Ditsu Tsubayashi
Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Hengeyokai (Raccoon)
Class: Spirit Shaman 1 / Bard 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

In his usual form, Ditsu looks to be an anthromorphic raccoon. Slightly short and patterned, he usually wears armor or a few light trinkets and jewelry. He usually has a sly, charming smile when he moves and when he's aware of others nearby.

Ditsu is a bit of a trickster by nature. He likes to make scenes and be out and about, whether it's through performances and shows or through attempting the absurd. He can be self-centered at times, and has an odd fondness for foxes.

Ditsu was born between an a couple of hengeyokai, his mother a priestess and his father a wanderer. He was brought up by his mother for a number of years, before his father began to take him on his travels. He was almost always watched, but was not considered skilled or talented enough to be allowed to travel on his own, even as he grew. It was only after a nasty prank by a fey that his abilities began to develop. He was knocked out for weeks, but when he finally awoke, he discovered a sensitivity to spirits and to the world around him. It was then that he met with his spirit guide, an odd fox who encouraged him to start moving on his own and to start dancing as a way to connect with the world around him, often practicing in the woods near home. From that point on, he began to have more personal guidance in his training. During one of his routines, he was discovered by druids, and encouraged to join various druidic groups due to his growing abilities. He currently travels over the world, practicing and looking around, investigating the connection between his powers and the world.

Membership: Trainee(?) in the Holt Wardens, ??? to fey.

Foxes Hugged: Daikaji, Mithwin, Slick, Kimiko, His Spirit Guide, Toby (Half-Fox), Azusa, Miyu, Shinetuso, Vale (Half-Fox)

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