Clan Shatterhand


In the subterranean realms, Clan Shatterhand, a dark dwarven clan, is a trade tycoon. It deals mostly in metal, precious stones and slaves, but has its hands in many other businesses. They are known to wage war against dark elves and svirfneblin, to capture entire tribes of goblins and kobolds, and for their intricate knowledge of various torture techniques. Shatterhand dwarves are not only cutthroat businessmen, but famous for their skill in unarmed combat, and their Clanfather, Agnar Shatterhand, can truthfully boast to have wrestled an Umber Hulk and won.

Clan Shatterhand has many assets in Kal'tazaka, yet these represent only a portion of their power. Most of their assets are in dark dwarven cities. They sell their goods to whoever will buy them, though they may steal back what they've sold if they believe the buyer has wronged them. Their influence even stretches to the overworld, where they supply evil creatures (such as orcs and ogres) with the weapons needed to wage war, especially if that war is against their former kin - surface dwarves.

Given their violent history, most people who willingly deal with Clan Shatterhand are either very brave, very powerful, or know less than they should about the clan. Clan Shatterhand keeps a small number of spies on the surface to find places where they may make great profit, and when such places are found, they come to the surface in covert teams to take what they believe ought be theirs. Adventurers who earn the clan's ire should be wary, lest they find dwarven assassins at their throats.


Agnar Shatterhand


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