Race: Human (Tainted Raver)
Class: Barbarian 1/Fighter 1/Warblade 4/Ronin 2/Frenzied Berserker 4
Alignment: Neutral Evil, (Lawful Neutral after reclaiming his sanity)

Description: The eldest son of the local Crab leader. A man who's mind was engulfed by taint of the shadowlands. Savage, merciless insane to the core, relishing in the bloodthirst of his yet somehow capable of leading a small gang of like minded scum. Was revealed to be the one responsible for attacks directed against the Gambler's sub-contractors.



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07-01-2012 Arrived moments after the party finished decimating few zombie hordes (stored at the Tainted Mound, under the Cursed Battlefield), apparently very into shredding the party apart with a bit of help from his wicked falchion…and…and…..MAAAAAAAAAAAAAADNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS ! The adventurers had to resort to some unorthodox tactics in order to temporarily disable and finally 'capture' the cursed swordsman. After temporarily returning to his sane state…fainted from the sheer amount of depravity-filled memories. Crystallized by Elizabeth and brought before the Gambler who agreed to have the ronin pay of his debt (with interest of course) after being restored to sanity.
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