Charlinia Coaldragon

Charlinia Coaldragon
Player: Jam730
Race: Drow Half-deep wyrm Dragon Mage Blooded unseelie fey
Class: Paladin of Tyranny 4, rogue 4, Black Guard 2, Ordained Champion 2
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Standing at an elegant size of height, her influential dark black skin echoing with radiant negative energy while garbed in plated black onyx like armor spiked and angled with various corners upon its plate. The Breastplate upon it etched with a rather pantheonic icon of various evil deities glowing violet upon the plate. Her long flowing elegance of white hair wafting down around her scaley cheeks and a smirk upon her noteworthy narrow snout. The curvaciousness of buxom hourglass size adorned quite vividly on her figure with a white porcelain skull of a juvenile dragons head upon her arm ending with a bladed length at the tip. The deep velvety violet eyes she adorns on her apparent slender appearance gazing as if into your very spirit with her stare.

Personality: Her apparent devotion is of the sake of evil for evil sake. Being a more Elite Minion of sorts, she does not strive too far from being one who can garner the furthering of dark actions that befit the benefit of the evil balance as a whole which exists delicately within the infrastructure of ones whole life.

Background: Her past has been considered in the unknown Era for some time. Some say they have seen her born into nobility of the higher drow class and was given the archetype of the deep wyrm dragons negative aura. The Female herself felt rather lax in the knowledge of the world around her, other than the fact that she simply felt herself above and beyond the simplicity of politics. However, there was a day where she felt a strange tap at her heart, a feeling of a calling that held higher than before till she brought it into fruition by turning her noble house on itself to attain supremacy of it. Yet…there was also word that she was involved in the downfall of her clans existence as well as the passing of her living residence which was seen as to be full of negative necrotic energy. However, having a name of hers being in an untraditional sense…one would wonder what kind of a drow she was.

The Dark Council
The Black Lions - Head Captain

NPC Appearances

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pharmakon (part4) 10-26-2012 Her appearance was brief as she came to the party accusing them of being Ergothian spies. Her act was to make them clear out more Ergothians to prove themselves innocent or loose a member of their group held for questioning.
2 The veil beyond the shadow pt 2 11-12-2012 Having been tricked by Cael to open the armory vault, Charlinia had taken Cael into custody soon after.
3 Rank in Line 11-17-2012 Charlinia had asked Valcon to set up trap for the caravan along with capturing some thieves in interrogating information on who was targeting the black lions.
4 Rank in Line (part2) 11-22-2012 Charlinia sent Nil to handle a side quest of finding another dragonshard deposit in the same dig site only to have to give Nil his own pay in a replacement spider.
5 Rank in line (part 3) 11-27-2012 Having taken some mercenaries, and a stupidly annoying con in the captivity, she left the party to guard lady ophelia st.laraine only to have had Nil Keep watch in case of otherwise … or pray he kills constantine for her sake.
6 Foxy Prank (part2) 10/30/2013 Appeared inside the Black Lions Secret Headquarters shortly after the prank pulled by Kimonto, being obviously displeased with the results.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 6-25-2012 300 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 6-25-2012 0 -262 Splint Mail, klar
3 The Professional 7-8-2012 1800 1000 While traveling along alone as usual, she runs into the noteworthy faces of Travex and Aegis. When seeing Aegis expose her noteworthy abilities and leave, she gives Travex a try in terms of seeing how she fairs living through a double cross. If anything, all she did was inform the opposing gang faction of one of their own about to be killed, and sees if she lives long enough to prove her strength before she takes her leave from being hunted next.
4 The Seeds of Conflict 7-13-2012 4250 6000 Mask of Lies Charlinia was watching Ra-Mens plan of action set in motion at dragonport after its battle when the entirety of its undead became apparent to all. She was otherwise visited by 'The mysterious Employer' by surprise as she welcomed him and his 'polite' invitation into his council. Her entry in was rather a simple one, as she was then introduced to Aegis a second time after her first time meeting her within that allotment of passing time since last they met back when Travex was with aegis. But not only having Amaksura as a vassal, she also is in the care of Aegis under her 'wing' of sorts till she infiltrates the black lions to better aegis's plans for conquering Avalon by bringing the black lions down from the inside. All the time she wonders to herself, feeling the 'dark seed of power' pulsating within. 'Will she be kept…or is she a pawn?'.
