Dire Fang

Race: Awakened Dire Wolf
Class: none
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Dire Fang became sentient after the recent magical phenomena started plaguing Swampside. Soon afterwards he used his strength to bully some smaller intelligent canines into serving him. Recently he's been trying to find a 'smart' female to mate with. So far he failed.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Canine Business 02-28-2012 Tried to slay Quinn in her 'Blinky' form and Kamigawa (the former mocked him, the latter had to 'vanish' as he witnessed the gang talking, their sentience). Was forced to to co-operate with the party after being intimidated by Ace. Left in in disgrace after Quinn took control of his gang.
2 Moonlight 03-29-2012 Saved by Light from some Blackmoon Clansmen. He agreed to take Light to Rin if Light helps him look for a sentient female wolf later.
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