Dirnvarn Clan


The only clan of Niflheim who managed to preserve their soul-well working in spite of the whole plane being cut off from pretty much all means of planar travel and interplanar communication shortly after Raital being called into the prime material.
The Dirnvarns decided to take the advantage of such the moment their spies returned with abovementioned news and instigated a great war of attrition, proceeding with either subduing or purging clans which were deprived of soul-power of their now non-functional soul wells.
A great coalition of minor clans centered around Dirnvarn Clan formed and with such an effort they hope to overthrow the clan which has been reigning over Nilfheim for ages now, the Latral Clan


"A group of unruly thralls that are ready to be crushed beneath the heel of Latral. They are also douche-nozzles and need to die." ~Sincerely, The Lost Heiress"





Latral Clan



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Return Long Due 08/08/2013 Midna relayed information concerning the current state of affairs within Niflheim, including the bits related to the Dirnvarn Clan.
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