Dark Remnant II

Description: A trade-ship sporting quite a technologically-advanced equipment and armaments ordered even from the Ergothian Empire … in spite of such the vessel appears to bear traces of numerous crews serving onboard. The vessel's name, according to the Dragonport Undercity government (who offered it in exchange for solving a rather delicate issue), was implied to be read as "Umbral Survivor" but such interpretation proved to be false.

PC Owners:
Yagiuma, Irthos Lorsvek, Crafter, Miyu, Gadenze


# Adventure Date Events
1 Infested Necropolis... revisited (continuation) 04/06/2013 Few party members chose to be rewarded with a percentage of ownership of the ship in place of plain gold.
2 Corruptive Alteration~ 04/07/2013 Yagiuma rode on it as it made a trip to Doomcape
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