Cinder House


Poorhouse located in the Dragonport Slums District founded and run by philanthropists. Known for giving food and water to the poorest members of Dragonport society. Called the Cinder House for its great warmth.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Cinder House Too Early 11-10-2011 Daemon visits outside the Cinder House, hoping to gain admittance to the College of Necromancy, he meets Master A, who narrowly saves him from death from Ra Men Crypt Keeper and took Daemon as an apprentice.
2 The Veiled Society part 2 12-7-2011 A chase after Flaviare Radu led the party to this location. After fighting some elite martial adepts outside the adventurers moved inside and then confronted the nobleman and his 20 sorcerer underlings. In the end party had to temporarily retreat in order to raise Baltasar Malich (who fell during the battle) back to life.
3 The Veiled Society part 3 12-14-2011 The party decided to blow up the establishment but due to some circumstances the (anti)heroes were unable to do so… at least this time.
4 The Veiled Society part 4 12-20-2011 Baltasar Malich used some of his home-made explosives to … make the location disappear… to say it lightly.
5 The Lost City 01-04-2012 Bayushi Ita tries to infliltrate the College of Necromancy to find out that the Cinder House received a lot of public aid and attention after several innocents were unjustly killed, and many people including Walden Woden paid money in support of its restoration. Bayushi Ita completes a mission to gain the College's favor and is able to see the bottom floor of the Cinder House, which shows homeless people being stuffed into bags of holding.
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