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This allows you to Link your Character Sheet Directly from you Traipse Name and add custom colors too. Very nice.


Download Name Node. Then goto your "Game Tree", Right click-> "Insert File" and put the file in your tree. Click on the block below for the instructions.

1. Don't double click on the node quite yet.
2. Right click on the Name Node you uploaded, Select "Design", it'll pop open a new window
3. now you want to replace the link with whatever link you want in "Insert link here" leaving the quotes, for example it could be ""
4. Do the same for the name, but no need for quotes.
5. Font color = this code from:

6. after all those changes are made, close the window
7. then double click on it
8. and if everything was done right, it'll be your linked name

Footnote: To make it work with alias tool, simply copy paste everything after "/name" to the alias line, i.e. don't include /name

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