Dead Zone


Dead zone, as it was aptly named, is a walled in section of Dragonport (composed mostly of the part of both the Merchant District and the Swampside) where the first great mob of the living dead formed shortly following the aftermath of the night when Nyix conducted the vile rite dedicated to her even viler patron.
The area itself was created very much so in an impromptu, improvised manner with the use of what remained of the stockpiles of scrolls of 'wall of iron/stone' from the city's coffers (such were stored there in case of an invasion or other natural disaster) and mages capable of employing this kind of magic on their own.
The dead-zone's undead population is mostly made up of the members of two undetermined gangs who had engaged in a war shortly after the eldritch power of an unmentionable entity started turning recently deceased into the living dead.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Into the Dead Zone 11/23/2013 A party of adventurers entered the dead zone to in order to find a lost child of an influential foreigner. On their way there they've run both into living dead and looters seeking to make the living by robbing the abandoned Rising Moon Inn.
2 Into the Dead Zone (Part2) 11/29/2013 The party acquired the 'lost sheep' (Alrathia Shadowbound) in this case, and promptly left to snatch rewards for both the main and secondary tasks.
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