College of Necromancy

The Organization stopped existing following the demise of Ra-Men and the sacrifice of his own underlings for his nefarious ends beforehand



The College of Necromancy is a secretive organization rumored to exist (which it does). It operates through various agents throughout all of Arkus to achieve its various nefarious aims as covertly as possible.


After Ra-men's victory in the Phylactery Wars, he gained control of the phylacteries of his lich rivals, dominating his competition. Subsequently the Council of Liches was disbanded and a new organization, the College of Necromancy was founded.

Now, Acererak's legacy and the forbidden arts would be freely shared amongst all necromancers. Other deities of Death would be tolerated; however, Nerull would have supremacy.

Very quickly, the various bases of the College were created and organized around Arkus, disseminating the forbidden arts while recruiting like-minded people.


College of Necromancy Graveyard Base
College of Necromancy Great Hall

(former) ALLIES:

The Seekers
The Claws of Orcus



High Ranking

Ra-Men- Chosen of Nerull
Velvec Valed - Hand of Nerull
Grixis, the Soulrender - Scythe of Nerull

Mid Ranking

The Mortician - Rod of Nerull
Marrogan - Caretaker of Nerull
Rathmas Loken - Muse of Nerull
Lady Droga - Mistress of Nerull
Aldegar - Crafter of Nerull
Enardum Hadan - Ritualist of Nerull
Jhanae - Mage
Ichiro Kamigawa - ???

Low ranking

Gelis Jalin - Apprentice
Daemon - Neophyte
Velmus Valed - Neophyte
Cu Mian - Neophyte
Cellest - Guide


Ra-Men Crypt Keeper-observer and scheduler
Deathscythe - Grixis's favored minions (slain, rebuild, slain, rebuild…over and over again)
Bayushi Ita, unwilling, tricked by Marco Delgado into becoming a JuJu zombie
Ra-minions - The current pinnacle of designing expertise (???) as far as the art of corpsecrafting, spellstitching and similar is concerned.

Former Members

Belak the Outcast - (Betrayed the College) (slain and then undeadified as a warning to the would-be traitors)
Master A- Former Voice of Nerull (Defected to the Silver Cranes
Fade - Appeared to be deliberately not awakened back into service by Ra-Men

Slain Members

Rakaar - Former Undead Creator. Transferred to The Veiled Society (Slain)
Jenlar Temlin- Prodigy (slain)
Imbrudar-scout (slain)
Stamper-necrosis carnex yellow style (slain)
Derek the skeleton - he's got a name (slain)
Phobos, unwilling, forced via Ra-Men's rebuke. Later transformed into Night Terror. Defeated on the negative energy plane.
Galtin - Blood Magus (burninated into crisps)


All members of the College of Necromancy must go through a formal initiation ritual to bind themselves to the College to ensure their loyalty. The initiation ritual goes as follows:

  1. The Priest of Nerull chants the ritual
  2. The Priest of Nerull offers a bone dagger to the initiate
  3. The Initiate is prompted to cut their hand, bleeding into the Log Book while reciting:

" I do swear to faithfully serve the College of Necromancy and its leaders through life and undeath with my body and soul for all eternity "

After that the ritual is done, and the initiate has bound their soul into the college. Members have full access to the libraries, spells, and secrets of the college, as well as their general member benefits and protections.

