Council Of Wyrms


In turn with the creation of the Io's Blood Isles, Io set up the Council of Wyrms to be the ruling body of Dragonkind, to settle disputes between Dragons and Dragon clans such that war amongst dragons will be prevented. One Wyrm from every Dragon Clan is granted attendance to the meetings of the Council and receives one vote, no Dragon of less than 1000 years of age may vote. The decisions of the Council are binding for all Dragons.

The keepers of the laws of the council are known as the Custodians of Concordance. The Head Custodian has the authority to summon the council, is the sole law of Dragonkind during Council meetings to prevent infighting, and votes only in the case of a tie. The Head Custodian is currently Mykel


The lonely tower
Io's Blood Isles


Eyes of Chronoepsis


College of Necromancy


Red Dragon King - Voting Member

Mykel - Head Custodian of the Council Aerie


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Io's Blood Isles 5-2-2012 Hosted the Champions of Io and held council on the prophesy.
2 Epilogues (Part 1) 10/03/2013 Xavash and Gato were sent summons for some Council-related business.
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