5 Market 7-14-2012 0 -6185 Mithral chain shirt, dastana, tonlet, spaulders, ring of protection +1 Sold split mail Her current profession of work requires her to be in a more 'lighter' attire in this point onward as she took the time to make herself as presentable as such.
6 Mercon pt1 7-22-2012 450 Charlinia went out on her time to find some persons of interest for a plan in her mind that seems to pan out with thoughts on the subject related to her soon to be stealth ops with getting into the black lions. Running into a pair of adventurers with philosophy perspectives, she ends up in the city of Mercon separated from the realm of the outside world. Her time there was started with venturing to the temple of hextor to have to prove herself worthy enough to have audiance with members of within to offer her services.
7 Mercon pt2 7-23-2012 4200 When having another day in Mercon, she takes on the preparation task of setting up for sabotaging relations between two nobles in the city. After procuring produce from one Lords market, she sets off with the two previously met fellows to a ruins to see how well their capabilities are. When facing up against spiders, they showed their capabilities AND more to her, finding the perfect distraction, as well as allies trustworthy enough, to take on the black lions and pressure them for her benefit.
8 The Black Mane 7-29-2012 4400 1000 Charlinia takes the time to head on into the lands of dragonport with a hat of disguise borrowed by a member of Aegis's spies. In doing so, she hid her draconic features from noticable discerning eyes. When she approaches the recruitment office soon later, she ends up meeting Sir Inquisitor Sigmund as she gets herself in under false name and writ before making on with a quest of gathering intelligence. In doing so, she learned about the De'Cardes and their split up, the ones in charge of both sides, their hiding locations, as well as Argus's splinter cell being the second group who made deals with the Yakuza to stay under the radar. However, having broken their truce with simple insults and false words spread by mouth, she brings report of these acts back without telling of her involvement, as well as earning not only the black lion badge and uniform, but locations of black lion dens in wait and a special password system in use. This was before returning for her mention of the results to aegis
9 Market 7-29-2012 -1800 Hat of Disguise Charlinia would need to keep her guise up in doing such work. So her market day was spent upon buying a new hat of disguise while returning one borrowed from the last mission.
10 Wutherton: Scouring the blight 8-22-2012 2300 3031gp 7sp 5cp Charlinia had been out and about while on duty, going about her business with silence as she was looking for more expansion for the black lions. When exploring, she had found some manner of 'plague' going about making people turn into raging zombies. While away, she had found information on the cause of it being some nobleman experimenting on alchemy warfare in her mind. Without much worry, she had found new land to grab for the black lions, as well as a new 'recruit' for the order. However, she felt this nobleman would be her priority above all else, as she wouldn't want to let dragonport to fall into any other command other than the black lions.
11 Necropolis Purge Pt1 8-26-2012 1660 The entry into the catacombs wasn't the issue for charlinia. It was the issue with keeping the mercenaries hired in line before things would get out of hand. When entering in, it came to a surprise to her that the temple itself was of a neutral undead deity like Wee jas. The followers within didn't seem all that neutral when the crew came in to 'clean house' in a way. Luckily, she had stuck herself with a group who could handle the blunt of the onslaught.
12 Necropolis Purge Pt2 8-29-2012 2750 Having seen 3/4ths of her crew end up gone in a flash of light, she seemed stuck with members of the party that were of other groups who had managed exploration further in the catacombs. However, when they ran into the remains of the former phobos, charlinia was intrigued. To think that the mighty nightmare of every adventurers travels had ended up in that very catacomb along with the other undead. It must have tried to gather up souls to resurrect itself it seems. However, when charlinia had held it off barely long enough to see the others slay it, she could only stand in curiosity when phobos stabbed himself instead while sounding like there was a dual personality going on in the spirit filled armor. But, all in all, the situation was handled as should be. The only remaining question would be why the armor had appeared one last time to begin with.
