Custom Item Template

To use this template, copy the information below into a new page. You must link your item back to the Allowed Extras page.

> [[Image place the link to your item's picture here if you have one, if not delete the first 2 lines height="200ppx"]]
> ++ **Item Name:**
> **Price:** (indicate the price here)
> **Slot:** (indicate the slot here)
> **Caster Level:** (indicate the caster level needed to create the item here)
> **Aura:** (indicate the strenght of the aura here, aswell as the DC to understand it and the school of magic associated)
> **Activation:** (indicate how the item is activated and what action it takes to activate it)
> **Weight:** (indicate how much the item weighs)
> //Write the fluff in italics here.//
> Write the mechanics here.
> **Prerequisites:** (write the needed feat to craft here), //write the needed spell to craft here//

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