Race: ???
Class: ?
Alignment: ?

Description: The dominant presence within Purity, radiating constant pain, sorrow, powerlessness, despair, hatred, malice, anger and other similarly negative emotions/psychic imprints. Appears to be rather clueless as far as mortal thought patterns are concerned… always speaking in a cryptic manner. Its clearly otherworldly, dark appearance suggests some connection to Void.
Recently, however, after being reforged with Nightmare's fox fire the being's appearance, as well as general outlook changed to the a one more desirable by the kitsune, even then the presence is still not particularly fond of her being "his" master.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Echoes from Beyond 04-22-2012 Had a brief conversation with Nightmare who somehow entered the dreamscape of the blade. It was unclear what was the intention of its… and such mysterious were not unraveled because of its discorporation happening shortly thereafter.
2 Ire of mine, purpose of yours 05-06-2012 Assumed a semi-corporeal form after being unnerved by Master Gilgamesh's try at possessing it. Subdued by Nightmare…and 'given' (forced to actually) a purpose.
3 Fox-Fired 06-12-2012 Got HEAVILY altered by the use of Nightmare's fox-fire during the rite performed together with Hitomi.
4 A fox among the tears 06-21-2012 Appeared in Nightmare's dreamscape after the fox fainted from the ordeal of … consuming the …tears. Was very unnerved to see its private place getting more crowded but in the end no hostilities erupted.
5 Foxy planning 07-09-2012 Nightmare made "him" join the 'collective' within her dreamscape, mind and body (composed of the fox, Jade Tear, Purple Tear and Genocidia.
6 Important Destinies, Side-plots 08-03-2012 For the first time… did not act in passive-agressive manner. Rewarded by his Nightmare owner.
7 There's ... a forge in my belly ?! 09/27/2013 Met by Kimonto inside her.... 'belly demiplane'. For one reason or another Yume placed Purity and him there in a cage which proved to be resistant to be immune to divine-fire.
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