cider house log

Daemon: (whispering): ?
DMSoft: (whispering): Yeah, at the Cider house
DMSoft: (whispering): there's a cloaked figure there
DMSoft: (whispering): *cinder house
Daemon: (whispering): ((so encountering this right?))
DMSoft: (whispering): (yup, I'll dm your encounter)
Daemon: (whispering): (sweet thanks))
DMSoft: (whispering): (do whatever you want, he doesn't notice you)
Daemon: (whispering): *walks to the cinder house seeing a cloaked figure in the shadows he approaches him from behind*
DMSoft: (whispering): *perception
Daemon: (whispering): ((i roll perception check?))
DMSoft: (whispering): (yup)
DMSoft: (whispering): (I"m a dm here)
Daemon: (whispering): ((what mods that?))
DMSoft: (whispering): (it's a skill)
DMSoft: (whispering): (wisdom)
Daemon: (whispering): [1d20] => [13] = (13)
Daemon: (whispering): ((so 15))
DMSoft: (whispering): *you notice the smell of death as you approach…undeath*
Daemon: (whispering): "why does one so unliving stand so near those alive"
DMSoft: (whispering): "How is it that you know of my unlivingness?"-the lone figure whispers
DMSoft: (whispering): (the area is dark and it's just the 2 of you)
Daemon: (whispering): "lets just say i have…..experiance in the art"
DMSoft: (whispering): "Oh, so you are a magic user?"-whispers
Daemon: (whispering): "perhaps i am…what does it mean to you?"
DMSoft: (whispering): "I am but a lone crypt keeper. I am here to observe who didn't get the message, and who did."
Daemon: (whispering): "then observe one who recieved such a message"
DMSoft: (whispering): "the message, what was it?"
Daemon: (whispering): meet at the cinder house on the 12th day at midnight"
DMSoft: (whispering): "You didn't get the message."
DMSoft: (whispering): "Are you a student?"
Daemon: (whispering): "then what is the message….if you told me…then i would have recieved it….then this conversation might continue more pleasantly for us both"
DMSoft: (whispering): *you feel unnatural cold comming off of the undead. It isn't a normal undead*
Daemon: (whispering): "i might be"
DMSoft: (whispering): "I believe you need more proof of your membership in the order."
DMSoft: (whispering): "present your symbol."
Daemon: (whispering): "oh…that old thing i seem to have left it at my abode"
DMSoft: (whispering): "then come back when you have it."
DMSoft: (whispering): *you notice someone is comming*
DMSoft: (whispering): *it's another cloaked figure, looks to be a necromancer*
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon scowls furiously at forgetting to take the amulet *
DMSoft: (whispering): "hello Crypt One."
Daemon: (whispering): *he looks at the new person comign closer*
DMSoft: (whispering): "Greetings, did you get the message?"-crypt keeper
DMSoft: (whispering): "Oh, has the meeting been moved."-the new necromancer holds his symbol up
DMSoft: (whispering): "yes, it has been move to the 7th house. You need to watch your acolytes more closely."-crypt keeper to necro
DMSoft: (whispering): *the crypt keeper points at daemon
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon takes a slight step back just in case*
DMSoft: (whispering): "He's one of yours, right?"
DMSoft: (whispering): "Oh, my yes. Sorry about that."-necromancer
DMSoft: (whispering): "We'll just be leaving now"-necromancer takes daemon by the shoulder
DMSoft: (whispering): "follow me, and for the love of nerull, don't look back!"-necromancer whispers
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon plays along for now…"yes…my apologies……master
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon does as he says letting him lead him away*
DMSoft: (whispering): *the necromancer leads you away from the cinder house*
Daemon: (whispering): "what is the meaning of this?*
DMSoft: (whispering): "So, what's your story then?"-necromancer
DMSoft: (whispering): *you don't get an evil vibe off this necromancer*
Daemon: (whispering): "i… a younger version of you….one who praises Nerull and seeks entrance into the coven of the undead"
DMSoft: (whispering): "that crypt keeper is one of Ra-Men's"
Daemon: (whispering): "who?"
DMSoft: (whispering): "He would have slaughtered you."
Daemon: (whispering): "who is Ra-Men"
DMSoft: (whispering): "Ra-Men, the lich…haven't you heard of him?"
DMSoft: (whispering): "he has some influence in the college."
