Dragon Slayers Anonymous Log

Sidhe: (whoops, alth was about to say something regarding claws)
Altharid: (I said that)
Sidhe: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
Altharid: (claws of the beasts + rapidstrike are superior to unarmed strikes)
Altharid: (*beast)
Sidhe: (yeah? this is someone with a bite attack and claw attacks, and also unarmed strike.)
Sidhe: (I have not seen him use them in combination though. unarmed strike is a backup.)
DMSoft: (where do you guys want to start?)
Farris (enter): 19:55
Altharid: (hmm are talking about Bor's other char ?)
Altharid: (sorry gotta reconnect)
Sidhe: (nah other game, gestalt, different houserules)
Altharid: Disconnecting from server…
Altharid (exit): 19:56
Sidhe: (um, I think we're an hour earlier than you scheduled Soft)
DMSoft: (k, game is in 1 hour)
Altharid (enter): 19:56
Altharid (exit): 19:56
Altharid (enter): 19:56
DMSoft: (I forgot)
DMSoft: (my bad)
Joba (enter): 19:57
Joba: ((What is this?))
Joba: ((D&D?))
Bribri: Which means the brackets aren't really required yet are they? heh
Farris: yes
Joba: ((System?))
Relinquished One (enter): 19:57
DMSoft: (3.5 with pathfinder and houserules)
(29602) karma (enter): 19:57
Sidhe: 3.xyz
Joba: ((ooh))
Farris: http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/start
DMSoft: (optimized to unplayable)
Joba: ((Is it like HoA?))
Farris: you can find it all there chief
DMSoft: (kidding)
DMSoft: (HoA has more DM control imho)
Bribri: So what's this little quest going to be about?
Sidhe: (optimized to us thinking we know what we're doing, more… and therein lies the rub)
DMSoft: (well, it's gonna be completely open and starts in 1 hr)
Joba: gtg
Relinquished One: ((Water lots of water))
Joba (exit): 19:59
DMSoft: (there are a ton of hooks)
Altharid: ((heh check the new pic on my char's page))
Sidhe: I'm personally planning to bring that tea to Baltasar, and possibly go swimming
Altharid: ((I am a pirate ARRR))
Farris: thats pretty sweet
Sidhe: Nice.
DMSoft: (so sidhe wants to do the tea thing. When balt shows up you guys can start that right away)
Bribri: (Well.. what's the intial hook from the PCs perspective? Or will PCs be basicly be permited to be wandering around the streets when it starts and there happens to be people putting up signs or discussing things?)
Sidhe: (We tend to meet at the inn.)
DMSoft: (you can start whereever. usually we start in the inn)
Sidhe is there nursing a wineglass and waiting for Baltasar to show up soon.
DMSoft: (do you have a character bribri?)
Altharid: (yeah my char work there when he is not slaught…. 'adventuring')
Altharid: (*works)
Sidhe: (tentacles: very helpful for dishwashing)
The Whisperer sneaks up to Sidhe
DMSoft: (altharid, perception check)
Claie : (Doesn't really know anyone naturally)
The Whisperer: Skills: Perception [1d20+17] => [19,17] = (36)
The Whisperer: (Actually that was Alths check)
Sidhe is unlikely to notice the psicrystal.
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [18,-2] = (16)
DMSoft: (altharid is washing dishes when he sees a bug scoot under the sink….or was it a bug?)
Altharid: "Whisperer… come back"
Altharid: (to his psicrystal)
The Whisperer: "… bugs… again ? Who the hell you think I am ?"
Altharid: "My obedient servant… bound to the circuits of mine now get your crystaline ass here !"
Altharid: (this is a telepathic conversation)
The Whisperer obeys his 'master'
Sidhe sips her wine entirely oblivious. As common.
The Whisperer tries to detect bugs
DMSoft: *you detect something small and moving under the sink*
The Whisperer goes under the sink
The Whisperer: (he can see perfectly well in darkness if that matters)
DMSoft: *perception from whisperer then*
The Whisperer: ([1d20+12] => [5,12] = (17))
The Whisperer: (+mindsight)
DMSoft: *wisperer sees a man tea running under the sink*
DMSoft: *no mind*
The Whisperer: "Its those tea things again… do they breed ?"
Sidhe takes out her card deck, brought today for some reason, thinking about the impressive and stylish fortunetelling she half-witnessed earlier… dismissing it as likely a fabrication. She might be able to do that.
The Whisperer tries to catch the tea man
DMSoft: (attack roll)
The Whisperer: (kk)
Sidhe shuffles the cards while awaiting who she wishes to speak with.
The Whisperer: ([1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30))
The Whisperer: (heh)
DMSoft: *you catch the man tea*
Altharid: "Bring it here"
DMSoft: *it screams alittle scream*
Altharid grabs the thing a stuffs it in an old sugar container
Altharid: *and
DMSoft: *it seems to be not moving when you catch it*
Sidhe whispers to the cards in sylvan. "Where is she anyway?"
The Whisperer leaves to meet up with Sidhe when Alth is occupied with the 'tea'
Altharid: "I wonder how would it… taste"
Sidhe flips the first card over before it arrives. [1d4] => [3] = (3) [1d6] => [4] = (4)
Altharid ponders for a while
The Whisperer: "Greetings…. Soulbinder"
Sidhe is considering the Water of Lords when the psicrystal reaches her.
Sidhe: Oh… greetings.
The Whisperer: "I have just one thing to convey… no22 seams to have forgotten about… 'that' event…. it must be shock-related… or thanks to the Dark One's influence"
Sidhe: He didn't like me.
Sidhe flips over the next card. [1d4] => [3] = (3) [1d6] => [6] = (6)
The Whisperer: "I have felt the resonance of his thoughts"
Sidhe mutters "Well that's obvious… sorry, continue" to the card
Sidhe is looking at the water of death.
The Whisperer: "I felt: surprise, horror… something strange…. and incompatibility"
DMSoft: (things aren't looking good for Mali perhaps?)
The Whisperer: "The last one is thanks to my programming"
Sidhe: (mali is a missing friend. um, this is pretty obvious.)
The Whisperer: "So regretfully your … charms will not work on him… unless you employ some fancy magic of yours"
Sidhe: I see… elaborate if you please…
The Whisperer: "I initially thought that you would employ… ermm … some 3rd party"
Sidhe flips over the last card. [1d4] => [1] = (1) [1d6] => [3] = (3)
The Whisperer: "Well… incompatibility…. it may mean… well that the programming will reject you as not… different enough from no22"
The Whisperer: "The others are bypassable… I guess"
Sidhe considers the Sun of Fate.
Sidhe: I didn't realize we were that similar.
The Whisperer: "Well I cannot remember the details now"
The Whisperer: "Seeing that my memory is in pieces… now"
The Whisperer: "Should I learn more about it… I'll let you know"
The Whisperer: "Now… I need to leave before he notices my absence"
The Whisperer leaves
Sidhe: *to the cards* The stakes affect all, the enemy unavoidable.
Sidhe: Well…
Sidhe: … that's a little direct.
Sidhe shuffles the cards back into the deck.
Sidhe: I don't mind.
The Whisperer comes back
DMSoft: (so what has sidhe determined from her reading?)
The Whisperer: "You see… I recalled something"
(29602) karma (exit): 20:20
Sidhe: (the stakes: good of the many, the players: a lost friend, the choice: unavoidable enemy or struggle / inner struggle )
Sidhe: (regarding the question, where is she to be found.)
Sidhe: (it's never answered directly.)
Sidhe looks over to the telepathic voice.
The Whisperer: "He does not appear to have been… born…. he was…. made by the means of biomancy… I cannot remember the rest… so basically he's an artificial being…. and that would explain… quite a bit"
Sidhe: I was born…
The Whisperer: "So… was I… long time ago"
The Whisperer leaves
Sidhe decides to try another reading on a different question, and mutters to the cards "he even worth it anyway?"
DMSoft: (it is evening and not much is going on)
Sidhe flips three cards rapidly onto the bar before her. [3d4] => [3,3,1] = (7) [3d6] => [5,5,1] = (11)
DMSoft: "Reading the cards?"-Barby
Sidhe: [1d4] => [1] = (1) [1d6] => [4] = (4) reroll
DMSoft: "I like the pictures"-Barby
Sidhe: *the cards are only pictures, no words*
Farris enters and orders a drink
Farris: "Wine barkeep."
DMSoft: (barby still likes the pictures)
DMSoft: "Ah, Farris!"-Griswol
Sidhe nods to Barby as she considers, water of deceit, sun of lords, sun of life
DMSoft: *griswol fetches Farris a drink*
Farris hands griswol a gold coin
DMSoft: "Keep an eye open lad…town guard was looking for ya."-griswol to farris
Altharid finishes his shift
Farris: "Thanks Griswol I think i know why but i will be careful."
Sidhe: Stakes… a bad judgement… players… harsh judgement or iron rule… choice… destruction leading to rebirth.
Sidhe stops talking abruptly as Altharid appears.
Altharid bows a little
DMSoft: "So, is that the he?"-Barby points to Altharid
Altharid: "Greetings Sidhe… have you seen Baltasar lately ?"
Altharid: *confused a little bit*
Sidhe: Good evening Altharid. I was hoping he'd show up here myself, truthfully.
DMSoft: *barby goes over to Farris*
Sidhe ignores Barby's comment.
Farris: "Ahoy barby"
DMSoft: "Ah, captain my captain!"-barby
Altharid notices the cards
Farris: "How is the ship?"
DMSoft: "Buy me a drink captain!"-barby to faris
Altharid: "What are these… I do not recall … any gambling cards… like that"
Altharid: "?"
Farris motions to griswol
Altharid: (Altharid has a new outfit)
Farris: "Of course."
Sidhe: Kruth cards. *she smiles* I use them for fortunetelling more… they're more common with the waterborn or flameborn.
DMSoft: *griswol brings 2 drinks*
DMSoft: "The ship is fine…can't say about the lady"
DMSoft: "She must have slipped out of the cabin"
Farris: "Which lady?"
Sidhe: Do know a couple of games with them though.
Sidhe investigates Altharid's new outfit.
Altharid: "…interesting"
DMSoft: "Elara"
Altharid: (its a full blown pirate outfit)
Farris chuckles
Farris: "Im sure she will show up sooner or later."
Altharid: (his extra … limbs are well hidden… somehow)
Ichai (enter): 20:31
DMSoft: "I hope so, she owes me coin"-barby
Sidhe: I like the outfit. Want your fortune read, question answered?
Altharid: (and his faice is partially covered in bandages)
Sidhe shuffles the three cards back into the deck.
Farris: "how much coin are we talking?"
Sidhe: Well… they never do answer…
Sidhe: But guide you to one.
DMSoft: "Oh, 200 silvers"-barby
Baltasar: (( did we start early? ))
Farris: "I'll make sure she pays you if I run into her."
DMSoft: (nope, just baring)
Farris: ((No we are just bullshitting))
Sidhe: ((yeah, we're just hanging out mostly since soft forgot his schedule))
Sidhe gestures offeringly to the stool to the other side of her than anyone else is on.
DMSoft: (my bad)
DMSoft: "So I hear Biggs and Wedge went to Bywater."-Griswol to farris
Altharid: "… can you prove that…Sidhe ?"
Farris: "i heard that as well, pity since i was searching for them."
Altharid: "that they lead you… "
Altharid: "… well enough ?"
Sidhe ponders prior fortunetelling attempts.
DMSoft: "Those town guard were sure pushy, eh Barby."-griswol to barby
Sidhe: I have found the perspective of the elements to be a useful one to consider… to prove I'd think you'd have to try both with and without it, and see which worked more often.
Altharid: "I…see"
DMSoft: (perception check farris)
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
Bor (enter): 20:35
DMSoft: (nope)
Bor: (hello there, game started already?)
DMSoft: "So what did ya do lad?"-barby to farris
DMSoft: (nope, just precusor)
Sidhe: Just thinking about a question, from three angles… tends to help.
Altharid: (its just roleplay now.. nothing spectacular)
Farris: ((we are just dicking around))
Farris: "That depends on your perspective"
Bor: (I'll finish updating my log)
DMSoft: "did you take a woman against her will?"-barby
Bor: "Women don't get wills!"
Altharid ponders after hearing Sidhe's answer
Farris: "No." *looks disturbed by the thought*
DMSoft: "usually we would just hear about it from biggs and wedge"-griswol
Farris: "I thought i was defending myself from jets, while the lion guard thinks I murdered some noble."
DMSoft: "that was you?"-barby
Bor: "Nobles suck, they all should die!"
DMSoft: "Oh my, you should skip town lad"-griswol
Farris: "I didn't kill anyone ironically enough."
Bor: "Remember that time I killed that noble on Hector's wedding?"
Farris: "Kord will see justice done in my favor."
Sidhe: Sounds like Bor is here…
Farris: "Yes a fond memory."
DMSoft: "I heard he attacked the wedding"-barby
Farris: "He deserved it though."
Bor: "By the way Farris, Kord seems to like me too!"
Altharid whispers telepathically to Sidhe
Bor: "He gave these special powers and stuff"
DMSoft: "that's different, they say you murdered the boys in cold blood"-barby
Farris: "Of course Kord loves the strong and the faithful, in that order."
Bor: *shows some maneuvers*
Altharid: "They were wearing the Jets' outfits… they deserved it"
Farris: "It was a case of mistaken identity."
DMSoft: "ah, so you witnessed it?"-griswol to altharid
Farris: "Their negligence was so great I find it hard to find fault with myself."
Altharid: (I said that telepathically to Sidhe)
Bor: "And it was Kord that taught me how to do it, serious"
DMSoft: (kk)
Sidhe: (keep telepathy indication in the same line in the future)
Sidhe smiles slightly, turning her head away from the lot, though with a slight sigh overhearing the news.
