Draconic/Half Dragon

ECL Ability Score Increases Benefits
1st(standard class level) - +2 on Intimidate and Perception Checks
2nd (1st ECL, iow LA +1) Str +2, Con +2, Cha +2 Claws1, Darkvision 60 ft., Dragonblood Subtype, Low-light vision, natural Armor(+1), +4 Racial bonus on Saves against sleep and Paralysis.(Draconic Template)
3rd Str +6, Int +2 Bite2, Claws2, Immunity to Energy2, Natural Armor(+4), Wings3, Breath Weapon2, Dragon type

1 From the Draconic Template.
2 From the Half-dragon Template.
3 Only if Large or Larger.

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