Dirk Darling

Race: Halfling
Class: Factotum 20
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Dirk Darling was a brilliant thief. He wrote a book about his adventures entitled How to Steal this Book. This book is old and poorly written, but is a good source for what it was like to be a thief thousands of years ago.

Thieves Guild: Durge: chapter

Current Status
Oh so dead, the guy lived thousands of years ago after all.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 every time the NPC appears, they need to have it logged here
2 Those Who Seek (Part 1) 03-23-2012 Light found a pendant that had picture of Dirk Darling in the secret passage.
3 Cael goes to town 10/18/2013 Cael acquired the 'coin' of his… which turned to be anything but a 'coin'.
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