Race: Human
Class: Expert 6
Alignment: Neutral

Description: Detho runs the popular Detho's Groghouse within the Dragonport Port District. Friendly and a good listener, Detho tries to make his patrons satisfied and he largely succeeds


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Fall of Blackheart 01-25-2012 Tried to sell the party his soup and ales.
2 Abyssal threats, koboldish pranks 02-14-2012 Most of the party members got a taste of his famous soup; provided Quinn with some information about Gamlil.
3 Aberrant Treachery 02-21-2012 Announced that he's become a grandfather.
4 The Shootist 02-23-2012 Tried to sell the party some soup.
5 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 … 2 persons refused his soup ? How's that possible ?!
6 Revolting Deathtrap 03-07-2012 Soup, soup… he served it.
7 The Black-Scaled Terror 03-28-2012 Sells soup with varying degrees of success, and points his customers towards Gin Longfoot.
8 The Return of Stormhelm 4-29-2012 Told Krik Tik-Tik to stop raiding his soup reserves.
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