13 Market 8-30-2012 -3050 mithril chahar-aina, amulet of natural armor +1 She had finally gotten enough finance from her various job handlings to afford a final piece to her gear and then some
14 The New Veil 8-30-2012 4025 2500 Shard containing pwobos Charlinia was assigned by Lord Inquisitor Sigmunds higher up, Frederick, to investigate the missing case of GarKir and the wolf guardians. Having gathered the previous members of the catacombs excavation, she had managed to lead them along using them to gather intelligence and draw attention from the wolf guardians. Afterwords, the infiltration at the swampside was rather eventful in terms of misshap and action. Having been guided in, she and the others met up with a miniature phobos that was acting quite brattish. Encased in a crystal from Tenko, it was handed soon after to charlinia. Charlinia had plans of bringing it to aegis much later on soon after. The excavation on getting garkir out into the open was rather easily done there after. However, charlinia had also pegged a memo to herself via amakusa. 'Find Milena'.
15 The Vengeful Shard 9-8-2012 1125 It had been some time since the last venture into the unknown doing her duity. Charlinia had managed to return to Aegis with the shard gained from her last venture holding a fragment of phobos in it. The fragment had a different aura than the real thing though, but Charlinia had earned her keep with giving such an extravagant find to Aegis. However, her real intention was to keep Aegis following the 'proper' path without her 'falling out of grace' so to speak. She figures the shard might have resonance of phobos left within it to have an effect on Aegis overtime. Only the years that pass by may tell if such a task will happen. A new status … a squad of her own … and a quest unfounded. This might end up being the rise of a newer evil if left unchecked.
16 Seeds of Conflict Pt 2 9-26-2012 1375 0 hatched seed: Conflict of Order Charlinia had presented evidence of the claws of orcus looking for the shards of phobos as much as Aegis Has. Her given orders were to seek them out and eliminate each member, and perhaps aid any heroes who are doing so. Her cover suggestion was under the guise of a peace march across the material plane to extend control of dragon-port, and eventually aegis's rule, before long since past. Meanwhile, The Bloodhaired One had arrived to ask for a parting sacrifice of Aegis's time in return for granting a secret to her that would help her make conflict ultimate through hell and the abyss. However, charlinia was asked forth to receive a hatching of her seed of conflict, giving birth to Nameless One within her body as a form of Symbiotic Cohort.
17 Unveiling the Beyond 9-27-2012 1669 Charlinia went to investigate why a ruins was being guarded so heavily by soldiers of the black lions rank. When she entered in, she discovered that there were members of the claw of orcus using it as a base of operations. Having found two other members to meet with, she convinced them to aide in her assistance in clearing it out while paying them as hired mercenaries with using what they all want the most from this venture.
18 Unveiling the Beyond Pt2 10-27-2012 4925 Her travels with her companions goes further in to fighting more nightmares and meeting with an alchemist named Alexei.
19 Unveiling the Beyond Pt3 11-01-2012 3617 Having ran into Thruknuk, she managed to get herself into another situation of aquiring a former member of a claw of orcus. But not before being sent into a hellish nightmare delve once more against chained fears, monstrous nightmares, and a vivid vision of a person clawing marks along the walls. The further run through of the entire nightmare base was more than enough to meet up with Cael as his help grants them knowledge that this is a dream plane of existence rather than a reality or future timeline. But a run in with the nameless one proved that it had been starving for quite some time. Charlinia was foolish in thinking she could understand it, only to realize that a true fight of the nightmares was about to begin.
20 Unveiling the Beyond (part4) 11-02-2012 11,645 Charlinia had to duel away with the beast of burdening nightmare to handle the situation with the others. Her only discovery later was the return being at the statue of the heroes of Dragonport strangely enough. Her last thoughts, in tandum, were as followed. To tell Aegis of the plot ( see The Seeds of Conflict 2 ) and to also organize a cleansing of the guard.
