Cyrus, The Dread
Favored disguise…

Race: Changeling
Class: Dread
Alignment: Neutral Evil

'Cyrus' was but a one of many aliases used by a changeling relishing in the endless possibilities of terror induction which was only enchanted by both his peculiar sort of psionic circuits as well as natural shapechanging ability. This particular personality, the one of a Zarthian spy in servitude of Darnten Lord Lartahrl, served numerous purposes but ultimately the one of many faces simply sought to uncover one mystery… of the first and the only fear in life he ever felt… the source of his power over terrors ?
The only thing he was afraid of since that moment obscured by damaged memory… was the possibility of not discovering the aforementioned source during the days that were given to him…
So close, so close he was …. in fact too close… if he only could use more out of his victims that mere 'appreciation' of induction of the emotion he was seeing in their eyes as their bodies were trembling in the anticipation of ultimate demise… then one with fear he would not become…


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape exploration (part5) 02-15-2013 One of the 'doomed souls of the past'. Isaac assumed this identity during the Darnten Siege.
2 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, part 1) 02/18/2013 The 'demise' of his was averted due to Isaac's actions.
3 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 In the vision of the actual outcome of the siege from The Bloodstained Age (as opposed to the alter course of events in the dreamscape party was inhabiting together with their 'alter-egos') Cyrus was shown to be a double-agent plotting together with Idrian and another individual to become a being not bound by corporeal form that would be called his very own. The grand plan was a success and together with those he formed the Umbral Covenant. Some splinter of the consciousness left by Cyrus started haunting Isaac it seems.
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