Dark Remnant I
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Version of Dark Remnant in order of appearance: Astral Vessel, Galeon, Adamantine-clad steam-tech vessel

Description: An enormous astral vessel controlled (till recently) by rebellious Sukh'lartaki. The ship's fate is yet to be determined.
Development: It is not clear why but numerous ships with the very same designation but different appearance were encountered throughout the planes. Each was not manned, each housed something of quite a surprising nature inside… what is their purpose ? What makes them capable of sailing even though they are lacking any power source or means of actually doing so due to disrepair ? For now it remains a mystery…

Former Owner:

Current Owner:
The people who freed it.


# Adventure Date Events
1 Possibility, probability...destiny ? Part 2 03-11-2012 Was sabotaged and attacked by the Lich Queen's forces aided by a platoon of Deathscythes provided by the College of Necromancy. On the vessel's lowest level D.E.I.M.O.S was imprisoned and then released from the weakened arcane shackles by one curious Lyrakien.
2 The new wave (part 2) 09/17/2012 The vessel appeared as a regular sailing ship in the "present era" from the fog while the party was sailing nearby the Emerald Isle. The captain of their ship decided to quickly sack the slowly sinking caravel which was supposedly owned by one of the pirates belonging to Captain Blackheart's fleet. Inside the party was warped to the desolate future due to absent-minded decision of one party member. The "future" version of the vessel was infested by strange crystalline swarms and other creatures inhabiting the bodies (or just heavy clocks) of the former crew members who for some reason differed vastly attire-wise. After the Void awakened (and stood up) the party realized that the ship was for some reason stuck on on its head (if only temporarily). As the being progressed with its invocation the ships appearance like-wise shifted more towards its magic-tech design. The party managed to loot as much as it is possible from the both versions of the vessel while also remaining clueless about the ships final fate in the end.
3 Excavation (epilogue) 12-17-2012 The party rammed into a different, armored, version of the vessel with the gnomish submarine they used to escape from the Progenitor due to the inquisitor's loss of consciousness. It did not take them long to board the unmanned (???) and fog-enfulfed vessel. It's 'insides' appeared much larger than the ship's outside frame would indicate. Within the lower-deck's (multi-level one that is) limits the party acquired various armaments as well as other items of value… and one ... corpse but their peace of mind did not last long as prolonged stay onboard resulted in auditorial hallucinations. What's more, the ship started attacking on this own. The elven fleet docked in the port of the Emerald Isle to be precise which started to return fire. With great effort the party managed to reach the shore before the accursed warship sunk, a result of Deliny's mighty swing it was.
4 Kimonto^7 08-11-2013 Was seen lodged inside the partially ruined port of Dragonport's.
5 The Dark Current 08/24/2013 The team boarded the ship which appeared to exist both in actual and… 'Phantom' Dragonport equivalent. The ship resembled highly its previous shape albeit… on a grander scale. Saria managed to find another G.M.D.P onboard. Inside the navigation chamber, however, the party experienced phasing into a nightmarish equivalent of the plane (?) they were inhabiting… living nightmares made manifest will be their adversary.
6 The Dark Current (part2) 09/04/2013 The party cleared up the navigation room out of nightmares and later proceeded with further exploration of the vessel, getting more familiar with the layout while also stumbling upon a secret chamber containing a greatly-warded golem suit somewhat resembling the form of the creature which handed Hauteclere to Rick in the very first place. Later the team discovered arcane containment but decided to first investigate the crew's quarters.
7 Dark Current (part3) 09-07-2013 This time the team was browsing through the crew's quarters where another reality-shift too place, forcing them to defend themselves against more waves of such nightmarish beings. This would be also the first time the team encountered being only labeled as 'Terror Knight'.
8 Dark Current (part4) 09-12-2013 The party analyzed few items of note (that being 1st officer's journal as well… as a bizarre set of clockwork/magical toys) and continued their exploration only to reach armor storage full of relatively-well preserved golem as well as clockwork-technology-powered airship which would apparently double as submarine. Whatever has been haunting the vessel assaulted the party again, this time animating the golem suits though they were quickly defeated. The same could not be said about Terror Knight who appeared as the last of the abovementioned fell. The battle is yet to be resolved.
9 Dark Current (part5) 09-18-2013 Terror Knight is forced off along with the other nightmarish beings under his command and the party continues with checking on the last unvisited chamber of the ship. With some craftiness the team gets inside the captain's quarters where they find the only actual survivor (?) of whatever happened onboard Dark Remnant I, a survivor who somewhat resembles Seren though… this fellow appears to be possessed by some alien force which soon grows quite hostile.
10 Dark Current (part6) 09-26-2013 Was cleared off the nigthmarish presences, including whatever entity was possessing Captain Coltrane and brought back (?) onto the material plane after having Aoth perform some jury rig repairs.
11 Discontinuity 10/19/2013 Was left anchored at the private pier of the West Coast Manor.
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