Dragon Slayers


An order firmly routed in history, the Dragon Slayers wage jihad against all dragon kind. During the Great Dragon Purge, the Dragon Slayers were responsible for the death of nearly every living dragon in the world.

The origin of the Dragon Slayers is unknown. It is believed they started as band of adventurers looking to strike it rich attacking dragons in order to take their hordes.


Dyne's Keep holds the majority of the Dragon Slayer's membership and serves as its storehouse, smithy, and base of operations


Lightbringer-Paladin 13 leader of the Dragonport operation
Roku-Factotum 14, "adjuster"
Ronfar-Hill giant 12/hulking hurler 5, primary artillery


(currently in or around Dragonport)
110 Paladin 3 (soldiers)
50 Healer 2 (medics)
140 Ranger 1 (archers)


The below code is cited in the formal ritual to become a member of the Order and before every meeting

  1. Must have slayed a dragon. (could do so in group combat)
  2. Respect the law, but may ignore it if it involves dragons.
  3. Our path is waging war on all dragons.
  4. Seek out and destroy everything that is dragon.


The Dragon Slayers originated in the same world as Dragonport. They were originally financed by Lestat under Ra-men to rid him of Lightbringer. Lestat played on greed and racial hatred to accomplish this. The Dragon Slayers succeeded in destroying the dragon and many others during the Great Dragon Purge. Many decided that hunting dragons was a noble cause, and it is their descendants that run this multiplanar organization.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dragon Slayers Anonymous 11-18-2011 Began operations in Dragonport and the Serpent Mire
2 Dragon Slayer Operations 11-25-2011 left Dragonport after failing to locate the Trifecta of the Dragon Heart
3 Neran Joins 2-10-2012 Nerane becomes a junior member.
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