Generally speaking the College of Necromancy will Resurrect or reanimate any member in good standing. It is for this reason that many believe that binding their souls is worth the price.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Blood calls to Blood 2-29-2012 Rakaar was working for the college when he infiltrated the Dragonport Thieves' Guild. Also, Syrius found that his parents were also working for them.
2 Ghastly Issues 03-06-2012 Allied itself with the Claws of Orcus long before the heroes decimated the latter.
3 Possibility, probability...destiny ? Part 2 03-12-2012 Formed an (temporary ?) alliance with Vlaakith, the Lich Queen. Failed to capture D.E.I.M.O.S during the attack on Dark Remnant I.
4 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 04-04-2012 A very powerful member of the college — perhaps Ra-Man himself — brought about the birth of Night Terror, an amalgam of thousands of tormented and hate-filled souls, including those of Phobos. Night Terror was then sent back through time to The Hive to seek out the Brothian Orb and the Soul Blade. Also, Marco Delgado, turned Kamigawa and Bayushi Ita juju zombies…though Kamigawa's mind was still his own, and he was able to escape and find a 'cure.'
5 Pseudo Good-Guys 04-07-2012 The Vorloi house was confirmed to be allied with the College. After failing to capture Kaleem the organization sent some spellstiched enforcers, together with a greater aspect of Nerull himself. If not for the Red Dragon King then who knows what fate would befall on those who seek righteousness ?
6 crew vs college 1 4-9-2012 Major point of discussion during a secret crew meeting.
7 tabernacle stooge 4-13-2012 Nanny Grow warned the pcs to beware of this organization
8 Destroy Base D! 4-25-2012 Party and Kamigawa went to destroy one of the Necro Bases.
9 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Igor Leviedev, a Seeker, confirmed that indeed that his colleagues allied themselves with the necromancers roughly 50-years ago in order to 'exchange-know-how'.
10 Cu Mian's Lair 5-10-2012 Cu Mian represented the college against "the bad guys".
11 A Cleric Apart 6-08-2012 Were found by Tom and Fulker to be trying to seize cleric holy symbols.
12 Continuum Unveils (Prologue) 6-12-2012 The Prophet implied that the college is just a part of a much greater, on by consequence nefarious, ploy..
13 Continuum Unveils (Part 1) 06-19-2012 Night Terror sought to recover the Brothian Orb, his first attempt was a failure.
14 Terror of the Endless Night 06-21-2012 Night terror was…supposedly defeated .
15 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07-07-2012 Revealed its existence to the world, claiming Dragonport for their own in the aftermath of the Crew's offensive, an enormous of semi-translucent, winged undead were sent against the dragons while the lingering undead forces replaced the Vorloi as the city's… law-enforcement.
15 Screw this! Initiate plan inferno! 07-09-2012 Blew up part of the College base up. With a big explosion.
16 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08-04-2012 Unleashed hordes of Ra-Minions upon the dragonkind of Io's Blood Isles.
17 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 08-05-2012 Ra-Men and a bulk of his Ra-minions forces were… forced (?) to retreat to the Nexus of Souls.
18 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 08/06/2012 Probably sought to provide the party with a healthy dose of 'stalling' and false-sense of security while the team was effortlessly spearheading through the organization's old minions.
19 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 08/07/2012 The team continued to destroy next to all old-timer (the irony) minions of the College… with the only exception being their successful attempt at diplomacy with Galtin.
20 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 08/08/2012 The destruction spree continues, only few Doppelgangers (Doppleganger Marco Delgado, Doppleganger Farris Blackclaw, Doppleganger Kamigawa Light, Doppleganger Garun) being more of a challenge for the team of adventurers, heroes, antiheroes, champions…
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 Tis time only Marrogan manages to 'live' to tell the story about it… the rest of the College's agents and minions removed from existence… not literally… but close.
22 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 7 08/11/2012 Zargon, Lady Droga and the Demon King made appearances in Ra-men's name but failed to stop the adventurers progress through the Nexus of Souls
23 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 08/12/2012 Two more familiar encounters in the Nexus of Souls, Sindri and Ziare all working for the college. Neither played nice with the party.
24 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 9 08/13/2012 Nhim and Velmus Valed pulled every trick in the book, through sheer fortitude and incredible powers the party survived.
25 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 08/14/2012 Party fought and then Resurrected Bayushi Ita and Fredrick Uhsbane. They also confronted Lightbringer, Roku and the rest of the Dragon Slayers.
26 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 08/15/2012 Count Valed] failed to stop the party…on the other hand the unwilling ally of the college (Barbita) was convinced to … implode herself, allowing the adventurers to pass (worry not she's a lich !).
27 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 12 08/16/2012 More past enemies attack the group! Can no one stand in the way of the adventurers ?!
28 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 08/17/2012 Before reaching the lich Syrius proved that the curse of Nerull's has no power over him. Ra-Men himself almost managed to slay the party… with the *almost* part being true due to the team's ability to slightly (but sufficiently) alter the fate/time-flow itself.
29 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 08/18/2012 With Ra-Men's ultimate demise the vile organization (or what's left of it) is defeated !
30 Fading Away (Part 2) 12/05/2013 It was made apparent that Fade belonged (at one point ?) to the organization.
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