Character Sheet
Player: Nalei
Race: Half celestial flame-spawned kitsune
Class: Monk 7
Alignment: NG
Daikaji notes

Appearance: One of the more average looking kitsune among Yume's daughters. She is not layed with odd quarks and other signs of magical power as most daughters seem to have inherited. The only real oddity about her is her hair that seems to while be normal up until it reaches about to the point of her mid-back where it would appear to behave more like a flickering candle as it wisps back ad forth and ends with a bright orange tips. Besides that she has bright blue eyes and a rather rough around the edges.

Personality: She does not really seem to act all that tough she rather not get into fights or go adventuring. However the blood of her family either pulls her in somehow or perhaps the call is just too strong for a fleeting heart of hers. While pleasant and nice enough outside of a fight inside of one she applies fist and foot readily enough as she refuses to carry weapons.

Background: Another one of the many daughters of Yume. This one mother's would be Yume and Ammy however this particular girl did not seem to enjoy the lavish lifestyle and being waited on hand and foot. So she left her title and money behind and wanted to live the life of a peasant. However her bloodline won't be that easy to escape as adventure and the power she inherits from both of her mothers will call soon enough.

Membership: Kitsune Empire. Runaway princess.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 7/27/2013 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 Nothing!
3 'Inbetween' (part2) 08/04/2013 1500 Gold goes to Kami Nothing - Punched up a few weird zombie-like creatures
4 Tavern RP August 8, 2013 900 - - -- Meet a rather run raccoon to hang around.
5 Shrine's Missing Money 08/11/2013 1000 - -- - Chased down some bandit's that stole from her sisters shrine.
6 Deep Pit Part 2 8/16/2013 5850 - - - Showed up and punched some shadows.
7 The Path To Ascendancy(Part 4) 17/08/2013 17000 - - - Punched and kicked some hobgoblins around.
8 Fading away 11/30/2013 4530 - - Punching dead things to get the prettiest of all the trinkets.
9 Verdant Quest 12/03/2013 7650 - - - Helped a small fey community out with a bi of a theif problem. As well as pummeled some evil treant like creatures.
10 Fading Away (part2) 12/05/2013 1300 - - —- Recovering the trinket proved to be more diffacult then imagened as the amount of undead keep increase as well as the amount of scartches she has taken
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