Farris: "Kord is a great teacher of champions Bor."
DMSoft: "I like you captain…you should run for it."-barby to farris
Farris: "I may. Unfortunately I have even more pressing matters."
Bor: "I like what he taught me, I might practice that in the future!"
Bor: (warblade level justified)
DMSoft: *Porkins walks into the tavern*
DMSoft: "I hear this fine establishment is for sale!"-porkins
Altharid: "Heh… the pig…" - snickers telepathically to Sidhe and Farris
DMSoft: "Oh, right this way sir!"-griswol to porkins
Farris: "Come have a seat porkins."
Bor: "That's a funny name"
DMSoft: *griswol gets up and ushers porkins to a back room*
Bor: (says the Boar)
Sidhe looks over with a slight frown at the conversation.
DMSoft: "excuse me farris and bor"-griswol
DMSoft: "business"-griswol
Altharid: "Wait… Griswol did not utter a word …. about it"
Bor: *tries to hear the conversation*
DMSoft: *he did not*
Altharid: (telepathically to Sidhe)
Farris: "of course."
DMSoft: *the retire to the back*
Sidhe: … *to altharid* "Perhaps you should go with them?"
DMSoft: "Oh please don't let him sell!"-barby
Altharid: "He is my…. employer"
Altharid: "Whisperer go there"
Sidhe: Indeed…
The Whisperer obeys
The Whisperer sneaks up to the door
Bor: "Why, Barby? Won't it be the same thing if another people owns it?"
The Whisperer tries to overhear the conversation
Bor: *person*
DMSoft: "well, Griswol is an old friend"-barby
DMSoft: (perception dif 20)
Altharid: ([1d20+12] => [3,12] = (15))
Altharid: (darn it)
DMSoft: (nope)
Sidhe allows others to do this, instead looking at Farris, tapping the deck, and then flipping three more cards quietly onto the bar. [3d4] => [2,4,1] = (7) [3d6] => [2,2,1] = (5)
Altharid: "Can you hear anything ?" - to the psicrystal
The Whisperer: "…. not really" - answers back telepathically
DMSoft: "This needs to stay a pirate tavern….not some pigman's stye!"-barby to farris and bor
Altharid: "Then try harder… and sneak up further" - continues telepathically
Bor: "But Griswol will get lots of money if he sells it, Barby. Money is good!"
Sidhe looks a little surprised looking down at the wind of truth, stone of truth, and sun of life.
DMSoft: "Grsiwol will move to the country and get fat and die!"-barby
Bor: "He won't allow us pirates in here?"
The Whisperer tries to fit under the door
DMSoft: "look at him in his suit…probably not!"-barby (yes porkins wears a business suit)
Sidhe: "Your fortune is… surprisingly good Farris."
Sidhe shuffles the cards back in, looking towards the back.
The Whisperer: (he is Diminutive)
DMSoft: "Be careful, I hear he's got powerful connections"-Barby
Sidhe is also a little worried by what the cards imply for her.
DMSoft: (the crack is very tiny…1/4")
Bor: "Let's kill him later in a less public place?"
Farris: "I am glad to hear it sidhe, sometimes it seems the fates conspire against me"
DMSoft: "If he gives griswol money….it will be too late!"-barby
DMSoft: "we will lose griswol to the countryside!"-barby
Farris: "Bor if griswol wants to sell the tavern it is up to him."
The Whisperer grabs something small, made of glass, with his ectoplasmic limb to augment his hearing
Sidhe: "Things might get a bit worse before they get better, but the elements seem to look favorably on your prospects in the end."
The Whisperer: (can I make another check with some cricumstance bonus ?)
DMSoft: *the door opens* (reflex whisperer)
Bor: "What if Griswol gets the money and then we kill Porkman and steal the tavern?"
The Whisperer: ([1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16))
DMSoft: *whisperer dodges out of the way*
Farris: "I don't want to kill the pigman, I am already wanted for one murder."
DMSoft: "Well, clean up the bugs and I'll buy."-Porkins
The Whisperer climbs somewhere and hides
DMSoft: *Porkins leaves the bar*
DMSoft: "Altharid! Get back here!"-griswol
Bor: "Griswol, if you sell this tavern you will die!"
Altharid: "What is it… employer ?"
Altharid follows Griswol
DMSoft: "What Bor? Is that a threat or something?"-Griswol
Sidhe cannot help but be amused by Bor's logic…
DMSoft: "Altharid, find out where that bug came from!"-griswol
Altharid facepalms after hearing Bor's utterance
Farris laughs
Altharid: "Which one ?"
DMSoft: *griswol points to a man tea on the floor*
Altharid: "Another one ?"
Altharid: "These are not… bugs"
Bor: "No Griswol, you will get fat and die in the country!"
DMSoft: "You've seen these bugs and didn't tell me?"-griswol
Altharid: "Apparently it.. is some sort… of magical tea"
DMSoft: "Yes, that I will Bor."-laughs griswol
Altharid: "I've seen the first one today"
Altharid: "Just before the end of my shift"
DMSoft: "looks like a bug to me."-griswol
DMSoft: "get rid of them."-griswol
The Whisperer grabs another tea man
DMSoft: "so I can sell and get fat and die in peace."-griswol laughs
Altharid: "… will do so… boss"
Baltasar: (( woohoo, wiki updated, ready to kick ass ))
Altharid: "Wait… why are you selling… your splendid… estabilishmnet ?"
Bor: "But peace sucks!"
Altharid: *estabilishment
Farris nods
DMSoft: "I'm getting old, I need to retire"-griswol
Bor: "Even worse than death!"
Bor: "Then give us the tavern!"
Altharid: (sense motive)
Sidhe: "We'll miss you."
Altharid: [(1d20+5)] => [9,5] = (14)
Farris: "That we will"
DMSoft: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
Altharid: (the whisperer also tries)
DMSoft: *he isn't serious?*
Altharid: ([1d20] => [16] = (16))
Bor: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
Bor: "Ah, you are joking I see!"
DMSoft: *no need to worry he's not gonna sell*
DMSoft: "yeah, um, right"-griswol
Bor: "You would never sell this to that pigman!"
DMSoft: "nope, not at all."-griswol sarcastically
DMSoft: *a knock is heard at the back door*
Bor: Sense motive to perceive sarcasm [1d20] => [18] = (18)
DMSoft: *griswol runs to the back*
DMSoft: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
Altharid: "… know one thing I shall not … work… when that pig will reign"
DMSoft: yup he's being sarcastic
Bor: *follows* "You were lying, you are going to sell it!"
DMSoft: *there's an owl at teh door with a note, griswol grabs it*
DMSoft: *he begins reading the note*
DMSoft: *he looks happy*
Bor: "Griswol, give the tavern to us! How much you want for it?"
Bor: "Your lover I see"
DMSoft: "Oh, that pigman offered me 75,000 golds!"
DMSoft: "said it was a prime location."
Sidhe winces a little at the sum, though nods with the location understandingly.
Bor: "I can kill him and get his money for you! Then you give me the tavern!"
Sidhe: "It is a good location."
DMSoft: "Lad, that sounds like a bad idea."-griswol
DMSoft: "He has powerful friends."-griswol
Altharid: "Such … as ?"
Bor: "I kill his friends too! I'm the king of the goliath and champion of the chameleon men!"
DMSoft: (game starts now)
Altharid facepalms…. again
Farris: "Don't forget king of the belle venture
Baltasar enters from the street in time to hear Farris' last statement.
Bor: "Who's Belle Venture?"
Baltasar: "Excuse me?"
DMSoft: "Well, I'll sell to you if you get the money."-griswol
Farris: "Our boat."
Altharid: "The ship Bor… the ship" - telepathicallu to Bor
DMSoft: *griswol crumples the note and throws it out*
Baltasar coughs into his hand, "My boat."
Farris: "Baltasar."
Bor: "No, I'm emperor of Belle Venture! Malmir is gone!"
Farris: "I need to talk to you."
DMSoft: *continues running the bar*
Baltasar: "What's up?"
Bor: *checks the note when Griswol is inatentive*
Altharid: "Greetings… Baltasar"
Farris: "Biggs and wedge are gone to bywater."
Bor: "Hello, Baltasar!"
Altharid: "Whats the status of… my latest… order ?"
Baltasar nods hello toward Al and Sidhe
DMSoft: (the note has writing bor)
Farris: "So our dragon problem… is unresolved."
Sidhe looks up. "Ah, Baltasar. Good evening. I think a couple people were looking for you."
Bor: *reads it*
DMSoft: (and a lipstick mark)
Baltasar: "One at a time people; Farris, do you know when they'll be back?"
Bor: *in a different place*
DMSoft: "My beloved Griswol, when you sell we shall run away together!"-it is unsigned
Bor: *looks for Barby and shows him the note*
Farris: "No. Plus I may or may not be wanted for murder. So I am thinking of going to look for them
DMSoft: "Oh, what's that bor?"-barby
Bor: "That woman is no good"
Bor: "Read this"
DMSoft: *barby reads the note*
Baltasar shrugs, "Ok, and I have a few ideas for contacting them."
DMSoft: "oh, you should take the lady up on her offer."-barby
Baltasar takes his seat across from Altharid and Sidhe
DMSoft: "looks to be rich..see the lipstick…it's not a whore's type"-barby
Bor: (I didn't get that)
Baltasar: "Yes, actually. One pendant, complete."
Farris: "Well i'll follow your lead. You haven't steered me wrong yet."
Bor: (nvm, got it)
Bor: "Then why does she want his money?"
DMSoft: (barby has said the woman is rich who kissed the note)
Baltasar withdraws it from his belt and slides the upgraded amulet across to Alth.
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: "Bor, I have your new battle cape as well."
DMSoft: "who, you? is this your note?"-barby
Altharid tries the amulet on
Bor: "Oh, my super hero cape!"
Altharid: "Good"
Bor: *gets the cape and hands the money*
Altharid: "I would expect… nothing else"
Bor: *wears it*
Bor: *goes back to Barby*
Sidhe looks at amulet and cape curiously. and admires pirate outfit again. ponders being a pirate.
DMSoft: "looks good on you bor."-barby
Bor: "No Barby, she wants Griswol money"
Sidhe decides this would be entirely counterproductive unless done properly.
Altharid: (Balatasar can see Alth in his new outfit)
Bor: "That's why she wants him to sell the tavern!"
DMSoft: "the note's for griswol?"-barby seems shocked
Bor: "Then he'll die and she gets the money!"
Altharid: (its a masterwork suit … a tool of intimidate in game terms)
DMSoft: "I don't see that bor, maybe she really loves him?"-barby
Bor: "Didn't you read it? It says "to Griswol"!"
Sidhe: (mm. awesome.)
Baltasar speaks quietly to Sidhe and Al, "What're the idiots arguing about?"
DMSoft: "oh, I'm not good with reading…just piracy"-barby
Altharid: "My employer… is about… to sell this estabilishment"
Bor: "I know! I will seduce her!"
Altharid: "To that .. pig"
Bor: "No woman can resist… this!" *flexes*
DMSoft: "That sounds like a good idea."-barby
Baltasar raises an eyebrow, "And?"
Altharid: "And he does … that… because… of… a woman"
Bor: "People tell me I have a big Calliber!"
Baltasar: "Sucks to be him, but I'm failing to see the problem."
Altharid: "Perhaps I can understand… the last part… but…."
Sidhe: *to baltasar* "Yeah, Griswol's thinking of selling the tavern and retiring. And… the patrons are upset it seems. Bor's logic has been fully engaged."
Altharid: "I will not work… "
Baltasar: "If the pig ruins the place (which is highly unlikely, considering it's present state of quality), we'll just kill him.
Altharid: "With that pig onboard"
DMSoft: "I'll be kicked out!"-barby
Baltasar: "Possibly have a pork roast."
Bor: "You can be a pirate with us, Barby!"
Altharid: "I deserve a better…. employer"
DMSoft: "Yar, that's a good idea Bor!"-barby
Sidhe: "Griswol said he's got friends in high places."
Bor: "But you have to be a super hero too!"
Altharid sighs deeply
Baltasar: "Well, then why don't you let Gris sell the bar, then you kill the pig and claim it for your own."
DMSoft: *Griswol comes over*
Sidhe: "I'd hire you as a cook, Altharid, but… I don't eat all *that* much."
DMSoft: "So, do you want to order more drinks?'-griswol
Altharid: "According to Gris… he might have some connections"
Baltasar: "And Alth has friends in high places as well. For example, I can gain several miles of altitude before running out of air."
DMSoft: "Are you still on about me selling?'-griswol
Sidhe: A dash of mead would be lovely, Griswol.
Altharid: "…"
DMSoft: "My mind is made up."-griswol goes to get mead
Farris: "Bring me a cask of wine"
Baltasar: "I for one support your sale of the bar."
Bor: "No woman is worth the tavern, Griswol!"
Farris: "Barby you can split it with me"
DMSoft: *griswol comes back with a cask*
Baltasar: (( srsly, a whole cask? ))
DMSoft: "What do mean woman?'-griswol
Baltasar: (( Farris, the first step is admitting you have a problem ))
Farris: "A round for everyone."
DMSoft: *yup, a whole cask*
Altharid: "I could work…. if you were the boss" - telepathically to Sidhe
Bor: "You did that face you do when you get messages from your lover!"
DMSoft: "have you been intercepting my letters?"-griswol
DMSoft: "That's in bad taste Bor."-griswol
Bor: "I don't do that! It was the stupid owls hitting the walls!"
Baltasar: "Griswol, it's not interception if it's after you've discarded them."
DMSoft: "Please, I don't want to talk about this."-griswol grasps his head and goes to the back
Sidhe smiles a bit at the telepathic message from Altharid, putting her cards away to ignore for now.
