Daerzok Waraxe
"That inanimate object is lookin' at me funny…"

Character Sheet
Player: DakkalordG
Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian 8
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Standing at 4 foot 4 inches, Daerzok is a medium sized dwarf. His greasy black hair is always hidden under his Dented Helmet. His squinty eyes flare at the first sign of battle, revealing orbs of bright blue.

Personality: Daerzok is obviously insane, constantly jittering and twitching and spouting peculiar phrases. He occasionally bursts into song and is overly friendly to those he considers friends, but will continue hacking an enemy to bits well after it is dead.
("He's twitching because my axe is embedded in his nervous system!!!")

Background: Born in Dragonport, Daerzok lived a boring life up until he was about 25 years old. After an accident which involved him falling off a building and landing on his head, he woke up 4 days later believing that Clangeddin, the Dwarven God of Fighting, had given him his life back so that he could Fight in his name. Since then Daerzok has been raising hell everywhere he goes….

Wiki-work XP expenditure log

Date character description
4-5-13 Daerzok Waraxe Spending 1300 XP to beef him up to level 2
4-5-13 Daerzok Waraxe Spending 3 DM coins to level him to level 3

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 7/1/13 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 7/1/13 0 -150 Dwarven Waraxe, Scale Mail, Armour Spikes
3 Ephemeral Chaos 12/2/13 1300 0 Spiked Chain 'Twas an interesting night, a birra the oul workout and BANG! In the middle of some dolls dream…
4 An Encounter of Randomness 9/6/13 4750 1500 - - Killed bunch o' dirty stinkin' Orcs with some of the lads I was travellin' with.
5 Character Downtime : Buying 11/6/13 0 -30 6 Viper Snakes - With a bunch o' these wee bastids down me crotch, no-one can kill me!
6 An Encounter of the Undead? 16/6/13 3500 2000 - - More stinkin' undead! Although two big feckers of Ogres were clobberin' the heads of each other.
7 The Path to Ascendancy (part 1) 29/6/13 2400 8000 - - Found more fight while out about tha west coast.
8 The Djinn's Labyrinth (Part 2) 16/7/13 1000 1000 - - FECKIN DOORS!
9 'Inbetween' (Part 5) 28/8/13 1292 0 - - FECKIN BOMBS!
10 Tails & More 2/11/13 1736 4000 - - FECKIN…DUCKS!!!
11 "Some just want..." 5/11/13 6000 5500 - - FECKIN NECROMANCERS!
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