Detho's Groghouse


Alehouse and soup kitched located within the Port District of Dragonport. Popular spot for sailors, pirates, merchants, and blue-collar workers and has attracted many former regulars from the former Water Dragon Inn. Famous for its soup which while very tasty causes the eater to have an appetite for more.


Detho - Owner and Bartender


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Fall of Blackheart 1-25-2012 Visited by a group of adventurers, one of whom loved the soup and couldn't get enough of it.
2 The Shootist 1-22-2012 Visited by the Party
3 Revolting Deathtrap 03-07-2012 Visited… again.
4 The Black-Scaled Terror 03-28-2012 Various adventurers relax and have some soup and a few drinks before heading out to find proper work for the day.
5 Return of Stormhelm 4-20-2012 The party met up here before being transported to Ysgard.
6 Blood in the Streets 7-06-2012 The party came here to deliver a message to Farris Blackclaw.
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