Danicus Lobe

Race: Human
Class: Factotum 8/Factol 2
Alignment: LG

Description: Danicus is a dashing young lad who runs fully half of East Injia Trade Company. He serves as the henchman of Mali Ohba. He is also a member of the Knowledge Busters and is keeping an eye on Mali for her father.

East Injia Trade Company
The Silver Cranes
Knowledge Buster


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The crew's meeting no 1 03-18-2012 Suggested a far-fetched sewer-renovation program, and also … a certain kind of 'hygienic' revolution. Initially planned to turn the human waste into fertilizer…such idea was refused to come into fruition.
2 Good Guys Octagon Challenge! 03-21-2012 Helped one clerk who had problems with Malluma's issue when the divination-empowered bureaucracy failed to work.
3 Find the Crew! 04-14-2012 Considered a traitor along with Mali.
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