21 Unveiling the Beyond (epilogue) 11-10-2012 1375 Her findings in researching into the betrayals in her ranks lead to finding a hooded figure that was about to enter the black lions den. His information was not only resourceful, but quite consequentially mutual to make dealings with before heading off to find milene
22 Market 11-16-2012 -1000 +1 shield upgrade
23 Trappings of ... (???) 11-16-2012 500 Charlinia went to meet with a contact at the under-dark in guise before gathering a group of 'expendable' adventurers that she can be able to use while interrogating a lead at the transmutation academy.
24 Trappings of ... (???)(part2) 11-23-2012 3943 -1500, +4500, +15880 Cloak of Charisma +4 (tailored to knights cape) Her investigations further inland of the city revealed quite a few things. One, going to the Vermillion Charade was quite an enjoyable experience, and two, the underground it had was also quite invigorating to imagine using as ways to fund the lions for life. The arrival of inquisitor sigmund was unexpected but the people she had talked into coming with had been of great assistance distracting the majority of the bulk and even leaving her to capture the phobosified sigmund for research. Now her last task was to finish the vow she had kept with Gar-kir…alive or not.
25 Reminiscence 11-24-2012 225
26 downtime 11-27-2012 -18000 +3 mithral, +3 shield, +1 klar weapon equipment upgrade
27 Things that have been 11-28-2012 300
28 Trappings of ... (???)(part3) 11-30-2012 2450 Charlinia had made a bargain with lady Milene for her cooperation in leaving dragonport. Her job in return was clearing out an obstacle that would prevent her from doing so in which to let her be able to vacate fast enough for Gar-Kir to be none the wiser.
29 Trappings of ... (???)(epilogue) 12-2-2012 1275 Charlinia managed to get her knowledged understanding of the symbiont she has on her at this point on. As well as the understanding that the nightmares and this 'enigmatic' one became all the more intriguing to her. 'xolrethe' … it makes her wonder if he left his own past for dead for his own sake of chaos…
30 desirable solutions 12-4-2012 600 Black Box of Bondage Charlinia had been chatted into taking time off from her duities to relax in the silent pond. The time there actually did her mind true good until her mistress's sister came with intriguing news about a living spell in a drow enclave she was going to find and liberate. Right before she left, though, she left behind a rare lolth artifact involved with Sodomy that was given to Charlinia from Aegis as a parting gift.
31 Secret Wars 12-7-2012 3000 2500 Charlinia had found herself asleep one day when her dream self had ended up in the evidentful fight of forcing her way into a fortress with two others such as cael and einharr. If nothing, she had quite the most exquisite time durring the whole ordeal. However, her mastery of the symbiont still had more room to improve on when things came to worse. Otherwise, she seemed to take more attention to one such as Quickdraw afterwords.
32 downtime 12-7-2012 -3000 +1 vest of resistance, +1 masterwork klar weapon enchantment.
33 Secret Wars 2 12-9-2012 19300 Charlinia had found herself brought back into the realm of that which is the Dream heart once more with Cael. What was once a romp through with stealth turned out to be a preparation against herself. This time it also ended up a turn for the worst when she seemed to have had an adept ability to get through to the core room. However, the hall to it was loaded with many lantern archon by the dozen. Because of this, she failed to notice that Garun was amongst those who was protecting the core this time around, having found her out in order to beat her down and cause the archon to end up swarming her with injuries and cause her to snap awake back in the real world. She didn't know why Garun of all people was there. But she did know that it was no coincidence. On top of that, it was also the first time she felt … helpless…
34 downtime 12-10-2012 -2000 loan to valcon expectant of return with efficiency as interest from valcon.
35 Another Dream World 12-16-2012 10000 Rings of Pain, Hook of Dissolution, Rhapsody of Fire, cure serious wounds, blindfold of blindsense 30ft Charlinia had taken up quest to find out the source of who is warping the dream realm in order to pit people against one another. This so called shinki was the only information she should get while also giving Quickdraw a rather sadistically painful punishment for putting part of the akhastic records in jeopardy and risking them losing a powerful piece of information.
