods agreeably to Lythsnara
Altharid: (Dm… we will need to combine various logs now… theres been some whispering.. if we wont do so … it wont make sense)
Bor: "You're not from here and are weaker than these lizard weaklings, your favor is useless"
Bor: (I've got the main one)
Baltasar does knowledge:local to find out info on the Wolverines: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
Baltasar: (( bitchin' ))
Lythsnara takes the Lizard man and leaves the inn ((unless someone objects))
Baltasar: (( well, i'd like to hear what the gnome is going to say in response first ))
Bor: "Hang on, we're not done negotiating"
Baltasar: (( but if it's not good, then go ahead and take your boytoy :P ))
Bor: "So we take Mali to a temple?"
Baltasar: "Nah, we'll just take her to the library. Her parents will take care of her."
Mali: (i am also eager to hear what the gnome does)
Baltasar: "I think her mother's a powerful cleric, so she'll be fine."
Bor: "Only when she's wearing a belt"
Lythsnara: ((I take him to the edge of the city and let him go "Don't come back, you won't be so lucky the next time))
Baltasar: (( lyth, hold up ))
Mali: (lol, Mali was refering to the gender change belt when you called her mother a man)
Baltasar: (( we haven't gotten that far yet ))
Bor: (I know, but Bor is stupid)
Lythsnara: ((ok, but I need to leave soon, so lets wrap this up, please))
Mali: (only it's a girdle..so mali is stupid too)
Lythsnara: (9did we lose the DM?))
Baltasar snorts. "No thanks. We've got that under controll."
DM: ((yeah lagged a bit there))
Baltasar: "Besides, do you really think I want her to wake up any time soon?"
Lythsnara: ((oops, ok))
Bor: "is there anyone else around?"
Baltasar: "So that's it, that was your big negotiation tactic?"
Bor: (actually meant that ooc)
Lythsnara: I tell you what, I'll take this one as my share of the other knives you want to sell, that way you get a bigger share
JustWatching (enter): 15:49
Mali: (i'm here just watching due to being dead)
Altharid: (I'm also still there)
Mali: (water dragon inn?)
Bor: "sounds fair, you send us the money, Baltasar"
Lythsnara: ((er, I don't think you are dead…))
Altharid: (but as I did not participate in whispering… I did not have to say anything)
Baltasar: "Simply because we brougth something you didn't ask for."
Baltasar: "So, since you cannot pay, we cannot deliver."
Baltasar: "I'm done talking to you now, good day."
Mali: (i'm dead, oh so dead….well, unconcious is dead to me)
Bor: "or maybe keep it and we'll trade it for your services"
Baltasar nods to Lyth, "Ok, go ahead and take him."
Bor: (so, session's over I take it?)
Lythsnara turns and once more tries to leave the area of the tavern
Baltasar: "This… person, clearly doesn't want to pay good value, so we're not going to sell to him."
Baltasar: (( yeah, i'm done ))
Baltasar offers to carry Mali to the library on his way home.
Baltasar: "Anyone have a sack?"
Mali: (if it's the water dragon inn)
DM: Lyth, you leave the tavern with your lizard.
Altharid: "I will do it… I'm your bodyguard afterall Balt"
Bor: *shows his sack*
Mali: (biggs and wedge will be there)
Baltasar: (( oh god ))
Lythsnara: ((unless someone stops me, I'm heading back to the edge of the city, and letting him go, telling him to not come back or he won't be so lucky again))
Baltasar: (( oh no, you're gonna get healed by the best ))
Baltasar: (( your mother ))
Bor: *not his balls, he has a sack*
Baltasar: (( plus, your dad will probably love Balt for this ))
Mali: (okay then)
Mali: (i just need a dm ruling that she healed me)
Baltasar waves farewell to Lyth before leading the way to the Floating Library.
DM: *The whisper gnome snorts at your attempts to sell to someone with no money, only connections, and heads off.*
Altharid follows Balt with Mali on his back
DM: Your mother is more than likely willing to heal you.
Farris: "Well it was nice meeting you characters. Kord Bless all of you"
Mali: http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/glory-bookheart
Bor: (thanks a lot Kajhera, this's been a great session)
Baltasar: (( and can we assume that balt fenced the extra knives, poison, and unclaimed weapons, then split the money equally? ))
Bor: "Cya Farris"
Altharid asks for some restorative healing as he also suffered from the smoke **
Lythsnara: ok, I'm going to log, got a massive headache, but thanks for the adventure!
Bor: (yes please)
Lythsnara: *waves*
Bor: Cya l8r
DM: (Bit long though xD Glad you enjoyed )

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