Dealings with Green Dragons Chatlog

Bor: (yay! =D)
Bor: (I'll help)
Bor: (will try to pay extra attention)
Farris: (okay)
Altharid finishes his shift
Farris enters the inn, orders wine
Bor: "Yarr! I be a pirate!"
Ichai spots Mali in the bar, and heads over to her.
Mali: "Yarr, pirate talk, yarr!"
Baltasar: (( balt, rather ))
Baltasar: "Got something for you."
Altharid: "Greetings fellow… 'beings' "
Bor: *whispers* "Hey Mali, did you know we are pirates?"
Altharid closes in…
Baltasar drops the packges with Mali's armor and haversack in front of her.
Baltasar: "Oh, and you too Altharid."
Mali: "oh, I thought we were playing pirate."
Bor: "Baltasar! I like this chain, it is very big!"
Mali: "oh my, thank you baltasar"
Bor: "Hello Altharid!"
Altharid: "What… about my… order… Balt ?"
Altharid: "Greetings Bor…"
Bor: (is Altharid looking like that demon dude yet?)
Mali puts on armor and loads pack. dismisses interceptor to guild
Altharid: (nope)
Baltasar retrieves Al's order from his own haversack.
Baltasar: "And yours."
Altharid: (only after transformation)
Altharid bows a little
Altharid inspects Balt's work
Mali: "Wow, you are doing a good business Baltasar."
Bor: "Yeah Mali, I heard pirates got that mansion *whispers* so we be pirates."
Altharid: "I'm ready to confront… those wrethches anytime…"
Baltasar nods absently at Mali's statement.
Mali: "We are heroes, not pirates!"
Baltasar: "Maybe so, but pirates get the wimminz
Mali: "Yarr, I be a hero!"
Altharid: "Piracy … you say ?""
Bor: "But the pirates who got the mansion is us!"
Farris: "I heard there was a twilight vampire flying around the other day." Laughs
Altharid: "It sounds… lucrative"
Mali: "Twiligh Vampires? Those are fiction you know."
Bor: "Do you like my cape, Mali? It's a super hero cape!"
Bor: (lol)
Altharid: "Bor we will need… some nice vessel… to qualify… as 'pirates' "
Farris: "I do, biggs and wedge sure dont"
Mali: "I like your cape alot Bor"
Bor: "We be pirates! Yarr!"
Baltasar coughs slightly at Griswol's question.
Mali: "We know they like to sing sea shanties!"
Baltasar: "Ahem, did you really just call us all nancies?"
Mali: "Bor doesn't frighten easily."
Bor: "I can beat those pirates with only half my chain!"
Baltasar rolls his eyes.
Altharid: "I know…. no fear…. almost" (adds the last part telepathically)
Bor: "Where they be?"
Baltasar: "Fear is a wasted emotion."
Bor: "I want the strong pirates!"
Altharid focuses on Mali
Bor: "Bah, he's afraid of me, that's why he doesn't come back!"
Mali: "We should find this captain Blackheart and challenge him to a singing contest!"
Mali: "Sea shanties!"
Bor: "Singing is fun!"
Farris facepalms
Bor: "Then we can beat him!"
Altharid: "I demand… something in exchange… for my services last time… if I had not used my backup psionic circuits… I would have …. perished" - to Mali telepathically
Bor: *flexes to Griswol*
Mali: "Well, Altharid, perhaps if you transform into that hunk again…."
Baltasar: "I'm pretty sure Bor doesn't know how to be afraid."
Altharid: "Hunk ?"
Baltasar: "That requires a modicum of higher level thinking."
Mali: "Yeah, the muscly guy with wings."
Bor: "That's right Balt, I'm never afraid!"
Farris laughs at balts comments
Altharid: "It is not like that I tranform… I … fuse with him… but he can overtake me… If am not… careful"
Mali: "Well let him overtake you, so I can ask him to dinner."
Bor: *pokes Mali* "What about the guild?"
Altharid: *confused*
Altharid: (decisions… decisions)
Mali: "oh, we need to find out what Riani thinks."
Baltasar: (( knowledge check re blackheart: who is he, where is he, how powerful etc ))
Mali: "The guild is on hold for now."
Baltasar: (( what's knowledge roll? ))
Bor: "Who is Riani?"
Altharid: "I'm afraid… that… well…. I cannot maintain… the fusion… for extended periods of time… at least for now"
Baltasar: know local: [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21)
Mali: "She's a cat girl who helped found the guild"
Siam (enter): 17:17
Altharid: "Better get Bor… nearby… he might be… hostile"
Siam (exit): 17:17
Bor: "Oh, sounds fun!" *gets near Altharid*
Mali: "So are we going to try to find captain Blackheart?"
Bor: *chain in hand*
Baltasar: "Hmm Al, maybe Blackheart would make a good eventual target for our plans."
Altharid: "…"
Altharid: "Indeed… employer"
Mali: "Maybe we should investigate that necromancy thing."
Mali: "oh, wait, the meeting was last week."
Farris frowns at mention of necromancy
Baltasar: "We could always go bomb the cinderhouse, if you really want to confront them."
Bor: "How's Kord, Farris?"
Baltasar: (( ahh, farris… we'll make a villain out of you yet ))
Mali: "I was also thinking we could sneak into the hall of records and mess with deeds…but that isn't very nice"
Baltasar: "Don't be silly, it's perfectly nice. In fact, we'd be doing them a favor."
Mali: "Who says Tamlin didn't have relatives."
Bor: "When Kord gives you strenght, tell me so we can fight!"
Baltasar: "Cause that way, they won't have to update the Temlin house property information, cause we'll do it for them."
Baltasar: "Save the overworked civil servants of this fine town a whole mess of work."
Mali: "I guess….and he was a necromancer…."
Bor: *mumbles* "stupid papers"
Altharid smirks
Bor: "Why would I hold my breat?"
Mali: "We could clear out Goody Thanatoe's basement"
Baltasar whispers to Bor, "It's a secret kordian battle practice, they hold their breath until they swell with power and might."
Bor: "Those demons? Are they strong for real?"
Altharid: "Those pathetic lizards again…?"
Mali: "Yeah, we could help her with that…we've been putting it off for a month now"
Mali: "Truth is, I just like how well she sweeps the floor"
Bor says to Baltasar, "I'll try that on the next battle then!"
Baltasar: (( brb, couple minutes ))
Bor: "We could fight the champion chamaleonman!"
Baltasar: (( sorry :\ ))
Mali: "yeah, we could do that Bor"
Bor: "I mean, I"
Mali: "oh, I thought I'd give it a shot."
Altharid: "That would… be…. interesting…"
Bor: "Ok Mali, if you beat him, you're stronger than him. So we'll fight some other day if you beat him."
Mali: "Why do I have to fight you again?"
Altharid: "…"
Bor: "If you are stronger than the champion chamaleonman, than we should fight!"
Mali: "I thought Bor didn't fight women."
Mali: "Aren't we weak?"
Bor: "You're not a woman if you are strong enough to beat the chamaleonman!"
Mali: "Then I do not want to fight the chameleon man. Since I will stop being a woman if I beat him"
Mali: "Let's go see this chameleon man!"
Bor: "Yarr!"
Altharid: "Your…. logic… simply…. brilliant"
Altharid sighs
Bor: *heads out to where the chamaleonman used to stand*
Mali: *follows
Altharid follows
Farris finishes drink and follows
Bor: (Ichai is afk, but I think Baltasar's following aswell)
Bor: *smells for chamaleonman*
Farris: ((what time of day is it?))
Altharid: (I have 30ft radius mindsight if that matters)
Bor: (can't see the map)
Bor: (I'll look at the site)
Bill Bisco :
Altharid: (reconnect then)
Farris: ((me neither :( ))
Altharid: (I can see it)
Mali: "Hello goblins!"
Bor: (between which Ws?)
Altharid stays close to Mali
Bor: "Are you friends with Snu Bull?"
Mali: "What is the dragon's toll?"
Mali: "how much is the toll?"
Bor: "I'm Snu Bull's friend, let me pass!"
Bor: "I saved his wife!"
Bor: "His favorite wife!"
Mali: "You did? wow Bor you sure get around"
Bor: "Hello, Snu Bull!"
Bor: "I killed the minotaur!"
Mali: (he wouldn't recognize you)
Bor: "That must be Snu Bull's copy"
Mali: "copy?"
Bor: "He told me a mirror did a copy of him"
Altharid: "I see….."
Mali: "Really? So we should beat him up then."
Altharid: "Shall… I eviscecrate those weaklings ?" - to Mali telepathically
Mali: "No, maybe we should just pay the toll"(Mali remembers the port adventure)
Altharid: "They do not appear to be… so numerous" - continues telepathically
Bor: *whispers* "I'll meet you on the other side"
Bor: *heads back and goes through the forest*
Bor: *using a safe distance and detecting things with scent*
Bor: Perception [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)
Baltasar: (( ok, back now ))
Bor: *gets chain in hand*
Altharid: "Maybe… I should… create a dragonlike creature and merge with it… so I will appear dragonlike… I will act as if I was the half-dragon son … of this 'dragon' " - telepathically to Mali
Baltasar: (( Balt went with you guys ))
Bor: *turns to the voice*
Mali: "Sure, that sounds good."
Baltasar: "Err… why don't we just go around?"
Bor: (that's what I'm doing, found a dragon I think)
Altharid: "Mind you… I am not the best sculpter around… so give me some brief ideas… how one should look like"
Mali: "Oh, um, nothing."
Altharid: (continues telepathically)
Baltasar: "It's the principle of the thing, Farris."
Baltasar: "A toll is a toll."
Baltasar: "And a troll is a troll."
Bor: *turns to the voice*
Baltasar: "And since we ain't paying no toll, we should kill the lot of those trolls."
Mali: "Will you use the toll money to improve the road?"-Mali to the goblins
Baltasar: (( yes, i know they're goblins ))
Bor: "Show yourself!"
Altharid: "This… is amusing… Baltasar"
Farris: …
Bor: "Show yourself!!!!"
Baltasar: (( how far away is bor? ))
Bor: Take 20 in Perception: 27
Farris: ((one of the messages i typed just disapeared when i hit enter sorry.))
Mali: [1d20+14] => [1,14] = (15) perception to hear bor
Bor: (how large?)
Bor: (how far?)
Mali: "I think I hear Bor yelling"
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [2,14] = (16)
Bor: *moves back until the dragon is 50 ft away*
Baltasar: "How much do you want to bed he got his head stuck in a stump."
Baltasar: *bet
Altharid: (the whisperer's perception [1d20+13] => [6,13] = (19))
Bor: (back)
Dreadscar (enter): 17:43
Dreadscar: Disconnecting from server…
Dreadscar (exit): 17:43
Bor: *turns to dragon with chain in hand* "So they worship you?"
Bor: *laughs*
Bor: "I heard dragons are worthy foes!"
Baltasar: (( oh god ))
Baltasar: (( this is gonna be either made of win or made of fail ))
Bor: "I'll call my gang, be right back!"
Altharid: ((can we hear Bor…. that's why I rolled percep checks…))
Bor: "We're pirates, you know!"
Bor: "Anyone coming?"
