Cursed Battlefield


One of the fields of battle from the period of the Unicorn Clan's return, located roughly ~20 miles to the north from Namano. It appears that for some reasons the ancient blades and other armaments which were used by both sides were left embedded in the infertile soil, refusing to corrode away. According to local beliefs the site is indeed cursed, the dead return to a semblance of life every full moon to do battle, over and over again only to return to rest when the first sunrays 'purify' it. Few great memorials honor the memories of those who have fallen, defending Rokugan from 'barbaric' Unicorns.


Tainted Mound


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07-01-2012 A party of adventurers realised that some rumours connected to the location were indeed true. Nightmare and the others were struck by a sort of vision in which the souls of Crab Clan members, and their allies, gathered to defend this strategic location from the impending 'doom'. The team mostly resisted the destructive impact such could have on their minds, with the exception of Rayne-Kitty, who if not for the help would sooner or later commit sepuku while possessed by some sort of lingering, malicious presence.
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