Baltasar: "So, I don't suppose we have any word about Mali?"
Bor: "So… Any news about Mali?"
Bor: (I said it first!)
Baltasar just looks at Bor
Altharid: "I have not acquired… any"
Baltasar: (( and no, I did ))
Farris: "What happened with Mali?"
Sidhe: Tell me what you found earlier.
Bor: (damn = /)
DMSoft: "Is she missing?"-barby
Baltasar: "Yes. We found her belongings in the middle of the street."
Bor: "She didn't show up our date! I'll punish her!"
Bor: *for our*
DMSoft: "That's strange."-barby
Baltasar: "Including all her clothes… Which is simultaneously worrying and hilarious."
Sidhe puts a hand to her mouth briefly stifling a chuckle.
Baltasar: "Anyway, I've taken the initiative to scribe a few scrying spells."
DMSoft: "I did seem some strange armored folks at the port."-barby
Baltasar: "Oh?"
Altharid: (crafts a dirty image of mali inside of his mind after hearing Balts response… uses autohypnosis memories of touchsight)
DMSoft: "yeah, they had 2 horses flanking a dragon on their crest"-barby
Bor: "Dragonport strange? You can find anything here"
Baltasar: (( god, alth is such a deviant ))
Sidhe tries to hidden message altharid to share. (19 bluff.)
Altharid blushes under the bandages
Farris: "We should investigate these men."
Tai: Disconnecting from server…
Tai (exit): 21:14
Baltasar: knowledge:history to recognize the crest: [1d20+17] => [2,17] = (19)
Bor: "What about that crest?"
DMSoft: (he didn't describe it well enough)
Baltasar: (( wow, i'm really liking my new skill boosts ))
DMSoft: (it could be dragon slayers)
Bor: (they have to be better to offset your shit luck)
Sidhe: "My reading indicates there will be an unavoidable conflict involving going after her… but it is something best done."
Baltasar: (( inorite ))
Sidhe: "Less subtle scrying magic would work well though."
Sidhe: "Also…"
Sidhe takes out a cloth-wrapped vial.
Farris: "Barby have you ever heard of the dragon slayers?"
Bor: "That's us! We killed the dragon!"
DMSoft: "Nope. who are they?"-barby
Bor: "But don't tell his mom"
Farris: "I'm trying to find out."
Altharid: "I have wrestle with it… and won"
Baltasar: "Bor, the adults are speaking."
Altharid grins savagely
Sidhe passes to Baltasar. "Altharid found this in my house making lunch."
Baltasar: "What's that, Sidhe?"
Altharid: *wrestled
Baltasar examines the vial carefully.
Bor: "Lunch?"
Baltasar: (( what's the knowledge to identify? ))
Sidhe: "All the termites in my house are gone, and also any traces of Mali, such as hairs, or so on."
Altharid: "Yes… Althaird's impromptu lunch of despair"
DMSoft: (arcana and nature)
Sidhe: ((in the vial is a tea man.))
Altharid: *Altharid's
Baltasar: Arcana: [1d20+23] => [8,23] = (31)
DMSoft: (you already identified it and foreign tea with hidden magic)
Bor: "I don't know what that means, but sounds powerful!"
Baltasar: (( yeah, but i've got more ranks now ))
Altharid: "I have found… some of these… tea men… even here…" - points out to the kitchen
DMSoft: (k, the magic is necromancy and enchantment mixed)
DMSoft: (high level stuff)
Sidhe: "Have you noticed a decrease in any termite problem?"
Baltasar: (( what do i use to figure it out precisely? Identify? ))
DMSoft: (nature for the tea)
DMSoft: (identify should do it)
Bor: Knowledge Nature [1d20] => [17] = (17)
Baltasar: (( alright, then i use detect magic and my goggles to cast identify on it ))
DMSoft: (tea is foreign bor)
Baltasar: (( also, a know:nature check just cause: nature: [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30) ))
DMSoft: (the spells are unique, but the effects are minor mind control and explosive quality to those who drink it)
DMSoft: (explosive quality=negative and cold)
Baltasar: (( so basically, they drink it, get mind controlled, and blow up when we kill them ))
Baltasar: (( yeah, that sounds familiar ))
DMSoft: (save dc is fort and will dc 30)
Draykken (enter): 21:20
Draykken: (sorry im late)
DMSoft: (so drinking it is right out)
Altharid: ((… man and I though about drinking it… lol))
Baltasar: "Sidhe, would you mind if I kept this? I may be able to reverse engineer it, develop a counter."
Sidhe: "Go ahead. I don't believe I could; my alchemy skills are limited."
Altharid: "I have two more… samples… if you want…. Baltasar…."
Sidhe wonders what he discovered about it.
DMSoft: (tea is from another continent but now you know it is the same continent as durge)
Baltasar nods, "Yes please."
Bor: "That is foreign tea"
Altharid hands the strange tea stuff
Baltasar: (( would a know:geography check do anything? ))
DMSoft: (sure)
Baltasar: (( regarding the origin, i mean ))
Baltasar: know:geography: [1d20+15] => [11,15] = (26)
Baltasar: (( srsly, i have AWESOME skill bonuses now ))
Rydia walks into the tavern, Draco by her side. Both are wearing armor with the symbol of Pewey on it. Rydia carries a dagger at her belt now.
DMSoft: (durge highlands, and durge is 2000 miles away)
Baltasar slips the vial into one of the hidden pockets on his belt.
Sidhe gestures Rydia over swiftly.
Altharid: (Rydia can see…. yes it is Altharid… in a new…menacing…pirate outfit)
Rydia: (nice)
DMSoft: (perception checks)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [20,-2] = (18)
Bor: "Rydia! You are a member of the Silver Cranes, right?"
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+27] => [19,27] = (46)
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
Altharid: (whisperer aid another)
Rydia walks to Sidhe "Hello. Yes Bor i joined the cranes"
Altharid: (so 25)
DMSoft: *town guards are approaching the tavern*
Bor: [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
Baltasar: (( srsly, +27 perception, I love my skillz ))
DMSoft: (farris is oblivious)
Farris drinks more wine
Altharid: "We've got company…" - to the others telepathically
Baltasar: "Heads up, we've got guards incoming."
Bor: "You have to accept me in, then!"
Farris: "Lets get out the back."
Baltasar uses sense motive to determine their intentions
Baltasar: sense motive: [1d20+16] => [2,16] = (18)
Sidhe murmurs to Rydia, "Dragonslayers were looking for you back in my neighborhood dear… keep good company much as you can."
Altharid detects their type and int scores… just in case
Rydia: Rydis perception [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12) Draco perception [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
Rydia: "Dragon…slayers….why? Because of Draco?"
DMSoft: (human int 10}
Bor: (in whispers or what, Rydia)
Rydia: "Bor, I am not a voting member"
DMSoft: (who is moving to the back?)
Baltasar: (( DM, do i get a sense of what they're coming for? ))
Farris: "We are wanted for murdering some fake jets Baltasar, ive already had a run in with the lion guard."
Sidhe shakes her head, continuing to speak quietly. "I don't know, but I'd be cautious. My student didn't seem to think they were up to good."
DMSoft: (they are in force, probably for you guys)
Sidhe rises and seeks to escort Rydia to the back.
Farris Farris moves to the back of the tavern
Baltasar: "Ok, time to get the fuck out."
Bor: *follows* "But why?"
Baltasar launches himself over the table, flying to the back."
Altharid: (my apprence is different now though)
Baltasar: "Guards coming."
Altharid: (*appearance)
Bor: "I know, so what?"
Baltasar: "And do we really want to fight the entire Lion Guard this early in the morning?"
Altharid follows balt with 40ft speed
Baltasar: "Including Hector and Rinzle?"
DMSoft: *in the back, you see griwol holding his head as if he has a headache*
Farris: "You are still a damn tentacle monster."
Baltasar pats Griswol on the head, "Ok, it's been great, cya."
Bor: "No, Lion Guard are all weak, I don't want to fight them!"
DMSoft: "Wait, what?'-griswol
Altharid: "Heh monster…. how unfortunate… praise me more…" - telepathically to Farris
Baltasar pokes his head out the back door, and looks around.
Baltasar: Perception: [1d20+27] => [9,27] = (36)
DMSoft: *coast is clear*
Baltasar: "We're clear, let's offski!"
Sidhe shifts her appearance to a plainer identity, pulling her cloak over her, and slipping gloves into her bag.
Rydia: "who are they sidhe?"
Bor: "Let's look for the strange armored people!"
Baltasar leads the pack out of the bar, into the alleyway."
Sidhe: "The… which who?"
Farris follows
Baltasar: "The suspicious people Barby told us about."
Rydia: "the slayers sidhe?"
Bor: "We are the dragon slayers! What are you talking about?"
Sidhe: "… Might be the same. I don't know much about them. A group."
DMSoft: "We are looking for Farris blackclaw"-guard to tavern folk
Altharid sighs deeply again
Baltasar: "Bor, different Dragonslayers."
DMSoft: "haven't seen him"-barby can be heard
Bor: "You mean there are more? I want to fight them!"
Rydia: "You killed a dragon?"
Farris: "Yeah long story."
Rydia: *a tear runs down rydia's cheek*
Baltasar continues leading the group away from the bar, toward the wharf and the Belle Venture."
Sidhe: "Let's get to the docks those suspicious people were at." *leads the way*
Baltasar: "Rydia, this one was a total asshole."
Sidhe: "Mourn later dear."
Baltasar: "He enslaved a bunch of goblins and was waylaying people on the highway."
Altharid: "Tried… to dissolve us with his breath"
Bor: *follows to the docks*
Farris: "yeah that acid breath hurt like a bitch."
Sidhe: "Mali may be in trouble from them now."
Altharid follows and the rest
Bor: "You didn't hurt me much"
Rydia: "Didn't anyone try talking to him?"
Altharid: "Bor tried"
Bor: "Why would Mali be in trouble from them?"
Baltasar: "Anyway Bor, these Dragonslayers are mad at us because we're stepping on their job. We killed a dragon, and they think only they're allowed to do that."
Rydia: "Where is Mali? I wanted to thank her"
Baltasar: "Mali's missing, not sure where."
Bor: "So let's join them!"
Altharid: "I have detected draconic traces within… her"
Farris: "She is missing"
Baltasar: "I'm going to scry on her when we get to my ship."
Farris: "Our ship."
Altharid: "Our ship"
Baltasar: "Are either of you capable of piloting it?"
Bor: (You didn't hurt me much should read as "The breath didn't hurt me much")
Bor: "My ship!"
Rydia: "I'll help mget Mali back….We will help." *draco stands proud*
Altharid: "I have learned… some of the craft"
Baltasar: "Yeah well, I'm still captain."
Sidhe heads towards the docks with the others.
Altharid: "By memorising the patterns of the others"
DMSoft: *you make it to the docks*
Baltasar leaps off the dock and flies to the helm."
Bor: "I'm still emperor!"
Rydia: ship?
DMSoft: *the belle venture is oldly quiet*
Farris runs up the gangplank
DMSoft: *no souls are around*
Baltasar makes perception checks
Sidhe: "Thank you Rydia."
Bor: *smells*
Altharid follows the rest
Baltasar: peception: [1d20+27] => [7,27] = (34)
DMSoft: [1d20+52] => [19,52] = (71)
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
Altharid uses touchsight
Baltasar also uses Detect Thoughts to see if anyone's on the ship.
Altharid: (range 60ft)
Sidhe hopefully brought her raptor, despite its distinguishing features, to keep up with everyone else.
Rydia: "Sidhe, you Riani and Mali are like family to me"
DMSoft: *altharid there's people hidden*
Altharid: "Halt" - to the others
DMSoft: *2 people who stab farris*
Altharid: (telepathically)
Rydia: draco perception [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
Farris stops
Farris: "Fuck"
Altharid: "Its an ambush" - telepathically
Baltasar rolls init: [1d20+16] => [10,16] = (26)
Sidhe stops at Altharid's words, and then snaps her fingers with a spell.
DMSoft: [1d20+13] => [7,13] = (20)
DMSoft: [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26)
DMSoft: [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)
DMSoft: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22)
Sidhe grants Altharid +5 to Initiative.
DMSoft: vs. flatfoot farris
Bor: Initiative [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27)
Altharid: (yay 27 then)
Rydia: initiative [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)
Sidhe: [1d20+9] => [19,9] = (28) initiative
Baltasar: (( dude, nicely done bor ))
Farris: 22 hits
Farris: init [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
DMSoft: [flatfoot is that high0] => flatfoot is that high0
Rydia: (son of a bantha…)
Baltasar: (( i made him a bitchin' suit of armor ))
DMSoft: [wow, impressive] => wow, impressive
Farris: I have mad armor, no dex
Sidhe: (my turn?)
Farris: +1 plate with tonlet and spaulders weighs like a million pounds but is solid
Baltasar: (( and what are the attackers? ))
DMSoft: [1d4+7+2d6] => [1,7,3,2] = (13)
Farris: dmg?
DMSoft: *humans with int 12
Altharid: (ok)
DMSoft: (13 damage farris)
DMSoft: [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
DMSoft: init
Sidhe casts Benign Transposition to replace Farris with Bor, if both are willing.

DMSoft: so bor can go
Bor: (how many?)
Sidhe: (that would be me. first.)
DMSoft: *they are willing*
Farris: "I am willing"
Baltasar: (( that'll be a giant kick in the face for them ))
Altharid: (I have 27 init I go after Bor)
DMSoft: *kk*
DMSoft: *sidhe switches them*
DMSoft: *bor goes*
Bor: (how many?)