Mali: *runs to bor*
Baltasar lifts off, activating his invisibility cloak.
Altharid uses expansion
Farris runs after mali
Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects crimson aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
Baltasar approaches quickly, attempting to spot the dragon and identify it.
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+23] => [15,23] = (38)
Altharid follows the rest
Baltasar: knowledge arcana: [1d20+20] => [5,20] = (25)
Bor: "Can I take him alone?"
Baltasar: (( oh, add a +5 to that from Collector of Stories ))
Altharid: (mindsight should detect the creature… its type… and int score))
Baltasar: (( any idea on the age category? ))
Baltasar: (( yay, no frightful presence ))
Mali: (do we see the dragon now?)
Bor: "Can I kill it now?"
Baltasar calls down to Bor, moving immediately after: "Yeah, go ahead. You can probably take it."
Mali: perception [1d20+14] => [19,14] = (33)
Bor: Initiative [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
Farris grimaces
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
Farris: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
Baltasar also rolls init: [1d20+16] => [8,16] = (24)
Bill Bisco : [1d20] => [9] = (9)
Altharid: (Bor goes before me…)
Altharid: (he has higher dex)
Mali: (knowledge devo inspired arcane: [1d20+23] => [20,23] = (43))
Bor: *leap attacks with shock trooper for full PA*
Bor: (40 ft reach)
Mali: (my initiative is +10, so i'm good)
Altharid: "I see…"
Baltasar infuses Bane(Dragon) on his crossbow, spending an AP.
Farris: ((how far away is it now?))
Bor: "Coward!"
Mali: init [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
Baltasar keeps at least 60 feet away from the dragon in the air.
Altharid: (teleapthically to others… "What does that dragon breathe ?")
Bor: *seeks cover in the woods*
Mali: "Chlorine I think"
Mali: (half up)
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Altharid: … linked to (expends psionic focus)
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
Baltasar activates his screwdriver, sending a Message at his allies, "He breathes Acid. Al, your cloak should help a lot."
Farris: ((still too far for me to do anything))
Altharid: "You will have your 'Hunk' Mali…" - telepathically to Her
Altharid: (readies action to dodge dragons breath)
Mali: (hundred feet eh?)
Mali: (out of range of my gun)
Farris casts protection from evil on himself
Altharid: (charge was x4 speed.. or x2 speed ?)
Baltasar: (( whose turn is it? ))
Bor: (2x)
Altharid: (darn it)
Altharid: (kk whatever)
Mali readies action
Altharid: (ahh Ive got belt of battle !)
Baltasar: (( yeah, we have ))
Altharid: (I have also readied an action)
Altharid: (uses his readied action to dodge the breath weapon)
Bor: (how does cover from the trees function in this case?)
Bill Bisco : [8d6] => [3,3,3,5,4,1,5,2] = (26)
Bor: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
Altharid: (I am not)
Mali: ref inspired [1d20+10] => [6,10] = (16)
Farris: ( i was following mali)
Farris: Saving Throws: Reflex [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
Mali: (i'd love to shoot it thnks)
Baltasar shoots the dragon with a tangelfoot bag.
Altharid: (Astral construct appears)
Bor: *readies action to trip the dragon when it comes in range*
Altharid: Ectoskeleton (swift action) *Altharid pierces the Astral Construct next to him with his bare hand and assimilates its essence… in a blink of an eye the manifester grows long red hair and his eyes starts blazing with the same color*
Baltasar: Ranged Touch attack: [1d20+13] => [16,13] = (Duration [2d4] => [3,1] = (4)
Altharid: (I get 40ft fly speed)
Altharid: (among other things)
Altharid: (will I reach him with charge… 10ft reach …. ?)
Baltasar: (( and it's a DC 15 reflex save or be knocked from the air ))
Mali: [1d20+9] => [9,9] = (18) inspired attack, masters touch swift
Farris: Spells:
Farris moves away from Bor casts cure moderate wounds on self
Dark Voice: "You … called ?" - Mali hears a savage telepathic voice from… Alt (?)
Farris: Spells: Cure Moderate wounds [2d8+5] => [7,4,5] = (16)
Dark Voice: (ok will I reach him with 40ft fly speed and charge ?)
Baltasar: (( 150 from my launcher ))
Baltasar: (( no, 150 ft from my vial launcher ))
Baltasar: (( :D ))
Baltasar: (( he's got a decent relfex save ))
Dark Voice: (yeah mali alt tranformed into the "hunk")
Bill Bisco : [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22)
Dark Voice: (Alth tranformed into this
Baltasar: (( still, the penalty on dex and attack rolls was totally worth dropping invisibility ))
Mali: inspired damge [1d8+6] => [5,6] = (11)
Mali: (note, 5 IP left)
Dark Voice: (ok I will charge it)
Dark Voice: (10 ft range)
Dark Voice: (charge and grapple)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23) melee touch
Mali readies again
Bor: *readies action to trip the dragon when it comes in range* (or do something else if he falls in this round)
Dark Voice: (+2 from charge)
Bor: (he's got flight speed)
Baltasar shoots the dragon in the face with a crossbow bolt: [1d20+12+3] => [11,12,3] = (26), Damage [1d10+3+2d6] => [6,3,6,4] = (19)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14) melee touch, (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+25] => [15,25] = (40)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36)
Farris casts searing light on it (DMM quicken)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14) melee touch, Spiked Armor [1d8+8] => [3,8] = (11)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [7,22] = Farris: ((its just a ray))
Dark Voice: (I use belt of battle to get extra standard action… pinnig dow the bastard)
Farris: Spells: Searing Light: ranged touch atk [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) dmg [2d8] => [5,1] = (6)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+12] => [1,12] = (13) melee touch, (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+25] => [10,25] = (35)
Farris: ((god that sucked))
Dark Voice: (ehh sorry wrong button)
Farris gets near mali and casts prayer
Dark Voice: (actually ignore the melee touch thing)
Mali: (he has quicken)
Farris: ((quicken))
Dark Voice: (he is pinned unless he beats my 35 grapple check)
Dark Voice: (I had himn grabbed before)
Farris: ((everyone within 40 ft has a +1 luck bonus to pretty much all checks.))
Dark Voice: (Its 35)
Dark Voice: (ignore that 13)
Dark Voice: (ignore that)
Dark Voice: (misclicked)
Dark Voice: (i do not have to grab him again… I had him grabbed already)
Bor: (does it fall down or what?)
Baltasar: (( err… alth, can you carry a dragon? ))
Dark Voice: (I can as a free action make him unable to use his breath weapon)
Dark Voice: (I will slowly fall with him I guess)
Mali: (lol, I forgot all about my +5s from knowledge devotion)
Dark Voice: (gotta check my carring capacisty now)
Dark Voice: (1384 lbs light load now that I'm buffed and large)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+12] => [13,12] = (25) melee touch, (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+25] => [2,25] = (27)
Dark Voice: (it has wasted standard action to do so though)
Mali: (how close are they?)
Dark Voice: (ahh figured out why it shows that grabbing thing)
Mali readies actions again
Baltasar shoots off another Tanglefoot bag, now that the dragon probably can't make his reflex save.
Bor: "What's that flying demon?"
Dark Voice: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Dark Voice: (fully augmented this time)
Mali: "That's altharid's new form I guess"
Bill Bisco : [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
Farris moves away
Dark Voice: Grapple: (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+27] => [14,27] = (41)
Dark Voice: Grapple: (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+27] => [18,27] = (45)
Dark Voice: Grapple: (x2) Secondary Grapple [1d20+22] => [1,22] = (23), [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32)
Bill Bisco : [1d8] => [4] = (4)
Bor: *leap attacks with shock trooper for full PA*
Bill Bisco : [8d6] => [3,5,4,6,5,2,1,6] = (32)
Baltasar: (( hmm, well then forget the tanglefoot ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [16,22] = (38)
Mali uses readied action to avoid being falled on
Dark Voice: (hm… ignore that thing then )
Dark Voice: (kk whateva)
Bor: [1d20+18] => [10,18] = (28), Damage [4d6+25+24] => [4,5,5,6,25,24] = (69)
Bor: [1d20+13] => [7,13] = (20), Damage [4d6+25+24] => [2,2,4,4,25,24] = (61)
Dark Voice: (ermm did it fall from my hands…the dragon ?)
Dark Voice: (whateva)
Mali: "Wow, teamwork!"
Baltasar: (( bor's damage is just sick. ))
Mali: "did you see how I shot it?"
Dark Voice descends down
Baltasar swoops to a landing.
Mali: "I totally shot it…I'm a hero!"
Baltasar: "Well… we are officially dragon slayers."
Bor: "Yarr! Dragons can't beat pirates!"
Dark Voice: "Its been … a while since I had a worthy… adversary"
Dark Voice: (Altharids appearence is way off)
Bor: "You, awesome Altharid! I want wings too!"
Mali: "good job Farris, I saw you beam it!"
Dark Voice: "Do not confuse me with that… test subject"
Mali: "me too, maybe next time I'll remember I have a spell to prevent it."
Baltasar prods Bor a couple times with his Wand of Lesser Vigor
Bor: "Whatever, I want wings!"
Baltasar: (( bor, how much HP you need? ))
Dark Voice: "And as for you …" - focuses on Mali
Bor: (No Baltasar, I have a belt!)
Dark Voice grins savagely
Mali: (I am hurt too)
Bor: "Where's the dragon toll?"
Dark Voice: "Do you really think that you can tame the beast in front of you ?"
Baltasar: (( you might need the belt charge, a level 1 wand is seriously cheap ))
Mali: (Mali looks for treasure)
Dark Voice: "I will ALWAYS hunger…."
Bor: (nah, don't worry, I got over 100 hp left)
Dark Voice smacks himself in the face
Dark Voice tranfsorms back into Altharid
Altharid: "…"
Bor: "I'll carry that dragon back to the city"
Baltasar: (( how much does it weigh? ))
Bor: "Let's sell it!"
Mali: (k, my knowledge check was 40 something)
Bor: (I can carry 6400lb)
Altharid: "It is so … ridiculous… that I have to rely on his power… more and more"
Baltasar: (( ok, i think bor's got it… ))
Altharid: (I am large sized with 20str for next 60 min)
Farris: ((wtf))
Bor: "It is awesome, Altharid! I want wings!"
Mali: (balt, I need 26 hps)
Baltasar: (( there's a table in the SRD for weight ranges by size… but i lost the linik ))
Baltasar taps Mali on the head three times.
Bor: Heals self [2d8] => [7,8] = (15)
Baltasar: (( bill, i have a +26 UMD check, want me to make that roll? ))
Mali: "Wow, thanks Baltasar!"
Altharid: (heh there goes 50% reserve of my pp pool)
Bor: *carries the dragon*
Bor: "Let's go, we'll get the chamaleonman later!"
Baltasar: "That's not natural."
Baltasar watches a cow-man carrying a giant lizard."
Altharid: "What… exactly ?"
Baltasar: (( ahh, UMD check to activate the wand ))
Altharid helps him if it is necessary
Baltasar: umd: [1d20+26] => [19,26] = (45)
Altharid: (helps Bor if necessary)
Baltasar: (( THE WAND EXPLODES ))
Bor: (go ahead)
Altharid: ((nah :P))
Mali: *follows Bor
Baltasar takes flight again, taking overwatch duty.
