Demon King

Race: Balor
Class: Balor 20
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: A balor by any other name, but in this case the Demon King who consorts with Lady Viola. As a generic villain, he tries to act noble and haughty to the feeble mortals trying to struggle against him.


Lady Viola


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Demon Attack Part 2 3-16-2012 Had a sort of 'bachelor party'…in a twisted, demonic matter of course (not really healthy for the Belthrane Village's inhabitants to say it lightly). Was ultimately defeated after underestimating the power of a random group of 'adventurers' aided by one vengful spirit.
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 7 8-10-2012 Aided Lady Droga against the party, but fell. Regretted working for another high ego female magic-user.
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