36 Another Dream World Part 2 12/20/2012 6400 +1 merciful large longsword, Ring of nine lives charlinia had never felt as humiliated as last time with the fight against Ophelia in the dream-scape. First she was nearly kicked out by death again, then she nearly had herself mentally circumcised, and finally embarrassed by a deity in front of everyone. As if her pride wouldn't have been hurt all the more, now she was stuck having to go through it further in seeing the end of it. But at the very least the one thing that kept her going was the astranged torture methods she's been developing with quickdraw. Most of the time she's been growing rather fond of it.
37 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations, Part 1) 12-28-2012 1375 2675 10 doses of anti-sun vampire lotion +1 merciful large longsword Charlinia had spent her time gathering up Tenko and ophelia to her cause after knowing Raital will be in no doubt. Her trip to Avalon was rather fortuitous in getting location towards Lumens whereabouts after his most fascinating lecture. Even then, she managed to intrigue lumen into joining on the condition that she at least bring 10 exact duplicate women to him and a service that is to be done 2 years later.
38 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations, Part 2) 1-1-2013 750 Charlinia had brought over Ophelia along with her today to try and make negotiations with siegfried de'carde. However, she didn't expect to have stumbled on him so soon while he was courting another that had the striking resemblance of ophelia st. laraine. After such a harshly shocking fiasco, she had managed to feel redeemed of her opinion of him while they conversed about his possible interest in the conflict of rokugan. He didn't seem to have much interest, but he did offer something rare for charlinia to use. It was information on a dig sight that had been bringing up something rather unique lately off in the distant side of dragonport not too far. Charlinia would only seem pleased thinking she had left siegfried something to think about while she would bring her friends along to gather what would be there.
39 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations, Part 3) 1-6-2013 4150 Charlinia had taken up motion with Tenko In hiring themselves on for the excavation onward to the emerald isles with Gavrik stonebound as the group make room for the travel onward with others that came along. Her interests in Aoth became peaked when seeing his steamwork technology in question and finding it most profitable to put effort in actually investing in his gear for the black lions themselves. At the arrival there, she was able to see the immense strength that Aoth's creation had with Dislodging a lighthouse fixture from the pedestal it was connected to, as well as handling multitudes of Eidolons without even batting an eyelash. The rest of the travel through may as well be a piece of cake if Aoth was going to continue providing this kind of well steam powered service.
40 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations, Part 4) 1-12-2013 1300 Charlinia had managed to get all her girl companions together on the one night when Tenko Had gathered some Kord Crabs to feast upon. However, things were interrupted when the party had gotten their brew of stew hijacked by a Totemist native who fled soon when sought after. Charlinia had Ophelia Examine upon the crystal found by the party, only to realize that the entire thing in and of itself was part of a 6 possition summoning circle that could prove quite nefarious in Rokugan if used properly…or even at all. By then, she had talked the other members of the group to take up arms in finding the other crystals for their own sake, as well as convincing the lead archaeologist dwarf himself in finding historical signifigance in finding them.
41 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations, Part 5) 1-13-2013 4613 12500 Charlinia had managed to land on an island with the others in exploring it for any signs of life to begin with in question. However, when she was gazing on at the journal that lead to some distinctive information about lost crew members within, she had found herself with aoth and garun trying to fend off against a giant hydra that came out from underneath a treasure chest in question. Also, when they weren't looking, the party had gotten themselves ambushed by dozens of Nerullian skeletons that were rushing in on the fray which were handled well enough by aoth and his massive machine and the rest on the sidelines. Charlinia herself took a scroll that was left behind by a snake, only hoping to find out how to handle the situation with seeing who it was that sent it, and meeting with them in hopes of perhaps furthering her own personal ambitions.
42 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations - Coils of Doom) 1-17-2013 1050 Charlinia had gone off sometime later in the night to meet up with whoever it was that had sent the scroll to begin with, believing she could be able to favor herself in the loop with who actually did send it. Her situation had turned for the sour when she had ended up being in the coily clutches of the white witch snake which had resided within the isle they were on in question to reference. This white witch, however, had been the opposing apox of charlinia herself, and had also a split personality which was really a two minds in one body situation when it came to when the snake witch had been warmed. The opposing alignment of her was rather selfish and darker in charlinias tastes, and had even been a worshiped creature known as a divine Guardian back in the days when the islands were prosperous. For now she had spent a week alone with the snake, using the time to not only learn about the divine guardian herself, but also learn about other divine guardians and such that were on the other isles as well. Unsure about the other guardians to begin with, she had accepted the task of allying with them to gain their trust in terms of trying to return the favor of procuring her black box of bindings back as an extra precaution both had seemed mutual on.