Mali: "We have taken down an evil force"
Bor: "We didn't kill it, we just found the corpse"
Baltasar: "It wouldn't fetch properly."
Mali: "We are true Heroes!"
Baltasar: "We had to punish it."
Bor: "Heroes! Yarr!"
Altharid: "My dream… came true… wrestled a dragon…and won !"
Baltasar: "And I got to shoot it in the face."
Baltasar: "Not exactly a dream, but it was very satisfying."
Bor: "I want a trophy!"
Baltasar: (( would that be an appraise check? ))
Baltasar: (( to get a decent price ))
Altharid: "…"
Bor: "I mean, I want the head for me!"
Bor: "Altough it is now broken…"
Baltasar: appraise for value of the dragon corpse: [1d20+12] => [1,12] = (13)
Baltasar: (( heh ))
Altharid: (heh)
Baltasar: (( niiiice ))
Mali: [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30) universal
Baltasar: (( should've taken 10 ))
Mali: aid another [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
Mali: +5 balt
Mali: that's alot
Baltasar: (( that actually sounds about right ))
Baltasar: (( cause it's not big enough to do dragonscale armor ))
Altharid: (well one might check… hmm… dragonscale armor prices.. but htese are rough estimates))
Farris: (daaaaaamn)
Altharid: (*these)
Mali: balt got an 18 on his appraise
Altharid: ((wait not good enough for the armors ?))
Altharid grins after hearing the rough estimate
Mali so we call it 20k
Baltasar nods, "Sounds fair to me."
Mali wants to fight chameleon man
Bill Bisco : 20K For selling of Dragon's Corpse
Bor: "I don't need the head if we're getting that much money! Anyone want it?"
Mali: (we sell it all)
Bor: "Put on a wall?"
Mali: (we sell it all)
Baltasar: "Err, Bor… it's kinda smashed."
Mali: *heads back to krayzen outscapes
Bor: *follows Mali*
Baltasar sneaks one of the smaller scales, small enough to not impact the price… or make anything with.
Baltasar: (( just an RP momento ))
Farris follows mali
Altharid follows Mali
Baltasar promenades down the street with the others, pimp cane swinging.
Altharid: "What did he say… back then ?" - to Mali
Mali: "this place is dangerous. Be careful."
Mali: "He said he wants to be out all the time"
Bor: [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
Mali: [1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
Altharid: (I have mindsight anyway … albeit the range isonly 30ft)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+23] => [1,23] = (24)
Baltasar: (( what is with these 1s? ))
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [20,14] = (34)
Altharid: (hell yeah)
Altharid: (how much time passed since we have fought the dragon ?)
Bor: "We want to fight the champion!"
Mali: "We need to do that arena thing!"
Baltasar laughs, remember what Bor did to them a couple weeks ago.
Altharid: (ok)
Baltasar: *remembering
Mali: "This manotaur wishes to become your king"
Baltasar: "Bor, how many kingdoms do you need?"
Mali: "permanently a chameleon man? That sounds interesting"
Bor: "If you are strong enough to beat us, then becoming one of you is nice!"
Altharid: *sighs*
Mali: *follows*
Altharid: "Mali… what the Bloodhaired One said… when he was… active ?" - to Mali telepathically
Bor: "I'm not king anymore Balt, we destroyed the crown!"
Altharid follows Mali
Bor: *follows*
Baltasar follows the group, staying toward the rear.
Mali: *follows*
Bor: *sense motive*
Baltasar misses his darkvision
Mali: *takes out liquid sunlight*
Bor: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
Farris casts light on my spear
Altharid: (ok we can see now…. good enough I guess)
Baltasar activates his invisibility again, lifting off to be silent in movement.
Baltasar closely follows the group from behind.
Mali: "So, what does being a chameleon man intail?"
Bor: (wealthy merchants?)
Mali: "Oh, that would be Bor"
Bor: "If one of us wins, the others are free?"
Mali: "he's all about the fighting!"
Altharid: "I shall… observe his efforts"
Bor: "Ok, I'll do it then!"
Mali: "how long before the fight begins?"
Baltasar sneakily infuses Greater Armor Enhancement on Bor before he enters.
Bor: *enters*
Baltasar: (( that's a +5 AC bonus ))
Bor: (thanks =D)
Mali: "this is so exciting!"
Altharid: "…bloodshed…. indeed… enjoyable"
Mali: "We should have asked if it was to the death…and weapons are allowed."
Baltasar: (( i figured you needed armor more than an attack bonus ))
Bor: *yells* "Is this fight to the death? Can I kill him?"
Bor: "BOR!"
Mali: "Bor, the Manotaur!"
Bor: *laughs*
Bor: "I be a super pirate hero, yarr!"
Altharid facepalms
Bor: (armored?)
Mali: "Booooo!"
Mali: "Boooo"
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar whispers to Al, "Did they say "Escargot?"
Altharid: "Does not matter…."
Altharid: "Names do not matter"
Altharid: "Efficiency matters"
Bor: Initiative [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
Altharid observes the match carefully
Bor: (AoO, Trip attempt)
Bor: (I do)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [15,18] = (33), Strenght Check [1d20+20] => [18,20] = (38), Attack [1d20+22] => [1,22] = (23), Damage [4d6+25] => [1,6,1,2,25] = (35)
Bor: (second attack didn't hit)
Bor: (but he's on the ground)
Farris: (brb)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+> [15, (44)
Altharid: (he's tough…)
Bor: (you do realize it doesn't take BAB into consideration, right?)
Baltasar: (( he beat a 38 str check? nice ))
Bor: (size + str only)
Altharid: (trip mod = only str + size + others)
Bor: (k, I'll roll the prone penalty to his AC in my attack instead)
Bor: *whirling frenzy activated*
Altharid: "There he … goes"
Baltasar: (( aka, cuisnart ))
Farris: (back)
Bor: Power attack 2 Attack [1d20+20] => [1,20] = (21), Damage [4d6+33] => [1,3,3,3,33] = (43)
Bor: Power attack 2 Attack [1d20+20] => [6,20] = (26), Damage [4d6+33] => [5,2,2,5,33] = (47)
Baltasar: (( you're just in time to see bor puree a dude ))
Bor: Power attack 2 Attack [1d20+15] => [13,15] = (28), Damage [4d6+33] => [3,4,4,1,33] = (45)
Bor: *takes a 5' step back*
Mali: (1st one missed)
Bor: (he's still in range, right?)
Baltasar: (( what have I created? ))
Altharid: (( what has magic done !))
Baltasar: (( dude, nice ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+17] => [17,17] = (34)
Bor: (40ft, so that takes 80ft movement)
Baltasar mutters, "Ohshi"
Bor: (k)
Mali: "He'll be fine"
Bor: Tumble [1d20+25] => [9,25] = (34)
Bor: (so I get to AoO him? my tumble was the same as his)
Bor: Power attack 2 Attack [1d20+20] => [8,20] = (28), Damage [4d6+33] => [4,3,1,4,33] = (45)
Bor: (how far is he away from me? is he standing?)
Mali (enter): 18:42
Bor: *full attacks*
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [16,18] = (34), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [3,22] = (25), Attack [1d20+22] => [1,22] = (23), Damage [4d6+> [2,6,4,5, (46)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+16] => [3,16] = (19)
Bor: Attack [1d20+22] => [5,22] = (27), Damage [4d6+> [2,3,1,4, (39)
Bor: Attack [1d20+17] => [15,17] = (32), Damage [4d6+> [1,1,1,1, (33)
Altharid: (ermm you have +4 to attacks now that he is prone)
Bor: (I know, it is taken into consideration)
Altharid: (kk)
Bor: *5' step back*
Bill Bisco : [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23)
Mali: "Go Bor!"
Bor: (can I use Str for that skill? it substitutes Jump, right?)
Bor: (acrobatics)
Bor: (k)
Bor: [1d20+15] => [2,15] = (17)
Mali: *whispers bor's name under her breath and universals him [1d20+17] => [9,17] = (26)*
Mali: (+5 to those bor)
Bor: (no I won't)
Bor: (22)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+> [3, (32)
Mali: (yay skills bard! you have that for 5 rounds bor)
Baltasar: (( bad touch! ))
Altharid: ((grapple the bastard :P))
Bor: (that touches)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [17,15] = (32)
Bor: (bab too or strenght only?)
Bor: [1d20+22] => [17,22] = (39)
Bor: (what can I do basically?)
Altharid: ((damage from holding))
Altharid: ((1d4+str subdual))
Bor: (he's the one holding me)
Baltasar activates his Screwdriver and sends a Message to Al, Mali, and Farris: "If he looks like he's going down, we're going to step in?"
Altharid: ((so if he beat your grapple check when you tried to not get grappled he damages you))
Bor: *tries to break free using an AP*
Baltasar: (( still invisible, so the message should be undetectable ))
Bor: [1d20+22+1d6] => [9,22,6] = (37)
Altharid: "I can step in…." - telepathically
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [17,22] = (39)
Altharid: "Give me a few moments…. to prepare though" - continues
Bor: *belt of battle standard action*
Bor: *tries to break free using an AP*
Bor: [1d20+22+1d6] => [6,22,5] = (33)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36)
Altharid: (you have 2 grapple attempts)
Altharid: (bor…. you have +6 bab)
Bor: (then third attempt)
Baltasar replies, "I'll give you a warning shortly before we go, alright?"
Altharid: (the second one with -5 penalty)
Bor: [1d20+17+1d6] => [7,17,1] = (25)
Bor: (i meant with no AP this time)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [17,22] = (39)
Farris nods to balt
Bor: [1d20+22] => [13,22] = (35)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [6,3,8] = (17)
Altharid: (hmm if he's large then its 1d4+str subdual)
Altharid: (2d6 ?)
Altharid: (nice)
Bor: *break free attempt*
Baltasar: (( i wouldn't have thought a grapplemonster would be the way to take down bor ))
Bor: [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40)
Mali: "go bor, get out of that pin!
Bill Bisco : [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36)
Bor: *moves to 40ft away*
Bor: (23 hits)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+> [20, (49)
Bor: (shit)
Bill Bisco : [1d10+12] => [7,12] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d6] => [1] = (1)
Bor: (confirm the crit)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+> [1, (30)
Altharid: (errr its natural 1)
Mali: no con, rolled 1
Baltasar Messages the group: "If he takes one more hit like that, we move."
Farris: ((how far down to the base of the arena from where we are sitting))
Baltasar infuses Bane(Shapeshifter) on his crossbow.
Bor: (I still have 65 hitpoint)
Bor: (his turn)
Altharid meditates silently and prepares to use AP's to recover some of his pp reserve
Farris: ((oh ok ))
Altharid: ((brb))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23)
Mali: (bor you still have +5 from my thing)
Bor: [1d20+20] => [6,20] = (26)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [8,18] = (26), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [7,22] = (Attack [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40), Damage [4d6+> [3,6,4,2, (44)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [13,15] = (28)
Baltasar: *Continuing the messages* "If we have to attack, Al will take out the champion, the rest of us will cover them."
