Desolate Future


It appears that in the future the material (if not more) plane suffered from a cataclysm of colossal proportions… most-likely wiping out all that lived and unlived. Strong winds sound through the ghastly remains of the long-collapsed landmarks. On the sky there are no stars, save for one black-hole like celestial body surrounded by malicious arcs of crimson red energy. The raging "waters" (actually blood-alike liquid) make it truly hazardous of not suicidal for anyone to sail there. The world would be immersed in total darkness if not for the glow of the aforementioned 'void-star' and numerous towers/mountains made of glowing, scarlet-red, crystals.
Only nightmares given form sometimes materialize (Phystics, Callers in Darkness and similar), still eager to slay all who are unlucky to venture in this time-frame… and if that is not enough then Void will most-likely finish what they've started.

Many of those who managed to come back to their 'native realm' found themselves unable to determine whether tis actually a future, a dream, mental projection… curse or some other similar phenomena.




Nameless Fear


Mysterious Etchings apparently etched by a vivid apparition of a bloodied man


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those Who Seek (part 3) 04-12-2012 The surprised party arrived in the time-frame. Kamigawa and Nightmare conversed briefly with mind-clouded Void before the latter noticed her armament which incited its rage… The party survived only due to the chaotic and whimsy nature of the manifest zone which brought them there in the first place.
2 Those Who Seek (part 5) 04-22-2012 Once again the 'ever-consuming void' sought to destroy all that remained sentient in its realm besides of itself… this time, however, it was Syrius who saved all from untimely deaths via dimensional travel to the plane of shadows.
3 The new wave (part 2) 09/17/2012 The party unintentionally warped there after Tenko randomly broke a seal in the captain's cabin of the Dark Remnant I. As the Void's invocation progressed the vessel started to bear reminiscence of Dark Remnant I.
4 Unveiling the Beyond (part1) 09-27-2012 After doing some exploration within the mysterious complex the reality itself shifted around the party members… as if thousands of years passed around them within moments. The husk of the locale generated an eerie, dark aura… and housed nightmares given form. So far the team survived…
5 Unveiling the Beyond (part2) 10-27-2012 During another reality-shift the team confronted various fear-spawned horrors including the Nameless fear.
6 Unveiling the Beyond (part 3) 10-31-2012 The team confronted various nightmare-wrought horrors in the realm's equivalent of the Seeker Base, including the only sentient one so far - Nameless Fear.
7 Unveiling the Beyond (part 4) 11-02-2012 A battle of epic proportions took place in the nightmarish realm… with no-one else but one of the few fear incarnates (Nameless Fear in this case) being their opponent. The horror was ultimately defeated.
8 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 5) 03-02-2013 The party was brought there (???) during their first (and interrupted in this case) confrontation with Arthur Uhsbane and found there someone resembling Khain Firemane though the figure was both wounded and suffering from an unknown affliction. In its delirious state he recognized Kimonto as 'Yurika'. Airy, being ethereal at time, managed to notice numerous Nameless Fear-alike creatures swarming somewhere towards the equivalent of the fortress' dungeon while the rest of the party heard a menacing voice, not very Void unlike order the horrors to recover its 'previous memory'. Following the direction's of Arethe - who unlocked a secret passage within one of the cells of the nightmarish version in one of the castle's prison cells - the party reached a strange site within the realm, a sort of 'empty' volcano with a great spire-alike construction made from azure crystal which resembled the staff owned by the 'fox' (at least in shape). With a bit of channeling from the magical item the great spire was instantly launched at a mind-boggling speed towards the sole, great black-hole alike celestial body of the realm creating a gigantic flash of light… and in a blink of an eye the heroes founds themselves back during the 'Darnten Siege', the beginning of the third day of the siege to be precise.
9 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part1) 07-02-2013 The party exploring Mysterious Complex was warped into the realm, if only temporarily only to be ejected back into their own… timeline (?) only to run into two vinespawns. Before that some of the party members saw a vision of a crawling, bloodied man.
10 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part2) 07-03-2013 After being warped once again the party ended up defending itself against an assault of nightmares given flesh and also witnessed another vision with the bloodied man.
11 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part3) 07-04-2013 The party found themselves in the complex's equivalent within the nightmarish realm few moments after Rosalia activated self-destruction mechanism of the site… which apparently was undone thanks to the action of Kimonto's - that being employment of 'Emperess' Rose', a wish-granting rose.
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