College Of Necromancy Graveyard Base


The College of Necromancy Graveyard Base is located directly beneath The Mortician's humble dwelling in the Dragonport Graveyard. Unbeknownst to many, the complex runs deep underground for many miles, containing many rooms, lairs, and testing facilities for the College of Necromancy

It is also currently the place where new members are initiated and trained. Here is where the action "colleging" of the College of Necromancy is done as here it holds the vast libraries of Necromantic lore, history, and spells, started by Acererak and expanded upon the thousands of years since his demise.


College of Necromancy Great Hall


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Syrius's Questions 3-02-2012 Syrius visited the college and the great hall where he met hundreds of other members of the College of Necromancy, living and unliving and was initiated as a full member
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