Baltasar: (( and i'm after alth ))
DMSoft: 2
Baltasar: (( aww ))
Bor: (5' step back)
Baltasar: (( i'm not even gonna get to use my new toys ))
Bor: *full attacks*
Sidhe: ((those are the ones in range of detection, at least.))
Bor: Touch Trip [1d20+17] => [3,17] = (20), Strenght [1d20+20] => [2,20] = (22), Attack [1d20+21] => [14,21] = (35), Damage [4d6+29] => [6,1,2,1,29] = (39)
Altharid: (my detections: 60ft radius touchsight 30ft radius mindsight)
Bor: Touch Trip [1d20+12] => [18,12] = (30), Strenght [1d20+20] => [20,20] = (40), Attack [1d20+16] => [9,16] = (25), Damage [4d6+29] => [1,2,1,5,29] = (38)
Bor: *one on each*
DMSoft: they are both tripped
Sidhe admires her handiwork.
Bor: *how do they look like?*
DMSoft: hurt
Bor: (clothes and stuff)
Altharid: "You have developed a similar… techinque… I see" - to Sidhe telepathically
Bor: *wonders what just happened to him*
Altharid: *technique
DMSoft: amorered
DMSoft: kukris
Sidhe: *murmurs* "I learn from the best."
Baltasar: (( know local to recognize them? ))
Bor: (any crest?)
DMSoft: sure no crest
Baltasar: knowledge:local [1d20+15] => [5,15] = (20)
DMSoft: (they seem to be local assassins)
Baltasar: (( sweet ))
DMSoft: (who goes after bor?)
Rydia: know local [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
Baltasar: "They're assassins Bor, please leave one alive."
Bor: (dude your dice suck, but that doesn't even matter)
Altharid: (I go)
Baltasar: (( and then me ))
Altharid: (I can only detect those 2 right ?)
Rydia: (im probably last with a 4 lol)
DMSoft: (yes altharid)
Bor: "Why would they suicide like this?"
Altharid: (so a charge against a tripped one)
Altharid: (if that is possible)
Altharid: (I have 10ft reach)
DMSoft: (sure enough)
Bor: (oh, I forgot one thing)
Altharid: (psicrystal readies an action to aid me)
Altharid: Attacks: +1 Guisarme [1d20+11] => [6,11] = (17), damage [2d4+7] => [2,2,7] = (11)
Bor: (I've got this stance that makes the people I threaten that don't target me take -4 to attacks)
Altharid: (+2 from charge +4 from tripped)
DMSoft: (kk)
Altharid: (psicrystal aids and adds +2)
DMSoft: (hit altharid)
DMSoft: (seems to be alive still)
Bor: (I wasn't with chain in hand for the begining, so that didn't matter for Farris)
Altharid: (ok 11 damage then)
DMSoft: *balt goes*
Baltasar shoots one of the men with a tanglefoot bag to prevent him from fleeing
Baltasar: Tanglefoot touch attack; [1d20+8+5+1] => [10,8,5,1] = (24), Duration [2d4] => [2,4] = (6)
DMSoft: [1d20+10-4] => [1,10,-4] = (7)
DMSoft: (he's stuck)
Farris: ((made of fail))
Baltasar: "Don't kill that one."
Baltasar: (( oh, and one more attack ))
DMSoft: *when you say that, he starts spitting out saliva*
Baltasar: Crossbow to the face on the other dude: [1d20+8+5+1] => [8,8,5,1] = (22), damage [1d10+2d6+1] => [1,4,5,1] = (11)
DMSoft: *he's hurt more*
Altharid: ((does standing up provoke ?))
Altharid: ((according to the nerf ?)
DMSoft: he didn't stand up yet
Sidhe mutters "Watch out for poison tooth" in Infernal.
Altharid: ((yeah just asking))
Bor: (drowning in saliva is new for me)
DMSoft: (bor sees he's foaming at the mouth)
Sidhe: (sidhe leaps to a different conclusion)
DMSoft: (the other one is now doing the same)
Baltasar: (( err, are we still doing combat rounds? ))
Bor: "Someone help them! They can't both die!"
DMSoft: (nope, they're both dead)
Baltasar: (( cause if not, i'm gonna use a scroll of neutralize poison on them ))
DMSoft: (fast acting, like it was meant to instantly kill them)
Sidhe was going to seek to colorspray them and purge their stomachs, but that would be more sensible
Rydia takes out a potion"will this help?" (cure light wounds?)
DMSoft: (assassins, who knew?)
Bor: *jumps and sits on top of one, trying to get the poision out*
Altharid orders the Whisperer to yank their mouths open
Sidhe: "No it looks … too late. I can't imagine what kills that fast."
Baltasar: (( DM, if you want to be a little more reasonable, have them take the poison BEFORe they attack ))
Bor: (more of fall with my butt than sit)
DMSoft: (do you know if they did or didn't?)
Farris: ((i think its reasonable))
Baltasar: (( that way it doesn't look like you just wanted to yank our win away ))
Sidhe: "Don't touch inside their mouths. Probably a poisoned tooth."
DMSoft: (assassins don't want to be questioned)
Bor: *searches for clues*
Sidhe: "Might be something potent as lotus extract - which might kill any of us who touches it, too."
Baltasar: (( yeah, but having them magically die when i say i want to interrogate them… ))
Altharid: "My servant lacks metabolical processes"
Farris: "who are these guys?"
DMSoft: (do you really want to see what they were up to?)
DMSoft: (just search the ship)
Bor: (I'm one step ahead of you!"
Altharid: (I have touchsight online for 8 minutes)
Baltasar goes to carefully search the ship.
Farris: ((uh oh))
Baltasar: "Stay here guys."
Sidhe goes to study them as well, being a master of poisons and unlikely to damage herself. puts gloves back on though.
Altharid acompanies Balt
Bor: (already searching for clues)
Baltasar: perception checks all the way: [1d20+27] => [11,27] = (38)
Sidhe is also hopeful some poison might linger.
Draco (Eidolon) looks around for more assassins or anything unusual
Altharid: "You will find my telekinetic detection field… handy… Baltasar" - telepathically to the others
Draco (Eidolon): perception [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12)
Bor: *searches for smells mostly*
DMSoft: (sidhe, black lotus poison, enough can be salvage for one application)
Altharid: * - to Balt
Sidhe carefully salvages it and collects it in a vial.
Farris: Spells: Cure Light Wounds [1d8+6] => [4,6] = (10)
DMSoft: (the ship has been disturbed…rigged with explosives, but no detinator)
Sidhe uses prestidigitation to gather all the traces, prevent danger from it.
BlackMage (enter): 21:52
DMSoft: (you caught them in the act)
Baltasar: (( ahh, black lotus could conceivably kill them with the primary damage ))
Bor: "I smell explosives!"
Draco (Eidolon) runs to the others
Sidhe: ((see? what'd I say.))
Baltasar examines the explosives, determining how to disable them without triggering them
DMSoft: (you don't smell it, you see it)
Baltasar: (( what's the check? ))
Altharid: "Wait… does that mean… they can detonate it… from somewhere else ?"
Baltasar: (( the skill, rather ))
Bor: (why can't I smell it too?)
Baltasar: (( bor, can you smell through glass? ))
DMSoft: (it seems to not have a smell)
DMSoft: (it's not in glass, it's just regular magical explosive)
Baltasar: (( oooh, neat ))
Bor: ( I never read any limitations on things Scent can smell through )
Baltasar: (( seriously though, what do i need to do to make them safe? ))
Baltasar: (( which check ))
DMSoft: (alchemist fire basically…in bar form)
Bor: (disable device)
Baltasar: (( yeah, or it could be craft(alchemy) or engineering, or any number of things ))
Baltasar: (( so i'm asking ))
Baltasar: (( it could even need a dispel magic ))
DMSoft: (the assassins had 2 +1 kukris and masterwork studded leather)
Sidhe searches them with detect magic to determine this, also look for any other signs.
DMSoft: (youc an dispell it. it is purely magical)
Bor: (2 +1 kukris each?)
DMSoft: (no just 2 totatl, adn 2 armors)
Baltasar: (( will that make them worthless, basically i just want to make them safe and retain as much value as possible ))
Rydia: "do you think the slayers sent them?"
DMSoft: (they also have between them)
Altharid: "Shall I reinforce my body…. before you try to dispose of these… devices ?"
Altharid: -to Balt
DMSoft: (yup, they will expode 2d8 fire in a 30' burst)
Farris: "It could be anyone at this point."
Sidhe: "I can't tell. They went to a lot of trouble not to show who they are from. Dying, for instance."E
Bor: "I should… get off the ship"
DMSoft: (enough to light the ship)
Baltasar casts Dispel Magic from a wand: [1d20+8] => [6,8] = (14)
DMSoft: (they seemed to be interest in Farris)
Bor: *gets off the ship*
Sidhe places their valuables in saddlebags to share later, hopefully.
DMSoft: (it's dispelled, they were not masterfully applied)
Altharid: "Is it…. safe now ?"
DMSoft: (balt doesn't see anything else)
Baltasar nods, securing the explosives in the captain's cabin.
Altharid: "Good…."
Baltasar: "I think now might be a good time to leave port."
Rydia: "Balt, where did you get this ship?"
Bor: "Let's look for the armored guys who got Mali then"
Baltasar: "Stole it."
Bor: "It's not Balt's ship, I'm the emperor"
Baltasar: "Let's launch, then I'll scry on her."
Rydia: "oh ok…."
Altharid: "The owner…. actually left it… without… any officers"
Altharid: "To be precise"
Rydia: "lets get Mali back"
DMSoft: (it seems odd that no elves are on the ship)
DMSoft: (you didn't dismiss them)
Altharid aids baltasar with profession (sailor) checks
Altharid: (+9 bonus… autosucceeds)
Bor: *smells for blood or elven traces*
Baltasar: (( btw, my hat grants a +2 morale bonus to any ally within 100 feet ))
Sidhe looks around, recognizing the shape of the elven wingship
DMSoft: (nope, they must have just left)
Baltasar: (( +2 to attack, saves, and skills ))
Sidhe: "Isn't this Malmir's ship?"
Altharid: (heh you should have said that earlier :P)
Farris: "Not anymore"
Baltasar: (( so anyone who is helping gets a +2 to their sailor check ))
Bor: "No, it is my ship!"
DMSoft: *you successfully leave port*
Sidhe: "… What happened to him?"
Baltasar sets sail, taking the helm. (profession:sailor check: [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31)
Farris: ((Can't use sailor untrained right?))
Bor: *smells for elven tracks before we leave*
Baltasar: (( yes, you can ))
DMSoft: *you couldn't fail it was diff 10*
Baltasar: (( it's a profession chck ))
Altharid: (+2 from me to profession: sailor)
Farris: ((sweet))
Altharid: (we are trying to do it faster then)
Rydia stands on the bow as draco explores
DMSoft: *perception*
Baltasar waits until we're out of the harbor before sitting down to begin casting.
Bor: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+27] => [14,27] = (41)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+17] => [10,17] = (27)
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
Rydia: draco [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [2,-2] = (0)
DMSoft: (you don't see the warship that normally patrols the harbor…it must be away)
Bor: (you can actually see invisible people, congrats)
Altharid: (psicrystal aids… so its 29 +touchsight + mindsight)
Baltasar: (( :D ))
DMSoft: *the waters are stilll, it is becoming dark…around 7pmish*
Sidhe awaits an answer about what happened to Malmir, hopefully not missing it entirely.
Farris: "he got away after screwing us over"
Rydia looks out at the waters
Bor: "Malmir is dead. Or soon to be"
Farris: "we dont know where he is"
Baltasar found the F12 macro key
Baltasar takes a seat and casts Scrying from a scroll. (UMD: [1d20+43] => [5,43] = (48)
Baltasar: (( the scroll explodes… ))
Rydia: "ive never been to sea"
Baltasar: (( :P ))
Altharid accompanies Balt
Sidhe: "Ah… what did he do?"
Baltasar Scrys on Mali
DMSoft: (baltasar sees a piece of paper in his mind…after taking some damage from anti diviniation)
Altharid equips guisarme just in case
Bor: "He messed with the wrong manotaur"
DMSoft: [8d6] => [1,5,2,3,4,6,2,4] = (27)
Farris: "marooned us on the emerald isle after making up some bullshit story about his girfriend needing rescuing."
DMSoft: that was the anti divination
DMSoft: [6d6] => [1,3,5,2,6,1] = (18)
Baltasar: (( can i use spellcraft to determine what it was? ))
DMSoft: that was teh explosive runes
Altharid: "You seem to have suffered…. some sort… of magical backslash"
Baltasar: (( wait, what? ))
Baltasar: (( i can get hit by explosive runes through a scry? ))
Baltasar: (( since when? ))
DMSoft: (lol)
Bor: ( I'm doing that, so awesome!)
DMSoft: (ignore that then)
Draco (Eidolon) accompanies Balt and the others, letting Rydia enjoy her time at sea. Draco stays closest to Sidhe
Sidhe: *growls.* "Girlfriend?"
Baltasar: (( seriously, can i use spellcraft to figure it out? ))
Sidhe realizes this is the wrong thing to be angry about belatedly.
DMSoft: (spelcraft)
Farris: "Are you ok balt?"
Baltasar: (( what abjuration spell it was? ))
Bor: "Dead girlfriend. Or soon to be"
Baltasar: "Yeah, I'm fine, lemme think a second."
Altharid: ((DC 25 + spell level if you try to identify after experiencing))
Baltasar: spellcraft: [1d20+26] => [16,26] = (42)
Altharid: ((unless I am wrong… check srd))
Baltasar: (( :D ))
Sidhe: *correcting herself* "Marooned? Why how diabolical."
Altharid: ((heh that should do it))
DMSoft: (gonna make me go throught the spell compendium to find it eh?)
