Character Sheet
Player: Nalei
Race: human half-silver-dragon
Class: 8 Fighter (two handed)
Alignment: CN

Appearance: This medium build woman tends to hide most of her features under her armor. However it is difficult to hide her flowing red hair and bright silver eyes. Much less the silver scales wings that come from the back of her armor now and then. Or even the strangeness of how her armor stays constantly frosted and her breath always is visible as if the air around her was frozen.

Personality: A little rough, easily agitated and relies on force. Tends to be a little over protective of other guild members and will do whatever is in her power to complete a job she has taken even with unnecessary force.

Background: Grew up in the dragons port area, doesn't know much about her parents. Wondered many years as a sellsword, however her way with words…That is her way without words left much confusion in her wake as she looked for work. She came and went as she pleased and would not let anything bind her down for too long. Soon however she found her way back to dragon's port. Finding it has changed greatly over the years and even more so with the new guard. She found herself in a guild that contracted their members out for mercenary work. From mundane to driving away goblins or lend a helping hand at a library to such things as destroying vampires or serving temporarily in army's. Finding her own family within this guild that refereed to themselves as Crimson Steel. They guild soon worked on her and she spoke more as well as became dreadfully loyal to this new family.

Membership: Crimson Steel

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation note the date the character was made 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -200 gold Chainmail, large greatsword.
3 Masbath -- Outlands 06/24/1012 1000 1000 -- Was teleported around underground and smashed some spiders, sword did not break. Twas a good day.
4 Burn the House down 06/25/2012 800 - - - Got her arm twisted into pulling a cart of dead bodies…planning solving this soon.
5 Masbath -- Underground 27/06/2012 4500 - -— Chopped up a drow and some steel things.
6 Haven Plots: The Attack on Glibbontrop 06/28/2012 7500 2000 two redcap teeth - Got beat up by alot of redcaps.
7 Haven Plots: The Beast of Badwater Blows 06/28/2012 7675 5000 - -4000 Huge adamintine Greatsword +1 -3000 fullplate mail +1 Made mincemeat out of a ton of ghouls
8 Haven Plots: The Journal of Dr. Newt 06/30/2012 4230 5000 - -- Tough puzzle followed by a very tough fight with undead.
9 Troubles at Fiery Inn 2/07/2012 2800 5000 Cape of the Viper sold for 12k -23000 +2 animated Large shield +1 more on her sword + more on her Armor Ring of protection +2 amulet of natural armor +2 Gloves of giant's strength +4 Kept awake all night by a lich, did not sleep well.
10 Excavation (part3) 12/10/2012 6744 8844 - - Waxed a bunch of mooks on a bodyguard job.
11 To spread one's wings (part 1) 12/21/2012 500 - - - Met a very young but very determined half-silver dragon, surprised even Deliny with her strength.
12 Crimson Steel Origins: Gram Xolstehn 12-27-2012 2525 2170 - —- Beat the snot out of some toll collectors, and then had a 'puppy' follow her home.
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