Bor: *shock trooper leap attacks for full*
Bor: (how so?)
Farris nods
Bor: Attack [1d20+22] => [13,22] = (35), Damage [4d6+53] => [1,3,3,3,53] = (63)
Bor: Attack [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40), Damage [4d6+53] => [3,1,3,4,53] = (64)
Bor: Attack [1d20+17] => [18,17] = (35), Damage [4d6+53] => [6,2,5,3,53] = (69)
Mali: "YAY!"
Bor: *roars*
Baltasar activates the Message a last time, "Nevermind."
Mali: "we should get some clerics to raise that guy"
Altharid: "… I wish I could… wrestle him"
Mali: "or not"
Baltasar attempts to identify the effect.
Bor: *checks his gear*
Baltasar: (( is that know:arcana, religion, spellcraft? ))
Bor: "I'm taking this with me!"
Baltasar: knowledge arcana: [1d20+20] => [1,20] = (21)
Baltasar: (( wtf man ))
Mali: "Bor bor bor"*attempts to start the crowd
Baltasar: (( that's the third 1 tonight :| ))
Altharid: (heh 1 again… aren't we cursed ?)
Bor: "He was a worthy foe!"
Mali: "so, does this mean they have to become one of us?"
Bor: "What being a champion means? Am I the king too?"
Mali: "Bor is king again!"
Mali: "2 kingdoms withing walking distance!"
Bor: "I can't be champion"
Bor: "I'm a super pirate hero! I have important things to do!"
Baltasar: "Well, now that we're not in danger of being eaten…"
Bor: *takes the champion's belongings and leaves*
Altharid facepalms…. again
Baltasar appears out of thin air
Bor: *meets up with the gang*
Mali: "Great job! That guy would have killed me"
Altharid: "… not really"
Bor: "He fights like you, Altharid!"
Baltasar smirks, "I could have taken him."
Altharid: "I have noticed"
Bor: "But you are stronger, you won against me"
Altharid: "I am only stronger… when it comes to wrestling"
Bor: "Now what?"
Bor: "You are stronger than the ex-champion"
Mali: "well, that was what you wanted to do today"
Mali: "What do you want to do Farris?"
Bor: "That was fun, thank you for coming"
Bor: "And thanks for the help, Mali"
Altharid: "And I shall be even more powerful… just wait"
Bor: "I will fight you again when we become more powerful, Altharid!"
Bor: (in 2 levels exactly)
Altharid: "You will not regret… that"
Baltasar: "I've got an idea!"
Baltasar: "Let's go steal a ship."
Mali: "What's that?!"
Mali: "steal a ship…that isn't exactly a nice thing to do!"
Bor: "But that's not right!"
Mali: "What if we buy a ship."
Baltasar: "No no, we'll steal it from pirates."
Mali: "And say we stole it."
Bor: "You're not stealing from me!"
Mali: "OH, that sounds like not stealing"
Baltasar: "Do you own a ship?"
Altharid: "…"
Bor: "I'm a pirate!"
Baltasar: "If you don't own a ship, we can't exactly steal one, now can we."
Altharid: "So you were serious…. back then… Baltasar"
Mali: "then we sail the ship until we find the original owners."
Baltasar: "Seriously though, it'll be fun."
Baltasar: "We don't even need to keep it long, just long enough to steal another one."
Bor: "Ok, but it must be that Blackheart strong pirate"
Baltasar: "Hell, I even have an idea for using the first one to steal the second."
Mali: "I'm up for stealing from pirates. We just have to be sure they are pirates."
Altharid: "Does not matter… to me"
Mali: "we need a pirate litmus test."
Bor: "Baltasar, can you tell me what magic this gear has?"
Altharid: "As long… as it is…. lucrative… then I am in"
Bor: *shows champion's gear*
Baltasar uses Artificer Knowledge and his Artificer's Monocle on the gear
Bor: *heals self* [4d8] => [7,6,3,8] = (24)
Baltasar: (( basically, AK is an ex. version of Detect Magic, and the monocle grants a free Identify on a detect magic or AK check ))
Baltasar: (( nice ))
Baltasar explains what they can both do.
Mali: "hey, I can use that!….er no I can't"
Altharid: ((armor should auto adjust with a wearer….unless I am wrong))
Bor: "Sounds nice, but this armor is too heavy for me"
Bor: "Let's sell it all!"
Baltasar nods, "Can do."
Mali: "Let's find a pirate ship and some pirates."
Mali thinks about pirate stereotypes
Mali: *goes back to dragonport*
Altharid: "I fail to… comprehend…. your… pirates-craze…"
Altharid follows
Bor: *follows people wherever they go while Gribel answers nature's call*
Mali: "so, how do we know which ship is stolen?"
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Mali (exit): 19:12
Baltasar: "I think we want a ship already at sea… fewer witnesses and all."
Baltasar: "If it's flying a pirate flag, or captained by a known pirate, then odds are it's stolen."
Mali: "hmm, how do we get out to sea?"
Baltasar: "… That is a remarkably good idea."
Altharid: "I can swim well… for a while if that matters… or fly"
Altharid: "My circuits are highly… adjustable"
Baltasar: "So, who's up for joining a crew?"
Mali: "that sounds like mutiny. are we going to at least give the ship back when we find other pirates?"
Baltasar: "Yeah, sure"
Altharid: "If that… would entail… resoursces gain… the count me … in"
Altharid: *resources
Bor: (back)
Altharid: *then
Mali: *tries to find the nicest ship
Baltasar: "I think it should be you three who join up." *points to Mali, Farris, and Bor*
Baltasar: "Al and I… we kinda stick out a bit."
Baltasar: "And it would be better to have some plausible deniability."
Bor: "Like I don't"
Baltasar: "Besides, the two of us can easily infiltrate the ship on our own."
Baltasar shakes his head at Mali.
Mali: *goes up to the ship*
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Mali…
Bor: "I like the crew from that ship!"
Baltasar: "Let's pick one we have a chance at capturing."
Mali: "Malmir, are you a pirate?"
Bor: *waves to the crew*
Altharid joins the rest
Mali: "but you own this ship, right?"
Bor: "I got horny!"
Bor: *points to horns*
Mali: "can you take us to a pirate who doesn't own his ship?"
Baltasar facepalms at Mali.
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: "I really shouldn't have tried to enlist their help…"
Bor: "Like that mansion we have!"
Mali: "okay then…I"m taking your ship"
Altharid: "I do know why I find her… alluring… I cannot explain it" - telepathically to Balt
Baltasar: "Oh balls."
Mali: "because it is the nicest one"
Bor: (missed a not the Altharid)
Baltasar mutters back, "It's because she's hot, and you're kinda dumb."
Mali: "Okay, I"m the captain"
Bor: (a not in there*)
Mali: "Arr I'm a Pirate!"
Bor: "Arrr!"
Mali: "okay that's great!"
Farris facepalms
Mali: "arr"
Bor: "I'm the only king here"
Bor: "Yarr!"
Mali: "Yarr!"
Altharid: "My intelect is superior to most of the humankind… it has to do something with my … internal organs" - replies back
Mali gets on the ship
Bor: *high fives Mali*
Mali: *high fives back*
Altharid: (*has to be something)
Bor: *gets on board*
Altharid follows the rest
Farris shrugs and boards the ship
Bor: (how late is it?)
Baltasar cloaks and swoops into rigging, holding onto the mast.
Bor: (heals everyone during the trip)
Altharid: (I am at full hp)
Altharid meditates deeply
Farris thanks sir
Altharid follows the rest
Bor: "Where do I sit?"
Mali: "So we are in the market for a ship malmir."
Baltasar joins the group.
Bor: *sits on king's chair*
Mali: "we want to take it from a pirate"
Altharid sits next to Balt
Baltasar: "I'm going to level with you here, this was mostly my idea. And I made a mistake in the execution."
Baltasar: "I told her."
Altharid: (I mean Mali)
Baltasar: "My idea was to find an undermanned ship and steal it."
Altharid: (ahh though that you were invisible)
Baltasar: (( i was, gave it up as a bad job ))
Mali: "we want to find a nice ship with bad people so we can return the ship to its righful owners."
Baltasar: (( figure if worst comes to worst, bor will become emperor, and we'll just take this place ))
Bor: "that's us"
Bor: "we're the rightful owners, we are pirates with no ship!"
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: "Property is theft, therefore theft is property, no?"
Mali: "Barby told us about a black pirate"
Baltasar: "So, about these competitors…"
Mali: "we want his shiP"
Bor: (Bor almost became god in the first session aswell)
Baltasar: "So what makes him so fearsome?"
Bor: "I want to fight that Vance!"
Mali: "We'll take vance's ship….if he's a bad pirate"
Baltasar: "Why would it be hard?"
Mali: "Vorloy? Are they bad people?"
Bor: "How happy would you be?"
Bor: "Like, in gold pieces"
Baltasar: "Is it fireproof?"
Baltasar: "I've found that when a ship is known to be unbeatable, it's usually just a lot of hype and hot air."
Bor: "Nice food!"
Mali: "So where is this ship now?"
Baltasar grins, "Well, that's why we're asking these questions. To change those odds."
Altharid also grins
Baltasar: "What sort of complement does it carry? Men, weaponry, etc"
Mali: "So, tell us about our destination"
Baltasar: (( also, these are just sailing ships, right? ))
Altharid: (brb)
Bor: "What if we steal a house, sell it and buy a ship with the money?"
Baltasar: "How strong are the wizard and cleric?"
Bor: (that's for higher levels, really)
Baltasar: "Cause to be honest, they'd be the greatest danger."
Baltasar: (( what would i use to determine Malmir's approximate class level? ))
Baltasar: (( so i can get a relative idea of what he would consider strong ))
Mali: "hey, we can help with that. I do hostage negotiations."
Bor: "So we're doing a job for you? Sounds nice, you give us good pay"
Bill Bisco :
Altharid: ((back))
Mali: "maybe we could talk to them first."
Mali: "who took your girlfriend?"
Baltasar: (( hmm, we could definitely take this ship if we wanted ))
Baltasar: (( but i've got my sights set a bit higher now… ))
Bor: "No"
Mali: "ogres. They like fighting. Maybe Bor should negotiate with them..chain style"
Bor: "We will find him"
Bor: "You just stay here, you don't like blood"
Bor: (to Malmir)
Altharid: "I do.. though"
Farris: ((Do i get my spells back since this is a long voyage?))
Mali: "So does your girlfriend have a name?"
Mali: "Describe her."
Bor: "Sounds like I could use her"
Bor: "Why not? She's a woman, right?"
Baltasar: (( bill, when this is over, i'm gonna want to do some Gather Info checks to learn about the crew of the Sahar, will that be ok? ))
Bor: "My what?"
Baltasar: (( thnx ))
Mali: "Bor is an upstanding guy."
Baltasar: "Caliber, it's a measure of size in engineering."
Baltasar glances up and down at Bor.
Bor: "I get it!"
Bor: *flexes*
Altharid: *sighs*
Bor: "I'm big and strong!"
Baltasar: "So, we're arriving at the island tomorrow?"
Baltasar nods.
Bor: "Ok, let's party!"
