City Template

**Copy the following information to utilize the template for creating cities and fill in information on the city, NPCs, Locations, etc. Be sure to add your City to the Setting page **

[[image image of city link goes here height="400ppx"]]

Mention the history of the city here

Mention what the city looks like aesthetically here.

Mention what type of government the city is ruled by here

Mention how the city makes most of its money

++ **PERSONA**
Mention the attitude of the general populace here and its treatment of various races, religions, and cultures

List the general number of people living here and their primary races.

Mention Organizations with activity or headquarters here

Mention Prominent Locations in the city such as City Districts (such as Government District, Merchant District, Slums District) and so on, as well as prominent locations that exist within those districts such as Keeps, Government Offices, Mage Towers and other such other than Shops, Taverns, Inns, and Temples.

++ **SHOPS**
Mention prominent shops and shop owners where PCs and NPCs can buy items here.

Mention Prominent Taverns and Inns PCs might want to be aware of that exist here

++ **TEMPLES**
Mention prominent Temples or Cults that operate within the city.


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||~ **#** ||~ **Adventure** ||~ **Date** ||~ **Actions** ||
|| 1 || Link the Adventure here || Date Adventure Happened || What happened in the City on this date ||

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