Council Of Liches


Following the defeat of Acererak, the famed demi-lich, many powerful necromancers and would-be necromancers sought to recover as much of Acererak's research, spells, and magic as possible. Eventually Acererak' legacy was gathered and brokered into many subgroups. These subgroups fought, killed, and rekilled each other in bloody and bonecrushing battles. Eventually a group of among the most powerful kind of undead, the liches, formed the Council of Liches in an attempt to put an end to these conflicts as further battles amongst those who practiced Necromancy as with fewer practitioners of the dark art, left others more vulnerable to those opposed to Necromancy.

The Council of Liches met irregularly to discuss the current state of Necromancy, the world, and the division and sharing of Acererak's legacy. Despite the intent, the Council of Liches had trouble reaching its goals. The Necromancers themselves were divided into allegiances, some worshipped Nerull, Wee Jas, Vecna, Shargaas, Faluzure, Kiaransalee and others notwithstanding the various faction's evil nature created a great environment of distrust as past insults and incursions were not forgotten by the immortal spellcasters.

The Council of Liches was disbanded following the aftermath of the Phylactery Wars.


Chow Mein
Vlaakith the Lich Queen


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