Clan Korgoth


Orc clans are always fierce, but they lack the discipline to stand up to a real army on their own. In this, Clan Korgoth is different. Clan Korgoth is fierce and strong, but also is well-trained, disciplined, and whipped into shape. They do not value only brute strength; they also embrace cunning, tactical genius, and a mind quick to master new sword techniques. However, while their minds may not be as brutish as other orcs', they have just as much cruelty and brutality.

To call Clan Korgoth a clan is, perhaps, not correct. It is actually the result of a strong orc clan taking over two other powerful orc clans and a minotaur community, combining these four groups into a single massive fighting force that operates both above and below the Black Marches. It is an army in itself.

Clan Korgoth has a strict breeding program, often mixing in other races with their own in order to produce better warriors. They count half-minotaur amongst their number as well as half-humans and half-fiends. Orc-blooded tieflings also count themselves as members of this clan, and they provide much-needed subtlety in warfare, often serving as tactical officers or assassins. These many half-breeds make the clan stronger due to versatility. Clan Korgoth also keeps mighty beasts in their kennels, some of which - like dire wolves - they ride into battle.

The leader of the clan is not known to outsiders. He is cautious, letting his sub-commanders do most of the barking and letting them catch attention, while he operates from the shadows. It is something that has kept him alive in the subterranean realms and left several of his former lieutenants dead.

For the most part, Clan Korgoth seems content to work as mercenaries for those groups willing to hire them, only doing any real conquest when it senses weakness. When opportunity arrives, however, Clan Korgoth is quick to attack and butcher any group that stands between them and more resources for the clan, whether those resources be new lands, raw materials, magic items, or fresh slaves.



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