Mali: (i'm good to skip)
Bor: (me 2)
Altharid does not participate in the party too much… he meditates…deeply in solitude
Baltasar spends the time asking pertinent questions of the mates and captain.
Baltasar: (( basically, giving background for how i know how to pilot a ship next level ))
Baltasar swoops up to the topsail, looking out over the island.
Baltasar grins at the news of the dragon.
Bor: "Let's race in the row boats!"
Altharid: "A dragon…."
Altharid: "I like the… idea… of confronting it… later"
Baltasar races ahead of the boats, keeping a lookout as he goes: perception [1d20+23] => [14,23] = (37)
Bor: (mind to repeat the dragon part? sorry)
Mali: "We should steer clear of the dragon. We may have killed his son"
Altharid: "And…?"
Altharid: "Dragon are long-lived… are they… not ?"
Altharid: "When I gain enough… power"
Altharid: "I shall challenge him… her whataver"
Bor: (k, thanks)
Mali: "so, give us a map and we'll go negotiate with the orges."
Bor: "Wyrm? Sounds big, too big for now"
Bor: (Bor knows fear?!?!?!?!)
Bor: *heads out to the boats*
Mali: *asks for a very good description of the girlfriend*
Farris gets into the rowboat
Baltasar: (( was malmir being literal about a wyrm? or just using the nickname for dragons/ ))
Baltasar agrees with Bor
Altharid gets into the rowboat… and waits for the others to hop in
Bor: "Want to go there invisible, Balt?"
Mali: "You know what Baltasar…your flying invisible getup reminds me of twilight vampires from the Larry Dotter books"
Baltasar: "No, just flying for now."
Baltasar: "You don't say."
Bor: "Stupid books"
Baltasar agrees with Bor again.
Baltasar: "Ok, let's move out."
Mali: *follows bor closely
Baltasar: (( mali, did you get a map? ))
Bor: *tries to follow elven scent*
Bor: (I have track, so that should work)
Baltasar: "Let's head for the ogres."
Bor: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
Bor: (help Mali?)
Altharid: (I can help)
Mali: [1d20+17] => [20,17] = (37)
Altharid: Skills: Survival [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12)
Mali: no, that's a +5 to bor
Altharid: (so aid another)
Baltasar preemptively infuses Bane(Giant) on his crossobw
Bor: *describes to the rest of the party*
Mali: we got a +11 to bor's survival
Altharid uses expansion
Baltasar: "Plan?"
Mali: *observes the ogres*
Mali: "you should negotiate with them"
Altharid: "… bad idea"
Mali: "ask them nicely to return the elf maiden"
Baltasar: "How about a good plan."
Bor: "I speak ogre"
Baltasar: "How bout a not-Mali plan."
Altharid: "Speak with your chain then…"
Bor: "My chain doesn't speak"
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: "It'll be easiest to just wipe them out."
Altharid facepalms… again
Baltasar continues keeping an eye out, in case there's more ogres.
Baltasar: "They have very few redeeming features, and while I'm not particularly fond of elves, they're preferable to ogres."
Altharid daydreams a little … about… dark elven females
Bor: "Just fly there while invisible and take the maid, Baltasar"
Bor: "Make her invisible too"
Baltasar: "Can't, unless I put her in my pocket."
Baltasar pauses.
Baltasar: "No, I can't put her in my pocket."
Bor: "Glares"
Bor: *glares*
Baltasar: "What I can do is grab her and just outrun the ogres."
Baltasar: "Cause they ARE very slow."
Baltasar takes flight, "Sound good?"
Bor: "And the riches?"
Bor: "Can you get them before you get her?"
Altharid: "Bor has a point"
Baltasar: "We'll get them after the elf is secure."
Bor: "Put in your pocket?"
Altharid: "…splendid"
Mali: "we should save the maiden first"
Altharid: "They might have… more"
Bor: "ok, tell me when to go berserk"
Baltasar: "And while I'm retrieving the elf, you lot set up an ambush for the ogres who will undoubtedly chase me."
Mali: "then try to pirate them"
Baltasar nods in agreement.
Baltasar: "Good plan."
Farris: ((I take it there are trees to hide behind?))
Baltasar cloaks and takes off into the caves.
Baltasar: (( i'm looking for the elf, and trying to avoid running into any ogres. ))
Mali: "I hope he knows about traps"
Bor: "Ogres are stupid, no traps"
Baltasar: Stealth: [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15)
Bor: (pictures Baltasar messing up)
Mali: [1d20+16] => [15,16] = (31) inspired disguise check to look like a comly elf maiden
Altharid: "…you…. see…. Mali….were you serious… about… well… you know… 'what'… few days… ago?"
Baltasar: (( when i mess up, it turns out AWESOME ))
Karma (enter): 19:52
Mali: "About that cute guy you turn into?"
Karma (exit): 19:52
Mali: "yes, he should take me to dinner"
Altharid: "I would not… call him… like… that"
Bor: "Why do you like him like that, Mali?"
Farris: ((does hold person work on ogres?))
Farris: ((craaap))
Mali: "Like what? Like I want to date him?"
Altharid: "Allright… then.. give me some time… month … or so… and I shall… developed a fusion method with longer duration"
Mali: "cause he flies and how powers."
Bor: "Yes"
Baltasar activates Message toward the elf, speaking in elven: "Don't say a word. We're here to rescue you. When I grab you, don't struggle. Nod once if you understand."
Mali: "same reason I like you."
Mali: "but you never offer to take me out."
Baltasar: (( message isn't audible to anyone not part of the spell ))
Baltasar sneakily flies over to her and uses Knock on the manacles.
Bor: "Let's go out when this is over then"
Baltasar: (( that's also on my screwdriver ))
Mali: "sounds like a plan. I like to be romanced. Wear your tuxedo."
MjhX (enter): 19:54
Baltasar grabs the elf (I assume she's under 200lbs?) and takes off at full speed toward the exit.
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: (( that's 90ft fly speed ))
MjhX (exit): 19:55
Bor: "Wearing the tuxedo is fun, I will, but you can't order me"
Bill Bisco : [1d20+16] => [4,16] = (20)
Mali: "oh, that's not what my mother told me."
Mali: "she said I could boss my boyfriend around"
Baltasar: (( yeah, this is gonna turn out just spiffy ))
Baltasar: (( she's an ogre mage or something, right? ))
Bor: (awesomesauce)
Baltasar: (( 24 ))
Altharid: (heh)
Bor: "She's a woman, she doesn't know what she's talking about"
Baltasar: (( gots some mad armor ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20)
Baltasar: init: [1d20+16] => [4,16] = (20)
Mali: "oh, really? You should tell her that."
Bill Bisco : [1d20+16] => [18,16] = (34)
Baltasar: (( err… can I tell that she's trying to attack? ))
Baltasar: (( and yes ))
Baltasar: (( it hits pretty hard ))
Altharid: (err the one with greater mod should go first… unless gm rules otherwise)
Bor: "Ok, I'll do that when she's not wearing that bel"t
Baltasar: (( is the effect either mind affecting or necromancy? I have bonuses vs them ))
Baltasar: (( oh, and i have a bonus vs spells ))
Baltasar: (( my dex is 20 ))
Baltasar: (( ouch ))
Mali: "so, wear the tuxedo"
Farris: ((balt is spiderman))
Bor: "Yes, because it is fun"
Mali: "also, altharid, your flying form guy can take me out the next day."
Baltasar: (( oh, i'm immune to poison :D ))
Baltasar: (( got a belt of delay poison ))
Mali: "I'll decide who is nicer and keep them as a boyfriend."
Baltasar: (( so it'll hit, but won't take effect until i take the belt off ))
Farris: ((nvm balt is superman))
Baltasar: Will save [1d20+16] => [5,16] = (21)
Altharid: "…ermmm …sure" - blushes heavily but its not visible under the bandages
Mali: "so does your super flying form have a name altharid?"
Bill Bisco : [6d6+6] => [5,6,6,2,6,6,6] = (37)
Altharid: "he does…"
Baltasar: (( no, i'm Victor von Doom, supes is weak vs magic ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
Mali: "what's his name?"
Altharid: "But he said that I would … be in a great danger… should I even utter it"
Bill Bisco : [6d6+6] => [4,1,6,3,5,5,6] = (30)
Mali: (crit?)
Baltasar: (( ha! ))
Baltasar: (( it misses by 1 ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
Baltasar: (( oh, flatfooted ))
Baltasar: (( nvm ))
Baltasar: (( also, i forgot that i added a +3 enhancement to my shield cloak, that's not on my offline sheet, but it is on my online sheet ))
Baltasar recloaks and takes off again.
Mali: "oh, well then, maybe you shouldn't call him"
Baltasar flies back toward the entrance.
Baltasar: (( invisible? ))
Baltasar: (( ooooh, well i didn't know i was grappled ))
Baltasar: (( is she the elf,or an ogre in disguise? ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25)
Baltasar: (( cause that'll affect my options ))
Altharid: "…"
Altharid: "This is why… I should do it … the other way"
Altharid: "I will make a code"
Baltasar: Will Save: [1d20+16] => [6,16] = (22)
Altharid: "You will decipher it…"
Altharid: "Therefore you will learn… of his name"
Baltasar activates his Bayonet's special ability… Smoking
Altharid: "Should… you want to … learn it… "
Baltasar: (( it gives me full concealment, and creates a stinking cloud spell centered on me ))
Bill Bisco : [1d100] => [28] = (28)
Bill Bisco : [1d100] => [68] = (68)
Mali: "i want to know the cute guys name."
Baltasar: (( that only affects my enemies ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [18,15] = (33)
Altharid: "Do you … possess some writing… implements…. devices …?"
Altharid facepalms
Baltasar: (( err, the elf needs to make a save ))
Altharid: "The sand should… do"
Mali: *takes out ink and paper from haversack inquistiive kit*
Bill Bisco : [1d20+16] => [7,16] = (23)
Baltasar: (( DC 21 ))
Baltasar: (( well balls ))
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [4,6,8] = (18)
Altharid: (we are on the beach anyway)
Baltasar: (( yes, a 33 hits ))
Baltasar: (( still up! ))
Baltasar: (( it doesn't, besides i'm invisible, so no AoOs unless they have blind fight ))
Altharid: (if you have +6 bab then you have 2 grapple attempts… the 2nd one with -5 penalty)
Baltasar: (( anyway, i'm going to use my belt of battle at the end of my turn, so ill have two turns here ))
Bor: (don't you have 67 HP, Baltasar?)
Baltasar: (( not yet ))
Altharid takes the writing implements… from Mali
Baltasar activates his Dimension door boots, aiming for a place toward the entrance of the cave.
Bor: (I mean max)
Baltasar: (( it's a non-provoking action, gets me out of the grapple ))
Baltasar: (( then i take flight again and move 90ft ))
Altharid: ((std action))
Baltasar: (( is it anywhere close to me?, if it is, i want to burn a charge on the belt and make a double move ))
Baltasar: (( yeah, use a charge and move another 90 ))
Altharid devolopes a simple code
Altharid: *develops
Altharid explains the code to Mali
Baltasar GTFO the caves.
Baltasar: (( basically, run while flying ))
Mali: (so what's the name?)
