Description: About few thousand year old clock tower that was using the Monuments of Nature to power itself. Which caused the forest around it to die out and just turn into a rocky plain. Inside contained a factory that creates clockwork construct and a huge clockwork spider that was guarding the stone.

Appearances: The surrounding area is a rocky plains with no vegetation in sight. At the center of the plains stand a very old looking clock tower with lots of gears inside. Now with lush forest surrounds the clock tower, trees grew around the clock tower creating a huge tree. The only thing visible of the clock tower is it clock.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Monument of ??? 7/14/12 Party released the monuments of nature from its clockwork grasp and fell right back to where it should of been. Then Nightmare casted miracle on the stone to return its power when sudden explosion of aura from the monument out to the sourrounding area. Lush green forest filled up the rocky landscape and soon life returned to the place. Also the clock tower slowly turned into a tree, only the clock visible.
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