Crimson Emperor

Race: Kitsune (?)
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: The kitsune emperor who ruled over the kitsunekind for no more than two decades before being apparently 'spirited away' by the ancestors (?). Some say that it was the punishment bestowed upon him for mocking the tradition and picking a mere 'one-tail' kitsune as his only wife with whom… he had one daughter. The abrupt end of the monarch's rule allowed the First Nogitsune to claim the throne (while disguised as 'regular' if 9-tail kitsune) without too much hassle.

True Form: Xolrethe


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Twin-foxed 05/24/2013 Appeared before Yagiuma in a disturbingly realistic dream (?) and warned her of Nogitsune Queen's way of treating her pawns. Goaded Yagiuma, whom he revealed to be his granddaughter, into actually trying to outsmart the nogitsune while acting her own 'Queen's associate' part.
2 ClearingUp(after hours) 10/16/2013 Was pleased with the actions of Yagiuma's enough to present her, in a manner quite indirect, a gift in the form of a test subject for her further augmentations. Warned her about the The Nogitsune Queen getting restless.
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