Baltasar: (( so 90ft x3 ))
Altharid: (<…Xolrethe…»>)
Altharid: (XOLRETHE)
Baltasar: (( err… i'm just gonna flee until i reach the group ))
Mali: "so do I say his name during dinner with you?"
Altharid: ((can we hear anything ?))
Baltasar: (( bravely run away Sir Balt ))
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [20,14] = (34)
Bor: (I can smell him)
Baltasar yells at the group as he approaches.
Bor: "I smell Baltasar"
Baltasar: "It was a trap!"
Altharid: (I have also mindsight)
Bor: "Action!"
Bor: *gets ready*
Altharid: (astral construct spam commencing)
Baltasar lands behind bor and uses his Wand of CMW on himself: [2d8+3] => [6,8,3] = (17) healing
Farris gets ready
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
Farris: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
Mali: "thank you for saving me!"-mali as the elf maiden to altharid
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
Bor: Initiative [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
Mali: initiative: [1d20+10] => [6,10] = (16)
Altharid: "not… now…please" - ALth still blushes
Baltasar: init: [1d20+16] => [3,16] = (19)
Bor: (how far are them?)
Bor: (how many of them?)
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
Altharid: … linked to (expends psionic focus)
Bor: (any one that stands out?)
Altharid: (ignore the last two posts…once again)
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Altharid: … linked to (expends psionic focus)
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
Baltasar takes flight and fires at the largest one: bane crossbow attack [1d20+15] => [3,15] = (18), Damage [1d10+3+2d6] => [6,3,6,1] = (16)
Mali: *full defense, law devotion +3 to ac, [1d20+23] => [2,23] = (25) knowledge devo
Altharid: Vigor (std action) *Altharid surrounds himself with a glowing crimson forcefield*
Altharid: (from belt of battle)
Bor: *pounces one that makes the others stand in Bor's range*
Baltasar: (( i take it these aren't bog standard ogres… ))
Farris: Move forward 20 feet and cast prayer
Altharid: (Charges with 20ft range at the nearest ogre)
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion I +1 Guisarme [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30), damage [2d6+8] => [2,2,8] = (12)
Altharid: (hell yeah)
Altharid: (crit)
Farris: (any of them in the range of the spell take -1 penalties on pretty much everything
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion I +1 Guisarme [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20), damage [2d6+8] => [4,4,8] = (16)
Altharid: (+2 from charge +1 from prayer)
Altharid: (confirmation)
Bor: Full Shock Trooper Whirling Frenzy Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [8,18] = (26), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [1,22] = (23), Attack [1d20+22] => [1,22] = (23), Damage [4d6+53] => [1,5,5,5,53] = (69)
Altharid: (ok so just hit)
Bor: (I'm attacking 3 different targets)
Bor: Full Shock Trooper Whirling Frenzy Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [19,18] = (37), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40), Attack [1d20+22] => [4,22] = (26), Damage [4d6+53] => [2,5,1,2,53] = (63)
Bor: Full Shock Trooper Whirling Frenzy Touch Attack [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [20,22] = (42), Attack [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23), Damage [4d6+53] => [1,5,4,2,53] = (65)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [19,11] = (30)
Bor: (so 2 tripped, one hit)
Baltasar: (( err, how many ogres are we talking here? ))
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [9,18] = (27), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [5,22] = (27), Attack [1d20+22] => [2,22] = (24), Damage [4d6+53] => [3,3,6,2,53] = (67)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [20,18] = (38), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [11,22] = (33), Attack [1d20+22] => [1,22] = (23), Damage [4d6+53] => [4,6,6,6,53] = (75)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [18,18] = (36), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [13,22] = (35), Attack [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32), Damage [4d6+53] => [1,2,6,2,53] = (64)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34), Attack [1d20+22] => [17,22] = (39), Damage [4d6+53] => [5,4,5,4,53] = (71)
Altharid: (I have 20ft reach)
Bor: (AoOs)
Bor: (I did say I'd charge one that would get the others in range)
Bor: (I can't move closer while charging)
Bor: (ok then, no AoOs)
Bor: (seems right to me)
Altharid: (do I get any aoos ?)
Altharid: (kk)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [6,15] = (21)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [2,15] = (17)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [19,15] = (34)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [4,6,8] = (18)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [6,1,8] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [3,1,8] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [1,1,8] = (10)
Bor: (12 hits)
Mali: (who you aiming at?)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [6,10] = (16)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [8,10] = (18)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+3] => [6,6,3] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+3] => [1,5,3] = (9)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+3] => [1,2,3] = (6)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+3] => [3,4,3] = (10)
Altharid: (thankfully he does not confirm)
Bor: (there are prone ogres in my reach)
Altharid: (ok thankfully I had vigor online)
Altharid: (now…16
Altharid: )
Altharid: (ermm thought the 14 was the confirmation roll)
Bill Bisco : [2d20+10] => [8,11,10] = Altharid: (ok so roll it then)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [19,10] = Altharid: (darn it)
Altharid: (it hurts)
Altharid: (ok vigor goes online)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36), Attack [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36), Damage [4d6+53] => [4,5,4,6,53] = (72)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [10,18] = (28), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [13,22] = (35), Attack [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32), Damage [4d6+53] => [3,6,6,1,53] = (69)
Altharid: (any aoos or something)
Altharid: (I mean offline)
Bor: (ok, but ranged attacks)
Mali: (i just gave them the skilll trick)
Baltasar: (( thanks to bor :P ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [16,15] = (31)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [13,15] = (28)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [15,10] = (25)
Bor: (ranged attacks provoke)
Bor: (I see)
Altharid: (I have 20ft reach too)
Altharid: (so aoo… or not… I have missed that part)
Altharid: (ok)
Altharid: (so no aoo)
Altharid: (3 hits)
Altharid: (whats the base damage ?)
Bor: (you get bonus damage)
Altharid: (for medium weapon ?)
Bor: (and lose attack)
Mali: (bonus damage, not bonus reach)
Altharid: (if it was 1d8 then it becomes 2d6)
Altharid: (unles I'm missing something)
Altharid: (
Bill Bisco : [2d20+8] => [8,2,8] = (18)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [3,1,8] = (12)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [6,1,8] = (15)
Altharid: (if that was a longspear then it is 2d6)
Bill Bisco : [2d8+8] => [5,4,8] = (17)
Baltasar shoots two of the ones threatening Altharid with Acidic Fire
Bor: (how's the full hp AP thing? down yet?)
Altharid: (heh I have 17 hp left)
Bor: (down already*)
Bor: (k)
Baltasar: ranged touch attack: [1d20+13] => [14,13] = (27), Damage [2d4+1] => [1,3,1] = (5), second round [1d4] => [2] = (2), splash to adjacent: 2
Altharid: (Astral Construct appears behind an ogre)
Farris: cast searing light (quicken dmm) on one of the ones that is away from bor [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6) dmg [2d8] => [4,1] = (5)
Altharid: (grants me flanking bonus)
Baltasar: ranged touch attack: [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16), Damage [2d4+1] => [4,3,1] = (8), second round [1d4] => [2] = (2), splash to adjacent: 2
Mali: *move to altharid, aid another to AC [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16)
Farris: step back 10 feet cast lantern light
Altharid: (astral construct charges)
Mali: (you get +3 ac against one attack altharid)
Farris: ((gah fail))
Altharid: ((darn one moment brb))
Farris: ((sorry waht was that))
Bor: *full attacks nearby ogres*
Altharid: ([1d20+14] => [8,14] = (22))
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [17,18] = (35), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40), Attack [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40), Damage [4d6+53] => [4,2,1,3,53] = (63)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [14,18] = (32), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [5,22] = (27), Attack [1d20+22] => [3,22] = (25), Damage [4d6+53] => [3,5,4,3,53] = (68)
Farris: ((I have awful luck with casting spells today))
Altharid: (+2 from flanking)
Bor: (and the other one?)
Altharid: (24 on astral constructs attack roll)
Bill Bisco : [2d20+11] => [12,20,11] = (43)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [2,11] = (13)
Bor: Attack [1d20+17] => [5,17] = (22), Damage [4d6+53] => [1,3,5,3,53] = (65)
Altharid: [1d10+12 damage] => 1d10+12 damage
Baltasar: (( prayer? ))
Bor: (no bonuses*
Altharid: ([1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14))
Altharid: (I am attacking the flanked one)
Bor: *belt of battle move charge to be 35' of the other ogres*
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion I +1 Guisarme [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20), damage [2d6+8] => [1,2,8] = (11)
Altharid: (+2 from flanking)
Altharid: (darnit again)
Bor: (of the ranged attacking ogres)
Baltasar: (( are there any ogres group together within 5 feet of each other? ))
Baltasar: *grouped
Baltasar: (( sweet ))
Bor: [1d20+15] => [20,15] = (35)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+13] => [16,13] = Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [10,18] = (28), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32), Attack [1d20+22] => [17,22] = (39), Damage [4d6+53] => [3,4,2,2,53] = (64)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [16,18] = (34), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [14,22] = (36), Attack [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32), Damage [4d6+53] => [5,2,2,3,53] = (65)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [20,22] = (42), Attack [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40), Damage [4d6+53] => [4,5,3,1,53] = (66)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [8,18] = (26), Strenght Check [1d20+22] => [3,22] = (25), Attack [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34), Damage [4d6+53] => [2,3,3,1,53] = (62)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [19,11] = (30)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [11,11] = (22)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [19,11] = (30)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [19,11] = (30)
Altharid: (did you trip the one near me ?)
Altharid: (kk)
Baltasar: (( are those still grouped within 5 feet of each other? ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [11,11] = (22)
Baltasar: (( the ones he just tripped ))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [6,15] = (21)
Altharid: (balt you did not move… did you ?)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
Farris: ((i doubt it matters they are about to be red paste))
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Bor: (12 ac)
Bor: (I don't need them yet, I think)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [6,1,8] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [6,5,8] = (19)
Farris: ((damn))
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [1,6,8] = (15)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [2,6,8] = (16)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [6,5,8] = (19)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+3] => [1,4,3] = (8)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+3] => [3,3,3] = (9)
Bor: (only 3 hit)
Altharid: (they have -1 to each damage roll)
Bor: (Oh nvm then)
Altharid: (and did 23 hit ?)
Bor: (4 AP)
Altharid: (because I forgot to add prayer ?)
Altharid: (last time)
Altharid: (kk)
Bill Bisco : [15d20] => [17,7,14,10,7,9,16,1,11,2,20,13,14,20,8] = (169)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+15] => [16,15] = (31)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+10] => [1,10] = (11)
Altharid: (wait what ?)
