Cavern Of Change


A strange cavern located eastwards of Doomcape deep within a glade concealed by various supernatural phenomena. The cave's insides are filled with ancient markings, etchings depicting events otherwise forgotten.
At this point tis obvious that the location is holding more than few ominous secrets…


# Adventure Date Actions
1 A bad fox's... bad day ? 02-25-2013 Yagiuma and 'Azure' spent their night there, during the eclipse it seems (???).
2 A consultation... or two 03/26/2013 Raital entered the cave 'lured' by Azure Savant/Tahl-rethe only to later experience its 'changing' ability which supposedly triggers only during eclipses. Needless to say, the vampiress emerged… altered in a way she eventually found pleasant… as that made her closer to the path of power she so desired. She met a certain vampire lord while leaving the site.
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