Dr Trope

Race: ??
Class: ??
Alignment: ??

Description: Dr Trope epitomizes the supervillain type from comic books, using the fantasy technology available in the Nexus. Usually wears a psionic skin that covers all features, as well as a lab coat, and likes to project voice from a ghostly sound projector, or image maker. Usually uses forged to make collateral damage or similar.




# Adventure Date Actions
1 E6 Explosions 3-25-2012 Attacked the lightning rail station with destructos, set a trap up for the heroes, blew up a warehouse.
2 E6 Flight or Fight 4-6-2012 Attacked medicinal supplies headed to Khierna Kingdom with destructos.
3 Runaway Lightning Coach 4-11-2012 Attacked a lightning rail from Lightning Rail Hub 3.
4 Just Screeching By 4-16-2012 His bots attacked a runaway airship of Lady Viola's.
5 Logging Flogging 4-17-2012 His bots were ambushed by mercenaries on a resource-gathering mission.
6 Runaway Lightning Coach 2 4-19-2012 Attack the same lightning rail from Lightning Rail Hub 3.
7 Airship Takeover 4-21-2012 His bots' control over an airship was wrested from them and he was defeated again.
8 Field Fight 5-06-2012 More of his robots were defeated by the party.
9 Runaway Lightning Coach 3 5-7-2012 Attacked the very same lightning rail from lightning rail hub 3
10 Clunky Chaos 5-9-2012 Was found to be responsible for modifying some law-enforcement constructs in Nexus. Threatened to blow up one random orphanage but he settled down with an ice-cream stand in the end (as the heroes 'won' his game after defeating the anonymous troll.
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