Baltasar: (( is it our init? ))
Altharid: (dimension swap)
Altharid: (to switch with construct)
Bill Bisco : [2d6+8] => [2,1,8] = (11)
Altharid: (kk)
Baltasar swoops over to the ogres and drops every single one of his unloaded grenades on the center one's head: ranged touch attack: [1d20+13] => [8,13] = (21), Damage [18d4+18+10d6+10] => [3,3,1,4,1,4,2,3,1,4,4,4,1,4,3,2,1,3,18,1,5,1,5,1,2,2,3,5,5,10] = (106), splash damage: [18+18+10+10] => 56
Baltasar: (( BAM ))
Mali: *moves to bor probably provoking
Mali: *aid bor's ac if I live*
Baltasar: (( they're bundled together ))
Baltasar: (( and they explode on contact ))
Altharid: (astral construct charges the guy we I am flanking)
Altharid: (we are)
Bor: (I feel cheated, I should do the damage)
Bor: (=P)
Altharid: [1d20+16] => [10,16] = (26)
Altharid: (attack roll)
Farris found the F4 macro key
Farris: shoot a ray from lantern light spell at the last guy [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21) dmg [1d6] => [6] = (6)
Altharid: [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22)
Altharid: (damage)
Farris: thats a touch
Farris: ((sorry))
Altharid: (sorry wrong die)
Farris: ((woo i hit someone))
Altharid: [1d10+12] => [10,12] = (22))
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [13,18] = (31), Strenght Check [1d20+20] => [3,20] = (23), Attack [1d20+22] => [2,22] = (24), Damage [4d6+> [1,3,3,2, (38)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+18] => [19,18] = (37), Strenght Check [1d20+20] => [15,20] = (35), Attack [1d20+22] => [5,22] = (27), Damage [4d6+> [4,4,6,2, (45)
Altharid: (altharid attack the flanked ogre if he is still alive)
Bill Bisco : [2d20+11] => [19,10,11] = (40)
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion I +1 Guisarme [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12), damage [2d6+8] => [4,1,8] = (13)
Bill Bisco : [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14)
Bor: Touch Attack [1d20+13] => [8,13] = (21), Strenght Check [1d20+20] => [19,20] = (39), Attack [1d20+17] => [20,17] = (37), Damage [4d6+> [3,3,6,1, (42)
Altharid: (heh miss)
Altharid: (even if I were to add +3)
Baltasar: (( that was actually pretty expensive :P ))
Altharid is panting heavily
Baltasar: (( i used 9 acidic fires and 10 alchemist's fire ))
Altharid: (17/85 hp)
Baltasar: (( that's 200gp for the alchemist's and 270gp for the acidic fire :P ))
Mali: "That was frantic!"
Bor: "Just a flesh wound! Those bears' lessons sure are useful!"
Mali: "is everybody all right?"
Baltasar touches down lightly next to the smouldering corpses.
Farris: here you go altharid
Baltasar: "So… would anyone like some healing?"
Farris: Spells: cure serious wounds [3d8+5] => [6,6,4,5] = (21)
Bor: *stabilizes one ogre*
Altharid: (38/85 hp)
Farris: Spells: cure serious wounds [3d8+5] => [4,7,3,5] = (19)
Bor: Heal chek [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7)
Baltasar uses two Lesser Vigors on Alth
Baltasar: (( that's 22hp from fast healing ))
Bor: "Can anyone help me here?"
Baltasar: (( over 11 rounds ))
Altharid: (ok)
Baltasar: (( well, 22 rounds ))
Baltasar goes to help Bor
Mali: [1d20+17] => [14,17] = (31) need 26 to get a +5 to skills for myself
Altharid: (79/85)
Farris goes to help bor
Baltasar: Heal: [1d20+12] => [15,12] = (27)
Altharid: (I'm ok now)
Farris: Skills: Heal [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Bor: "Now, you there was a trap Baltasar"
Bor: *you say
Mali: "so, what happened?"
Bor: "Let's ask this ogre"
Baltasar: "Turns out the elf didn't want rescued."
Mali: "how did they spot you?"
Baltasar: "Back in there, I used a spell to get away from her when she tried to kill me, and then flew like a bat out of hell."
Mali: "do you want to investigate?"
Bor: "Where's the treasure?"
Baltasar: "If by investigate, you mean kill every last damn ogre on the island, yes."
Altharid: "…we deserve… payment"
Baltasar: (( did i see any treasure or loot back in the caves? ))
Bor: "Let's ask this ogre that is still alive"
Baltasar: (( similarly, are these ogres carrying anything of value? ))
Altharid: "You have just read my thoughts Balt… haven't you ?"
Mali: (you burned it?)
Baltasar: "I would never do that to you."
Baltasar: "In my defense, we were getting our asses kicked."
Mali: "let's check it out then"
Bor: *wears one*
Bill Bisco : 6 +1 Longspears 6 +1 Mithral Breastplate
Baltasar checks the various weapons and armor for damage, using Mending as needed if they're damaged.
Baltasar: (( naise… ))
Bor: (Breastplate is +6 AC, right?
Altharid: (+1 one…yes)
Bor: (k)
Bor: "Can someone help me get one of these on me?"
Bill Bisco : Bill Bisco : 6 +1 Longspears 6 +1 Mithral Breastplate All Large Sized I should Mention
Mali remembers to not aid altharid's ac
Baltasar assists Bor with the new armor.
Baltasar: "Right, into the caves?"
Mali: "so, did you see any traps other than the girl?"
Bor: *thanks Baltasar*
Baltasar chuckles at the elf being a trap.
Baltasar: "Aren't all elves traps?"
Baltasar: "No, not really. But then, I also didn't actually touch the ground."
Altharid snickers
Baltasar: "How about I take point and you help me search for literal traps."
Mali: "we should be careful then. keep an eye out baltasar"
Mali: "sounds good"
Farris follows behind
Altharid follows Farris and the rest
Baltasar is a paragon of paranoia
Baltasar: (( throne of bones? ))
Bor: (ER)
Mali: "bor, read this note!"
Mali: *hands note to bor*
Altharid: "…"
Mali: *without looking at it*
Baltasar checks the note for magic as it passes him.
Bor: "I can't read"
Mali: "I'll have to teach you then"
Baltasar: "Mali, not the time."
Baltasar: "But we will definitely have to fix that."
Mali: "that can be our first date."
Baltasar glances at Bor a little.
Baltasar takes the note and reads it aloud.
Baltasar: (( yup ))
Bor: "we'll see"
Bill Bisco : "Sorry friends, but my employers, put a high price on you staying far away from Dragonport. Nothing personal, hope you enjoy life on Emerald Isle! Toodalloo. -Malmir
Baltasar: "What an asshole."
Altharid: "…"
Mali: "He was a pirate!"
Baltasar: "Besides, it's not like we're stuck here."
Baltasar: "Hell, I can have a boat made in less than a week."
Bor: (3 days trip)
Baltasar: "Yeah, sounds good to me."
Bor: *looks for treasure*
Mali: "Maybe we can find a boat faster"
Baltasar: "If it involves raiding the elf village, I'm all for it."
Baltasar: "Also, we need to find that elf woman and beat Malmir's debt out of her."
Bor: "found a map"
Baltasar approaches Bor, "Good eye."
Altharid: "He might have …. just lied… about it"
Mali: "we don't know if she exists."
Bor: *hands map*
Baltasar: "There was an elf in here."
Baltasar: "Therefore she was working with Malmir."
Baltasar: "And since we didn't kill her, she's still around."
Mali: "what did she look like?"
Baltasar describes the woman.
Bor: *tracks*
Bor: [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
Altharid: Skills: Survival [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
Baltasar: (( is that map moveable? ))
Altharid: (aid another)
Baltasar: survival aid: [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (27)
Bor: *follows smell* "follow me"
Altharid: ((I can use autohypnosis on that map))
Mali: [1d20+17] => [16,17] = (33) +5 to bors skills for 5 rounds if I get 26
Farris follows
Mali: +3 aid another
Mali: auto
Baltasar: (( if the map isn't moveable, alth memorized it, k? ))
Altharid: ((auto succeds on remembering the map ))
Bor: *tries to move through*
Altharid: ((*succeeds))
Mali: (mali also autohypnos the map, inspired like)
Bor: *rushes*
Mali: "Baltasar, get the ship back"
Baltasar: "Can't really do that…"
Mali: "ah, need a crew."
Baltasar: "What I can do is scribe a scroll to teleport us back home."
Mali: "really? that sounds like a good idea"
Bor: "can you teleport us to the ship's cabin instead?"
Mali: "do you need help?"
Altharid: "Teleport… you say"
Baltasar: "No, I'm just glad I brought my scrollcase with."
Mali: "I still like that elf, we shouldn't kill him"
Baltasar: (( it'll take a day to scribe that, using an Unseen Crafter to pick up the slack after the first 8 hours ))
Mali: "business is business after all."
Altharid likes Mali's elven disguise more
Altharid: (does not say it aloud)
Bor: "We won't kill him, I'll kill him myself!"
Baltasar: (( cause the base price is 1125 ))
Mali: "we should hide"
Baltasar: "New plan! You lot run, I'll go parley."
Baltasar: (( i have a comprehend languages spell permanent ))
Baltasar: (( but i don't speak either ))
Altharid: "Sounds like a plan… to me… even I have my limits"
Altharid: ((telepathically to Balt))
Mali: (nope, no orcish or giant)
Baltasar: "Err, wait. They seem to want to talk."
Bor: (I did grow up with giants)
Baltasar: (( does bor speak giant? ))
Altharid: ((I can communifcate telepathically with any creature that has language))
Bor: (Jotunbrud doesn't grant th language, although it should)
Altharid: ((and they will understand me))
Baltasar: (( ick ))
Baltasar: (( al, will it freak them out? ))
Mali: (lol, I dont' want to universal aptitude cheat languages)
Altharid: ((it might))
Mali: (nope bill)
Altharid: ((but do we have any other options))
Baltasar: (( fine with me, languages are more for RP anyway ))
Bor: "Ok, let's speak then"
Baltasar infuses Bor with Fox's Cunning, just in case
Bor: "We even more angry"
Altharid: (bor has 10 int now lol)
Bor: "We get that elf"
Bor: "Ok, people here can talk to dragons"
Bor: *in common* "They want to ask the dragon for help"
Baltasar nods to Bor, agreeing.
Bor: *in giant* "Lead on"
Baltasar: (( how many ogres are here? ))
Bill Bisco : We must go to Kranimatraxius
Bor: *motions for people to follow*
Farris follows
Altharid follows the rest
Mali follows
Bor: (Balt, can you do a sense motive check?)
Baltasar: (( not that it'll matter, cause i don't have a few hundred more grenades ))
Baltasar senses motive: [1d20+13] => [8,13] = (21)
Bor: *gasps*
Bor: *bows down*
Baltasar: "We are humbled by your presence, most magnificent one."
Bor: (holy shit)
Baltasar: (( oh balls ))
Mali: (told you)
Baltasar: (( at least the corpse got bought ))
Altharid almost telepathically bursts into laughter
Baltasar: (( we can blame it on the gnome ))
Mali: (mali was right)
Farris gets a little sweaty
Baltasar: "I'm sure that can be accomplished."
Bor: "How are we to get him back?"
Mali: "what does your son look like?"
Baltasar: "May we trouble you for his name?"
Baltasar: (( welp… looks like we're buying back the corpse ))
Baltasar: (( and looks like i'm scribing a Raise Dead ))
Bill Bisco : Her son's name is Rynskald
Altharid: ((darn it…))
Bor: (we can kill this wyrm)
Baltasar: (( … ))
Mali: "Can you teach me any good dragon magics?"
