Dash, The Vampeede

Race: human
Class: warblade 1/wizard 5/jade phoenix mage 9
Alignment: NG

Description: Dash is one of the phoenix mages, and is protector of the Octagon.

The Octagon
The 13 Phoenixes


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Octagon 1 1-17-2012 Met another phoenix, Gato.
2 Octagon 2 1-19-2012 Did his announcer thing and made a date with Karma
3 Octagon 3 1-20-2012 Told Gato and Manager to get a team-mate Tom
4 Octagon 4 1-23-2012 Hired the party to teach at his fighting school…but everyone was dead there.
5 Octagon 5 1-27-2012 Accepted Farris Blackclaw, Roc, and Allusion as new members.
6 Octagon 6 2-3-2012 Asked the party to recover the Octagon from Master Gilgamesh
7 Gathering Allies 2-22-2012 Ran for The Crew.
8 Pwompy Terror 03-18-2012 Mentioned by Hitomi.
9 Good Guys Octagon Challenge 03-21-2012 Hired new managers (including Hilde), did his job as the owner.
10 Octagon 9 04-17-2012 Suggested Ysl to get some sort of magical item which would help him control himself during combat.
11 Royal Challenge 06-07-2013 Asked the party to test the ability of some Octagon teams.
12 Epilogues (Part 1) 10/03/2013 Sought to have Xavash advertise for the Octagon, with mixed results.
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