DMSoft: (high level magics, obviously a high level caster)
DMSoft: (high=8th level)
Sidhe turns to check on what happened to Baltasar.
Bor: ( We want to use that gem too! =D)
Baltasar: (( mostly i want to know if it can be dispelled, gotten around, or something ))
Sidhe uses bluff 19 to not use diabolical as a compliment.
Baltasar: (( cause i made more than one scrying scroll ))
Draco (Eidolon) looks at sidhe quizzicly
Bor: (don't worry, he's got Vigor on him)
Baltasar: (( /me is the Goddamn Batman ))
DMSoft: (sure, you can get around it)
Baltasar: (( well? ))
DMSoft: (just use a dispell on it)
Draco (Eidolon): (you could become Iron Man balt lol)
Bor: (that ain't working)
Sidhe: "What happened, there?"
Baltasar: (( i'd have to get an 18 at the very minimum on my dispel roll ))
Baltasar: (( so yeah… not likely ))
Baltasar: "They have some abjuration on Mali. I got hit by backlash."
DMSoft: (you can try without setting it off one time)
Baltasar: (( err, what? ))
DMSoft: (they didn't do a good job?)
Farris casts guidance of the avatar on balt
Altharid: "Did her…. father actually get her back ?"
Altharid: "Not likely… though"
Baltasar: (( heh ))
Sidhe: "Perhaps scrying would not work the best then… where did you find her possessions?"
Baltasar waits until healed, then reads a second scrying spell.
Baltasar: (( dispel check? ))
Altharid: ((guidance of the avatar works only on skills…. if I remember correctly))
Farris: shit
Farris: ((thats true))
DMSoft: (hold on one second)
Altharid: ((do not cast it then))
Baltasar: (( hodling ))
Bor: *aid another on Balt's caster level check*
Baltasar: *holding
Altharid: ((ehh Bor… lulz))
Bor: (can I do that?)
Farris: ((i wont then))
DMSoft: dc 35
Sidhe considers offering the heart of a metallic dragon but a 30% chance is not worth spending 7gp onaround Rydia
Baltasar: dispel magic: [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26) (let's hope for a nat 20
Baltasar: (( sooooo close. ))
DMSoft: (nope, but no backlash)
Altharid: (ermm shouldn't 18 do it ?)
Rydia checks on Balt and the others "What happened?"
Altharid: (you said that before)
Baltasar: (( no,the 18 was the bare minimum ))
Altharid: (ahh I see)
Bor: (that's a 25 caster level… scary)
Baltasar: "Well, we're officially up shit creek."
DMSoft: *balt knows it was an epic aster
Baltasar: "Any ideas?"
Sidhe: "Where did you find her possessions?"
Altharid: "That undead overlord !"
Sidhe: "and was there any trail from there?"
Baltasar: "In the middle of the road."
Altharid: "Sonuva !" - slams his fist
DMSoft: (it did not feel like the lich, no cold damage)
Rydia: "Do we know anything about Mali's captors?"
Baltasar: "And Bor followed the trail to the waterfront."
Baltasar: "Where it disappeared into the water."
Bor: "There was a trail to the water"
Sidhe: "And… the water?"
Sidhe: …You didn't go in?
Bor: "They were humans"
Farris: "Well here is what I think, Mali is missing, and she is descended from dragons, the dragon slayers were looking for Rydia, who is close with dragons, they seem to be connected in my mind."
Baltasar: "Have you ever tried to track something through water? By scent?"
DMSoft: *altharid feels a mind*
Sidhe: … bring the ship over there. I'm taking a look beneath.
Sidhe: No, but.
Altharid: "Wait"
DMSoft: (int 14)
DMSoft: (human)
Rydia: "I'm also descended from dragon, or so my adopted father told me"
Altharid: (telepathically to the others)
DMSoft: (through the hull)
Altharid: (there is someone… a human…)
Bor: *takes off chain*
Altharid: (Telepathically to the others)
Sidhe looks over to the altharid.
Baltasar raises an eyebrow.
Bor: "We're not interrogating this one!"
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Altharid: (I should have touchsight online)
Bor: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27)
Sidhe: Wait. Where?
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [8,-2] = (6)
DMSoft: (touchsight+water=blind
Altharid: (unless more than 8 minutes have passed)
Rydia: perception [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16) draco [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
Bor: (I got a nat 20)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+17] => [17,17] = (34)
DMSoft: (everyone over 15 hears something being attached to the hull)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+27] => [7,27] = (34)
Baltasar: "Ahh crap."
Altharid: (natural 20 do not work with skills bor)
Rydia runs to the area of the sound, draco following
Altharid: (the same true for natural 1)
Bor: (just wishing)
DMSoft: *the mind is moving away fast and gone*
Baltasar flies over the rail, hovering above the waterline.
DMSoft: [10d6] => [5,6,2,4,5,3,6,3,2,3] = (39)
Baltasar: (( can I see anything? ))
Altharid: (it dissapeared) - to the others telepathically
Bor: *moves to the edge*
Sidhe puts flour pouch in bags securely at this 'ahh crap'.
Farris moves to lifeboat
DMSoft: you can see the water being disturbed
DMSoft: also, the hull is cracked by an explosive
DMSoft: *no sound tho*
Altharid: (underwater ?)
Baltasar: "Shit."
Bor: (how far are we from the coast?)
DMSoft: (sneaky silent explosives!)
Altharid: (to the others telepathically)
Baltasar begins casting mending furiously on the hole."
DMSoft: (water is flowing into the ship)
Bor: "I can carry the boat while I swim"
Baltasar: (( will mending do it? ))
Altharid: (if not then use normal repair damage infusions)
Bor: *jumps into the water and tries to lift the boat*
DMSoft: (what's that? 1 hp per round or something?)
Baltasar: (( mending doesn't repair hp damage ))
Sidhe dives overboard and seeks to see the swimming away person underwater
Baltasar: (( according to the SRD, it simply fixes broken mundane objects ))
DMSoft: (then no, it's a 3' hole)
Baltasar breaks out the big guns and Fabricates the hole back together.
Baltasar: (( that'll do it ))
DMSoft: (yup)
Bor: (but I was lifting the boat…)
DMSoft: *there is 3 inches of water in the ship*
Baltasar: (( bor, physics doesn't work that way ))
Bor: *tries to lift it anyway*
Sidhe can or cannot see person through water? also snake comes out to investigate.
Bor: ( this is DnD, not physics )
Baltasar calls out as he takes the helm again, "Altharid, please keep watch."
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [3,-2] = (1) sidhe [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20) lati
Altharid: (have seen that comming Bor :P)
DMSoft: (nope, it's too dark sidhe)
DMSoft: (and bor doesn't smell them)
Altharid: "Will do… 'captain'" - snickers
Sidhe: (even though we both have low light?)
DMSoft: (only altharid could detect it)
Baltasar: "Sidhe, can you stay on the side of the ship, just in case?"
Bor: *lifts the ship*
DMSoft: (you don't see any swimmers)
Baltasar: (( dm, at this point, we kinda at loose ends. all we know is that we have a bunch of people trying to kill us and that no place is safe ))
Sidhe pops back out of the water. "Right … pretty dark down here to see any distance."
DMSoft: (or ships)
Baltasar: (( because apparently, the SEALs are also against us ))
DMSoft: (int check or wisdom to find out who it may be)
Sidhe connects herself and lati with twine, swimming alongside the ship.
Baltasar: (( thanks ))
Baltasar: int check: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
Altharid: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Sidhe is probably not faster than an elven wingship.
Altharid: (aid another to Balt)
Bor: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
DMSoft: (you killed nobles and they are after farris..with the power of money)
DMSoft: (assassin are hired)
Baltasar: (( so it's not the dragonslayers? ))
Bor: *I'm trying to lift a ship over here*
DMSoft: (why, they didn't know where rydia was)
Baltasar: (( k, cool ))
Baltasar: (( one bad guy at a time :P ))
DMSoft: (if it were them, we wouldn't be having this discussion)
Sidhe: "It's all right now Bor."
Baltasar explains his conclusions to the rest of the crew.
Farris: "Suddenly this ship dosen't feel like the safest place to be."
Baltasar: "So, ideas?"
Sidhe: "Balt… don't go as quick as this can or I'll get tired keeping up, if you want me to stay beside."
Bribri: Disconnecting from server…
Bribri (exit): 22:21
Rydia checks the extent of the damage
Bor: *lifts the ship*
Altharid: "Baltasar… you might wan't to know of certain tactical advantages… I can provide… should we need to fight off another vessel"
Baltasar: "Sidhe, why not just hold onto the ship above the waterline?"
DMSoft: (damage was fixed rydia)
Rydia: (sorry scroll gt locked)
DMSoft: (if you had been in the explosion, you probably would have died)
Baltasar glances at Altharid, "In public?"
Sidhe: "A liking of not getting crushed in the rudder."
Altharid: (sorry I made it telepathically)
Altharid: (forgot to add it)
Baltasar: (( ahh ))
Baltasar nods to Altharid.
DMSoft: *rydia has a vision*
Bor: *seriously, I want to see if I can lift the ship*
DMSoft: "So, I can kill them from here."-goliath sniper
Sidhe is familiar with the dangers of swimming beside ships.
Baltasar: (( bor, if you try, you will capsize it, and then Balt will kill you ))
Baltasar: (( because he's already very irritable ))
DMSoft: (rydia sees a goliath with a super bow on the shore)
DMSoft: ("they will not even suspect until it's too late"-goliath sniper)
Rydia: "Goliath sniper!"
Bor: ( Bor doesn't know that, he wants to see if he can lif the ship)
Rydia: (how far?)
Baltasar goes invisible and moves.
Altharid: "Where ?" -takes cover
DMSoft: (he's on the shore about 2 miles away)
Rydia: "the shore, super bow"
Farris runs into the cabin and ducks under a table
DMSoft: [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30) attacks on bor
Bor: (I'm underwater!)
Sidhe shouts "Take cover Rydia, hit the deck!" before diving under.
DMSoft: (he sees all!)
DMSoft: (and shoots all)
Rydia takes cover
DMSoft: (the power of money!)
DMSoft: [2d8+5] => [7,6,5] = (18)
Bor: (I've been saying I have been trying to lift the boat for ages!)
Baltasar turns the ship to head northeast, toward the swamp.
DMSoft: (I know, he will be chaning targets, don't sweat it)
Baltasar: (( yeah, but we've been ignoring you ))
Bor: (just tell me if I can lift it)
Farris: ((you need to come up to breathe at some point bor))
Baltasar: (( the ship weighs multiple tons ))
DMSoft: (18 damage as an arrow pierces bor)
Baltasar: (( your max lift is 3600 ))
Baltasar: (( are you incapable of doing math? ))
DMSoft: (the boat lurches from bor's super strength, but is not lifted)
Bor: *takes cover on the other side of the ship*
DMSoft: (rydia sees in her vision)
Baltasar continues refreshing his invisibly as he guides the ship futher away from Dragonport.
Baltasar: *invisibility
DMSoft: (a lead ball flys into the sniper's head)
Sidhe looks over to bor's wounds and prestidigitations the water clean of blood while swimming.
DMSoft: (the sniper is instantly killed)
Bor: ( I don't know the correct physical term in english, but there's the thing that pushes the ship up because of the water… That goes in the opposite direction of the weigh, so lifting it a few metters is not unreasonable )
DMSoft: (an assassin runs away and a giant shows up)
Baltasar calls out into the cabin, "I'm thinking we should sail upriver, into the swamp."
Sidhe: (that was the lurch)
DMSoft: ("stupid asssassinoes"-Ronfar)
Sidhe: (buoyancy, by the way)
Rydia: "hes dead…..i see a giant!"
Baltasar: "We can hide the ship there, then sneak back into the city and start wiping out the people trying to kill us."
DMSoft: "you can barely see a giant on the shore"
Altharid: 'That is one down… then"
DMSoft: (ryida sees a crest on the giant…2 horses flanking a dragon)
Sidhe pops back up for breath; she probably agrees but is a little … distracted from conversation
DMSoft: (her vision ends)
Farris: "That sounds like a plan, I think this calls for a counter attack."
Rydia: (be right back, cranky baby)
Altharid: (brb too)
DMSoft: (you need to make another check to sail up the swamp)
Baltasar: (( do i have an idea of how difficult that would be? ))
DMSoft: (dc 30)
Bor: *heals self* [2d8] => [2,1] = (3)
Baltasar: (( want to know if i should use an infusion or something ))
Bor: *heals self* [2d8] => [5,4] = (9)
Baltasar: (( and can i take 10 on that? ))
DMSoft: (well, the giant isn't attacking you, so yeah)
Bor: *aids Baltasar* [1d20] => [13] = (13)
Baltasar infuses Skill Enhancement(Sailor) +6 on his hat.
Baltasar: Sailing check: [10+22] => 32
Farris: aids balt [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13)
Baltasar: "Thank bro."
DMSoft: (you sail the ship into the swamp)
Altharid: (back)
Sidhe serves the role of dolphin luck charm as they swim into familiar territory
Altharid: (ermm I aid Balt if that matters)
Rydia: (back
DMSoft: (he made it)
Altharid: (with sailing and stuff)
Baltasar carefully maneuvers the ship into a natural berth between a pair of mangroves.
DMSoft: (you are in the swamp, safe for now)
Bor: (he would need no infusions if you helped)
Altharid: (sorry I was afk)
DMSoft: (somebody really wants you dead you think)
Baltasar: "Ok, plan of attack."
Bor: (not complaining, just explaining)
Baltasar: "Odds are, it's the Radu who want us dead."
Sidhe climbs back up the rigging, with enough attempts, to rejoin the group.
Baltasar: "Well, us aside from Rydia."
DMSoft: (bingo!)
