Cunning Combatant

Cunning Combatant [ex]

You just know how to fight…well, in short bursts anyway.


You may select a number of Combat Feats equal to your Intelligence modifier. Once chosen, these feats cannot be changed. If your intelligence modifier increases, you may add Combat Feats accordingly. When your intelligence modifier decreases, you lose access to the feats most recently selected (but they still cannot be changed). By spending 1 inspiration point, you may gain the benefits of one of the selected feats until your next turn. You must meet all of requirements of these feats in order to gain their benefits. You may gain the benefits of multiple feats by spending more inspiration points.
You may not select Martial Stance, Martial Study, or any other feat that offers similar multiple options.

Feature Replaced:

Cunning Combatant replaces the Cunning Strike ability of a 4th level Factotum.

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