43 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations Part 6) 1-19-2013 5317
44 Deposit Investigations (Prologue) 7-7-2013 600 Charlinia had managed herself a shot at being out in the open after such a long time. She brought her husband with to take on adventure with her old friend Raital in terms of going forth to the far off reaches ahead. Her time on the ergothian ship was rather short while there, noticing they were trying to show themselves off to her bemusement when they bombarded a city with their arsenal for no apparent reason known to her. But on arrival, things got more interesting as the land itself began to feel like the lost isles long ago.
45 Deposit Investigations (Part 1) 7-11-2013 13580 The investigation of the island itself was rather indifferent to any adventure for charlinia. However, she did question how seren can be apart of this as well as how she can keep him away from rick to hinder things further. Their exploration deeper into the island revealed a base of operations that was there, where monstrous creatures were making it rather difficult a chore for her and her allies in question. After disposing of the strange monstrosities, there came a bulking warforged from nowhere which seemed intent on making it all the more difficult for her party.
46 Deposit Investigations (Part 2) 7-18-2013 7160 Their travel through went on deeper when facing against the warforged titan. With her aura of chills and raitals ability of control and enchantments, they were able to tame it into another party member. Charlinia went on with the rest down into the ruins finding more treasure troves of items within in waiting. They were also in the midst of finding a follower of the bloodthirster from long ago.
47 Deposit Investigations (Part 3) 7-24-2013 8217 Further in, they were able to run across diamonds which were dragonshards reacting to magic and psionic ability that manifests within the caverns. Upon further inspection, the party had run into monstrous beasts within that posed not much of a threat against them and their new ally.
48 Deposit Investigations (Bloody Finale Part 1) 8-3-2013 900 Charlinia had taken notice of the rising of the seed of retribution as well as company which would be problematic.
49 Deposit Investigations (Bloody Finale Part 2) 8-5-2013 28817 Her efforts in assisting seemed more inclined to trying to convince the best to be with her rather than be eaten by raital. Otherwise, it was in fail attempt while something odd happened to her in the meantime.
50 Deposit Investigations (Bloody Finale Part 3) 8-7-2013 36606 While having not participated, charlinia had seemed to go into a trance through it all unaware of what happened. Her rush with the others out of there after getting the Schemas' ended when she got stuck in Niffilem plane of existance with a recovering Raital.
51 Niflheim Plots Part 1 8-21-2013 1000 Charlinia's given order to look after Raital was quite fascinating in question, but none the less 'an order is an order'…
52 Niflheim Plots Part 2 8-22-2013 650 So far so good. The maid outfit is hard to work with but at least it's appealing. Charlinia managing to make a good first impression as well as get some amusement out of it all in the time being.
53 Niflheim Plots Part 3 9-19-2013 1000
54 Retraining 10-24-2013 -50 gp Retrain skill focus stealth with skill focus diplomacy
55 Purchases 12-25-2013 -15000 gp +2 weapon enchantment upgrade, +2 amulet of natural armor upgrade, +2 vest of resistance upgrade
56 Niflheim Plots Part 4 9-26-2013 1000 Charlinia had taken the time to try and look for Seren, but found that Raital had been beaten quite heavily to a pulp. She didn't receive much in response for her quips and words, but she did find it insufferable to be considered the opinion that didn't matter. What she did find interesting was how one can be able to word others into being intoxicated fanatics at their whim…making her a target charlinia HAD to meet.
57 Niflheim Plots part 5 9-28-2013 24428 56312.63 Her time there was rather quaint, but she managed to help broker a deal which didn't involve losing anything of importance. But she did feel actual worry when raital was put in a position that broke her own calm and serenity of her duity.
Total 242016 56352.38
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