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Player: Duralan
Race: Half-Celestial Half-Giant
Class: Paladin 3 (yamabushi, mind blade)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: A towering figure clad in a shining armor with a faint of holy aura around himself, brandishing a weapon with similar 'demeanor'. Underneath the armor the man himself bears some giant traits but otherwise appears mostly human … when disguised. When not silver eyes, faintly glowing golden hair and feathered angelic-alike wings betray the holy power suffusing his being.

Personality: Valiant, honorable and pure-hearted yet not blinded by any sort of zeal or fanaticism. Other than that a quite disciplined fellow capable of making great sacrifices for the sake of greater good.

Background: Conrad's memory is mostly in… tatters. He might remember some faint vestiges of his 'first' life… perhaps a bit more from his hellbred-dom and none of the time he was a part of both Phobos and Night Terror. As simple as it may sound… one night he heard (where ? it is a good question) the call of a sovereign of good deities who tasked him with representing the cause of good during the times in which another great turmoil is likely to occur.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10-09-2012 +1300 XP +1300gp via wiki-XP transfer
2 Character Creation (buying) 10-19-2012 -1070 -
3 Shades and Shackles Pt. 1 10-08-2012 +1300 - The 'new lord of darkness' supposedly dwells in the Undercity - or so the rumors say - and the information-broker also known as Falgad. In the meantime it appeared that this dangerously-sounding matter lured more of those seeking to uncover its secrets (Silon and Vincvina). In the Undercity nefarious… or perhaps trickery-filled magic was at work but the supposed 'lord of darkness' did not match the mental mental image of the supposed nefarious being.
4 Shades and Shackles Pt. 2 10-15-2012 +1000 -1gp :( - Our arcane know-how was not sufficient to determine more down there in the Undercity. Falgad was also not that helpful which is why we sought to gather resources required to hire someone more versed in magical arts… needless to say… fate was not really on our side. What looked like an easy, if a bit delicate, task turned out … into an event I am not eager to speak about.
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