Altharid: ((heh sorry my grapple check can get only to +34 now))
Mali: "I like dragon magics!"
Farris: ((lets just gtfo and talk about it when we are safe))
Baltasar: (( dude, no chance ))
Baltasar: (( not even balt can outrun her ))
Baltasar: (( and she's a wyrm, so she's got sorcerer spells ))
Mali: k, I universal aptitude myself and autosucceed
Mali: [1d20+19] => [19,19] = (38) sorry
Mali: (i still had to roll it)
Bor: "Why don't you get him yourself?"
Baltasar: "To aid us in locating him, could we trouble you for a boon?"
Altharid slaps Bor
Farris: ((lets have her take us to the ship))
Baltasar: "I know of the great magical power of dragons, can you use a spell to create an image of him?"
Altharid: "She has her reasons" - telepathically
Baltasar: (( basically, want to make sure it's the corpseified dragon, not some other dragon who we haven't killed ))
Mali: "Oh my, um."
Altharid: "… I'm trying to not get us killed" - continues telepathically
Baltasar thinks, "Oh cock."
Farris: ((good thinking))
Baltasar: "Very well, we will track him down and return him."
Farris pales
Baltasar: "We thank you for your aid, munificent one."
Bor: "Can you take us to the ship that brought us here?"
Baltasar nods, agreeing with Bor.
Baltasar turns to Altharid.
Altharid: (uses autohypnosis to describe the ship)
Mali: "she's gonna spell us away!"
Altharid: (auto succeeds)
Baltasar whispers to Mali, "She's going to teleport us to the ship, where we're going to stomp on some elf faces."
Altharid: (did we regain our spells/power points ?)
Bill Bisco : [1d100] => [28] = (28)
Bor: (what time is it?)
Farris: ((i dont think we slept))
Mali: (my diplomacy was acutally 43 for future reference)
Farris: ((oh maybe we did?))
Baltasar: *before she teleports us, Balt infuses Bane(Elf) on mali, farris, his own, and Alth's weapons
Altharid: (then gonna bust some AP then)
Altharid: (before teleportation Vigor)
Bor: "I'm looking for Malmir"
Altharid: (and expansion)
Bor: sense motive [1d20] => [13] = (13)
Baltasar: also sense motive: [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
Baltasar: "Very sure. Where is he?"
Altharid: (aids sense motive)
Farris: Skills: Sense Motive [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
Baltasar: (( who votes that we kill barby? ))
Altharid: ([1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19))
Mali: "I think you should gather the men."
Baltasar: "Gather them belowdecks."
Farris: ((i like barby))
Altharid regains his psionic focus
Baltasar: Bluff: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
Baltasar: (( wtf man ))
Baltasar: "Ok, Bor. You get to open the door."
Bor: "Can you guys check for magic and traps before?"
Farris: detect magic on the door
Baltasar hides an embarrassed blush with his dark coloring.
Altharid: Touchsight (std action) *Altarid focuses for a brief moment… you can hear a single drop of water dropping into a pond… the sound echoes for a while*
Baltasar searches for magical traps: perception [1d20+23] => [8,23] = (31)
Baltasar: (( and that's with detect magic as well ))
Baltasar disarms the traps quickly: [1d20+21] => [13,21] = (34)
Bor: (only on the door?)
Baltasar: (( :( ))
Baltasar backs up and takes aim.
Bor: (smells)
Bor: [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
Altharid: (I have both touchsight and mindsight online)
Farris: Skills: Perception [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
Altharid: (touchsight 60 ft radius… I detect EVERYTHING in it)
Altharid: (short of greater concleaing amorpha)
Altharid: (kk)
Baltasar: (( guys, we can probably rock malmir well enough ))
Altharid: (perception anyway… for range outside of 60 ft)
Baltasar: (( just don't forget that everyone but bor has a bane infusion ))
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
Farris: ((what does that do?)
Altharid: ((yeah I got it))
Bor: "Can I go?"
Altharid: ((+2 to attack and 2d6+2 damage against elves))
Farris: ((thats pretty wicked))
Bor: *whispers* "I'll break down the wall, he won't be expecting that"
MjhX (enter): 21:19
Baltasar: "Good point. Go."
Baltasar: "If you break it, I can fix it."
Altharid: "Nice… line"
Bor: *moves to side* "Get ready" *strenght check [1d20+12] => [4,12] = (16)*
Baltasar: (( oh god ))
MjhX (exit): 21:19
Bor: *moves to another spot*
Farris: ((lol not this again))
Baltasar: (( try a sunder check ))
Bor: [1d20+12] => [16,12] = (28)
Mali: *moves in and tries [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24)*
Altharid: (maybe someone has knowledge engineering to find a weak point )
Bor: (sunder check then)
Bor: (just roll damage?)
Baltasar examines the door and walls: knowledge architecture: [1d20+12] => [18,12] = (30)
Baltasar: (( what're we missing? ))
Altharid: ((hardness…men hardness….I can't wait till I get mountain hamer…))
Altharid: ((*hammer))
Mali: (my strength check was already brains over brawn)
Bor: (what about the wall?)
Baltasar outlines the spot on the door. "Here."
Baltasar: "Just go through the door, ok?"
Bor: *strenght check [1d20+14] => [1,14] = (15)*
Altharid: ((we are we on the ship exactly ?))
Altharid: ((*where))
Farris: ((lol))
Baltasar: "Ok, screw this."
Baltasar taps the doorknob with his screwdriver, using Knock.
Altharid: ((good))
Baltasar: "Just open it."
Bor: *smells*
Altharid quikly runs towards the window
Bor: "use that crystal to find that sob"
Mali: "be careful for traps"
Baltasar goes to the railing, attempting to spot the elf.
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+23] => [3,23] = (26)
Bor: *track [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)*
Altharid: "…Curses"
Baltasar: "Well, we have his ship."
Baltasar: "And if any of the crew give us lip, we'll end them."
Mali: *hits bor with universal aptitude [1d20+17] => [16,17] = (33) need a 26 to give him +5
Bor: (so 28 track)
Baltasar: "Now, as I'm pretty much the only one of us with any idea how to run a ship, I'll go talk to the crew."
Mali: *good guess*
Baltasar: "Please enjoy the cruise back to port, and please don't… touch anything."
Mali: (proffession sailor?)
Mali: (or knowledge something)
Baltasar: "Especially ropes or mechanisms."
Mali: (kk)
Baltasar: (( i'm going to take ranks of sailor next level, but i also have a +8 bonus to profession and a wand of guidance of the avatar ))
Farris sits down and kicks off his boots
Baltasar: (( so i should be fine until then ))
Bor: (I take it the session's over once we get in Dragonport?)
Baltasar: "We've taken the ship."
Baltasar: "They fled."
Bor: "Alara?"
Altharid: "They were long gone… before we got there"
Baltasar: "You have pretty much two options. You can either continue working here, or you can take a swim."
Mali: "I'm Alara you cur!"
Mali: *realizes she never took off disguise*
Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
Baltasar nods, "Good to hear."
Mali: "Yes he did."
Bor: "No success"
Mali: "i'm gonna stay in the cabin, see you later."
Mali: *mali moves to the cabin and changes back*
Baltasar approaches the bosun, "Just take us into dragonport and we won't have any problems."
Bor: "Success only when the elves lie dead along with the wyrm"
Baltasar: (( err… bor ))
Altharid uses touchsight + autohypnosis for pervy reasons
Baltasar: (( the crew is almost all elves ))
Bor: (lol)
Baltasar: (( yeah, balt's gonna be firing them all when we get back to port ))
Mali: "So, what did I miss?"
Baltasar: (( so, can we just head to port, Balt keeping an eye on the sailors, and everyone else doing their own thing? ))
Bor: "I'm not in the mood for games"
Mali attempts to teach bor how to read
Baltasar does Gather Information checks to learn about the crew of the Vorloi ship
Baltasar: (( the Sahar Altair ))
Bor: (gonna sleep
Bor: (awesome session, if a bit revolting)
Baltasar infuses Skill Enhancement +6, and uses Wand of Guidance of the Avatar +20
Bor: (but I find it to my liking)
Bor: (k, will do)
Baltasar: Gather Info: [1d20+8+6+20] => [9,8,6,20] = (43)
Bill Bisco : Bor is to make all the new wiki entries, will be noted on info
Baltasar: (( bitchin' ))
Altharid: ((I can prepare a formated log))
Farris: ((wait so I am writing up the adventure right?))
Mali: (want help…or need it?)
Bor: (cya then, thanks for the game everyone)
Baltasar: (( how high level is the cleric? ))
Baltasar: (( cya bor ))
Bor: Disconnecting from server…
Bor (exit): 21:32
Altharid: ((kk cya))
Baltasar: (( that's about what i needed to know ))
Baltasar: (( thanks ))
Farris: ((is there a way i can save this log to get back to it and review for when I am writing this thing up?)
Baltasar: "So… step one of the pirate plan is complete."
Altharid: ((chat -> save chat log))
Baltasar: "After a complete and utter cock-up of a first go."
Altharid: "I need… to evolve more though…."
Mali: (I crashed out, so somebody else shoul dod the log)
Altharid: (I will do it)
Mali is gonna buy an eternal wand of guidance of the avatar from balt soon
Farris: ((so i just write up the summary of what happened?))
Farris: ((ok Ill catch you guys later i need to put the baby to bed thanks for the game everyone))
Baltasar: (( cya ))
Altharid: ((cya))
Baltasar: (( oh, i'm also gonna try and track down the dragon's corpse ))
Baltasar: (( cause we kinda need it back if we're going to raise it ))
Altharid: ((hmmm Bill what would be the xp… roughly for the session ?))
Baltasar: (( though i'll want to go over options with the other PCs before actually doing it ))
Baltasar: (( ok, brb ))
Mali: (i'd rather not do that)
Altharid: (hmm we need to modify his memory)
Altharid: (balt can craft the scroll)
Mali: (he has to find it soon, and dragons have racial hd, so not sure how they lose levels)
Altharid: (he will just lose 1 hd)
Altharid: (Ah well… I wish Sidhe was with us… she would dimension swap the others with my construct)
Altharid: (she has a spell that acts similarly)
Bill Bisco : 6 Pcs this adventure right?
Altharid: (5)
Altharid: (unless I forgot about someone)
Mali: farris, baltasar, altharid, mali, bor…
Hephaestus (+2) (enter): 21:43
Hephaestus (+2) (exit): 21:43
Bill Bisco : 9000 xp each
Mali: that's alot…wow
Bill Bisco : what do you want to name the adventure
Farris: Disconnecting from server…
Farris (exit): 21:46
Mali: Dealings with Dragons?
Mali: since that's the hook
Bill Bisco : Dealings with Green Dragons, saved
Bill Bisco : everything else is waiting for updates
Altharid: yay 8th lvl
Altharid: Cthulhudzilla is born 1
Altharid: !
Mali: I just hit 7th, which means item familiar
Mali: more skills…now I can umd automagically
Bill Bisco : alright it was a pleasure gaming with you all. I hope you had some fun. Please PM with some feedback on what you think I could do better
Altharid: kk
Altharid: the same here
Altharid: cya all
Altharid: Disconnecting from server…
Altharid (exit): 21:51

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