Farris: "Yes."
Bor: "Why do they want you dead, Baltasar?"
Baltasar turns to Rydia, "Feel free to sit this out, it's not really your fight."
Baltasar: "Because we killed a bunch of their dumbass kids for being Jets."
Farris: "Balt killed one of the Radu nobles. So did Altharid and Sidhe."
DMSoft: (rydia gets the impression the vision was about the giant, not the goliath)
Baltasar: (( Bor was there ))
Baltasar: (( i think ))
Bor: (nope)
Sidhe: "You're the one who put the gaping spear wound in him…"
Farris: ((nope))
Altharid: "Its their fault for … dressing like those low-lifes"
Rydia: (nm afk)
Farris: "Yes, and I was the one foolish enough to turn one in alive to the Lion Guard."
Bor: "Radu suck, I had some fun with one of them on an isle"
Baltasar: "Well, it's hardly useful to be assigning blame at this point. We can do that after all the Radu are dead."
Sidhe: "The bolt was aimed for his feet. I couldn't kill a rat with that bow. Believe me I've tried when hungry."
Farris: "I will take the blame Sidhe."
Sidhe helps Lati back into her cloak.
Bor: "And I will take their heads"
Altharid: "Does not matter now"
Bor: "Their crushed heads"
Baltasar: "So, how about we lay out our options."
Altharid: "You have seen a giant… Rydia… correct ?"
Bor: (oh, roll against miss chance for that attack, soft)
Altharid: "How Big it was… exactly ?"
DMSoft: (he is built to bypass that…he's a cheese build)
Sidhe looks uncertainly at Farris, worry paired with appreciation
DMSoft: (lookk him up on bg)
Sidhe: (think she is … afk)
Bor: (cragtop archer… makes sense for a Goliath)
Altharid: (yeah noticed that ow)
Sidhe: (cheese? or seeker arrow?)
Altharid: (*now)
DMSoft: *with extreme cheese)
DMSoft: (lol sidhe)
DMSoft: (he got smashed, and troubles you no more)
Farris: "I should have known not to trust the law."
Baltasar: "As I see it, the options are A, we bomb the Radu estate. B, we infiltrate and kill them all manually. C, we could possibly talk to them?"
Baltasar: "And I suppose we could do all of the above…"
Altharid: "I would prefer the first 2"
Bor: "Let's talk to them using their corpses as puppets in a puppet show!"
Sidhe: "I did ahm… enjoy the company of the one we captured earlier… though not sure he'd be pleased to see me again out of ropes…"
Farris: "Lets try to talk, when that invariably fails we can kill them. I will not shed any tears."
Baltasar: (( at this point, is Bor TN anymore? Cause he's been sounding a lot more CE lately ))
Bor: (I'm turning NE)
DMSoft is not concerned with alingments
Sidhe: "Perhaps he'd still be willing to talk."
Altharid: "Bor … I am amazed.. by your imagination"
Altharid snickers
Baltasar: "So we have a vote for diplomacy, then killing; two votes for killing; and… another vote for diplomacy."
Bor: "I vote for killing, then diplomacy!"
DMSoft: *the boat creaks and althraid feels a brain*
Sidhe: "So… we talk them to death, then talk to their corpses?"
Baltasar: "And I vote for setting some explosives, then trying diplomacy."
Altharid: "Wait"
Altharid: "The fucking boat !"
Altharid: "There's someone !"
Bor: "Don't worry, we're not going to interrogate you!"
Baltasar takes flight again, doing a circuit of the boat and looking for people.
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+27] => [9,27] = (36)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+17] => [1,17] = (18)
DMSoft: int 12, dragon
Bor: *smells*
DMSoft: (balt sees a dragon turtle swim under the boat)
Altharid: (its a dragon) - to the others telepathically
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14)
Sidhe looks around.
Bor: Perception [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27)
Farris: "Dragon.."
Altharid: (the whisperers check [1d20+12] => [12,12] = (24))
DMSoft: (you asll see a dragon turtle go by)
Baltasar: (( err, does it look like it's coming to attack? ))
DMSoft: (it swims into the sea)
DMSoft: (nope)
Sidhe: That's probably not an asssassin then.
Bor: *leap attacks if within reach*
Altharid: "…"
DMSoft: it's within reach
Farris: ((oh for christs sake))
Baltasar: (( bor, don't be an asshole ))
Bor: (how big is a dragon turtle?)
Altharid: ((yeah seriously… but.. its amusing :P))
DMSoft: huge
Bor: (then nvm)
Altharid: ((at worst I can grapple it))
Sidhe seeks to intercept bor - ah alright, no init.
Sidhe: (would have totally grappled him.)
Baltasar: "So, diplomacy?"
DMSoft: (okay so you formulated a plan?)
Bor: "Let's check the ship! More explosives could be there!"
Farris: "Yes we try to talk it out. if that fails, they will feel Kord's might."
Sidhe: "And you set your explosives first."
Baltasar: "I can easy infiltrate the city with Sidhe, do you four think you can make your way to the Radu estate?"
Altharid: "They shall embrace their oblivion… soon"
Baltasar: (( i'm assuming I know where the Radu have their HQ, right? ))
Bor: (the fuck, I could have 1 shotted that Dragon Turtle)
DMSoft: (noble quarters)
Bor: (why were you so upset?)
DMSoft: (avoiding is experience worthy)
Farris: "I am not much for sneaking, but i can try."
Baltasar: (( because it's not hostile, and we're already up to our asses in bad guys ))
Sidhe: (because dragon = ally against dragonslayers, potentially)
Sidhe: (which, is relevvant to my guild)
DMSoft: (sidhe, int check)
Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7)
DMSoft: (it was leaving)
Bor: "So, shouldn't we check the hull?"
DMSoft: (out to sea)
Bor: "The Dragon Turtle did something there!"
DMSoft: (decide why you think that is)
Farris: "Feel free bor."
Sidhe: "It was heading out to sea…"
Sidhe looks inward.
Altharid: (I have heard a creaking sound… and then detected the dragon… I have reasons to do this)
Sidhe looks toward the inside of the swamp rather.
DMSoft: (you see some smoke in the distance)
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Sidhe: "…. Smoke."
Bor: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+17] => [5,17] = (22)
Baltasar: (( from which direction? ))
Sidhe is amazed she's the first to notice this and gestures that way
DMSoft: (inland)
Baltasar: perception [1d20+27] => [20,27] = (47)
Altharid: (24 with the whisperer)
DMSoft: (it was very faint)
Baltasar: (( yeah, but toward the city? ))
Baltasar: (( or elsewhere ))
DMSoft: (balt sees 2 small things flying over head…very high up)
DMSoft: (out to sea)
Baltasar: (( can i see what they are? ))
Rydia: (gtg sorry)
DMSoft: (dragons, black dragons…young)
Farris: ((balt i have an idea))
Sidhe: ((toward the inside of the swamp. I'm betting.))
Altharid: ((kk cya))
Rydia: Disconnecting from server…
Draykken (exit): 22:47
Farris: ((frame dragonslayers for killing the juvenile dragon, keep the money))
DMSoft: (they are flying away from the smoke)
Baltasar: (( *sigh* ))
Baltasar: (( that's a decent idea ))
Baltasar: (( there's a couple holes, but we can fix them ))
Baltasar points out the dragons flying away.
Bor: "What?"
Farris: "What in the hells?"
Sidhe looks up. "More dragons… think we've found the dragonslayers."
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: "Can we try and deal with one problem at a time?"
Bor: "But we're looking for the Radu, not dragonslayers!"
Farris: "yeah"
Altharid: "Indeed"
DMSoft: (it's like teh world is dynamic or something)
Baltasar: "Although…"
Sidhe: I didn't start the fire.
Farris: "looks like things are getting interesting is around here."
Baltasar cloaks and flies upwards until he can spot the location of the smoke.
DMSoft: (fire is in the swamp, not swampside)
Baltasar gets his bearings and remembers how to get there later.
Baltasar touches back down on the ship.
DMSoft: (when baltasar gets within of the smoke, he hears a voice in the air)
Altharid: (I know swamp quite well…. my character spent 1 year there… in his backstory at least… do I recognize that lockation ?)
Baltasar: (( err.. i wasn't approaching the smoke ))
DMSoft: "the dragon Slayers claim this area…all must withdraw!"
Baltasar: (( i was just getting a view of it ))
Baltasar: (( so we could find our way back ))
Baltasar: (( but good to know ))
DMSoft: (it's a warning to stay away that stretches very far)
Bor: (do we hear them?)
Baltasar: "Well, the smoke is definietly the Dragon Slayers."
DMSoft: (not that far bor)
Bor: "Then let's join them!"
Bor: "The Radu might be the ones to have kidnaped Mali"
Baltasar: (( Bor, you have a decent wisdom, please try to act like it ))
Farris facepalms
Altharid: "… Mali caries some dragonblood… they would kill her" - to Bor telepathically
Bor: (I'm serious)
Bor: "But she's not here"
Sidhe: The dragonslayers are not the Radu … er …
DMSoft: (farris was supposed to join them)
Baltasar: (( we already explained to Bor that the dragon slayers are bad, that they want to kill mali and rydia, etc etc etc ))
DMSoft: (yup)
Sidhe does not actually follow Bor's logic.
Baltasar: (( it's insane troll logic ))
Bor: ( But they are not here )
Baltasar: (( who, the radu? ))
Farris: "Bor we can join them after we get the assasins off of our ass."
Bor: ( We could join them for now )
Sidhe: ((Rydia is, in theory.))
Bor: ( no, Mali and Rydia are not here)
Baltasar: (( bor, we're going to deal with the radu first ))
DMSoft: (kk)
Bor: (we can deal with them at the same time, use one to get another)
Baltasar: (( bor, i would love to hear how ))
Bor: (Rydia did see a giant member of the Dragon Slayers killing the assassin)
Sidhe would normally try and search for Rydia but since she vanished because her charater did…
DMSoft: (true dat bor)
Sidhe will not
Bor: (the assassin is hired by the Radu)
DMSoft: (true)
Farris: "Bor the nobles probably have more loot than the dragon slayers, now what would a pirate king like yourself choose?"
Bor: ( Dragon Slayers should help us against the Radu )
Altharid: "Smart move" - to Farris telepathically
Bor: ( Pirate King is low, I can't resist it )
Bor: "Yarr! Loot the Radu! Let's not share the loot with the dragon slayers!"
Sidhe follows bor's logic OOC but not IC
Farris: "Exactly."
Sidhe: "Hm, share with the dragonslayers?"
Sidhe: "… What was your plan for them in the first place, Bor?
Bor: "Yeah, if they helped us, we'd have to share the loot"
Sidhe: "Presuming they survived."
Sidhe: "Of course. It's a dangerous job."
Bor: "Oh, you are smart Sidhe!"
Altharid: "…"
Sidhe looks to Bor uncertainly.
Sidhe: "Err, am I?"
Bor: "You mean we should kill them when the Radu are dead!"
Bor: "So we kill them all and take both loots!"
Farris facepalms
Altharid sighs
Baltasar: "That's what I've been trying to tell you."
Altharid: "We should not stay in one place for too long… shouldn't we ?"
Altharid: *should we
Baltasar: "No. Can we move now?"
Farris: "Bor, lets worry about them later. How would you like to join them with me as part of a secret mission. You could be a super hero and a secret agent man."
Bor: "I mean we use them to help us with the Radu and then kill them when they are weak"
Bor: "I'm a pirate, yarr!"
DMSoft: *baltasar feels weird*
Farris: "you need help just to kill some lowly radu."
Altharid follows Baltasar and ignores Bor's ranting
Baltasar: "Bor, I'll agree to that on one condition."
Farris: ?
Bor: "But that sounds cool too"
DMSoft: *baltasar feels as tho he is being scryed on right now*
Baltasar: (( DM, i guarantee you, balt feels more than just 'weuird' ))
Baltasar: (( he probably feels incredibly pissed off ))
DMSoft: *the person sucks at it*
Bor: *explosive runes, quickly!*
Baltasar: "Bor, I will agree to try and recruit the dragonslayers if you can explain to me WHY they would help us."
Altharid: ((don't you nondection or something online ?))
Baltasar: (( no, i don't ))
Altharid: ((*you have))
Baltasar: (( it's on my to-do list ))
Baltasar: (( also, DM, i get a will save vs scrying ))
Altharid: ((kk))
Bor: ( has Rydia told us about the giant?)
DMSoft: (yes you do)
DMSoft: (that's why I let you know…dc is 20)
DMSoft: (I figure he failed)
Baltasar: Will: [1d20+19] => [13,19] = (32)
DMSoft: (see)
Baltasar: (( yeah ))
Altharid: (heh you fail only on natural 1 :P))
Bor: ( has Rydia told us about the giant?)
Bor: (like crest and stuff)
Altharid: ((yes she has))
Baltasar: "Ok, someone's trying to scry on me, and since he's probably going to target the rest of you next, we really need to move."
Farris: "Lets go"
Baltasar: (( can we just pretend that rydia is going to stay in the safety of the ship? ))
Baltasar: (( and yes, she did ))
Baltasar: "Ok Bor, Al, and Farris, can you make your way into the city?"
Bor: "The dragon slaying giant killed the Radu assassin, they should help us"
Altharid: "Bor… seriously… stop this… meaningless ranting"
Farris: Well I am heading for the city.
Baltasar: "I'll fly Sidhe in, and we'll set the explosives, then wait for you three to catch up before we try to negotiate."
Bor: "I'm following Farris on our secret mission"
Altharid: "Good… I shall steer the ship alright"
DMSoft: (okay)
Farris: "Okay, Bor stage one of the secret mission is get the Radu off our backs."
