Davegon (No Tribe Name Used)
Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Water Orc (Ravenous Ogrekin Primordial Feral)
Class: Warblade 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

A ragged, feral orc. His hair is worn and unkept, and his body is generally a bit dirty and sweaty. On his left arm is a series of scars, some old and some looking fresh and worn. He generally wears a loincloth, not caring much for appearances and only keeping enough to appear decent.

He has a slight better grip on his emotions than most orcs, and can let some slight comments slide. However, he is still an orc at the core. He enjoys the thrill of combat, However, he is fiercely territorial and devoted to his old tribe.

Early on, Davegon was a warrior in the Stonemasher tribe. Fierce in battle, he was set up to take place as the chief of the tribe. However, he was captured and imprisoned for weeks, and driven to the brink through the process. When he broke free, he immediately turned towards the orcs who captured them, mauling them with just his fists and his teeth. When he finally regained his senses, he found most of the tribe gone, and a feral hunger now filling his gut.

When he originally returned to the tribe, he was celebrated, and his new hunger proved to be useful in striking down any enemies that he encountered. However, when there were no longer any enemies left, his hunger still lingered, and he eventually began to turn on members of his own tribe. Fearing the catastrophe that might occur if he last out, he went into a self-imposed exile, tearing through from place to place. When other orcs weren't available as food, he resorted to gnawing at his own body for survival.

His travels slowed after an encounter with a few adventurers, one of which was experienced with the Sublime Way. After he was defeated by them, his curiosity grew and he began to study these arts. He found that when he was focused and developing his skills with them, his hunger… remained manageable.

Membership: Fighting 54th Member, Former Stonemasher Tribesman

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