Claude Torenscu

Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler 3/Rogue 2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: The eldest son of the house patriarch's. Elegant, bold… slightly too oveconfident… and a bit too lavish for his old-man's tastes… though he tolerates it for the time's being as he still is deemed the most fitting inheritor.

Noble Houses
Torenscu - The Patriarch's son

Milene, consort (???)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The trappings of ... (???)(part2) 11-23-2012 Abducted by Raital from the bath level of Vermillion Charade in order to learn more about Terror's Delight as apparently … the man's memory WAS absorbed there… though he was still alive (???).
2 The trappings of ... (???)(epilogue) 12-02-2012 Used as a hostage by Raital in order to have Milene uncover more details related to Reaver and other beings of its kind.
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