Baltasar: (( err, i was suggesting that we leave the ship in the swamp, and go in on foot ))
Baltasar: (( you know, rather less likely to get noticed ))
Sidhe: Farris, take care of Mekila? She's rather identifiable.
Farris: "Of course"
Altharid: "All of you… board the vessel immediately… we cannot waste any more time"
BlackMage: Disconnecting from server…
BlackMage (exit): 23:05
Altharid boards the ship and prepares it to set of
Baltasar: (( al, how do you expect to take the ship into the city without getting shot at and having the lion guard come to arrest us? ))
Bor: "I'm following Farris"
Baltasar: (( we really need to go in on foot ))
Farris disembarks and begins making his way through the swamp
DMSoft: (it was the town guard, not the lion guard)
DMSoft: (city guard)
Sidhe gives troodon's rein's to Farris and lets Balt clarify things to Altharid before following Baltasar
Baltasar: (( ok, then the city guard ))
DMSoft: (the actual law)
Altharid: ((we will land not exactly at the city))
Altharid: ((only just a little bit closer))
Baltasar: (( al, we're like 3 miles out ))
Altharid: ((nevermind then))
Baltasar: (( it's a 20 minute walk ))
Farris: ((Lets just walk))
Altharid: ((thought it was like 30 miles or so))
Baltasar lets Sidhe climb onto his back before taking flight
Altharid: ((ignore my last IC message then))
DMSoft: (3 miles and difficult terrain)
Baltasar: "Hold on tight, we'll need to gain a lot of altitude to avoid being seen."
Altharid: ((I have 40ft base speed))
Sidhe clings tightly, looking out over the terrain.
Altharid: ((wait Balt))
Baltasar: (( waiting ))
Bor: (me too)
Altharid: ((I will give you the crystal))
Baltasar: (( good idea ))
Altharid: ((I can communicate with him))
Farris: ((can i ride this troodon?))
Altharid: ((with 1 mile range))
DMSoft: *anybody who is walking sees snakes and other reptiles and amphibans fleeing on mass from the dragonslayers*
Sidhe: ((heh, the troodon's medium sized))
Farris: ((nvm))
Altharid hands Balt the psicrystal
Baltasar takes the crystal, then flies up high enough to avoid being spotted from the ground.
Sidhe makes sure Lati is secure… and has cover from area spells
DMSoft: [1d20+25] => [3,25] = (28) perception
DMSoft: you avoid being spotted
Altharid: ((The same cannot be said about us… I guess))
DMSoft: [1d20+25] => [6,25] = (31) perception
Altharid: ((I have +2 stealth mod….))
DMSoft: stealth it
DMSoft: also, luck devotion
Baltasar flies to the Radu estate, cloaking to reduce their visibility before heading in to land.
DMSoft: [1d20+25] => [9,25] = (34) perception
Bor: (can't beat it)
Altharid: ((the same here))
DMSoft: you are all spotted by Ursbane of the lionguard and his soliders
Sidhe disguises herself again, coloring her clothing differently and ducking under cloak
DMSoft: (except for balt and sidhe)
Farris: ((can I make a stealth check))
DMSoft: (can you beat a 34?)
Altharid: ((you will rather not beat it))
Farris: ((to sneak in?))
Bor: (with all your armor, Farris?)
Farris: ((no))
Altharid: ((with armor penalties…))
Sidhe ducks under the invisible cloak, preferably
DMSoft: "Ah, Farris Blackclaw"-Ursbane
Baltasar: (( the three on foot should be within 1 mile of balt and Sidhe when they get stopped ))
Baltasar: (( cause they're within the city limits ))
Farris: "Hello Ursbane"
Bor: *stands doing a cool face*
DMSoft: "The city guard wants to give you a trial."-ursbane
Bor: *posing would be a better verb*
Farris: "Well its going to have to wait"
DMSoft: "Oh, why's that?"-ursbane
Farris: "The Radu's have taken the law into their own hands, trying to assasinate me and my friends."
Farris: "And I haven't infiltrated the Dragonslayers yet."
DMSoft: "Well, you should come with us then."-Ursbane
Farris: "It will have to wait for a day."
DMSoft: "They would never attack you if you were in our custody"-ursbane
Farris: "I will turn myself in when I have taken care of this."
DMSoft: "Well, come to the hq then."-ursbane
Sidhe: (Farris is determined to give them a fair shot at assassinating him. Obviously.)
DMSoft: "we will keep the assassins away as best we can"-Ursbane
Bor: (there are two Ushbane NPCs, which one?)
DMSoft: (the leader one)
Sidhe: (Have they dealt with a cleric of Kord before? :P)
Altharid: (heh RKV)
Farris: ((alexander uhsbane))
DMSoft: (alexander, i think)
Altharid: (yes they had)
Bor: (no Al, GKV)
Altharid: (nah… the same thing)
Farris: ((so do they let us go?))
Bor: (no, it is golden instead of ruby)
DMSoft: (the ursbane has sent the entire lionguard to search for assassins)
DMSoft: (and they let you go)
Farris: "come on lets make haste"
Altharid: (I relay the info through the psicrystal)
Bor: (yeah, I know it is the same thing, nvm me)
Farris continues towards the noble section of town
Bor: "Secret mission, here I go!"
Altharid keeps Balt up-to-date with their situation
DMSoft: *you don't run into any trouble amazingly*
DMSoft: *the estate is not really well defended*
DMSoft: *guards are just for show you gather*
Altharid activates touchsight
Baltasar begins placing the explosives we defused around the main house.
Karma (enter): 23:17
Baltasar: (( is there a way to detonate them remotely? ))
Karma (exit): 23:17
DMSoft: sure, command word
Baltasar: (( :D ))
Baltasar: (( can i use a Message spell to send that? ))
DMSoft: (sure)
Baltasar: (( sweet ))
Baltasar: (( what's the roll for setting the charges? ))
Sidhe awaits Baltasar to need her. and also knows message.
DMSoft: (you can just set them, it's easy as pie)
Altharid: ((Farris you should not be seen with us I guess… ))
Farris lurks across the street in an alleyway
Bor: (don't go dieing in there all alone Farris)
Baltasar does so, setting the command as "Studly Baltasar"
Altharid: (are we together now ? If yes then the Whisper crawls onto Alth)
Bor: *follows Farris* "Where's the secret mission?"
Baltasar meets back up with the others.
DMSoft: *the guards continue on their predetermined paths*
Farris: "Its starting right now Bor."
Baltasar: "I think we're ready."
Bor: "But why are the others away?"
Baltasar: "Who wants to knock on the gate?"
Baltasar: "Not Bor."
Altharid: "Heh"
Bor: (Bor would love that, but he's with Farris)
Farris: "They are doing sneaky secret agent stuff."
Altharid: "Why not ?"
Sidhe drops from under the cloak and glances to the gate.
DMSoft: *you see 2 guards at the gate*
Farris: "Now we wait until they need us."
Baltasar: "Because he'll use his chain."
DMSoft: *int 12 human*
Baltasar: (( ok, so are the five of us together? ))
Altharid snickers
Baltasar: (( or did farris/bor split from Alth ))
Bor: (not me and Farris, he went to an alley and Bor followed)
Baltasar: (( ok then ))
Sidhe: *murmurs in infernal* "All right Baltasar. What needs to happen, with these … talks?"
Baltasar: (( my voice is amplified, so you'll be able to hear if we need help ))
Bor: (you being me and Farris?)
Baltasar: (( yes ))
Baltasar: "Well, we'll need to convince them that it's in their best interest to cancel the contracts on our heads."
Bor: (fair enough)
Baltasar: "Here's an idea. Sidhe goes in and starts negotiations."
Baltasar: "If they try and attack, she uses Benign Translocation to swap with Altharid."
Baltasar: "Who then kill them"
Altharid: "I can break my limits if you wish me to do it"
Altharid: "And by breaking my limits I mean… (describes gargantuan size)"
Baltasar: (( i have a higher diplomacy bonus, but Sidhe can use hers faster ))
Baltasar: (( so she's a better option if we want to get the negotiations started before they start shooting ))
Sidhe: Can you keep Altharid within … less than two hundred feet? And, do you know if Antonio Radu is back there?
Baltasar casts Detect Thoughts toward the front of the house, trying to detect who's in there
DMSoft: backlash again
Sidhe would advise a knowledge local check
DMSoft: [6d6] => [1,2,6,2,2,5] = (18)
Baltasar: (( wait, backlash? ))
Baltasar: (( from what? ))
DMSoft: (scry?)
Baltasar: (( detect thoughts ))
DMSoft: (you detect thoughts and wards)
Baltasar: (( it's a 60 ft range, i can probably sense the front 20 feet of the house ))
DMSoft: (wards on the guards, wards on the house, wards on the gate)
Baltasar: (( alright, fair enough ))
Baltasar shuts off his Detect Thoughts
Baltasar: "Too many abjurations."
Altharid: "Any more… intel ?"
Baltasar: "I think we're about as prepared as we're going to get."
Altharid: "Protection magic…"
Sidhe: "I meant.. if you knew if he'd been freed yet."
DMSoft: (will save balt, diff is now 36)
Altharid: ((can you cast bane on my guisarme Batl ?))
Altharid: ((ohh nvm))
Baltasar: knowledge local: [1d20+15] => [20,15] = (35) to see if antonio is out
Baltasar: will save: [1d20+19] => [20,19] = (39)
Baltasar: (( booyah ))
DMSoft: *k, somebody was trying to scry you*
Altharid: ((double natura 20… heh))
DMSoft: *also, you don't see him*
Baltasar: (( it's a damn shame i didn't get that on an attack roll, but that was pretty awesome ))
Baltasar: "Ok Sidhe, you're up."
DMSoft: (somebody badass in trying to scry you)
Sidhe: ((erm, knowledge local soft))
Altharid: ((can you cast bane on my guisarme Batl ?))
Baltasar infuses Bane(Human) and Magebane on alth's guisarme
DMSoft: "he is out"
DMSoft: "but not here"
DMSoft: "they say he left by ship"
Altharid bows a little bit
Baltasar does the same on his crossbow, and also adds Greater Weapon Enhancement +5 to his armor
Altharid uses vigor
Altharid: (err scratch that)
Sidhe is not sure whether to be annoyed or relieved at the news and nods to Baltasar, heading to the gate.
Sidhe is still in disguise, I believe.
DMSoft: *the guards just stand there*
Baltasar goes ahead and infuses Weapon Augmentation(Explosive) on his crossbow as well.
Altharid: (stay … some distance away from them when you talk… so they will be in my guisarme range Sidhe)
Bor: (should Bor be needed anytime soon? I'm starving)
DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
DMSoft: *the guards don't even see you*
Altharid: (yeah he might be… should the negotiations fail…)
Altharid: (but to be frank I want to rip them apart too)
Bor: ( I should be back in 5 min if I leave now )
Sidhe … walks past them through the gate? Or do I need to ask them to open it?
DMSoft: *they need to open it*
Altharid is within Sidhe's range of Transposition
DMSoft: *the guards still don't see you*
Bor: (brb then)
DMSoft: *they aren't looiking down*
Baltasar: (( heh ))
Sidhe pauses and speaks up. "Excuse me. I need to speak with the family here."
DMSoft: "oh, hello little girl"-guard 1
DMSoft: *the second guard whistles*
DMSoft: "you are expected!"-guard 1
DMSoft: *the guard opens the gate*
Altharid: (shit… can we assume that I gave the whisperer to her before?)
Sidhe is a little disturbed at these three lines in sequence, nods to them and steps in.
DMSoft: (sure)
Sidhe: (he sneaks away to me often enough anyway)
DMSoft: *a butler comes up to sidhe*
Altharid: (ok then he acts as a relay between us… )
DMSoft: "I believe these are yours?"-he holds out the explosives
Altharid: (so that Alth knowns if she is withing range of the spell)
Baltasar: (( >_> ))
Altharid: ((… thats just awesome ))
Farris: ((lol))
Baltasar is tempted to say the command word.
Sidhe: "Huh? No… a friend's."
Altharid: ((well actually I can create a construct now))
Altharid: ((so she will switch with it))
DMSoft: "well, after you fair lady"-the butler shows you into the house
Sidhe: "Or … an enemy's? I think he was returning them. So I am not certain."
DMSoft: *he brings the explosive too*
Sidhe walks in after.
Altharid: ((the whisperer keeps us up-to-date with the situation))
DMSoft: (will save sidhe dc 40)
Altharid: "Curses" - whispers
DMSoft: (will save whisperer as well)
Sidhe: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
Altharid: (( he is a construct))
DMSoft: (all your magic items turn off)
Altharid: ((immune to mind-affecting))
DMSoft: (whisperer turns off)
Sidhe: (not natural 20 = fail)
DMSoft: (yup)
Altharid: ((he is not a magical… item per se))
Altharid: ((but whatever))
Sidhe: (he's a creature, how does he… 'turn off'?)
DMSoft: (he's not gonna be destroyed, it's pathfinder's version)
DMSoft: (he goes inactive)
Altharid: ((… ))
Baltasar: (( yeah, but Alth can tell this, right? ))
DMSoft: (mage's disjunction)
DMSoft: (yes he can)
Baltasar: (( so he knows something's going on ))
Bor: (back, any action or can I read what's happened up to now?)
