Crimson Claw
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Crimson Claw in his regular, battle…. and house-cat form

Race: Legendary Weretiger Cat Hengoyokai
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral

Description: A shapechanger of young apparent age with a very predatory aura around himself. It appears that he enjoys spending his time in Atogpark… for the reasons yet to be determined. Brash, reckless and overconfident… a typical individual who believes to be the alpha male, no matter the circumstances nor adversaries. It was revealed that the man is actually the current successor of the Tiger Claw martial discipline.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Atogpark 04-03-2012 Surveyed the 'hunting ground' underneath while sitting on top of a spire in Atogpark. Even though Rayne-Kitty found him attractive… she could not help but be scared by his wild behaviour. The man was later seen in Sigil Bay where he made one of the waitresses 'flustered'. During the 'well-earned' rest in their freshly-rented rooms Rayne found him taking a cat-nap in a … house-cat form under her bed.
2 Destined meeting 04-16-2012 Detected Rayne-Kitty's (or someone's similar) scent in the Tabernacle Tavern. Was initially under the impression that Kamigawa could tell him something about his 'prey', however the latter refused. Demonstrated his shapechanging prowess and claimed to be the current successor of the (according to him) 'ultimate sublime path', namely "Tiger Claw'. After insulting and mocking Light for the lack of his experience in 'various areas of life' he left and promised him a duel under full moon…later that is. The reasons for his interest in the young catfolk are yet to be determined.
3 The 12 Tails 04-17-2012 Appeared wrestling another large cat that was Amaterasu's father. However, after noticing Rayne, he attempted to court her by fetching her a very large dire fish while in his cat form. His 'would be bride' apparently did not understand the significance of his deed.
4 Crimson Trials 04-19-2012 Continued his attempts at getting Rayne's attention and mentioned the '10 trails' which he expected the one that was chosen to bestow upon him. Failed miserably at understanding that the customs of his clan do not apply to the rest of the world. Demonstrated some of his amazing strength.
5 Crystalline Surprise 05-15-2012 'Chatted' for some time with Nightmare , who was waiting for her servant in the Tabernacle Tavern, trying to learn of Rayne's recent whereabouts.
6 The Tears from Beyond 05-28-2012 Run into Arashi in Tabernacle Tavern. Was visibly agitated after hearing about Kamigawa's …'harem'.
7 Fox meets cat 03-02-2013 Mentioned by Nana… while she was intoxicated by catnip.
8 Feeding time... long-due 03-13-2013 Mentioned again by Nana. Was a source of great annoyance it seems due to the way he kept disrupting her drive to acquire certain round object.
9 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part1) 07-02-2013 The beast-warrior run into the party while apparently tracking something… or someone. That 'someone' turned out to be Rayne who, after approaching the shapechanger in his… housecat-form, was promptly abducted. The party witnessed this scene and chased after Crimson Claw but in the end decided to let him take Rayne to his realm… for a while that is.
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