Daemon: (whispering): "oh yes….i do recall of him….care to refresh ym memory?"-lie
DMSoft: (whispering): "Well, he is ancient. that is the extent of my knowledge"-necromancer
DMSoft: (whispering): "So, I would like a demonstration of your power before I decide what to do with you."-the necromancer steps back
DMSoft: (whispering): (he begins casting a spell you are familiar with…summon undead)
Daemon: (whispering): "as you wish… no master jsut one who ahs been touched by the dark"
DMSoft: (whispering): (the undead just stand there.)
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon steps back getting ready*
DMSoft: (whispering): (the undead are numerous and powerful)
Daemon: (whispering): ((how many?))
DMSoft: (whispering): (3 skeletal warriors with flames in their eyes)
DMSoft: (whispering): (10 normal skeletons)
Daemon: (whispering): ((poo…..))
DMSoft: (whispering): "Okay, do something necromatic"
DMSoft: (whispering): "oh, are you one of those types of necromancers who doesn't do undead?"
DMSoft: (whispering): "hold on a second."
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon casts command undead on one of the larger skeletal warriors and in a loud and commanding voice says"FLEE"
DMSoft: (whispering): *for the sake of story, you succeed
DMSoft: (whispering): *the skeleton flees
Daemon: (whispering): "I….DO UNDEAD"
DMSoft: (whispering): "Very good!"
DMSoft: (whispering): "I think I can make an apprentice of you."
DMSoft: (whispering): "hold out your arm if you would be so kind."
Daemon: (whispering): "thank you…."*he slowly comes forward and holds out his left arm*
DMSoft: (whispering): "the necromancer holds up the amulet of the college and makes it red hot with magic
DMSoft: (whispering): "hold still"
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon smiles slightly*
DMSoft: (whispering): *he presses the amulet into daemon's flesh
DMSoft: (whispering): *you notice he has a brand as well
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon doesnt flinch only smiles andles* slightly chuc
DMSoft: (whispering): "this is in case you lose your amulet"
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon doesnt flinch only smiles and slightly chuckles*
Daemon: (whispering): "of course"
DMSoft: (whispering): "here is your own amulet."
DMSoft: (whispering): *he hands you an amulet like the ones you found in the last adventure
Daemon: (whispering): *daemon takes the amulet puting it into his pocket*
DMSoft: (whispering): "okay, there are simple rules to be a member."
DMSoft: (whispering): "Rule one, no necromancy or summoning undead during the day."
Daemon: (whispering): "okay"
DMSoft: (whispering): "We also must avoid Lion Guard members who are working in an official capacity."
DMSoft: (whispering): "If they find out about us, it will be bad for our goals."
Daemon: (whispering): "agreed"
DMSoft: (whispering): "Also, we don't use names."
DMSoft: (whispering): "So, just call me master. I will call you student, apprentice, or acolyte."
DMSoft: (whispering): "My goal is that eventually you will be my equal. This makes the organization stronger."
Daemon: (whispering): "yes…….master"*daemon scowls at the word like poison*
DMSoft: (whispering): "I understand the resentment, but this is how it has been done for thousands of years."
DMSoft: (whispering): "Now, you and I shall meet her weekly. I will teach you some spells. You will cast them. I will observe."
Daemon: (whispering): 'of course i understand"8there is a slight hiss fromt he snake coiled around daemons arm under his robes*
DMSoft: (whispering): "Also, I will present you at the next meeting."
Daemon: (whispering): "sounds good…"
DMSoft: (whispering): "I will find you at that time."
Daemon: (whispering): "okay….."
DMSoft: (whispering): (hold on, just looking up a few spells)
Daemon: (whispering): ((i cant cast animate undead till i think lvl7…but i can cast animate dead animal….annd of course alot of other necro spells))
DMSoft: (whispering): "Tonight I will teach you Backbiter and Spirite worm"
Daemon: (whispering): "okay"
DMSoft: (whispering): (backbiter and spirit worm are 2 spells in spell compendium)
DMSoft: (whispering): (you automatically learn them since he helps you)
Daemon: (whispering): ((okay let me find them real quick
DMSoft: (whispering): "Now, go forth and become stronger on your own. I will see you here next week"-says your new master
DMSoft: (whispering): That's a good place to end. You get 600xp
DMSoft: (whispering): payment was in spells

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