DMSoft: *he can also roll)
Altharid: "Shit I've lost he contact with the Whisperer"
Baltasar: (( err, wouldn't it be antimagic field? ))
Altharid: *the
DMSoft: (roll teh will save)
Sidhe: ((it deactivates constructs? erm))
Altharid: (ok)
DMSoft: nope worse, disjunction
Baltasar: (( cause mage's disjunction destroys magic items, instead of turning them off ))
DMSoft: *pathfinder turns em off
Altharid: ([1d20+13] => [6,13] = (19))
Baltasar: (( also, i'm pretty sure it's not an area spell ))
Altharid: ((fail))
DMSoft: (it is and pathfinder turns em off for minutes per level)
Baltasar: (( hmm ))
Bor: (alright, I'm turning scrolling off then)
DMSoft: (pathfinder=fair about it)
Sidhe: ((it is actually balt))
Altharid: ((anyway by raw disjunction does not work on constructs… unless its in pf))
Sidhe: ((it shouldn't deactivate a construct though))
DMSoft: (all magic effects)
DMSoft: (k, so whisperer is okay)
Baltasar: (( it would disrupt telepathy ))
DMSoft: (yup)
Altharid: ((ermm its not an antimagic field))
Sidhe: ((I think just spell and spell-like.))
Baltasar: (( ok, so Balt knows the whisperer is now out of commission ))
Altharid: ((so only temporarily at best))
Baltasar: (( so i think it's time to start a fire ))
Altharid: ((telepathy is a su: ability))
Baltasar: (( a non-magical fire ))
Altharid: ((not dispellable anyway))
DMSoft: *the bulter shows you to this man http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/anton-radu*
DMSoft: "hello, my mages tell me you wish to kill me"-anton
Altharid: ((so the whisperers telepathy should be online… unless there's an antimagic field))
Sidhe shakes her head.
DMSoft: (up or down?0
DMSoft: (yes or no I mean)
Altharid: (it should work)
DMSoft: (you can have your telepathy, that's fine)
Sidhe: "I wished to convince you not to kill us. The killing you is a fall-back plan…"
Altharid: (the whisperer relays the telepathic messages)
Baltasar: (( now that's ballsy ))
Altharid: (and all the info required)
DMSoft: "If you wished to negotiate, all you had to do was come to my gate and offer me trade"
DMSoft: "I think the lives of the boys was worth the price of ressurection"-radu
Baltasar begins binding together some flask of alchemist's fire, in case he needs to bomb the place.
Farris watches balt and altharid from the alleyway
Altharid: "Thats just… how do you call it Baltasar…. "Balls" ?"
DMSoft: "did you think that little lady?"-radu
DMSoft: (perception sidhe)
Sidhe: "So you are willing to remove the contracts if we pay to raise them?"
Altharid: (I have mindsight still online on the whisperer)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [3,-2] = (1)
DMSoft: "I am willing to remove the contracts if you do me a favor."-radu
Baltasar: (( oh hell no ))
Sidhe feels a little awkward here, considering what she did to one of his sons ….
Baltasar: (( the web of favors is already too extensive ))
Sidhe: What favor?
DMSoft: "I want you to remove the dragon slayers from the city…but not by force"-radu
DMSoft: "they are bad for business"-radu
Relinquished One (exit): 23:49
Sidhe considers this. "They've been giving you trouble?"
DMSoft: "They are scum, they do not respect the laws."-radu
DMSoft: *radu spits
Bor: (neither do you. or us)
DMSoft: (lol true dat)
DMSoft: "If you kill them, they come back harder."-radu
DMSoft: "if you can get them to leave via other means…"-radu
(30220) Redemption (enter): 23:50
DMSoft: "the order of the lion guard is enough for this city…thank you."-radu
Sidhe raises a brow curiously. "I presume you'd leave the means for me? Well, I admit clearing scum from the swamps does appeal."
DMSoft: "yes, my diviners tell me you will succeed."-radu
DMSoft: "so, I'll be removing those assassins now."-radu
Sidhe: "Probably should have divined before sending them in the first place."
Sidhe: "I'd have worked with you willingly."
DMSoft: "begon, sho sho."-radu (sidhe figures the reason she came was teh assasins)
Baltasar is contemplating just bombing the place to get Anton to leave the wards.
DMSoft: *the butler shows sidhe out and hands her the explosives.*
Bor: (now's the time to join the dragon slayers to get rid of the radu)
Baltasar: (( sadly, i'm starting to agree with bor ))
Baltasar: (( simply because the radu are pissing me off ))
Bor: (then make the dragon slayers get rid of the gargantuan dragon )
Bor: (then get rid of the dragon slayers if we feel that's possible)
Baltasar: (( i like that plan ))
Sidhe ponders telling him to tell Antonio hi for her, decides against it, and departs.
Altharid: ((still they have those freakin' diviners))
DMSoft: "hope you've enjoyed your stay"-guard 1 to sidhe
DMSoft: "yeah, you're teh first vistor we've had in a long time"-gaurd 2
Altharid: "Should I enter the overdrive mode ?" - telepathically to Baltasar
Baltasar: (( ok, this is where i need to quit for the night ))
DMSoft: *they close the gate behind*
DMSoft: (yup that's it)
Bor: (cya Balt)
Sidhe: Your hospitality is appreciated. Hope I was a good enough guest to be … -invited- back sometime.
Baltasar: Disconnecting from server…
Ichai (exit): 23:56
DMSoft: (gg, way to not start world war 3)
Altharid: ((great our batman left))
Sidhe returns to the others, giving the explosives back to the person who knows the command word (balt)
DMSoft: (well, the game is kind of over)
Farris sees sidhe leaving and comes out of the alleyway with the troodon, motions for bor to follow.
Sidhe: ((who is also gone))
DMSoft: (the assasins will stop trying to kill you)
Altharid: ((heh true))
Bor: (fine by me, I'm almost asleep)
DMSoft: (let me tally experience)
Sidhe: ((lol, pardon me for not killing a LN corrupt noble house to bits.))
DMSoft: (who says it was him?)
Altharid: "I've heard everything" - telepathically to Sidhe
DMSoft: (lol)
Sidhe nods to Altharid.
DMSoft: (sadam hussein'd ya!)
Sidhe: ((his son))
Sidhe: ((erm))
DMSoft: (doubles, always doubles…and diviners, always diviners)
Sidhe: "They agreed to stop sending assassins." *to Farris*
DMSoft: (and you stuff comes back on)
Farris: "Thats a relief."
Altharid: "…"
Altharid: "The worst part… ? We cannot simply just kill… those… slayers" - telepathically to the others
Bor: "And the loot?"
Farris: "Now all i have to worry about is a green dragon, and a secret mission from Uhsbane."
Farris: "I guess no loot this time Bor."
Sidhe: *to Bor* "Just those explosives. I couldn't really try for more"
Farris: "Sorry, being a secret agent is tricky."
Bor: "But I'm the Pirate King!"
Bor: "I want my loot!"
Sidhe gives the explosives to Bor instead….
Sidhe somehow feels like Baltasar will be accepting enough of this.
Altharid sighs deeply
DMSoft: how many players?
Bor: "Baltasar (insert second keyword here)!"
Altharid: (Bor, Balt, Sidhe, dragon girl, Farris, me)
Bor: 5 with rydia
Bor: 6*
DMSoft: p each for monsters
Sidhe: (Bor gets the order wrong)
DMSoft: actually, that's low
DMSoft: hold on
Farris moves away from the explosives
Sidhe follows farris with mekila.
Altharid follows Sidhe and the others
Bor: *follows them with the explosives*
Farris: "Bor… maybe put the dangerous devices away?"
DMSoft: 4500 for monsters. Loot will be what you found.
DMSoft: (i know it's not alot of loot)
Bor: (so daggers and explosives)
Sidhe: I'll sell the black lotus extract for splitting… I think…
DMSoft: 5000xp total
Sidhe: 4 +1 kukris, dose of black lotus extract, 2 masterwork studded leather?
Sidhe: Unknown amount of explosives
Bor: no, 2 +1 kukris
DMSoft: 2 +1 kukris
Sidhe: ahkay, thought that was each since it was on same line as the armor
DMSoft: the explosives are enough to do 10d6 damage
Altharid: hmmm
DMSoft: extra to structures
Altharid: hmm 9580 xp to lvl 9
Sidhe: I'll be at level 7 … farewell Lati, hello flight ^^
Bor: I still need 1k to lvl 8
DMSoft: nuts, sorry bor
DMSoft: I did give you exp for the dragon turtle
DMSoft: but not the wizards
Bor: what wizards?
DMSoft: the 4 level 24 wizards
DMSoft: at the mansion
Bor: I'm not complaining, just sharing like aeverybody else
Farris: O.o
Sidhe: lol, who knows where they were anyway
Bor: but I did kill them
Altharid: Ichai will love to hear that
Bor: you have to award xp
DMSoft: (some say they never existed at all)
Farris: ((good thing we didn't start any shit.))
Altharid: heh I thought about doing a 32 ton drop on the mansion
DMSoft: (lol, you killed 2 assassins and a cragtop archer was avoided with a dragon turtle)
Sidhe: bor, I don't … think you killed 4 level 24 wizards who never appeared
DMSoft: (they already knew what you were gonna do unfortunatly)
Bor: those wizards lay dead after bor's furious blows! I killed them I say!
Altharid: (yeah gotta love divination)
DMSoft: (they told radu to send assasins after you to get you to come to him)
Sidhe: (just in really cryptic phrases)
Sidhe: (yeah like I said)
DMSoft: (lol, divination is funny)
Bor: do they know we're going to betray the Radu?
Bor: =P
Sidhe: (an invitation would have worked just as well… one written in blood maybe more intriguing)
DMSoft: (probably)
Farris: I dont know that we have really decided to betray anyone yet
DMSoft: (lol, it's more fun to send assassins)
Altharid: seriously I thought we would fight the whole ship of those
Bor: hence the probably, Farris
Sidhe: Sidhe is actually kind of fond of them
DMSoft: 2 assassins you fought were CR 9
DMSoft: not each, but together
Bor: so that's what you were talking about earlier
Altharid: touchsight fucked them over thankfully
Sidhe: They act on cryptic omens, are Lawful, seek to gather power and organize the city (maybe not by the best means) …
Bor: I figured so when you said mindsight detected them
DMSoft: lol, yes
Altharid: touchsight has 60ft radius
DMSoft: and yes, dragon slayers are after all dragonbloods
Altharid: mindsight only 30ft
DMSoft: and rydia remained on the ship
Sidhe: she did have some time with antonio to find common ground much earlier
Altharid: you do hate Mali
Altharid: don't ya ?
DMSoft: who says dragonslayers got her?
Altharid: well
Bor: I feel like going back to Teki-Nira-Ria to check on the situation there
Altharid: they might get her in the future
DMSoft: maybe she went to visit jingles
Altharid: without clothes ?
Altharid: kinky
DMSoft: jingles makes clothes with illusion magic
Bor: I think the Radu should have estabilished dominance once more
DMSoft: and doesn't like to be scryed on
Bor: clothes that are more real than real clothes
Altharid: heh
Altharid: shadowcraft mage
DMSoft: i didn't bother looking up the anti divination spells because they are super deadly
DMSoft: emporered and maximized
(30220) Redemption (exit): 00:16
Bor: can ER trigger from divination?
Altharid: hmm
DMSoft: it can by raw, no range on the reader
DMSoft: range is on the area of the rest
Altharid: with scrying you create a sensor
Altharid: hmm
DMSoft: and it takes damage eh?
Altharid: you can make bombs this way
DMSoft: yup, you could, it's vague enough
Altharid: just plant explosive runes packages
DMSoft: the sensor isn't the reader
Altharid: and set it out that only you or someone who will scry ont them
Altharid: will trigger it
Sidhe: ((so he was triggering explosive runes already on himself?))
Altharid: then detonate remotely
Altharid: errrr
DMSoft: lol, who, the person who set the trap?
Sidhe: I mean, the runes deal damage on: the person right next to it, and people within 10'
DMSoft: yup
DMSoft: I really wasn't interested in the damage anyway
Sidhe: interesting
DMSoft: just the anti scrying
DMSoft: you can scry the dragon slayers all you want
Bor: funny though
Sidhe ponders what notes Balt had on himself
DMSoft: they don't care about it
Altharid: They should… :P The dragons can scry on them…
DMSoft: nobles tend to care, and others
Altharid: at least those powerful enough
DMSoft: lol, they throw rocks at them
DMSoft: and it works
Sidhe honestly cares if she's being scried on… yes
Sidhe also does not know how to prevent it very well
Sidhe: Oh.. and if the Radu are divining me… and not throwing me to the priests … +1 for them in my book
DMSoft: mage's disjunction was only because of exploding rats btw
DMSoft: got to watch out for those
DMSoft: they don't care enough to do so
DMSoft: pcs=inconsequential
DMSoft: three=of interest
Sidhe: assuredly
DMSoft: how much for the black lotus 1 applicaiton?
Sidhe: market price is 4500gp
DMSoft: k
Bor: Not on the subject but I'd like some input on this: on the E6 group I'm forming with a few friends, one of them wants to play a Dread Necromancer. With the 8th level Dead Mastery class ability, Animate Dead, desecrate, high charisma and the Libris Mortis feats, would his character make the other characters feel useless if they are likewise optimized? I'm okay with the Dread Necromancer, he's not invincible and his army takes some gold to create/maintain, plus his army is limited to the ground.
Sidhe: seriously expensive for assassins who were *supposed* to lure us somewhere and obvious in source… but nobles will be extravagent
DMSoft: you gonna sell, i'll give you full prce
DMSoft: you caught them in the act
DMSoft: of blowing up your boat
Sidhe: Yeah would be great. Give us a bit more coin :)
DMSoft: jingles buys it from you
DMSoft: says he hasn't seen mali
Sidhe: Also, Sidhe is convinced of her prowess as a diviner
Altharid: do you know actual divination …. spells ?
Sidhe: Lol. Detect magic!
Altharid: erm
Altharid: was not expecting that answer
Sidhe: she is a sorcerer/binder, she's used to just asking things for stuff and it works. why not the elements, whose insights supposedly tell even those unversed in magic information on the future?

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