Champions Of Io


In order to avert a disastrous prophecy for Dragonkind, Io ,the chief god of dragons, created or appointed several Draconic champions to fight the enemies of Dragonkind from all over the world.

Io led Seeker to the Destiny and instructed him via visions to bring the remaining Champions of Io to the Io's Blood Isles to prove their worth.


Io's Blood Isles



College of Necromancy


Arashi Taikou
Fulgrim Darkmantle


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Io's Blood Isles 5-2-2012 Various party members are revealed to be members of this organization.
2 The Io's Blood Isles Part 2 5-9-2012 Various party members Help against the Frost Giants, some more than others.
3 The Io's Blood Isles Part 3 5-16-2012 Various party members Help against the Fire Giants, some more than others. And Xavash dueled their King honorably even after his weapons and armor were broken, an amazing feat indeed. And finally discovered about a traitor in their 'midst'
4 The Io's Blood Isles Part 4 5-30-2012 The party decided to go look for the Blue dragon orb witch was located in the blue dragon lair somewhere at the Red Desert. Then as they fought a dire tortoise they entered the dragon lair. Then found some weird blue kobold. As that kobold named Moc disappeared the party fought many kobolds and then the Blue dragon itself. As party worked together to kill the dragon they found out the Moc was controlling the Dragon and the Kobold. Roc also found out that this is were he is from and he escaped to find the blue orb. Which was always located in the dragon lair.
5 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07-04-2012 The Champions engaged in a sea battle to help free Dragonport from the Vorloi who were thought to be working with the college
6 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07-07-2012 After the long drawn out war for the sake of the liberation of Dragonport, the group finds that they have played right into the College's and Ra-men's hands, they are witness to the betrayal between father and son within the Vorloi and a large flying army of undead monstrosities
7 Important Destinies 07-08-2012 The small group went to the a draonic libary. A few poked around with magic, others lore, some each other. Plenty was revealed to some, more than to others due to the type of information they had desired to attain and due to the limits of how much information is truly readily available. Though enough was revealed to go on, there is no doubt that while some of the group will pursue the information given to them in some way, some may be less proactive about it and others might become more paranoid. Afterwards Nina showed Aegis and Selene her true forms, during which they bonded about forms, powers, potential and magic. There was also flying
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